VH1 have revived their popular Behind The Music special, with Pop star Pink serving as the focus of the opening episode. Having stuck with Ms. Alecia Moore from her R&B days right through to now, I must say this made for real engaging viewing. A must see IMO.
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A good friend passed this onto me; while I won’t spoil it for you, I must say this one a real interesting watch. Sad, but real insightful. {Thanks Sean!}
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The 2009 revival of VH1 Divas aired last night…

Reviews up shortly, in the meanwhile check out the performances below:

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UK singing sensation-turned International star Leona Lewis performed new single ‘Happy’ on the finale of America’s Got Talent last night. Sans the high-notes and vocal prowess, this was a pretty unremarkable affair. Evidently opting for the ‘safe’ option with this Ryan Tedder produced track, I’d like to see a bit more versatility on Ms. Lewis’ part with her future releases and performances. That is, granted she is actually versatile…?
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Shakira. last night on the finale of America’s Got Talent, gave the first televised performance of smash hit single ‘She Wolf’. With live vocals not being the Latin star’s strongest feat, I’ve definitely been itching to see this performed live to see if it translates as well.
About the performance; she did the damn thing! Granted she lip-synched/half-sang over the track (which was for just as much her benefit as it was ours LOL), she was getting it with her choreography/free styling. Great performance.
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Amerie 'In Love & War' Album Sampler
Def Jam are giving Amerie fans a preview of what to expect from the 29 year old’s forthcoming LP ‘In Love & War’ on their website. Titled ‘Prelude to In Love & War’, the taster tracklist includes:


1. Higher (Snippet)

2. Heard ‘Em All (Full)

3. Tell Me You Love Me (Snippet)

4. Why R U (Full)

5. Pretty Brown (Snippet)

6. Red Eye (Snippet)

I must say I’m definitely looking forward to this record much more after hearing this. The atrocious first single ‘Why R U’ really doesn’t seem that representative of the album as a body of work, based on this teaser. While featuring uptempos, mid-tempos and slow jams, the LP’s sound still feels consistent and that preview flowed seamlessly. Definitely feeling ‘Higher’ and ‘Pretty Brown (ft. Trey Songz)’.
‘In Love & War’ drops in November.
Are you checking for ‘In Love & War’?
Alexandra Burke 'Overcome' Cover
Check out the official album cover for Alexandra Burke’s debut ‘Overcome’, which was unveiled today. While I think she looks great, I can’t help but wonder aloud at how her team opted for this pic – which was lifted from the ‘Bad Boys’ single shoot. I mean it doesn’t correlate with the album’s title. Still, I guess it’s the LP’s content that matters most. Here’s hoping she delivers the goods.
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R&B songstress Alicia Keys stopped by BET’s 106 & Park today to talk about her new single ‘Doesn’t Mean Anything’, her new album – which hits stores in December, the VMA’s and a whole lot more. I’m really liking this sassy, more media-savvy Alicia on display here.
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Madonna - 'Revolver (ft. Lil' Wayne)'

‘Revolver’, one of the new songs to feature on Madonna’s ‘Celebration’ greatest hits package, surfaced in its full form today. Featuring rent-a-rapper Lil’ Wayne, the song actually works more than one would assume, considering the names involved. Though nothing profound, the song is infectiously catchy, with it’s easy-on-the-ear verses and rousing sing-along-song chorus. Not bad at all.
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The video for Whitney Houston’s new single ‘Million Dollar Bill’ premiered today, as we EXCLUSIVELY reported it would weeks ago. Directed by Melina, the clip does a wonderful job of capturing the Old Skool essence of the song, yet has modern feel to it as well. Whitney looks stunning in this too. With a bit of a promotional push, I can really see this doing big things. Great video.

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Peep part 2 of Whitney Houston’s much hyped Oprah interview above.
We will post our thoughts on this shortly…
In the meanwhile….
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The second episode of Whitney Houston’s much hyped Oprah interview aired moments ago in the US. While we’ll have the full interview up shortly, check out Whitney’s spine-tingling performance of ‘I Didn’t Know My Own Strength’ above.
Wow! Whitney nailed this! Undeniably the best live vocal showing I’ve heard from Nippy in the longest of times. To think this was shot a few days after Good Morning America makes this all the more awesome (vocal rest really does work). Here’s hoping Whitney continues to deliver such great, emotive performances. Awesome.
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