#BoycottBreakfastClub Trends As Lil Duval Dodges Continued Twitter Attack For “Transphobic” Comments

Comedian Advocates Violence Against Transwomen?
Published: Sunday 30th Jul 2017 by Rashad
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People weren’t exactly laughing when funnyman Lil Duval took to The Breakfast Club recently to suggest he “would murder” a transwoman if she ever tricked him into having sex.

A quote lifted in a week where tension around the topic was already particularly high considering President Donald Trump’s instatement of a U.S. military ban on transgender people and singer Bobby Valentino being exposed for an alleged sexual affair with a transgender prostitute, needless to say Duval’s comments weren’t taken lightly.

In fact, the ongoing fire got so hot, Twitter users were calling for a boycott of the comedian’s work as well as the platform, Breakfast Club (Power 105.1), where the statement was made.  Opening a fiery discussion on the social network, did you miss any of the action?  See it inside:


It didn’t stop there, however.  When Charlamagne tha God took to Politicon, he was given a piece of some audience members’ minds:


How did Duval respond to the hoop-la?

Your thoughts?

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  1. Okayyyy July 30, 2017

    I meeeeaaaaannn, okay. But what Lil Duval “work” are they suggesting they boycott…

    Do people not realize that in order to successfully boycott something or someone, you had to have been supporting them before?

    • Tori July 30, 2017


  2. Jasmine July 30, 2017

    If Carson Daly can be forgiven for homophobic so should this guy. Actually Carson’s comments were far worse. This guy just said that if a transwoman TRICKED him he would murder and I agree with him. If you are a transwoman you have a duty to tell your s|ex partners that you were born a man. Most men are not into transwomen so you should have enough self respect to sleep with men that are into you. Anyone that has to trick someone to sleep with them is desperate, pathetic, gutter, and immoral.

    • iamdiego July 31, 2017

      A lot of these “men” are thirsty anyways. In MOST case the “men” throw themselves at all different types of women and sleep with anything walking (or who ever is showing them any attention). So maybe if they don’t ask then it should be their own problem? To me this shows how tacky most dudes really are. Don’t blame Trans for ignorance & low self esteem of others. They are simply living their lives. Have some standards and get to know ppl before you decide to have s** or be in someone’s face because you think they are attractive. Side bar… Duval and Char Char been crushing for years. So should they announce they are gay or bi? I guess not everything is everybody’s business.

      • Jasmine July 31, 2017

        @iamdiego it is natural for men to want to have s** with women. It is not okay for a man to disguise himself as a woman to TRICK another man into having s** with him. That needs to stop! Those type of transexuals are really puttin themselces by doing that!

  3. Jasmine July 30, 2017

    If Carson Daly can be forgiven for homophobic comments so should this guy. Actually Carson’s comments were far worse. This guy just said that if a transwoman TRICKED him he would murder and I agree with him. If you are a transwoman you have a duty to tell your s|ex partners that you were born a man. Most men are not into transwomen so you should have enough self respect to sleep with men that are into you. Anyone that has to trick someone to sleep with them is desperate, pathetic, gutter, and immoral.

  4. Bianca July 30, 2017

    I mean most STRAIGHT men feel this way. Not talking bout in the closet down low or in denial STRAIGHT men. Just like migos no straight man wants to be in any situation with a transgender

  5. …I HATE WHITE B******. AND ….. BLACK BIT..,,,HES…both. Not ish.. July 30, 2017

    BOYCOTT ….DO YOU BOYCOTT THE ANIMALS THAT BASH B.W AND GIRLS…you soooo offended about. The gay bash

  6. THE REAL July 30, 2017

    Trans men and women are human beings also. A true God fearing Christian would never accept anyone that is advocating for the murder of another person just because we don’t like, understand, or agree with them. It is NEVER OKAY to joke about murdering another human being for being gay, trans, or effeminate. This imbecile is not someone to defend or support under any circumstance. Americans of all background must continue to fight and defend our liberties and FREEDOM. The foundation of this country was built on liberty, freedom and justice for all, despite the fact that it didn’t always include women, African Americans,non European immigrants, and the LGBT community. Let’s stand together instead of tearing each other apart. Disturbing and very sad times we are living in. Praying for EVERYONE. ?

    • Jasmine July 30, 2017

      You obviously need READING COMPREHENSION skills. After all, I thought reading was fundamental to g|ays but you must of missed that class as well as the reading comprehension class in school too. He did NOT say he would murder anyone who is trans. He said that if any trans TRICKED him into having s** with him then he would murder in a joking way. Everything he said was in jest. You obviously are so focused on playing the bottom victim role you forgot the most important thing is that he was speaking about transwomen that WRONGFULLY trick men into sleeping with them. It should be a crime for a man to TRICK another man into sleeping with him. There are enough men that are into transwomen so why play the evil, gutter, and unmoral act of tricking a straight man into sleeping with a gay man. After all transwomen were born men so they are all men at the end of the day. Biology proves that it is impossible for a man to transform into a woman, not matter what he does to alter his body.

      • THE REAL July 30, 2017

        You said a whole lot but nothing significant. Your comment feels hostile and angry. My comment is advocating tolerance and peace. Your comment is aggressive and hostile. Not the difference reading them. Praying for you too. God Bless. ?

      • Ashanti #1 Fan July 31, 2017

        I understood what you was saying

      • Jasmine July 31, 2017

        @THE REAL Miss me with that passive-aggressive subliminal shading BS. At the end of the day you clearly misread the post. Now you are trying to backpedal but still not addressing the actual issue of the post so all of what you are saying is a non-factor and irrelevant to this particular post. I see right through your BS. Go back to school and learn reading comprehension and advanced level shade. If you feel my comment is “hostile and angry” I would suggest you go take some testosterone pills too because if my little comment makes you feel threatened then perhaps you are walking around with way too much estrogen in you.

  7. Tokyo Vanity fan July 31, 2017

    I see nothing wrong with what he said. If someone tricked you into having s** and you find out later, of course you’d be pissed.

    • Ashanti #1 Fan July 31, 2017

      Thank you and that is why I be so mad at people not listening to celebrities whole interview before they start going off on these twitter rants

  8. bravo!! July 31, 2017

    They’re are a lot of straight man that like to play with transgender people. I know dudes off the block slanging that get f***, suck, & get f*** by transgender people… Then say how nasty it is to be gay or make fun of a gay person. Dudes want to be so hardcore, but behind close doors another thing.

    • bravo!! July 31, 2017

      I can’t wait till a proper transgender docemantry be done.. Exposing more than stars.. exposing everyday street corner hustler and married man. And people need to know the difference between transgender and pre-opp transgender. Most of the straight man mess around with pre transgenders.

  9. Fancy BISH July 31, 2017

    DAMN homegirl was screaming from the audience…called Charlamagne a punk asss b$&@h lol…she know she still watching The Breakfast Club tho ?

  10. Jamie July 31, 2017

    He has a right to voice his opinion.

  11. Starxavi July 31, 2017

    At the end of the day…no one can trick someone else into having s** with them.

    • Caleb July 31, 2017

      I know right?! I mean apparently they thought someone was incredibly attractive and they wanted to have s** with them. They aren’t being forced to have s** with anyone unless they’re r****.

    • Jasmine August 1, 2017

      Yes they can. If I downed a bunch of male hormone pills from Mexico, got a ton of plastic surgery, and a p|enis implant to disguise myself as a man and then purposefully went out and f|ucked a bunch of gay men that were into me that makes me a r|apist because the gay men made a choice to sleep with another man but they did not make a choice to get f|ucked by a woman. R|ape by fraud is a real thing and is criminally punishable in several states, the UK, Isreal, and several other countries. The tricking you pretend to be oblivious to is when a person disguises themself as the opposite gender and does not disclose what gender they were born. I respect all the transgender people that are open about who they are. Those are the kind that are happy and get relationships while the DL transgenders live a life of danger!

  12. THE REAL July 31, 2017

    Remove the trans element and consider this..joking about killing another person just because they lie to you is a threat that can potentially become a crime. You cant just go around saying you will MURDER someone for lying to you. Trans or not.
    I find this statement posted on Sunday by trans actress Laverne C** on the situation most helpful…

    “Most folks think it’s ok to joke about wanting to kill us,” trans actress Laverne C** wrote on her Twitter account Sunday. “We have free speech but that speech has consequences and trans folks are experiencing the negative consequences with our lives. It hurts my spirit cause this isn’t funny. Our lives matter. Trans murder is not funny. And its happening everyday and in most cases the trans person had no prior relationship or history with the killer.” 

    • Jasmine July 31, 2017

      Consider this…a man disguising himself as a women and then having s** with a straight man that thinks you are a woman should be a crime because that is R|APE. Two wrongs dont make a right but what the transexual is doing is far far worse than a comedian joking about murder.

      • MessyBoots July 31, 2017

        How many times are you going to reply to me saying the same thing? I get how you feel on the issue. I never once addressed you or cared for your thoughts on the subject. ?

      • Caleb July 31, 2017

        YOu apparently don’t have a clue what rap|e is then.

      • Jasmine July 31, 2017

        @MessyBoots Where exactly did I reply to you? Only crazy people hide behind multiple usernames so thanks for outing yourself!

      • Jasmine July 31, 2017

        @Caleb No you are the one who has NO CLUE what R|ape is. Several states already have enacted R|ape-by-fraud laws and some foreign countries have as well. R|ape by fraud is the act of having s** with someone by lying about yourself and is criminally punishable. A transexual is a man. It is not biologically possible for a man to transform into a woman. Thus, if you were born a man you are a man. Deal with it. Caleb the next time you don’t know something instead of trying to check me b|tch why don’t you just nicely ask me to explain further because if you don’t I will always prove you out to be the idiot bottom b|tch you really are.

  13. MessyBoots July 31, 2017

    I don’t think he literally mean he is going to to kill them. He could’ve said it a little different but most guys feel like him anyway. If anything, Charlamagne and Envy should be called out too since they brought it up first not Duval.

  14. BEYONCE & RIHANNA July 31, 2017

    I wish everyone will understand how this industry works. People say, comment or do anything just to get reactions and attention. That’s the industry 101 of fame the ability to do anything to gain attention. And we fall for it all the time .. I’m sure he is enjoying all these five Sec attention

    • MusicBoy July 31, 2017

      Exactly!!! Why do you think he keeps talking about it?! He’s enjoying the attention. He’s like the class clown…as long as people laugh, he’ll keep talking.

  15. Thando July 31, 2017

    The problem is not disclosure but the complete nonchalant, careless and irresponsible normalization of anti-trans violence (which I’m told is a big problem in USA). People can laugh at whatever they want, however what makes you laugh is a very good indicator of what/who you are. Someone who thinks that killing a trans person, be it literal or otherwise, is deeply disturbed and part of the problem. Liberals always come at you when you say there is a DEEP anti-LGBTQI problem within the African American community that Black people refuse to acknowledge. I will never understand why straight people must always tell LGBTQI people what’s good for them.

    • Jasmine July 31, 2017

      No the problem is transexuals that do not disclose! Just because transexuals make believe they are a woman does not mean they are a women. They are nothing more than feminine f*** that disguise themselves as women but are still men. I feel that a transexual who does not disclose the fact they are a man to a straight male deserves whatever comes to them because that same transexual is committing r|ape by fraud, a criminal offense in several states. If someone tries to r|ape you then you have every right to defend yourself even if it means murdering your attacker!

      • MessyBoots July 31, 2017

        ^pure evil.

      • Thando July 31, 2017

        R***: carnal knowledge of another WITHOUT consent. Therefore its NOT the same thing and never will be. Transwomen are women, there’s no “make-believe”. Its this kind of ignorant language that leads people to kill transwomen just walking down the road. Body dysmorphia is a deeply terrifying thing as is without the ignorance people fueling the flames. Doubt these people would cash their life savings (sometimes) to transition if it wasn’t serious. Some don’t even bother changing they just commit suicide. S** and GENDER aren’t the same thing, the former is in between your legs the latter is in between your ears. A penis (YOUR biological taxonomy which is NOT your choice) makes you a MALE not a MAN (socialized “role” that you learn). The s**/gender spectrum is NOT binary, otherwise there wouldn’t be intersex people. I’m not pulling this out of my ass, its well-established genetic theory. Also, I’m wondering, how do you “trick” someone into having s** with you?

      • Jasmine July 31, 2017

        @Thando. You should watch the movie “The Gwen Araujo Story” before making any more comments. The movie is a cautionary tale and something all transgender men need to watch so they know the importance of telling others they are transgender. Thinking it is okay not to tell is one of the worst things a transgender person can do to themself and to others. There is a great deal of psycological damage a transgender man can do to a straight man by not disclosing they are transgender and great deal of psycological damage the transgender man is doing to himself by having encounters with men that are only having the encounter with him because they have been tricked into it. STOP MINIMIZING THE NEED TO DISCLOSE TRANSGENDER STATUS! There is nothing wrong with disclosing being a transgender BUT EVERYTHING WRONG with NOT DISCLOSING.

        BTW A transgender man is NOT a woman nor will he ever be a woman. All naturally born women have ovaries and XX Chromosomes. Men can never have XX Chromosomes, give birth, or have periods. Catilyn will always be Bruce in most people’s eyes and he looks like a man because he is a man. Period.

      • MessyBoots August 1, 2017

        No…to any trans person reading this hate filled garbage from @Jasmine PLEASE DON’T THINK EVERYONE IS IGNORANT. It’s true a majority of the population is really stupid and hateful and angry so they lash out and take out their hostility on other folks just minding their own business. I know so many of your lives revolve around social media, but don’t allow the hate and ignorance of others to ruin your day or make you want to harm yourself. EVERYONE does not co sign Jasmine. Most do, but not everyone. There is HOPE. Find people who understand psychology, gender, biology on deep level to help answer your questions. Not some internet troll who is biased and prejudiced towards trans men and women. And remember, genitals define S** not GENDER…. gender is a social construct developed over centuries by society. Back in the 50s and 60s women in America werent ecpected to work outside the home based on their gender not s**. But look how far their GENDER roles have changed in society. We know realize women can do anything a man can do. They’re S** does not prevent them from serving in the army, becoming police officers, sports players, construction workers etc All jobs initially assigned to only men…
        So once and for all your genitals determine your s** at birth… your S** doesn’t have to match your preferred GENDER ROLE, which again is a societal construct. It only matters to folk like @Jasmine who are too busy worried and judging other ppl instead looking in their own mirror. Go look up GENDER ROLES on Wikipedia for more information. But NEVER take your lesson on trans identity/gender roles from this idiot.

      • Jasmine August 1, 2017

        @MessyBoots You keep say a lot of nonsense but at the end of the day the majority of people think like me so your opinion is a nonfactor. You wish you could be a real woman but you will never be. Period. When transgenders can have natural birth then maybe I’ll listen to you but until then nothing you csn say will make me or others change our opinions. You are just a man. Deal with it! Most people born a man would be proud to be one.

      • MessyBoots August 1, 2017

        @Jasmine did I not just say “It’s true a majority of the population is really stupid and hateful and angry so they lash out and take out their hostility on other folks just minding their own business.”

        So yes…you in good company boo. As you always say/yell… learn some reading comprehension skills.

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