Iggy Azalea Targeted In Cruel Video

Published: Monday 27th Jun 2016 by David

The ghosts of Iggy Azalea‘s past continue to affect the way in which she is treated by her detractors.

For, even after apologising for publishing several homophobic and racist tweets before her ascent to fame, the rapper finds herself unable to shake talk that it was her race and not her lyrical ability which lies at the heart of her short-lived chart success.

She was reminded me of this recently.

Watch what happens when she comes face to face with a “fan” keen to “thank” her for what she has done for Hip-Hop music below…


Though the rapper’s skills are questionable, one has to wonder if the video above was shot to highlight that or to prey on an artist who has become somewhat of an easy target.

Let’s hope her next LP, ‘Digital Distortion’, sees the Aussie performer showcase the gift many believe we are yet to see.

Your thoughts?

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  1. iSpeakTruthNoFallacy June 27, 2016

    HAHAHAHA…Whoever did this deserves an award!

    • Danzou June 27, 2016

      Go to hell

    • June 27, 2016

      i an’t a fan of her’s, but dude did is bullsh!t.

  2. Keshas Rose June 27, 2016

    I feel bad for her. She was told her white skin would guarantee her success (she actually said this to Kid Fury) and her belief of this backfired because people could tell her hype wasn’t authentic. Lesson to be learned. Rely on your talent!

  3. FAF June 27, 2016

    Leave this h** alone
    She thought she one upped a black girl by taking he baby daddy to only see he used her for publicity
    She’s in enough pain from embarrassment as it is, already

    • Gwenny Gwen5 June 27, 2016

      Thank yoU! You can see that she’s learned her lesson and wants to start afresh. She started out one way (which was bad) but I do think that she’s learned a lot about herself and society being in America. Those dudes don’t care about her comments, they just did it to be mean and wouldn’t have done that to her equivalent Vanilla Ice because he’s a dude. I just hope that record labels think twice before trying to fool us in the way they used to before. We know too much now and that “talentless white artist doing black music” thing won’t work anymore.

  4. Keshas Rose June 27, 2016

    That being said, what that guy did was horrible but is really telling. People can tell when something isn’t real and can act cruelly when they’re given the chance to. She needs to start her new album from scratch and milk her breakup for sympathy sales.

  5. Ughhhh June 27, 2016

    This is disgusting. If you don’t like her music don’t listen to to it! She doesn’t deserve this bs from ignorant people. This girl raps because she found a love for it. If a minority was treated this way for trying to embrace something that was not necessarily created for their particular race, all hell would break loose and we would all demand to be treated fairly and not be held to only be allowed to do what is “black.” Move on. If you don’t like her stop giving her attention.

    • Formation 212 June 27, 2016

      Ah the reverse racism trick? Darling, Iggy failed because her entire career was built on the assumption that she would sell because she is a white rapper making Hip Hop. She herself said this to Kid Fury and he exposed her for it. I hate what those meanies did in that video but please don’t equate her inability to use her unfair privilege successfully with the plights of talented women of color who are shut out because of their race. Please.

      • Ughhhh June 27, 2016

        Reverse racism… Girl bye. Minorities have always been the underdog, yes because of white prividge but also because we also hold each other from achieving more; more being what’s not consider “black” or “Hispanic” and it shows on this website alone how you all drag every black female artis who is not Beyoncé. The moment a new black female artist comes out, you all compare and drag them down before they even have a chance of gaining popularity. My point is why continue to bring someone down regardless of race when it has been happening to the minority community since day one. Congrats you brought down this white women, but don’t continue to throw stones when she is already down.

      • FAF June 27, 2016

        Facts! Stan culture killed creativity

      • OMG Logic!!! June 27, 2016

        Sweety, it’s just racism. No reverse needed. Minorities can be just as bigoted as anyone else. I should know.

      • Jackie June 27, 2016

        If anything more was against her for being a white woman in hip hop. If it was so easy for a white woman to pop in hip hop there would be more. Iggy was putting out music since 2011 and nobody cared until Fancy. It’s not like that was the first song she put out and then she blew up. She had 3 Mixtapes prior and Famcy was the 4th single from that album. Name 5 successful white female rappers. … I’ll wait…. And what Kid Fury said was that she said because she was tall and white she’d be more successful in FASHION as a model than Azealia Banks. Grow up. No one deserves this kind of hate.

  6. Fancy BISH June 27, 2016

    Leave Iggy Iggz alone lol

  7. BeyKnowlesBest June 27, 2016

    She wanna be in hip-hop spitting all this and that In her lyrics then she better learn how to put some base on her voice and curse a n!gga out when need be instead of looking all sad and hurt …#MANUP!

  8. Nate June 27, 2016

    It’s always easier for a white woman to be a victim over anyone else. I don’t recall folks “easing up” on Vanilla Ice when the black community clocked him. Nor is there much “easing up”going on in hip hop in general. Hip hop at it’s best has always been critical and honest. If she were real, she would have had her Emeninem moment right now, and proved the public wrong. Yet, she can’t do that…She knows she needs a team to make her happen, and the moment they drop her, that will be the end, vanilla ice style.

  9. Who gonna check me boo?? June 27, 2016

    I can’t stand her and I’m glad that she’s over but this is just mean for the sake being mean. Not cool at all

  10. Music June 27, 2016

    Ha ha ha

  11. Barb-wire June 27, 2016

    Girl… Y’all should let the child live already! She thought she knew America but she’s learning it ain’t so.

    • Danzou June 27, 2016

      Honey you still supporting child r*****?

  12. HELP June 27, 2016

    racism at its finest …SMH

    • Formation 212 June 27, 2016

      Racism against who?

      • HELP June 27, 2016

        If she was black … this video wouldn’t be here

  13. B_Roni June 27, 2016

    Now let a straight person come up to frank ocean and be like “are you Frank Ocean”? Thank you for spreading more gay into the Music industry. Some folks on this blog will become walking contradictions and have a fit. Praising bullying but wanna be a humanitarian spokesperson for the that grape juice commenting section.

  14. Sherrele June 27, 2016

    Wow! Everybody got to answer to God for their actions some day. Man the girl done suffered from her mistake. I just hope she don’t hurt herself over what’s go on in her life. People can be so mean, and bullies. But I don’t find that funny about this video. She should have speak up for herself, and tell him to go to hell. I’m not a fan of her but still, right is right and wrong is wrong. What you do to others will come back to you.

  15. MusicFan103 June 27, 2016

    You can tell this man was coward as to how he ran off from her. Like you can’t stand there and least let her look you in your eyes and say something should she want to?

    I understand not liking her music, or her way of Hip Hop, but this is some ignorant bullish!t because you cowardly walked off with the quickness like you were afraid of words/response from her.

    So this is the classic case of you can dish it videographer but you can’t take it.

    Keep making money Iggy!

  16. Weezy Tha Goat/ Zayn is ? June 27, 2016

    Leave this women alone!

  17. Ciah’s Turtle June 27, 2016

    lol omg

  18. Annalise June 27, 2016

    DEATH! that expression on her face is priceless! She seems genuinely crushed! Erykah said it first hunnie!!! #WhatYou’reDoingIsDefinitelyNotRap #CallTyrone #PackYoSh*T!

  19. No favs, just here for the music June 27, 2016

    Lmao!!! Her face though. I detect NO LIES. This is nothing in comparison to all of the racist/ignorant s*** that comes out her mouth. All I see was a man speaking the truth. I can never feel sorry for the likes of her, AB or CB because they’re all such trash and toxic

  20. What Now June 27, 2016

    This is sad. They didn’t have to do her like that.

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