Women Who Adopted Black Children Drugged Them With Benadryl Before Murder

Published: Friday 5th Apr 2019 by David

The married couple Jennifer and Sarah Hart are accused of subjecting the innocent black children they adopted to horrific abuse before they drugged and killed them as part of a murder-suicide pact.

A tragic story below…

The Harts adopted the black children and, according to reports, used them as props as part of efforts to convince the world that they were a loving, caring and politically progressive couple.

In reality, neighbours reveal that they were sadistic tyrants who subjected the kids to abuse and deprived them of food to punish them….a far cry from the image portrayed on social media.

Shortly after an image of one of the children hugging a cop went viral, authorities learned of the abuse their supposed mothers were inflicting upon them and this, according to new reports, is why they were murdered in the early hours of March 26th 2018.

Yahoo News explains…

Authorities had indicated they believed the crash was deliberate but wanted a jury to make official findings.

Evidence included testimony that Sarah Hart had used her phone to search for information about drowning and hypothermia.

California Highway Patrol investigator Jake Slates testified that the deleted searches had been recovered from her phone, The Oregonian reported. They included these questions:

“Can 500 mgs of Benadryl kill a 120-pound woman?”

“Is death by drowning relatively painless?”

“How long does it take to die from hypothermia while drowning in a car?”

The SUV’s “black box” computer, recovered after the crash, showed that Jennifer Hart drove over the cliff at full throttle, The Oregonian reported.


It adds…

Sarah Hart, who was not driving, had 42 doses of the generic, sleep-inducing drug in her system.

The children also had high levels of the drug in their bodies, the autopsies found. The couple often gave their children Benadryl on long drives so they would sleep, authorities said in the hearing.

Jennifer Hart had a blood alcohol level over the legal limit and may have been “drinking to build up her courage,” Slates said.

The bodies of siblings Markis, Jeremiah and Abigail were found the same day near the car. Weeks later, the body of Ciera Hart was pulled from the Pacific Ocean. Hannah Hart was eventually identified through a DNA match.

The body of Devonte Hart has not been found.


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  1. Jasmine April 5, 2019

    Evil b|tches! Demons are what those 2 child killing monsters are. This story is upsetting to read.

  2. D April 5, 2019

    This is disgusting and outrageous.

  3. Bettie clayton April 5, 2019

    Dam what all they didnt do to those poor kids.

  4. Bettie clayton April 5, 2019

    What else did they do them kids

  5. April 5, 2019

    So sad, mankind is so messed up.

  6. S.U.P.E.R.S.T.A.R.!. April 5, 2019

    So incredibly tragic. God bless those children. Angels in heaven away from Satan’s demons.

  7. SNF April 5, 2019

    White ppl are crazy…

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