Cardi B Fans Drag FunkMaster Flex For Saying She’s ‘A Terrible Rapper’ / Unearth Tweets of Him Praising Her

Published: Wednesday 14th Apr 2021 by Rashad

Funkmaster Flex may be one of the most revered DJs in Hip Hop history, but he’s no stranger to controversy for wielding a polarizing opinion on some of the genre’s most beloved emcees.

Most recently, the 52-year-old was spotted on the “Cigar Talk” podcast where he weighed in on the abilities of chart-topping rapstress Cardi B.

“I do think Cardi B’s a terrible rapper. I just do, man,” he said. “She’s an amazing entertainer. I love her on social media. I love the way she talks about a subject. I like her whole swag. I like everything…[but] she’s a terrible rapper, man.”

Needless to say, it wasn’t long before the diva’s devoted fans – affectionately called the #BardiGang – took to Twitter in defense of their fave.

Look inside to see the video that has the ‘Up’ rapper’s supporters up in arms and check out some highlighted clap backs.

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  1. Lou April 14, 2021

    True tho

  2. Meme April 14, 2021

    I was literally just listening to cardis album tonight. Particularly the opening track, Get Up 10….and I said to myself she really is a terrible rapper. But it’s her swag and her whole persona that makes her music so good. She’s a recording artist….that’s her thing. She’s not a good rapper and that’s ok.

    • Fancy BISH (FCK Sewer Queen, Maristench, Danzou The Fool & Clarksdump 🤣) 👊🏽💎💋 April 14, 2021

      Sis, you was listening to it tho *Cardi voice* 🤣🎧

    • Tori April 15, 2021

      She is pretty much doing what Rihanna has been doing since the start of her career so, what’s good for the gooseis good for the gander.

    • I am the Mf’kn Clout!!! April 17, 2021

      Nene you are so fake and full of s***! Every since Cardi boasted in the scene you were sick riding and praising her! Now all of a sudden she is a terrible rapper?! Bish bye! With your fraudulent a**!!! You hop on every band wagon I see…

  3. Gee April 14, 2021

    Funk flex is a troll who is trying to hang on to any kind of relevancy that he can because he is no longer respected as a dj.

    • Fancy BISH (FCK Sewer Queen, Maristench, Danzou The Fool & Clarksdump 🤣) 👊🏽💎💋 April 14, 2021

      Funkmaster Flexesha is seriously disappointing me 😂

  4. Tori April 15, 2021

    It’s seems like he just don’t care for Female rappers. He did the same thing to Nicki.

  5. Abel April 15, 2021

    They had time to unearth his tweets….

  6. Urg April 15, 2021

    He aint lying. Cardi really is a terrible rapper but she has such a likable personality that she gets a pass.

    • Gauzmen April 15, 2021

      And don’t forget her music and visuals are always good!! Nicki can’t relate.

      • akathexfactor April 15, 2021

        Lol she copied Kodak’s, YG’s, Migos & Fontane’s music. She’s a industry planted fraud. It’s not even her music it’s theirs, lol. She’s a copy kat, period! Lmao

  7. I hate wshttee n blacc April 15, 2021

    Put Remy up.. Yeah Remy
    She don’t have s*** to say..about cardi .but she can say it to Nicki .. Cardi can’t rap. Remy

    • LM April 15, 2021

      Cardi B definitely can rap.
      Is her material interesting?? NOOO!!
      She’s a stripper, working girl rapper that only sells s** and comedy and deformed bodies..
      So what!!!

    • I hate whttee n blacc bitchezx April 15, 2021

      Nicki minaj is Queen of rap…
      Remy knows. She could kill cardi career in one verse..she keep thinking Nicki can’t rap it’s cardi b shelter cardi b

      • Gauzmen April 15, 2021

        Nicki can rap but she doesn’t make good MUSIC. That’s her issue. Cardi ain’t no fire rapper but she makes great music and her artistry is exciting. That’s why she was able to accomplish everything nicki couldn’t in 10 years with her over saturated self. Sorry not sorry!

  8. akathexfactor April 15, 2021

    Cardi is a fraud, period! She doesn’t write her raps and has a terrible lisp when she does rap. She’s a industry plant just like bhad baby, blu face, woa vickie and nas x.

    • Shayla Queen 👑 April 15, 2021

      Bhad Bhabie is lit though 🔥 Woah Vicky also has some bops!

  9. Eva Warner April 16, 2021

    No she’s not a terrible rapper you went to far with this one sir have plenty of seats and stop hating on the next person 😂😂

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