Finally! ‘The Real’ Hosts Reveal The Shocking Truth Behind Tamar Braxton Axing

Published: Friday 12th Oct 2018 by Sam

It’s been two years since Tamar Braxton‘s dramatic axing from ‘The Real’ and the truth about her ousting is finally coming to light.

See, at the time, the outspoken star pointed fingers at her former co-hosts – heavily hinting that they somehow colluded to remove her from FOX‘s daytime talker.

The show’s remaining anchors Loni Love, Adrienne Bailon Houghton, and Tamera Mowry, and Jeannie Mai maintained a dignified silence. A move which subsequently saw them accused of all sorts.

However, with the drama in rearview, they spoke up and out in a must-see interview on The Breakfast Club. 

An impassioned Loni Love led the charge and lifted the lid on the behind the scenes melee that folk weren’t privy too.

The tea is piping and involves threats of legal action, Tamar’s secret plot to switch managers, and much much more.

Watch below…

Now that was what we call… “real.”

It actually made for such a refreshing watch to see Loni and co do away with the political correctness and just tell it as it is.

Suffice to say, this puts a whole new spin on the story. And, from our vantage point, gives it the clarity and context it was so sorely missing.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Casual October 12, 2018

    Great interview, but we learned nothing new and STILL don’t know why Tamar was released from The View.

    • Casual October 12, 2018

      . . . released from The Real.

    • The Wig Snatcher October 12, 2018

      Your comprehension is lacking, sis.

      • Casual October 12, 2018

        I’m definitely not anyone’s “sis.”

        No comprehension fail on my part. Loni Love gave her side of the story (more detailed than at the time) and speculated on why Tamara was dismissed, but her theories haven’t been confirmed by Tamar or the show’s producers.

  2. King of King’s October 12, 2018

    ?So basically VINCE is the reason she was let go, cuz he was a producer on the show as well & they let him go too. Vince is also the reason why she’s not with EPIC no more smh glad she finally divorced him & fired him as her manager cuz he wasn’t doing nothing but holding her back

    • Tori October 12, 2018

      I remember when BFV went back to refill her getting let go and she said the producers called him instead of her. He told her they said she was just fired for no reason. He tried to spin it as the girls got her fired but she was confused because she said the were JUST at her house last week. I believe he planted seeds in her head to paint them in a bad light and that’s why she was angry towards them. I also remember last year, when she started to come to her senses and put his lies together, she said he told her she was leaving Epic. Then he started a label, held all of the control and made her believe, but wouldn’t give her the power to release ANY more singles or video from her album. And that was because he stole money from Sony and they sued him, Epic falls under the Sony umbrella. He also sold their house and didn’t find out till it was on Instagram…that marriage was a “what can you do for me” situation from both sides.

      • stan October 12, 2018

        whoa, i heard that vince is shady, but that’s a whole nother level

  3. ken October 12, 2018

    Great to see the truth come out, not just a bitter angry woman complaining!

    Tamar act like she easy to work with!

    Check your self tamar you the reason no one else ! its you!

  4. Bettie clayton October 12, 2018

    Just stfu lonnie the real is wack without tamar. Twin dont kn if her cornie a** black or white.ling a racist lil b.. hispanic pothtic and lonnie you the worst nannie goat. Dont like neithr of you klowns.TAMAR THE BEST.

    • Are You Kidding Me? October 13, 2018

      If Tamar is so popping, why doesn’t she have her own talk show by now like she said? Steve Harvey got canceled so he can’t help her. They won an Emmy without her.

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