Camila Cabello Announces ‘Familia’ Album Will Arrive in 2022

Published: Sunday 2nd Jan 2022 by Sam


Camila Cabello ignited the campaign for her third solo album ‘Familia’ last summer with the launch of the lead single ‘Don’t Go Yet.’

The flavorsome anthem was met with favor from fans but didn’t necessarily set the charts ablaze.

Then, with promotion for her starring role in Prime Video’s ‘Cinderella’ ramped up, news on the LP was notably mute.

But rest assured it’s coming, so says the singer.

Full story below…

In a Happy New Year post, Cabello – who recently announced her break-up with boyfriend Shawn Mendes – enthusiastically informed fans “can’t wait to give you guys my/our next album, Familia in 2022”

An exact frame hasn’t yet been specified. However, it’s safe to expect news on the new-new from Ms. Cabello sooner rather than later.

Are you buzzed for ‘Familia’? Let us know…

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  1. Section8DaGreat January 2, 2022

    Well we all know “Don’t Flop Yet” won’t be on it.

  2. marilyn monh-O-E ® 👠(#1 DIVA) January 2, 2022

    Mmm hmm go gurl! Meanwhile f l o p m a n I’s never came debut album is still untitled… 💅🏾

    • Uggh January 2, 2022

      Screw that a:p:e:mani h:o:e. She’s DONE for this year

    • Marylin monH0 Da real Diva 👠💅🏻 January 2, 2022

      That’s right fake Marylin ya betta drag that ugly illegal CHlMPmila aka FLOPmila 😹😹😹 that ugly fat immigránt been flopping Eva since young thung refused that second collab 😹💯💯💯💅🏻💅🏻💅🏻

  3. Uggh January 2, 2022

    Queen! Can’t wait! We love ya! TGJ’s best female in 2022!

  4. JesyNelson January 2, 2022

    Impending FLOP

  5. Josh L January 2, 2022

    Clearly competing. That’s how you lost last time.

  6. yup! January 2, 2022

    That’s ok, you don’t have to lol.

  7. NormaniSlayz January 2, 2022


  8. Fancy BISH (Back To The Future 🤣)👊🏻💎💋 January 2, 2022

    I’m can’t wait for her new album to drop.

    • Aj January 2, 2022

      You’re the only one then…

      • Fancy BISH (Back To The Future 🤣) 👊🏽💎💋 January 2, 2022

        So you only here to be a hater, you must have a sad little life.

      • Fancy BISH (Back To The Future 🤣) 👊🏽💎💋 January 2, 2022


    • AJ January 2, 2022

      That’s rich since you’re constantly all up in these comments being racist, and spreading hate.

  9. Dc January 2, 2022

    She named her album after a flop single i can’t 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • Shayla Queen™ 👑 January 2, 2022

      Cardi had another baby for a man that cheats on her. I can’t 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  10. Farrah’s Luggage (8k Camila) January 2, 2022

    Girl gone. Clearly the label doesn’t believe in the project after the two songs failed to be hits 😂😂😂😂and she can’t rely on shawna this time

    • marilyn monh-O-E ® 👠(#1 DIVA) January 2, 2022

      Glad that RCA gave up on f l o p m a n I since day 1💅🏾 Instead of Talking s h I t about Camila, when will f l o p m a n I has two world wide #1 hits? Ashy clown 🤡

      • Marylins BACK 💅🏻👠 January 2, 2022

        She’s got one hit thanks to da BBCs clout. Don’t act stupider than usual today ugly m o n k e y clown ok? 😹💯 APEmiIas illgál ass can’t stay on da charts besides that one song he helped her with😹😹😹💯💅🏻💅🏻

  11. Camila flop January 2, 2022

    FLOPamilia lol

  12. Marylin monH0 Da real Diva 👠💅🏻 January 2, 2022

    APEmiIa girl you gon FLOOOOOP 😹😹😹💯💯💯 that’s all this ugly illegal border crossing flop munkÿ hore knows diva can’t wait to laugh at the floppage😹😹😹 💯💯💅🏻💅🏻💅🏻

  13. Angie3 January 2, 2022

    Loool this flop girl is OVER ! Mani took her spot PERIODT!

  14. Tgj true tea January 2, 2022

    😂😂😂😂 and for what ? It’s gonna tank harder than the titanic chiile

  15. Shayla Queen™ 👑 January 2, 2022

    Most anticipated album of 2022!

    • Waldo January 3, 2022

      😭😭😂😂😂😂 no ones checking for this trash bin

    • UHoesFunny January 3, 2022

      Said no one. Keep dreaming btch 😂

    • Monica Stan January 3, 2022

      B**** please this flop ass s*** 💀

  16. J January 3, 2022

    She’ll probably release it the day after Normani releases her 5th single

    I’m actually SLIGHTLY interested in hearing it. ‘Don’t Go Yet’ grew on me, the flop that it is.

    It makes me happy she cannot sell the way she used to 😊 Karma is a bitchhhhh

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