Behind the Scenes: Lifetime’s ‘Aaliyah: The Princess of R&B’ Movie

Published: Wednesday 29th Oct 2014 by Rashad

Actress Alexandra Shipp takes on the role of a lifetime as she assumes the part of R&B princess Aaliyah in Lifetime’s forthcoming biopic of the late star.

Airing November 15th at 8/7p C, the womens’ television network – despite being greeted by mixed reviews from fans of the songstress – are forging ahead with promotion of the project they’re billing the “event of the season.”  While our peeks at the movie’s trailer can definitely confirm such billing, we’ve been keeping our eyes glued to the behind-the-scenes looks at its creation.

Tuck in below to hear Shipp and Luther Brown, the movie’s choreographer, dish on Aaliyah’s legacy and what viewers can expect when the film makes its premiere in just two weeks!

 It all awaits…


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  1. Molly October 29, 2014

    No shade to mark or the rest of the aaliyah fans but this movie is gonna be a mess.

    • BeyRihLiyah October 29, 2014

      I agree

      • Molly October 29, 2014

        Glad we can agree on something

    • Aaliyah_Rihanna October 29, 2014

      this is the only time I agree with you

      • Molly October 29, 2014

        that’s wassup I wrote you on Twitter btw

      • Oh, so we doing this today? October 29, 2014

        Girl, how dear you put Rihanna’s name next to Goddess Aaliyah’s. Repent for your sins that you have commented.

  2. Mark111 October 29, 2014

    There’s parts where’s she nails it, has the movies and Aaliyah’s smoothness and swag down to the T. And then there’s parts I’m like “Who’s dis?”

    • BeyRihLiyah October 29, 2014

      mark stop lying she didn’t embody Aaliyah lol they couldn’t even get the outfits correct

      • Mark111 October 29, 2014

        It’s here and there, but I spot them. But yea, most of the time, who dis?

  3. BeyRihLiyah October 29, 2014

    hahaha this movie is a PARODY critics who have seen early sceenings of this movie have been trashing it and bye at this Unknown low budget choreographer speaking up on babygirl style as if he was Fatima Robinson which was aaliyahs choreographer

      • BeyRihLiyah October 29, 2014

        lol she gets dragged almost everyday on twitter it be so funny

    • Paul jr October 30, 2014

      I agree the movie looks a mess ! Aaliyah’s mom and brother didn’t want anything to do with this movie neither did timbaland, Fatima or missy ! Yes Fatima was Aaliyah’s choreographer ! But Luther brown the choreographer for this movie is amazing and just as talented and I’m a dancer and dance instructor and ive taken his classes.. So just because u aren’t a dancer or don’t know him doesn’t me he is a low budget choreographer.. Also Wendy Williams is an executive producer so that’s another reason this movie seems to be a mess with her shady transgender looking ass… As much as I don’t want to support this I want to see how they portray and depict her life

  4. Mark111 October 29, 2014

    One of the trailers, it says “Before Rihanna, before Beyonce, there’s was one name.” and I was like oop!

    • Nicki October 29, 2014

      Lol Only YOU Aaliyah fans believe that.

      • Molly October 29, 2014

        Lmao right!

      • Mark111 October 29, 2014

        It’s a well known fact.

  5. ashgino October 29, 2014

    yo, im not seeing or feeling any Aaliyah mannerisms, she looks like her, but i dont see anything else.

  6. KingCalio October 29, 2014

    This movie will be trash. Forget the fact of her not looking like Aaliyah…She doesn’t embodie her.

    You cannot make a movie about Aaliyah in a month. It will never be right…

  7. Mark111 October 29, 2014

    This family been through So much! They lost the grandma, father and Aaliyah. I feel for them so much and understand why the mother and brother are so protective. That damn uncle can go to hell.

    • Oh, so we doing this today? October 29, 2014

      Yeah i hate that uncle. that uncle is the spawn of satan!

  8. BeyRihLiyah October 29, 2014

    this movie is pointless! ,its going to be based on lies and assumptions and they are disrespecting her family like what are they going to talk about that wasn’t already addressed in her vh1 behind the music and on her E! true Hollywood story

  9. Taylor October 29, 2014

    Omg, I just read that Aaliyah’s mom has cancer 🙁 So her dad passes away, and now her mom is sick, i’m really feeling for Aaliyah’s brother Rashad right now 🙁

    • Molly October 29, 2014

      Damn thats horrible

    • Oh, so we doing this today? October 29, 2014

      Where you hear that from? Link?

  10. Molly October 29, 2014

    No shade to mark or the rest of the aaliyah fans but this movie is gonna be a mess..

  11. TheElusiveLamb October 29, 2014

    This is such a terrible idea. Aaliyah’s personal life and etc will not be told by this movie. This will just (imo) embarrass her. It’s sad that they can’t let lady rest in peace. I haven’t seen something so seemingly tragic since my fav’s Glittery moment… 🙁

    • Mark111 October 29, 2014

      You know, people dog Glitter as if Crossroads never happen. I didn’t think the movie was THAT bad.

  12. LB October 29, 2014

    Hey Sam, can you have Rashad do a TGJ: Replay on “The miseducation of Lauryn Hill”, I am listening to it right now and getting my everlasting entire life.

    • Molly October 29, 2014

      Hey love…

  13. Monicadove October 30, 2014

    When did she become the princess of rnb? I’m confused

    • BeyRihLiyah October 30, 2014

      your a monica stan that’s a joke with in itself hahaha so stay in your lane

  14. eric October 30, 2014

    She wasn’t believable as a drummer in the Drumline sequel and she certainly won’t be able to pull off the image of a naturally gifted singer, dancer and actress. It’s a shame that this girl will sit in the interview room and make herself sound as though she knew Aaliyah personally. She sounds stupid trying to tell Aaliyah’s close family and friends what Aaliyah was thinking and feeling about R. Kelly or anything else in her life. If Alexandra is such an expert on Aaliyah, she would know that Aaliyah was not about anyone going against her family’s wishes.

  15. u October 30, 2014

    First this girl don’t look anything close to Aaliyah nope… shes just too far from Aaliyah’s look goodness thats a big turn off Aaliyah has a v kinda face and cat eyes not a choby u face.. I cant

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