New Video: Doja Cat – ‘Kiss Me More’ (featuring SZA)

Published: Thursday 8th Apr 2021 by Rashad

As evidenced by her highest charting singles to date, the Nicki Minaj-assisted ‘Say So’ (Hot 100 peak #1) and the remix to ’34+35′ with Megan Thee Stallion and Ariana Grande (Hot 100 #2 peak), rapper-singer Doja Cat is no stranger to leveraging girl power to get to the top of the charts.

To stick with that winning formula, the rising rapstress has enlisted fellow GRAMMY nominee SZA for what many are already predicting will be her next smash hit – ‘Kiss Me More.’

As we reported here, the long-teased tune has been christened the first official single from Cat’s third studio album, ‘Planet Her’ (due later this year).

It serves as the follow-up to 2019’s ‘Hot Pink’ – which peaked at #9 on the Billboard 200 thanks to the success of its breakout hit, ‘Say So,’ as well as other hits ‘Like That,’ ‘Juicy,’ and ‘Streets.’

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  1. Pat April 8, 2021

    Cute. Sounds like it samples Olivia Newton John and or janet

  2. Susan April 8, 2021

    Doja Rat, I hope you love “say so” because B*TCH you are a one hit wonder! This is a FLOP! Her 15 mins are UP!! And she dissed Luke…the person responsible for her hit

    • Jungle+Juice April 9, 2021

      She will never be a one hit wonder she actually has talent

      • akathexfactor April 10, 2021

        doja has talent but she’s koon just like miguel that’s why people are pushing away from their music.

  3. Susan April 8, 2021

    The only good thing in this song is I can finally understand what TF SZA is saying…I love her, but usually she is singing in cursive

    • calpky April 10, 2021

      I love SZA too, but she really does sound like she’s singing in cursive sometimes. It’s unfortunate because she typically has great lyrics… if you can understand them.

  4. Dre April 8, 2021

    Loooooooove it!!!!!

    • Aba April 9, 2021

      We love it, sza and white lady Doja are slaying that untalented flop ugly cabello haha isn’t she at some sort of racial therapy while these two kill the charts having the career she wish she had.. Oh my how embarrassing. HAHa

  5. Jungle+Juice April 9, 2021

    Love it

  6. Swifter2020 April 9, 2021

    Doja is that girl!!!

    • NYCTingz April 9, 2021

      Doja’s visuals never disappoint!

  7. Charli+Cheer+Up April 9, 2021

    Nice follow up to Say So and SZA is the perfect gal to enlist help to make this track happen!

    • Keith April 9, 2021

      Well that was certainly interesting…cant say Im crazy about the song, tho

  8. AriRihNaj April 9, 2021

    Visuals 😍 and this song 🔥 radio will eat this up 💯

  9. Kima Kesha & Pam April 9, 2021

    It literally sounds just like “Say So”.

  10. 🍭marilyn monh-O-E🍭(💫Perfectly Splendid✨) April 9, 2021

    SZA is so random and unnecessary on the track. She’s just waste of spaces. Let doja do her own thang 💅🏿💅🏿

  11. Hehe April 9, 2021

    The video carried the song. It doesn’t sound like LEAD single but like a filler track on the album. But both ladies looked great especially SZA. But I get what doja’s team is going for with this song especially since it was released on pop radio right after the release. I like Doja but she definitely has released better songs than this.

  12. Lala April 9, 2021

    This really did it for y’all? This s*** was cornier than a Geico commercial. It’s the forced s** appeal for me. Her rapping was forgettable and she’s usually clever.

  13. Pollo April 9, 2021

    This song is not… very great. Sounds very Katy Perry like so I guess that has a lot to do with Doja being a Dr Luke artist. Hopefully she can free herself because I even imagine that has a lot to do with her Grammy snubs also. Doha makes better music that I guess she’s not allowed to release.

    • Jungle+Juice April 9, 2021

      Please do your research she’s not a Dr Luke artist he just produced say so that’s all

      • Pollo April 9, 2021

        Bítch stfu! Dr. Luke still produces under different aliases and is still working.

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