Watch: Chris Brown Accuser Gives First Sit-Down Interview

Published: Wednesday 31st Aug 2016 by David

The young woman who accused Chris Brown of holding a gun to her head has given her first interview since she first made the startling allegation.

Speaking to ‘TMZ Live‘, Baylee Curran detailed what she calls a life-threatening incident she says began when the singer caught her admiring diamonds being sold in his home during a party attended by the Reality TV star Ray-J.

Things intensified when she refused to sign a non-disclosure agreement Brown presented to her after he is said to have pointed the gun at her.

Her side of the story below…

The former Miss California Regional 2016 contestant sought help from the police shortly after the incident.

Click here to find out what happened next.

Why Brown may have been suspicious of Curran’s admiration of the diamonds?

‘Hollywood Life’ reveals:

“On 10.18.2014, inside the Plaza hotel located at 768 5 avenue, Baylee was involved in grand larceny,” the New York Police Department confirms to “She and a 20-year-old female entered the room in a dispute with a 26-year-old female and the person that Bailey was with took a wallet and they both fled on foot. Inside the wallet was $200 and the person’s wallet was a Michael Kors black worth $1,000. There were also credit cards in the wallet, as well. There’s a complaint report for Baylee.”

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  1. XoMoDe August 31, 2016

    This is like a more sinister version of Kanye and Taylor…or OJ and Nicole. Chris is done. He’s not coming back after this.

    • The Legend Called Missy Elliott August 31, 2016

      Right. The woman behind the man has spoken.

    • tyana Jones August 31, 2016

      The b**** biggest laying Chris was innocent.

    • Candy Lady August 31, 2016

      Becky with the good hair is a lair.

  2. The Legend Called Missy Elliott August 31, 2016

    Sorry your story has a hole bigger than Danzig’s grand canyon size puss puss.

    • Danzou August 31, 2016


      • The Legend Called Missy Elliott August 31, 2016

        Hey Gurl! I see your shift at Burger World is up and you got MetroPCS prepaid phone topped off, what’s good h**?

  3. Ajax August 31, 2016

    The ***** devil has come to take Chris down. Do we believe her, absolutely not. Is she making this into something bigger than it is, for sure. Hold up is this Ryan Lochtes family member? ??

  4. Side to Side honey August 31, 2016

    She’s not lying. He is crazy but she is using this for fame. He isn’t innocent in this and neither is she.

  5. Ciah’s Turtle August 31, 2016

    fvck she sit’n down doin interviews for?! She aint even a real fvckin victim. Get pistol whipped then sit down.

  6. No favs, just here for the music August 31, 2016

    Is she really friends with Chris’ baby momma?

  7. August 31, 2016

    something about this isn’t right….i don’t trust this woman and i’m not even a fan of chris like that.

  8. Kareem Hicks August 31, 2016

    Damn that was fast

  9. christinastherealtalent August 31, 2016


  10. B_Roni August 31, 2016

    I don’t trust her. She probably was stealing or got mad that Chris was about to throw her out and now she missing out on some money or fame and wants to get even. He has already been released on bail. I’m not a huge fan of him but this is why celebs like Rihanna and Beyonce keep to themselves and don’t interact with people outside of their small circle. They wave hi to fans and jet.

  11. lolhart August 31, 2016

    I’m no Chris Brown fan, but most people would be shook up at the very least after having a gun held to their head. This girl is smiling and giving sit down interviews?!

  12. SMH August 31, 2016

    Biitch is a lying thief, point blank. Much like the rest of her race.

  13. Danzou August 31, 2016

    Shes white so the world will believe it.

  14. Legendtina August 31, 2016

    More evidence that Fist Brown is unstable and needs help but of course the black community turn out hundreds of excuses of why he’s innocent. As if Fistopher doesn’t have a history of being violent and unstable. This victim shaming is disgusting. Trauma doesn’t have a set pattern. Everyone interprets and reacts differently; there is no right or wrong way to react. But of course Fist stans will ignore every sign to defend this useless excuse of an artist. I won’t be surprised if BET has him performing next year smh.

  15. Carlitos August 31, 2016

    This man has a history of violence, drugs and alcohol, yet some of you are refusing to believe it. And that’s when you know that y’all are the problem with this country. Sit the f*** down and shut up. It happened. Deal with it.

    • Jamie September 1, 2016

      Testify that which you KNOW. You weren’t there so you deal with STFU…forever. Tired I3itch. You and your weak azzz daddy.

  16. BBP August 31, 2016

    While I know Chris is a f*** boy to the highest level….this story has to many holes (and h***) in it!

    They have been trying to take Chris Brown out for years and wont stop until they do!

    We will talk about this on our next episode…..listen and follow us on Soundcloud or itunes

  17. Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~tyler August 31, 2016

    Oh so no y’all wanna be on Chris Brown’s team? You were all dragging him through the mud yesterday.

  18. Kiki and a hehe August 31, 2016

    So where is the story about this b**** having a history of being a theif, fraud a constant liar? Also at the fact that chris has been released du to her story not addibg up?

  19. Stephy August 31, 2016

    Chris Brown is a mess, and has a history of violence… BUT, this b**** ain’t innocent either. Her h** ass was probably in that party trying to STEAL (she has a criminal thieving history). And, Chris wasn’t having it, pulled out his gun, after telling the b**** multiple times to leave (and she refused, probably playing it off and not taking him seriously), things escalated, she got scared, called the police & now she’s playing the victim, period.
    Chris’s problem is he is too emotional, unstable & crazy/vulnerable. It’s too damn easy to get him railed up or push his buttons. That’s a problem. Chris makes himself a target by allowing these types of people in his life. It’s probably VERY easy to take advantage of Chris, due to his unstable mind. But, this chick was probably told to leave plenty of times & wouldn’t… So Chris scared her ass, she ain’t innocent. The b**** is a lair, w****, thief & opportunist.

  20. Keri Qween August 31, 2016

    Lying b****.

  21. FC/JC August 31, 2016

    Mama always said “You play with fire, You will get burned” when will Christopher learn…. Just change your company dude…

  22. wayno August 31, 2016

    Sounds like she tried to steal some gems, got caught and ran out the door to lie.

  23. Nowqd Reddish tran ivy blobukz Need UK timely Ukuno eremixi September 1, 2016

    She isn’t innocent And she’s a 25 year old woman that will steal from you and looking for something to come out of it

  24. Coolness September 1, 2016

    GURL, BYE! It’s not easy to give CB the benefit of doubt considering his past but this chick is a liar! A scammer! Lol, on a serious note, Chris needs to be more careful with who he lets into his home.

  25. COOKIE LYIN’ September 2, 2016

    Just another nail in the Chris Brown coffin to the mainstream. He won’t come back from this one. Picturing a meltdown approaching.

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