Movie Trailer: Mariah Carey’s ‘A Christmas Melody’

Published: Tuesday 17th Nov 2015 by Sam

Media maven Mariah Carey will make her return to the small screen this December on the Hallmark channel.

Multi-tasking Mimi both stars in and directs ‘A Christmas Melody’ – an original movie for the cable network.

The 45-year-old is starring as a teacher who helps a special student piece together the ultimate Holiday song – her own real-life classic ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You.’

Set to air December 19th, Hallmark have unveiled a first look trailer for the film – which also stars Lacey Chabert, Brennan Elliott, Kathy Najimy and 10-year-old Broadway sensation Fina Strazza. Watch below…


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  1. Code Red Is Gonna Flizzop! November 17, 2015

    I Bet Mariah Loves The Christmas season… Seeing As It’s The Only Time Anyone Plays Her Music These Days

    • zzz November 17, 2015

      I honestly fail to see how that’s a read considering the fact that plenty of artists out there release that Christmas albums that just end up collecting dust on the shelves

      • CustomerServiceRep November 17, 2015

        Oooooooohhh dat shady tea was returned to sender!

    • Bey & Rih November 17, 2015

      So you’re trying to shade Beyonce, Monica, and Mariah, ummm, three women that have accomplished more than you ever will, and who’s bank account can buy and sell your bum @ss family and relatives.

    • Leah@ November 18, 2015

      Let’s set the record straight. Over 200 million records sold, Mariah carey has broken records that none of these current artist will EVER BREAK.

      If she wants to do a xmas movie based on her BEST SELLING xmas cd of all time, let her do her thang.

      The Angry Gays and Angry stans need to back up and chill.

      • Kayla C November 18, 2015

        Preach Leah

  2. IG: @mixedboy November 17, 2015

    Get them coins #SLAYRIAH. Her first Xmas CD is the BLUEPRINT for all these other artist. QUEEN OF XMAS!!!!

  3. King Mark111 /.\ November 17, 2015

    Ha! Hahahahahahahaha! What kind of trailer? I seen youtubers do better. The jig is up, the tricks are played out. the smoke has cleared and the mirrors are broken.

    • ????Queen Molly???? November 17, 2015

      Lmao right

    • 1mcluver November 17, 2015

      you sure put a lot of effort in your comment, you seem a little upset :/

      • King Mark111 /.\ November 17, 2015

        Three sentences is an effort to you? Gotta try harder kid.

  4. Chimier November 17, 2015

    F**k this fat cow! She’ll never touch Whitney

  5. #JACKIE November 17, 2015

    So low budget!

    • King Mark111 /.\ November 17, 2015

      The budget was 10 Patti Pies, and an iPhone 5c. Mama I Wanna Sing looks better and that’s was a horrible attempt.

  6. ????Queen Molly???? November 17, 2015

    Lmao trash gtfoh old hag

  7. @JanetCIARA_ November 17, 2015

    Jesus….. Mariah doesnt need to do this…. This looks worse than “Mama I want To Sing” Or even “The Fighting Temptations”……

    • ????Queen Molly???? November 17, 2015

      Such a disaster sis kiii

  8. Theman November 17, 2015

    Same haters. If your favorite artist can’t fill up K-Mart then shut your mouth. Rihanna is doing all of these side projects because she’ll flop. Mark your hating A** is in every Mariah post. Get TF on. This looks like a regular Hallmark movie. This isn’t a wide release. Sam acts like a hating a** woman.. It looks good. Stack those coins MC…. Anything she does Sam has an issue with. You bitter a** woman.. If it was Janet or Beyonce he”d be swooning over it..

    • ????Queen Molly???? November 17, 2015

      Mad because Mark told nothing but the truth? Kiii you pigriah stans need a seat… This is embarrassing af bitchh did you watch the trailer?

    • Skyfalll November 17, 2015

      B**** Rihanna is far from a flop, she’s building her brand, giving companies their highest numbers and selling out stadiums In 3 hours. She released 3 singles this year FFS peaked at #4 and is 2x plat in the USA alone. BBHMM a top 15 hit for months and is also plat. Mariah is still queen and has nothing else to prove to the lessors.

  9. JHudStan November 17, 2015

    That’s the best her fat ass has looked in YEARS, unfortunately no ones gonna watch this p*** poor excuse of a movie.

  10. Skyfalll November 17, 2015

    Yall do realize this is the Hallmark channel? All their Christmas movies slay and this will be no different. The trailer was trash however the movie will definitely be good.

  11. SweetOnionChickenTeriyaki November 17, 2015

    It’s odd how the C Squad TRIES to shade everybody but their failing fav. Lest we forget “Mama I Wanna Sing”?

    • Skyfalll November 17, 2015

      Didn’t you hear Molly isn’t CSquad anymore.

      • ????Queen Molly???? November 17, 2015

        Let that h** know

  12. King Stephy November 17, 2015

    Oooh, y’all just bad mouthing my Mommy. Anyways, I’ll be watching with my family. It’s gon’ be a lil cute movie you get cozy on the couch & just watch while eatin some leftova’s from Dinner. Get money MC. She’s got alot of things coming up in the next few weeks too. She’s gonna make between 10 – 15 million from this Christmas season alone.

    • Skyfall November 17, 2015

      You better let them know.

  13. Theman November 17, 2015

    Cici can barely pack a kitchen. Y’all are irrelevant as is she. The movie looks good. Sam is a Mariah hater. He brags about actual flops. Mariah made more money simply because she is Mariah than of these flops on this site. If Rihanna had bigger hits perhaps the album would have been released. Mark is an idiot..

  14. What now November 17, 2015

    Actually looks kinda cute and very season appropriate.

  15. King Mark111 /.\ November 17, 2015

    When Molly and I agrees, and then you’re on the wrong side. lol

  16. Chile, leave my weave at the door and don’t steal it like those broke ass barb stans November 17, 2015

    I’m here for the Christmas queen creating a new holiday classic just for the movie. I heard “Always Be My Baby” today on TOP 40 RADIO and I SCREAMED!! She is so legendary, pop music can’t even evolve without her contributions. Why would a 90s song take up a time slot for a current pop song to be played? Because it’s Mariah! That’s why!

  17. BeyRihLiyah November 17, 2015

    The queen of christmas i’ll watch it

  18. Lake Erie November 17, 2015

    Aaaw!! Lol. This is too cute. Smh. Mariah looks good and has a glow to her. This doesn’t look low budget either. It looks like a typical Hallmark movie. Very homey. I plan to watch.

  19. Theman November 18, 2015

    These people will say anything because of their envy. This woman is paid & is a force of nature!

  20. Ciah’s Turtle November 18, 2015


  21. O November 19, 2015

    B**** looks like a nurse
    Glitter looks Oscar compare

  22. Jimmy November 19, 2015

    This is gonna get very poor ratings. How do you spell “Trash”? Am I spelling it correctly?!

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