New Video: Doja Cat – ‘Need To Know’

Published: Friday 11th Jun 2021 by Sam

Doja Cat is wasting no time pouncing with her newest single ‘Need To Know.’

Lifted from her forthcoming album ‘Planet Her’ (due June 25), the flavorsome jam has been paired with a video that is quite literally out of this world.

The visual follows the clip for the SZA assisted ‘Kiss Me More’ – which has taken residence within the top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100.

Is Doja onto her next hit?

Watch her in action after the jump and let us know…

Your thoughts?

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  1. Shayla Queen™ 👑 June 11, 2021

    Y’all can’t come for this immaculate Queen! 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    • Farrahs Luggage June 11, 2021

      Isn’t she too busy cummming for weird computer nerds on webcam allegedly?

      • Hmmm June 11, 2021


      • Shayla Queen™ 👑 June 11, 2021

        Bye, Susan! Ashy ole hating ass b*****!

  2. Fufu June 11, 2021

    the song is mid, but since its not a single im here for it

  3. Dc June 11, 2021

    Ok cardi really needs to come back she’s letting all these little girls step in her lane and take her visuals over

    • Farrahs Luggage June 11, 2021

      Cardi’s worst visual (bodak yellow) is still better than this. Cardi isn’t going anywhere. And none of these girls are coming for any of Cardi’s records.

      • Shayla Queen™ 👑 June 11, 2021

        You just a jealous b*****

      • Dc June 11, 2021

        I’m just saying i love cardi but she did videos like no other female rappers now meg got a budget and stepping her game up cardi better stay on it cause these new girls stepping up in her absence

      • Shayla Queen™ 👑 June 11, 2021

        @DC what you meant was already perfectly clear. Just not to “Farrahs Luggage” aka Susan aka Only Flops as it is a dumb çüñtttt. Agree with what you said btw.

      • Farrahs Luggage June 11, 2021

        @DC but the difference is Cardi’s videos AND songs are hot. At this juncture, only Meg’s video’s are hot…because the music is hot garbage. BASURA! Cardi is taking her time…and it shows because she delivers QUALITY. These other girls are trying to strike while the iron is hot, and that’s why they have yet to get any other #1’s. Meanwhile, Cardi has FIIIIIIVE #1’s

      • Hmm June 11, 2021

        At least Meg taps better than Cardi and Doja does y’all just like a good production her word play is trash and so are her Barz…I also support Cardi tho but I’m not a delusional stan of hers.

  4. Clarks0o00ñ June 11, 2021

    RCA records spending the coin of doja and its paying of.

    Normani what’s good? 🤣

    Doja is a bonafide superSTAR. She oozes star power.
    So creative, so original.

    Normani lacks creativity and star power and that’s why her career hasnt still taken of after all the big name collaborations and endorsements for big name in the industry

    • Hmm June 11, 2021

      Stfu idiot saying the same thing everyday what a loser ..that’s so crazy and weird that you think of Normani all day like wtf is wrong with you. Man I wish we could see you your probably such a little b**** in real life

  5. Farrahs Luggage June 11, 2021

    She’s a product of Dr. Luke, just like Katy. Once Dr. Luke is gone, her success will be gone too. Have fun performing “Say So” for the rest of your life, because this new trash is forgettable. WENCH

    • 🍭marilyn monh-O-E🍭(💫Perfectly Splendid✨) June 11, 2021

      Are u trying to say Doja is the new Kesha aka dr Luke’s ex. w h o r e ? Smh doja ain’t trashy like kesha. Get yo fish brain check

      • Shayla Queen™ 👑 June 11, 2021

        We know it is Susan aka Only Flops

      • Farrahs Luggage June 11, 2021

        Can you read? Didn’t my comment say KATY?!

    • Shayla Queen™ 👑 June 11, 2021

      B***** we don’t fxxk wit yo ass! You’re a racist and jealous hater!

      • Shayla Queen™ 👑 June 11, 2021

        🪞 🪞 😭💯🤳🏽

    • Musixxman96 June 11, 2021

      I love Doja but its true that Say So, Juicy, Rules, Cyber S**, Best Friend, Kiss Me More and now Need to Know all have Dr. Luke credits so i dont want her to leave him!

      I think the reason she said that this is not a real single is because it is solely produced by him plus she doesnt want to be fully associated with him and the song with the weekend probably isn’t, which is why she is hoping that will get more attention and this will just go under the radar.

      We know that Dr Luke pretty much forces his artists and others that he works with to use his songs are singles, so she probably didn’t have a choice but to release this before the album!

      Honestly i’d say just ignors it and move on as Saweetie and other rappers (DaBaby, Lil Waybe, KiD Laroi etc.) are doing aswell.

      • Farrahs Luggage June 11, 2021

        THANK YOU! Doja is a product of Dr Luke. HE is responsible for her success. And that’s not me trying to take away that she may have some type of talent somewhere under there, but her major success is solely because of Dr Luke. Doja is the next Katy…and not in a good way. Watch

    • Charli Cheer Up June 12, 2021

      Sit yo azs down before Doja Cat even hit it ‘big’ with Say So, many artists have been lining up to collab with her. She’s a talented singer songwriter, producer, rapper and dancer with a long career ahead of her! BYE

  6. 🍭marilyn monh-O-E🍭(💫Perfectly Splendid✨) June 11, 2021

    Whoever the guy is so YUM❤️ I’m so wet right now. Any men wanna c u m to pop my p u s s y? My man is currently out fit town 🤳🏿

    • Shayla Queen™ 👑 June 11, 2021

      Yaaaaaaaas he is FINE!!!! 🤪

  7. Jeans June 11, 2021

    I like this song ALOT!!!!!!

    • Shayla Queen™ 👑 June 11, 2021

      Yaaaaaaaaas! 🔥💃🏽

  8. Shayla Queen™ 👑 June 11, 2021

    When will Normani? ⏰

    • Shayla Queen™ 👑 June 11, 2021

      WTF am I sayin??? Time for my anti psychotics 💊

      • Shayla Queen™ 👑 June 11, 2021

        Normani 🦍

      • Shayla Queen™ 👑 June 11, 2021

        Doja 🦓 🦨🐀 😭😭💯💯🤳🏽

  9. Clarks0o00ñ June 11, 2021

    Not thatgrapejuice deleting my comment cause I dragged a**-mani

    One thing about me, I’m gonna drag that ugly a** looking àss bìtch called normani at every chance I get.

    • Shayla Queen™ 👑 June 11, 2021

      STFU bum höE. Don’t nobody care about that fat b**** you stan for but yo 47 year old hatin ass.

      • Shayla Queen™ 👑 June 11, 2021

        Everyone knows the real Shayla loves Camila. Try again. I see I get you mad 💋🤳🏽

    • Shayla Queen™ 👑 June 11, 2021

      Oh was I talking about Camilla????? 😂😂😂💯💯🤳🏽🤳🏽

  10. DrinkMyBussyJuice June 11, 2021

    Did anyone peep destiny ryan

  11. Shayla Queen™ 👑 OFTEN IMITATED, NEVER DUPLICATED 🔥🔥🔥🔥 YAAAAAAAS 🤳🏽 June 11, 2021

    These höes could neva be the Queen 🤳🏽🤳🏽🤳🏽

  12. 🍭marilyn monh-O-E🍭(💫Perfectly Splendid✨) June 11, 2021

    F******* is crying in her room right now😂🤣😂 glad RCA spent all money on Doja meanwhile f******* is still kickstarting her new music video 💅🏿💅🏿 Reminds me of Def Jam spent all budgets on Rihanna but label mates Christina milian & tearria mari🤳🏿🤳🏿 At least Christina got a worldwide top 10 hit dip it low❤️

    • Shayla Queen™ 👑 OFTEN IMITATED, NEVER DUPLICATED 🔥🔥🔥🔥 YAAAAAAAS 🤳🏽 June 11, 2021


    • Backhanded Tf Outta You June 11, 2021

      Ok So Clarkson is also this troll too..ok
      F*** you Lunatic! You need mental help Youre obsessed with someone who could BUY YOUR EXISTENCE! Normani doesn’t know you B****! So you literally don’t matter! The nerve of a dumb b**** who lives on this Blog coming for someone everyday who’s 1000x more successful than you’ll ever be..notice your talk about her she doesn’t have a clue you exist lmao. You have no life goals and haven’t achieved anything in life. I guess your success is repeating the same thing about Normani everyday of your life ??? What type of existence is that b**** ?

      • Shayla Queen™ 👑 OFTEN IMITATED, NEVER DUPLICATED 🔥🔥🔥🔥 YAAAAAAAS 🤳🏽 June 11, 2021

        “ Normani doesn’t know you B****!”

        And no one knows Normani 💋

      • Backhanded TF Outta You June 11, 2021

        B****!!! Lmao you are really deranged and f***** in the head. You’re a complete imbecile, you don’t know Normani but you always talking s*** about her? Commenting on posts About her?! Lmao little boy get a life and therapy

  13. Pat June 11, 2021

    Peepin some futuristic doesn’t really matter teas. This girl does her Homework

  14. Holliewuudd June 11, 2021

    The video made me like the song more. Ok, Doja!!

  15. eric June 11, 2021

    Looking at her recent Billboard performance, the covert art and video for this single, I think she’s inspired lately by anime and TLC’s FanMail years.

  16. UHoesFunny June 11, 2021

    This is good. She’s very talented. Def can see the Nicki inspo in her delivery. I approve ✅

  17. Charli Cheer Up June 12, 2021

    Love the visuals. Now we get to see the city life of Planet Her. Totally digging the Ghost In A Shell and Altered Carbon inspirations behind the city landscape. I’m glad Doja Cat decided to release a single like this. I know Say So was a hit and I freakin love Kiss Me More but she didn’t need to keep pumping out the same kind of songs like those again. Now I can’t wait to hear the album!

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