Michelle & Barack Obama To Join ‘Netflix’ / Ready Original TV Shows

Published: Friday 9th Mar 2018 by David

As Donald Trump‘s crumbles under the pressure of Rob Mueller‘s Russia investigation and the unveiling of the President’s “business dealings” with an adult entertainer, his predecessor President Obama seeks news way to educate and uplift the world.

Teaming up with him to do that? Netflix.

Home to Ava DuVernay‘s groundbreaking ’13th’, Netflix is in talks with the former First family with hopes a deal between them will bring with it original content.

Eric Schultz, a senior adviser to Mr. Obama, shared…

President and Mrs. Obama have always believed in the power of storytelling to inspire. Throughout their lives, they have lifted up stories of people whose efforts to make a difference are quietly changing the world for the better. As they consider their future personal plans, they continue to explore new ways to help others tell and share their stories.

The New York Times adds…

In one possible show idea, Mr. Obama could moderate conversations on topics that dominated his presidency — health care, voting rights, immigration, foreign policy, climate change — and that have continued to divide a polarized American electorate during President Trump’s time in office. Another program could feature Mrs. Obama on topics, like nutrition, that she championed in the White House. The former president and first lady could also lend their brand — and their endorsement — to documentaries or fictional programming on Netflix that align with their beliefs and values.

News of the proposal reaches the world a decade after Obama became the 44th President of the United States and the first black man to do so.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Ralph munoz March 9, 2018

    President Trump has improved America in less than 1.5 years by enacting of record number policies and job creations ! I don’t care about his color or race – Barack Obama’s policy’s were horrible and I hope for continued winning of President Trump ! As far as your comments with the impending mueller incestigation if you have actually done any research prior to your talking Point you would see absolutely no evidence of collusion has surfaced after almost a year and a half – I wish people had a little more insight prior to posting outlandish lies in order to prop up the horrible president obama whose polices murdered and killed thousands in Syria and the Middle East – we finally have a president who calls those terrorist for who they are and articulates with those world leaders/religious leaders to get rid of those extremes starting in their own communities – this is amazing now Kim Jun ung of North Korea is about to meet with trump to denuclearize the region this is short of amazing all thanks to trump regardless of party affiliation – give the man some credit for something rather than try and prop up the failed policies or failed presidents of past – move on

    • DC3 FOREVER March 9, 2018

      Donald is that you? We know you stay online more than you do in the office. You mad?

    • Steven March 9, 2018

      The liberal trolls on that grape juice aren’t smart enough to talk politics, they only care that Obama was black, good luck naming any real accomplishments from his time in the white house. The editors on this site are idiots…. Go Trump! #MakeAmericaGreatAgain

      • Hmmm March 9, 2018

        Hmmm…l accept your ridiculous challenge hater. Here just a FEW of Obama’s accomplishments:

        Passed Healthcare Reform
        Passed Stimulus
        Passed Wall Street reform
        Ended war in Iraq
        Eliminated Bin Laden
        Repealed don’t ask don’t tell
        Toppled Gaddafi
        Expelled banks from federal student loan program
        Tightened Sanctions on Iran
        Imposed Sanctions on Russia for Trump-sponsored election meddling….

        I could go on and on and on and on…

      • Jasmine March 9, 2018

        Im so sick of these dumb asss trolls. Stop impersonating me Suicide Blonde or whoever you are. I believe it is Suicide because the impersonation always happen on race baiting posts.

    • Steven March 9, 2018

      Lol nice try snowflake, but most of those are either not accomplishments or misleading… typical ignorant liberal with ZERO facts and only democratic talking points.

      1. Obamacare is failing
      2. Stimulus was a mistake according to experts
      3. Wall street reform? Lol delusional
      4. Ended Iraq war? Umm pulling our troops out created a vacuum for ISIS you idiot.
      5. I could go on, but clearly your little brain doesn’t process facts. You still believe Trump and Russia colluded… even though there is ZERO proof… God liberals are brain dead lol

      • Hmmm March 9, 2018

        Your “rebuttals” are unsupported generalizations. It’s only a matter of time before Traitor Trump and the rest of you delusional “#makeamericagreatagain”conservatives are cast out of DC…and I’ll be hootin and hollerin with joy when it happens!! #cantwait

      • Jasmine March 9, 2018

        How can I rebut an argument that had ZERO relevancy or facts to begin with?? You are the delusional one generalizing “accomplishments” that don’t exist. You literally cited “accomplishments” that resulted in the detriment of our country…but you are too stupid to know any better. Next time you list Obama’s accomplishments, I would leave healthcare, Iraq, Wall Street, etc. off of the list it doesn’t help your argument… Poor little #Snowflake, you can keep waiting, because Trump & the #MakeAmericaGreatAgain movement is going nowhere…. #LiberalisIsAMentalDisorder

      • Jasmine March 9, 2018

        P.S. – You know your party is a joke when their top 3 priorities are:
        1. Transgenders
        2. Illegal Aliens
        3. Gun Control

        LOL, we will see how far that gets the Democrats in 2020… HAHAHA!!!!
        #MAGA #Trump2020

      • Hmmm March 9, 2018

        LMAO! Wait…are you “Steven” or “Jasmine”? I know…another angry, hatin, no-class, bitter, racist TROLL. I don’t need to argue with you anymore lol

      • Jasmine March 9, 2018

        In tired of these dumb asss trolls. Stop impersonating me Suicide Blonde or whoever you are. I believe it is Suicide because the impersonation always happen on race baiting posts.

    • Anne March 9, 2018

      Thanks to Bush, Obama had to revive a failing economy. Thanks to Obama, Trump was able to capitalize on an economy that was already experiencing growth of, slow growth, but growth nonetheless which is a lot better than having to turn things around. The unemployment rates that Trump keeps bragging about were already low and, specifically black unemployment, was decreasing at a higher pace under Obama than Trump. The stock market that Trump use to brag about is now unstable. Finally, Trump has been taking credit for the residual positive results of Obama’s presidency ever since he stepped foot into the White House a little over a year ago.

    • Jasmine (The Original Princess) March 10, 2018

      Trump is a son of a b…. and I hope his whole family dies

  2. Mspat March 9, 2018

    Nice work Mr and Mrs Obama. I would love to engage in asking questions or even listening in. Thanks for all you do.

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