Vince Herbert’s Royalties To Be Seized To Cover $4 Million Sony Debt

Published: Thursday 5th Dec 2019 by David

Vince Herbert has taken another unfortunate hit.

Full story below…

The star-making power player has seen his public image sink along with his finances after the world learned that he was in serious debt and was accused of assaulting his ex-wife Tamar Braxton.

Today, he has been with more bad news after a New York judge ordered him to use the money he generates from music royalties to pay Sony Music Entertainment the $4 million he owes its bosses.

You see, Vince was paid a substantial amount of money to find musicians for the company and work with it to turn his discoveries into chart-blazing cash cows.

The Blast adds…


They paid him an advance which was to be recouped with music sales. They claim he failed to pay back the advances as promised. They sued seeking millions in damages.

He is accused of failing to respond to their calls to be reimbursed which is why he has slapped with a default judgement of $3,738,515.

Sony had hoped Vince’s work with Destiny’s Child, Toni Braxton and Lady Gaga would see him usher a new generation of superstars into the label.


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  1. only facts December 5, 2019

    Tamar and Vince are both disgusting. I am CONVINCED that Vince bought several hundred copies of Tamar’s “Love and War” single when it hit #1 on iTunes years ago. Just sleazy, both of them. A disgrace to Toni’s legacy.

    • Jasmine December 5, 2019


  2. Jasmine December 5, 2019

    I blame both Vince and Tamar for this. Tamar used Vince for fame as a music artist even when she knew him investing money in her was going to be a loss. There is a reason why 5 labels dropped Tamar! Vince is to blame for allowing his wife to use him knowing that investing money in Tamar meant financial ruin since he would never be able to recoup any profit for the investment loan. Vince tried to give Tamar a lavish she did not earn only for them to lose it all (mansion and cars) and end up in a 1 BR apartment! Seems like the best move for Vince is to file bankruptcy at this point because this is not the only lawsuit / lien against him.

    • Happy n Rich December 6, 2019

      Vince should have worked to give Tamar appeal beyond the r&b charts.

      But seriously, didn’t it make sense at some point to start signing and producing new talent?

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