Trick Daddy Dragged by #Barbz & #Beyhive After Reiterating Beyonce Diss, Comparing Fan Groups

Published: Thursday 24th Jun 2021 by Rashad

Trick Daddy incited a firestorm of criticism when he took to Clubhouse Monday (June 21) to suggest music megastar Beyonce was overrated and could ‘barely sing.’

Yet, despite the singer’s beloved fan group – the #Beyhive – swarming his social media pages with thousands of bee emojis, leaving hundreds of bad online reviews and ratings for his Miami restaurant, and even exposing his financial woes and bankruptcy battle, the ‘Shut Up’ hitmaker is still refusing to follow his own song’s advice.

He not only further incited furor when he doubled down on his stance by reiterating his ‘unpopular opinion’ on the Queen Bey, but also ruffled the feathers of Rap Queen Nicki Minaj‘s fans when he took to Instagram to suggest the the group was better than the #Beyhive.

Needless to say, his attempt at a stan war backfired.  Look inside if you’ve missed the action:

As seen in the clip above, Trick – once quizzed on the backlash for his Beyonce remarks – stood firm in his stance.

“That’s my unpopular opinion,” he said before later stating, “I’ve said many times on the radio that they’re wonderful businesspeople. Jigga made a lot of money, he got a whole lotta money. But did I say anything disrespectful? No. Did I call them out they names? No, I didn’t.”

Continuing his media blitz, he further echoed the sentiment on ‘Black News Tonight.’  Chatting with resident anchor Marc Lamont Hill, Daddy shared:

“To me a singer is a Stephanie Mills, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Alicia Keys, or Adele. To me, a singer is somebody who can go to church and give you the word. ‘Singing’ and ‘sangin are two different things,” the 46-year-old told Hill.

When quizzed by Marc on his thoughts about the #Beyhive backlash, the rapper-turned-reality star said:

“I’m more afraid of roaches than Bees.”



If that wasn’t enough to piss off Beyonce supporters, Trick later took to Instagram to share a now-deleted graphic that suggested #Barbz – the beloved fan base of Nicki Minaj – were “greater than” an unnamed group (which most presumed was a jab at the #Beyhive).

See the hilarious responses to that insinuation below:


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  1. True Tea June 24, 2021

    Chile these men are coming for Wendy’s, Chrissy & Cardi B’s spot when it comes to shade and reads. Trick said he isn’t backing down. He is here for all the drama, lol

    People are still checking for Beyonce even though she hasn’t dropped any new music.

    Bottom line you’re not name dropping someone if they are irrelevant, if your favorite is keeping your attention, if their impact is minimum.

    Trick why aren’t you talking about Trina who just performed songs no one remembers? We all know the answer.

  2. Pat June 24, 2021

    Trick winning here he could never pay for this amount of press. N This fits his brand.

  3. Fancy BISH (FCK Maristench, Danzou The Fool & Clarksdump 🤣) 👊🏽💎💋 June 24, 2021

    He told no lies.

  4. I’m A Survivor June 24, 2021

    He lost me by saying Beyonce couldn’t sing, and then went on to name his favorites and mentioned Alicia Keys. LOL!

    But whatever, we all have opinions. Beyonce isn’t his favorite same way that Trick Daddy isn’t anyone’s favorite or in anyone’s top ten anything. Last hit I remember from him was “Thug Holiday” back in 2002. Most press he gets is on Mondays when twitter drags his look during Love and Hip Hop Miami episodes. I heard he can cook too, but that’s all I got. He’s no one whom opinion I value.

  5. #TheTruth June 24, 2021

    I love me some Alicia, I’ve been to multiple shows of hers.
    But Bee can outsing her under the table any day. And I don’t even understand why he’d compare people like that, they all are talented.
    I don’t know what’s his vendetta or the guy is really desperate for attention.

  6. What Would Whitney Do June 24, 2021

    Trick daddy will never be able to fck beyonce she picked jay-z…that’s what this is about….he mad he think he could have been her husband. But maybe he was scared of jay.

    • What would Whitney do April 17, 2022

      Beyonce can’t sing like Lauren hill and Whitney Houston.

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