Maroon 5 Share ‘Jordi’ Album Tracklist (ft. H.E.R., Nipsey Hussle, Megan Thee Stallion, & More)

Published: Tuesday 25th May 2021 by Ryan

Maroon 5 is making a comeback in a big way!

After being a dominant force in Pop music over the last two decades, the band is calling-in some of its famous friends to create an Avengers-like team for the project.

These include: H.E.R., Nispey Hussle, and Megan Thee Stallion.

Find out who else populates the tracklist below…

Featuring a total of 14 songs, the project will also feature the likes of Stevie Nicks, Juice WRLD, YG, and Bantu.

The album will contain the previously released singles ‘Beautiful Mistakes’ featuring Megan Thee Stallion, ‘Memories,’ and ‘Nobody’s Love.’

‘Jordi’ is set to arrive on June 11.

Are you excited? Let us know…

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  1. Si May 25, 2021

    I’m still undecided if i like H.E.R featuring on every single song possible…..

    • Clarks0o00ñ May 25, 2021

      She comes of fake.

      She tries too hard to be this indie, anti-mainstream artist but deep down inside she was to be big and mainstream .

      She has collaborated with Chris brown, twice
      She has collaborated with ed Sheeran
      She has collaborated with DJ Khaled.

      • Lmfao_Hoe May 25, 2021

        Something is off with Her “pun intended “ lol but not sure 🤔 . I feel like something is being forced about her being the top R&B artist compared to the likes others deserving of recognition too. She’s talented no question. It something is certainly being “forced” than naturally

    • sii May 25, 2021

      Hmm I don’t think shes fake but shes defo very talented and can sing well.
      Is overexposed a thing these days?
      If her album is generic like her Chris Brown single then she’s done herself a disservice!
      This album needs to sound right like Brandy, Monica, Keyshia, Mario , Jojo, Ne-yo debut albums….
      Im rooting for her so lets see!

    • Roberta FlackSabbath May 25, 2021

      Who cares about H.its E.vade R.esume….there’s a Maroon 5 & Stevie Nicks team-up!

    • Tootie May 25, 2021

      HER has an amazing management team. Jeff Robinson, who formerly managed Akeys is now Managing HER the same way. Purchased awards, backhanded deals and strong campaigns. HER has no mainstream hits, barely any indie hits. It’s more obvious with her. She’s talented but nothing about her is organic. If anything she’s pretentious as f***.

  2. Brian May 25, 2021

    Did y’all see the Hot 100 updates? Congrats to Nicki !

    • James May 26, 2021

      I did 4 songs on the Hot 100!

  3. Fancy BISH (FCK Maristench, Danzou The Fool & Clarksdump 🤣) 👊🏽💎💋 May 25, 2021

    Adam is a cutie 🤳🏽 Wish he had a lil more booty to hold onto tho 🤣 See, those Jonas Brothers have face AND cake lmaooooooo…can’t go wrong with face and cake *Meg Thee Stallion voice* lol 🍰 ☕️

  4. #TheTruth May 25, 2021

    This band is still performing great commercially speaking 15+ years later into their career. Props to them. I like some tracks but I was never like « oh the new album is out, I want to listen from start to finish ». I wish them the best.

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