Rihanna’s ‘Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets’ Bombs At The Box Office

Published: Tuesday 1st Aug 2017 by David

As a Pop purveyor Rihanna is the envy of many of her peers.

Alas, the performer hasn’t had much luck as far as films are concerned. For, after watching ‘Battleship’ sink, the entertainer has learned that her latest movie project ‘Valerian and the City of Thousand Planets’ has done the same.

Billed a box office bomb by ‘Deadline‘, ‘Planets’ was built on a budget of $177 million but, by way of its failure to recoup this, has been written off by critics as a flop after earning only $59.9 million worldwide.

Movie insiders reveal that it will need to generate $350 million to break-even and is unlikely to secure a sequel as its producers seek to cut their losses.

‘Deadline’ explains…

 It now has the potential of becoming one of the most expensive flops. The film stars Dane DeHaan, Cara Delevingne, Clive Owen, Rihanna, Kris Wu, John Goodman and Ethan Hawke, and is based on the Valerian And Laureline comic Besson revered as a child.

With this is mind, we ask…

Why do you think the movie tanked?

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  1. Girlhahah July 31, 2017

    Rihanna’s valerians? She was in the film for less than 15 minutes how was that even her film and funny how y’all didn’t post about her meeting the French president but are quick to post about this. YALL want rih to fail so but looking at how dry these comments section are it’s yall that’s failing.

    • Mother July 31, 2017

      RIGHT!! This site is the worst, a black Woman is doing big things, meeting the French president but they don’t post that, they were just waiting to tear her down. This is sad.

    • Honda Accord July 31, 2017

      Because she is the face of the movie….

  2. Datredd23 July 31, 2017

    Her box office figures are still secured Home did phenomenal!! Haters will come in and try to judge but her part was very small in the film anyways

  3. audreyherbsburn July 31, 2017

    the marketing sucked, and the film also got very iffy reviews. no one in the state is familiar with these comics. they did little to promote the story. they promoted the actors, and none of them are renowned for acting. they tried to sell us on graphics, and that’s not enough to grab audiences anymore.

    • Credits August 1, 2017

      You watched that video on YouTube explaining why it flopped? Lol me too, I was curious.

      • audreyherbsburn August 1, 2017

        lol i did! but even before then, i thought the casting was weird. i don’t personally think cara can act, nor is her star power as strong as they make it out to be. i also have no idea who that other guy is, and rihanna’s crossover appeal doesn’t really cross over into the film market.

  4. Datredd23 July 31, 2017

    Still no post with her meeting with the french president? This site is so lackluster and Wack

    • JOHNVIDAL August 1, 2017

      Bish Celine Dion is a f****** reigning queen in France and is pretty much spending all the month in Paris being hailed by fans. Do you see them reporting that? No. Why should they report about Rihanna´s mediocrity and things so many otehr artists have already done? Leave the buble. Her success is not big enough.

      • audreyherbsburn August 1, 2017

        her success is huge, but i agree with your point about relevance. celebrities meet politicians all the time. it’s not so much looked at as an accomplish

      • unwritten August 2, 2017

        Who even mentioned Celine Dion here lol? Celine Dion is the definition of mediocrity. One-trick-pony who never did something original, unique other than singing basic, generic love songs and following in Whitney’s footsteps. She only has 1 known song out of 516516516156516516 horrible albums and it’s known thanks to the biggest movie of all time, Titanic. Barely anyone cites her as an influence and she has 0 impact on music trends/progression. Her music never makes acclaimed music lists, she never makes the greatest singers lists.

  5. The Kpop Guy, Matt~ July 31, 2017

    LMAO first 460 and now this. the L’s keep coming

    • Datredd23 July 31, 2017

      Where is Joanne? Anti is chatting higher and it came out last year with no singles success either ! Take that L ! 460 reads are so pathetic lol

      • Datredd23 July 31, 2017

        **joanne had no singles success nor sales lol

      • JanStan July 31, 2017

        Ummm. But then why did the Anti Sellouts tour flop and Joanne is selling out stadiums? Lol.

        Touring>Streaming Success

      • Datredd23 July 31, 2017

        Joanne put her tickets on sale right after Super Bowl hun. Anti Tour 107 million > Artrave tour 88 million now go choke Rihanna slays Lady Gaga she hasn’t known relevance since 2011!

      • Datredd23 July 31, 2017

        A Wikipedia source? Girl your more delusional then I thought billboard and Forbes confirmed 107 million

      • Datredd23 July 31, 2017

        Not even all the tours dates were reported in that article bye hun!

      • JanStan July 31, 2017

        Hahahaha!!! Care to link me to YOUR receipts then? Cause claiming a $107 million tour gross without receipts would be plain embarrassing. Copy and paste sis!

  6. Natalia July 31, 2017


  7. Jamon July 31, 2017

    Battleship made over $300,000,000 on a $210,000,000 budget. Why do y’all keep calling it a flop! It grossed more then any of your faves movies. She had a small roll in this new movie, why are you calling it her movie? Did y’all make a post on Beyonce’s movie Cadillac records? No shade against Beyonce but that was a flop and since you’re obsessed with her, you wouldn’t dare post anything like that. Just like you called Rihanna’s fourfiveseconds a flop, but it reached the top 5 on the billboard, higher then your faves. Just an example on how bias this site is.

    • Datredd23 July 31, 2017

      Preach ! Their obviously against Rihanna especially if she’s winning in certain aspect more then you know who…

    • JOHNVIDAL August 1, 2017

      That AWFUL film flopped badly. Just like this one. You know nothing about how teh film industry works it seems. Not surprising if you satn for Rihanna´s mediocrity though.

    • FCK you August 1, 2017

      Facts,This site is strictly Rihanna haters, smh ?

    • Jasmine August 1, 2017

      Battleship was a huge flop. No one is going to take your fictitious numbers over the numbers reported on IMDB:

      Budget: $209,000,000
      Opening Weekend: $25,534,825 (USA) (18 May 2012)
      Gross: $65,173,160

      • Jamon August 2, 2017

        $300,000,000 WORLDWIDE!! That’s a $90 million profit!

  8. Datredd23 July 31, 2017

    Rihanna’s Anti is the only album in the last two years to have 3 songs sell a million copies in pure sales only ! SLAY

    • Jasmine August 1, 2017

      I think she had some more singles that sold close to a million too and Anti the album sold over a million copies.

  9. Aceistruth July 31, 2017

    WOW EVERYONE ALWAYS Says this site is a rihanna bashing site & now i see that clearly…..they really didnt post about the french president but they post this ???? …..it doesn’t matter if u hate online or inperson or even in your head that energy always comes right back to you and karma has no time limit

  10. Datredd23 July 31, 2017

    Why do we get a negative post about Rihanna 8 out of 10 times ? THIS site fails to post anything newsworthy about her or her accomplishments she hasn’t broken so many records this last year alone! None of the other pop girls come close to her !

    • Datredd23 July 31, 2017


  11. Meme August 1, 2017

    This site is disgusting. Writers shouldn’t be this bias. You need to stay natural s a writer of blog, regardless if the fore mentioned isn’t your fav.

    Firstly this is not Rihanna’s movie. SHe had a minimal cameo. 2ndly, Rihanna just met with the French president to discuss education. Like come on guys.

    • Lane August 1, 2017

      Why are you surprised?

      I also don’t know why you keep coming here?

      This sites readership has fallen drastically in the last year and I can’t remember the last post where it recieved over 75+ comments.

      This site simply isn’t as popular as it used to be and deservedly so. The bias here is disgusting and almost obsessively awful.

  12. Jeans August 1, 2017

    Y’all did this story already! Smh. Shade. Ewwww. This site is so shady!

  13. JOHNVIDAL August 1, 2017

    Expected. Smelled like a fogettable film from 100 miles.

    Dead at all these stans that don´t want their fave being related to flops and say she was barely there but if teh film had been a success they would be saying Rihanna´s box office is… $ so far LOL Guys none of these none-actresses have anything to do with the box office of the usually bad films they appear in, not for the better and not for the worse.

  14. Electrikblue August 1, 2017

    The movie should’ve come out before Guardians of The Galaxy

  15. BeysBugg August 1, 2017

    Lmfao! At the Slavi abandoning ship and saying “Its not Rihanna’s movie!” yet when she was announced as a cast memeber the Navy swore she was coming for Blockbuster numbers and praised her. ????????????

  16. Starxavi August 1, 2017

    It tanked because the two lead actors are not charismatic, commanding, or entertaining to watch. The floppage of this film literally has nothing to do with Rihanna. If anything, she helped the movie make the little bit of money that it did.

    • Starxavi August 1, 2017

      When Ocean’s 8 comes out and slays yall can shut your mouths

  17. RealTalk August 1, 2017

    Second best opening of the year in France. How about that ?
    Are you labelling it a “flop” because of the US performance ? There’s a whole other world out there, get over it. You’re English, you should know better.
    Btw I don’t give a sh!t about Rihanna, but the girl is in the movie for like 15 minutes.
    The underperformance in the US is due to the fact the comic book is not known at all + no “A list” actor to attract viewers despite the fact they don’t know the book.

  18. Juan1n4M1ll10n August 1, 2017

    Valerian flopped because it was a cheesy sci-fi movie that nobody was checking for. Rihanna had nothing to do with it.

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