Donald Trump Offers First Remarks Since Leaving Office As His Impeachment Trial Sets A Date

Published: Saturday 23rd Jan 2021 by Ryan

Former President Donald Trump may not be out of the spotlight just yet.

For, he has just offered his first remarks since leaving office as his impeachment trail official gets a date.

Full story below…

As he sat down for dinner at the Trump International Golf Club, he gave a short response to a reporter from the Washington Examiner when asked about his future plans.

“We’ll do something, but not just yet.”

So far, Trump has not given much indication as to what he will do since he left office on January 20. So, his most recent remarks may hit that he has bigger plans in store.

The former president’s remarks also come as his impeachment trial moves forward. Trial participants will be sworn in on January 26 with the actual trial proceedings beginning on February 8.

Trump is charged with inciting an insurrection for the riots that happened in early January. If convicted, he will not be able to run for office again.

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  1. Drink my b**** juice January 23, 2021

    Why we still reporting this maniac.

    • twhyy blacc bitc>hhzz January 23, 2021

      B**** fuuuuck yoooou…

    • C**-ila January 23, 2021

      This old C u N t is trying to behave after his trial and then he’ll try again to destroy this country (hopefully he’ll be able to just destroy the GOP), and he’s doing all this not to help anyone besides Donald Trump and his rich friends..

  2. DC3 FOREVER January 23, 2021

    God I wish this man would die already!
    DONALD J TRUMP I WISH DEATH UPON YOU AND YOUR FAMILY! May it be tragic so we can rejoice!

    • J January 24, 2021


  3. Fancy BISH January 23, 2021

    Marilyn MONSTROSITY Perfectly Flavorless, come get your future baby daddy lmaooooo…both of y’all are LOSERS 😂 Old hoees never win lol

  4. Fancy BISH January 23, 2021

    I have faith in our justice system and he will prove himself innocent.

    • 🍭marilyn monh-O-E🍭(💫Perfectly Splendid✨) January 23, 2021

      STFU Danzou. What the hell do you know about the American justice system? Not a damn thing. Now keep juggling for me clown. 💋💋

      • Fancy BISH January 24, 2021

        Bish I have already exposed you for being British.

  5. 🍭marilyn monh-O-E🍭(💫Perfectly Splendid✨) January 23, 2021

    To hell with this one-term American embarrassment. God bless Joe Biden as he does his best to wash the s*** stain Trump the Dump has left on the American presidency.

    • Fancy BISH January 23, 2021

      Bish I have already exposed you as British

      • 🍭marilyn monh-O-E🍭(💫Perfectly Splendid✨) January 23, 2021

        STFU Danzou. You haven’t exposed s***. How many times are u gonna embarrass urself dummy?

      • Fancy BISH January 24, 2021

        I exposed you when you said 69p, that British currency so yes I can back up what I say, can you? No. So go and jump back on daddy’s D.

  6. twhyy blacc bitc>hhzz January 23, 2021

    Thank you DONALD Trump… God bless you

    • C**-ila January 23, 2021

      God has learned from Mariah Carey and don’t know him, but I’m sure he must be very close with the devil, since he sold him his soul a long time ago 😂😂

    • J January 24, 2021

      May he🔥 in Hell

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