New Video: Remy Ma – ‘Godmother’

Published: Thursday 7th Oct 2021 by Rashad

Remy Ma reminds music lovers why she is one of the best female emcees to ever do it via her hard-hitting new song, ‘Godmother.’

Released mid-September (as we reported here), the Cool & Dre and 808-Ray-produced effort accompanied the announcement of her feature film debut in the BET+ original film, ‘American Gangster Presents: Big Fifth – the Delrhonda Hood Story’ (click here to see the trailer).

“Blew 60k at Neiman’s, took the bulletproof vest off my chest cause I’m still breastfeedin’ / got a forty-inch weave in / leave a muthafucka bleedin’ / cause it’s hot out this b*tch, that’s a good enough reason,” she spits on the fiery track.

As movie lovers extend praise to Remy for her portrayal of the infamous Queenpin, she’s directing even more attention to the film by unveiling the official music video for ‘Godmother.’

See the Jalani Riley-directed affair inside:

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  1. Sincere October 8, 2021

    Respectfully, this sounds like something Cupcakke would do. In some spots she even sounds like her, ironically….

    Idk man. . I just refuse to believe that remy is not the artist i had faith she’d be, post-prison. I just feel like the records she made before jail were hits, vibes .. hood chick classics in their own way.

    Most of the stuff she’s given us since coming home has been subpar.. i hate to say it cause i really do like her. But cmon Remy… especially with all this tough talk, like on this record… let it go. Idk ….. still rooting for her but i miss liking her music

    • marilyn monh-O-E (Da Real DIVA 👠) October 8, 2021

      CUPCAKKE is da s h I t 💅🏿 I’m surprised her career hasn’t taken off yet! I’m in love with all of her s e x u al explicit songs 🤳🏻💋👠

    • KeyLoLo October 8, 2021

      Yes..the whole “took the bulletproof vest off before breastfeeding” line is NOT cute..I like her and we know she is tough but she don’t have to always exclaim it..I’m all for this song though but that particular line isn’t appealing IMO

      and it must be nice to blow 60 K on clothing..even if I had that I would never buttt 🤷

  2. WRTW? October 8, 2021

    Papoose spittin

  3. marilyn monh-O-E (Da Real DIVA 👠) October 8, 2021


  4. Munchie October 8, 2021

    Consistency Remy! Keep coming from now on. This not hit but it’s something for the fans. Now let’s grind.

  5. Adele’s BBL October 8, 2021

    I see probation’s over alright! 😸
    Shots fired at Cardi for promising
    her a collab just as Bodak Yellow
    had started hitting, then reneged.
    Eh, film could put her on a 🗺 . . .
    Unsure which 🗺, but the Gemini
    pen of hers still slaps. If only she
    hadn’t been imprisoned at the
    peak of her career & for 8 years.
    Her contempt-oraries would’ve
    never judged American Idol. 👀

    • FAF October 8, 2021

      You can’t be this delusional

      One second y’all say Nicki filled Kim spot the next it’s Remy

      Remy album flopped before she went to prison.. it was a nice hip hop album but it flopped

      She in no shape or form was gonna be competition for Nicki

      Nicki had the look the talent and charm to make it mainstream

      • Adele’s BBL October 8, 2021

        1. I’m not《y’all》

        2. Argue with finesse

        3. Of course remaining hip hop and never espousing electro pop under a rap disguise wasn’t to propel Remy into the mainstream; Nicki had to be GaGa to get noticed. Despite that, Conceited and Whuteva are bops current to this day IMO. BUT Nicki is the better balladeer 100%!

  6. Kittie October 8, 2021

    Remy is trash. Her offbeat flow aint it. She looks better these days though.

    • Shariaha October 8, 2021

      Your mother is trash which is what caused her to have you #Bloop

  7. Mr RCW October 8, 2021

    Remy looks amazing, but her bars ain’t hitting on s***

  8. True Tea October 9, 2021



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