Ray J’s Manager Continues “Gay” Attack Against Yung Berg In New Interview / Berg Responds

Published: Thursday 11th Dec 2014 by David


‘Love & Hip Hop Hollywood’ may have given him the boot, but it would seem the rapper Yung Berg still remains in the middle of the show’s ongoing drama…well after filming wrapped earlier this year.

For, this week saw his brand rocked with claims made the manager of his on screen pal Ray J, who claimed he caught the entertainer getting down with another man during a studio session, prompting him to slam the star in a message posted here.

Unfortunately for Berg, said claims were given a fresh pair of legs when his “accuser” took to radio to detail what he says he saw.

An explicit interview below…

In response, Berg shared:

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 16.29.11


Your thoughts?

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  1. trose December 11, 2014

    I believe it *sips tea*

    • truth (icki is the QWEEN OF PUSHBACK!! Iggy got her scuured honey. #IckiAFlop) December 11, 2014


      • Molly December 11, 2014

        @Truth omg did you see the was lil kim dragged k.michelle it was epic

      • SMH December 11, 2014

        It was not lol. It was a long winded rant by a bitter old woman trying to regain her relevancy.

      • Toohotfortv December 11, 2014

        How in the world can you make such a horrible statement in clear conscious? Especially after choosing that “screen name”. I’m confused. Either you’re a gay man or a female who’s very influenced by gay colloquialisms.

  2. cocobutta December 11, 2014

    It’s your actions that got those rumour’s going!!
    TO ADD that’s before we even saw you at the reunion show getting more animated than Mona when O pretended he was going to pull out his D!!

    As my girl Kelis said “CAUGHT OUT THERE”!!

    • Brian310 December 11, 2014

      I thought I was the only one who caught that lmao

  3. Mxx December 11, 2014

    the who are they again?

  4. TheElusiveLamb December 11, 2014

    If he is bisexual that’s his life. It’s not ours. I want to know why another man is so concerned with another man’s sexual orientation. Sounds gay to me.

    • TRUTH SERUM December 11, 2014

      Preach Stephy 🙂

      • TheElusiveLamb December 11, 2014

        Who is that? 🙂

  5. Mr Yea ok December 11, 2014

    One time I ran into berg at a grocery store in studio city. He def is bisexual. He followed me around the store for like 5 mins and kept grabbing his crotch area and staring real hard. Any gay man knows that’s a universal sign of I want to get down. I ignored him cuz he is like a midget but this does not surprise me. I am confused tho why in 2014 people think calling someone gay is an insult. I mean gay marriage is legal in over half the country and more on the way. Who cares if u are gay.

  6. #1Lamb December 11, 2014

    He could get it either way with his s*** ass. Just don’t fall in love cause you know he a h**

  7. Casual-T December 11, 2014

    Wack100 did not directly answer the question of why he put this out there. I mean, even if it’s true, why post on Instagram about it?
    But on the real, it is ironic for Ray J’s manager to be putting this out there. Danger, a contestant from For the Love of Ray J, said years ago that Ray J and Yung Berg were bfs. She retracted her assertions later, but . . .

  8. Peace December 11, 2014

    Gay or not, what’s the matter? We are in 2014 it’s time to stop judging people by their sexuality. We are here for the MUSIC and that’s the only thing we should focus on! Gay, straight or bi, whatever! I don’t give a f*** about it, music is music.

  9. Toohotfortv December 11, 2014

    Its dumb. I’m still crazy confused why dude is so pressed about another mans s** life. And isn’t it ironic that dudes name is Wack100. Well ain’t that the truth. Well, Wack one, how about you get young bergs d*** out your mouth. I can’t even believe I had to defend that dude. Ew

  10. LDC December 11, 2014

    I don’t like Berg anyway, but if this gay s*** is true then that’s another reason to not listen to him. Homosexuality ain’t cool. It’s wrong.

    • Costarnyc December 11, 2014

      Do you know that one out of every 4 or 5 men/women is part of the LGBT community. So gather up 5 men/women in your family and stand in a circle and figure out which one is, and if you can’t guess who …..guess what IT’S YOU. Whoever is teaching you that homosexuality isn’t cool is prob gay on the low anyways. Im sure that person was prob rejected by a gay man or woman or couldn’t find a way to suppress their inner emotions they were feelings towards the same s** so the best way to do it is to bash. Look Inside yourself. Why the hell do you even care what they are doing or who they are doing? It’s not contagious, we will not force you to do anything your body didn’t want to do in the first place (TEMPTATION IS A B****

    • GAY December 11, 2014

      Well I guess that means you are homophobic? Try to break down the word, opens a dictionary and read. Well now you know where the problem is, take a look in the mirror and ask yourself. You’ll find the answer if you’re not too silly.

  11. Derrick December 11, 2014

    But if it is true, why is it okay for him to bash him as if being GAY is a bad thing? The hell. The s*** you people promote and go along with baffles me. Ray J and his “manager” are fools/jerks/c****/etc. What REAL man would actually care THAT much to out someone?

    • Efil December 11, 2014

      Is IS a bad thing.

    • Kenneth Underworld-Evolution December 12, 2014


  12. Ranco December 11, 2014

    Dudes career is over. I don’t see how he can bounce back from this. Nobody is checking for a gay rapper. He should have hid that better.

    • Kenneth Underworld-Evolution December 12, 2014

      So if your favorite rappers are on the DL, then you alright, which is a good thing, since most of them are

  13. SBC19 December 11, 2014

    Gays are gross. Stop trying to normalize that disgusting and warped nonsense. Man is to be woman and woman with man. Any man whose been with another man ain’t a man.

    • Your mum is gross December 12, 2014

      Go crawl back to your hole please.

    • KieraJohns December 12, 2014

      You sound like you’d be a better fit in the Middle East. I hear the Taliban also practices backwards thinking.

    • Kenneth Underworld-Evolution December 12, 2014

      What that has to do with wanting to be the man to run from place to place telking it

  14. BigMamaWallace December 12, 2014

    I don’t care if he’s gay or not… all I have to say is karma is a real nasty b*tch, that’s what you get when you play messy. He calls Teairra his friend then all of a sudden threw her under the bus for no reason! You wanna run your mouth and kiss and tell, well that’s what it feels like when it happens to you! #DoucheBag #FraudPen*s #Snitch #Gross #SmallD*ck

  15. Kenneth Underworld-Evolution December 12, 2014

    Anyone who walks on on another doing his business with another man or woman and feels compelled to tell the world is very jealous of what he just witnessed. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that

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