Michael Jackson To Appear At The Grammy Awards According to the NY Daily News, the King of Pop Michael Jackson is set to make an appearance at this Sunday’s Grammy Awards. Check out their report below:

The Gloved One appears to have won a stare-down with the Grammy-givers at the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences. For weeks, show producer Ken Ehrlich has been mulling the idea of marking the 25th anniversary of Jackson’s “Thriller” album with a revue that would feature guest stars from his rereleased blockbuster, which drops two days after the Feb. 10 broadcast.

The medley number would include Will.i.am (on “The Girl Is Mine”), Fergie (on “Beat It”), and possibly Kanye West (on “Billie Jean”) and Akon (on “Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin'”).

Ehrlich said he’d do the tribute only if Jackson sang and danced, say insiders. “Michael can’t go along with that,” says a source. “He needs more time to rehearse new versions of the songs. And everything requires new choreography.”

Now, we hear, Ehrlich has agreed to having Jackson just appear onstage – apparently believing viewers will tune in just to see what Jacko looks like now.

Grammy reps and Jackson spokeswoman Lois Najarian didn’t get back to us. But word is Jackson is saving his moves for a show where he’ll make some money – a “Thriller” TV special and a series of concerts.

The Grammy’s is really shaping up to be one hell of a show. Though I personally see it as the perfect time for Michael to put his ‘comeback’ into play, I guess the time has to be right.

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Rihanna Launches Umbrella Range At Macy'sRihanna launched her new range of umbrellas – eh eh eh (ok that was kinda sad lol) – yesterday at the world’s largest department store, Macy’s in New York City’s Herald Square. As much as she jarrs me at times, I can’t hate on her hustle. More power to her.

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Soulful songstress Jill Scott released her CD/DVD combo ‘Live From Paris’ today in the US. This rendition of ‘The Fact Is (I Need You)’ is one many great performances to be enjoyed on the release. I’ll be sure to pick this up whenever I can get my hands on it; Jill is such a rare talent in today’s industry.

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Janet Set To Drop 2 New SinglesIt turns out the two new songs posted on Janet Jackson’s official website last week, ‘Rock With U’ and ‘LUV’ are more than ‘Discipline’ album teasers; they are being released as singles – simultaneously. Both songs are to be served to radio in the weeks ahead, with ‘Rock With U’ being the Pop single, whilst ‘LUV’ is being billed as the Urban choice of single. No word yet on the video(s).
{Sources: FMQB // Radio & Records}
Definitely a wise move on the part of the label or whoever called for this. Judging by the material thus far, Janet is returning to her Pop roots, yet catering to her urban audience too. I’m still kinda on the fence about ‘Rock With U’, so it’s great to know that ‘LUV’ is getting the single treatment.

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Check out this this short video of Ciara’s set at ESPN Magazine’s SuperBowl Party in Scottsdale, Arizona this past Saturday. Ludacris joined her onstage too:

She really did her thing on ‘Promise’.

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Chingy’s latest video for single ‘Gimme Dat’ – featuring fellow Disturbing The Peace members Bobby Valentino and Ludacris – premiered a few hours ago. I’m liking both the song and video. Yet with his album ‘Hate It Or Love It, which was released little over a month ago, sitting at an abysmal #178 on the Billboard 200 chart, I have a hard time stomaching the song’s ‘I’m so fly’ message.

Our interview with Chingy will be up by the weekend – for definite.

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 Sean Garrett - 'Grippin' On The Bed' (ft. Ludacris) ‘Smash on the radio bet I penned it!’. Indeed, the bold claim made by singer/songwriter Sean Garrett holds pretty much true. Having written hits for the likes of Destiny’s Child (solo efforts too), Mary J, Chris Brown, Britney Spears and a host of others, Garrett is now making the transition to an artist in his own right.
‘Grippin’ On The Bed’ (ft. Ludacris) is said to be the first single from his as-yet-untitled debut. About the track, I’m really feeling the production, arrangements and whatnot, but I’m not sure if I’m liking his voice or not. The man can definitely sing, yet his voice is very nasal sounding (see: Omarion, Chris Brown). Still, this track has me anticipating more of what he has to offer. It’ll be interesting to see if he can succeed where many other ‘behind-the-scenes’ composers turned artists have failed.

Hit or Miss?

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Check out this video of Soulja Boy, 17, getting down and dirty – with the stage – at a recent concert:

LOL! Sorry, but this was wrong on so many fronts. The boy obviously doesn’t know what he’s doing lol lol lol.
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Janet Jackson continues the promo for her forthcoming album ‘Discipline’ (due February 26th) by doing a photoshoot for Parade Magazine. She’s looking youthful as ever.

{Click pics to enlarge}

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Cassie At The 'Step Up 2' Premiere Cassie At The 'Step Up 2' Premiere
‘Me & U’ singer, Cassie, made an appearance at the premiere for her new movie ‘Step Up 2: The Streets’ last night in Hollywood. Sure, she’s vocally challenged, but she looks near-flawless.

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Pussycat Dolls front-woman Nicole Scherzinger features in the latest issue of GIANT magazine. She opened up about, among other things, her solo journey and her portrayal by the media:

On going solo:
“It’s just one continuous journey. I started out just making music that showed the other sides of me. I am still exploring that. I don’t think I have found any definite number of songs that says, ‘This is it; this says who I am as a solo artist coming out.’ I haven’t found that yet. I am continuously being challenged and inspired. It’s safe because it’s not out yet, but it’s also scary because you really want to challenge yourself as an artist, to take risks. You want to do things that you’re not used to doing. I got to work with a lot of people that I wouldn’t have expected to work with. I was in the studio the other night, and I was like, ‘I didn’t even know I could do this. This is great!’”

On media portrayal:
“I don’t think they show my story. I don’t think they show who I am. Sometimes, when I read my stories, I am not interested So why are other people going to be interested? I know that here is more stuff in here. There are more stories and more interesting things to talk about than what lies on the surface. When I read stories about myself, it just seems so one-dimensional, kind of shallow, I think.”

You can read the full interview by clicking here.

Though I’ve not always had the kindest of words about Nicole, I actually respect her a little more after reading this; she’s being real to herself, which is what makes people connect with an artist. If only her awful songs weren’t so…well…awful.

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During a recent interview on ‘The Morning Mess’ on Atlanta’s Star 94 radio station, hit-maker Timbaland revealed that he has ended his ‘beef’ with fellow producer Scott Storch . See excerpts from the SOHH report below:

“I reached out to Scott just a couple days ago,” he said. “Cause all this stuff I been hearing in the press about him, I just called him and said look man we been friends for so long and I’m here for you. All that stuff that I’ve done I’m sorry, I just know that you need a friend. And I just wanna be there for you cause I know people turn their backs on you.”

“I reached out to him and went over to his house and he was almost in tears cause he thought I would be the last person that would call him,” he added. “When he went against me he said that that shut a lot of doors for him.”

Click here to read The rest of the story

It’s good to see the both of them getting their ‘grown man’ on.

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