Ne-Yo Slams Auto-Tune Singers: “Take The Training Wheels Off”

Published: Thursday 17th Feb 2011 by Trent

Ne-Yo has been always known for sharing his opinions about several issues in the music industry regardless of how popular those view may seem. This time the ‘Closer’ singer has lashed out at artists who rely heavily on auto-tune in their music by telling them to “take the training wheels off”.

See what Ne-Yo had to say about the problem below:

Via Amaru TV:

I wonder if Ne-Yo voices similar sentiments when talking to his “little sister” Rihanna who uses thick auto-tune and pitch correction in the studio? Then again, I shudder to think of what her music would sound like without such assistance so maybe he shouldn’t deter her from using it. The horror.


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  1. Kevin February 17, 2011

    Dude needs to learn to stfu

  2. Nandi-Ayanna February 17, 2011

    @ Kevin. agreed!

  3. Tia-the first one February 17, 2011


  4. carmen February 17, 2011

    Lmao no Trent we do not need to hear the Goat without auto tune! That would be too tragic for those who hear smh!!!

  5. jmari February 17, 2011


  6. KWON_THE_LEO February 17, 2011


  7. Justathought February 17, 2011

    Like come on…can you really say ur talented if you have to rely on auto-tune??? Dude has a major point

  8. [email protected] Please February 17, 2011

    I guess auto tune works because B**** has another hit.

    Billboard Report. Rihanna’s “S&M” vaults into the Hot 100’s top 10 (33-8) as the chart’s Digital Gainer for a second consecutive week, rocketing 20-7 on Digital Songs (145,000, up 93%).

  9. BEYONCE STAN February 17, 2011




  10. Ratedxxx(aka ratedx) February 17, 2011

    I agree with Neyo on this one….cause I’m getting sick and tired of these studio artists getting more shine than real talented artists out there..

    i blame the record labels out there who push all these wanna be rockstarts, singers, down our throat..

  11. BEYONCE STAN February 17, 2011


  12. BEYONCE STAN February 17, 2011




  13. Ratedxxx(aka ratedx) February 17, 2011

    I’m sorry..but lets not put britney spears in the same level of talent as rihanna and kesha…

    last time I checked britney was never known for her singing abilities..the broad is an entertainer…

  14. Dave February 17, 2011

    He spoke the truth

  15. 2bad2bme February 17, 2011


  16. JB February 17, 2011

    Ne-Yo always keeps it real.

  17. WHITEJESUS February 17, 2011

    i think he taking shots at male singers.

  18. BEYONCE STAN February 17, 2011


  19. Ratedxxx(aka ratedx) February 17, 2011

    people always assumes that in order to be talented, u have to be a great singer..

    b**** please.

    if u cant sing for s***, at least learn how to dance and entertain people…

    hence being a pop star..

    rihanna not only cant sing for s***, bish cant dance, cant entertain for s***..the broad relies to much on her body, s** to sell records…
    I would give her a pass if she at least put an effort to dance or something…

  20. DEE February 17, 2011


  21. [email protected] Please February 17, 2011


    We got the point the first couple of post. GOOD DAY.

  22. TIMMI February 17, 2011

    I can’t stand this f****** duck

    Women are throwing yourself at you for a taste of your lifestyle, not you. Always remember that and try to not boast about it.

    STILL, even with the lifestyle, I couldn’t. Imagine getting into bed and he takes his hat off.. I can’t I can’t I can’t.

  23. Secret Voice February 17, 2011

    If I’m not mistaken,Neyo has used auto tune before.Truth is this,If he doesn’t want to use it,then don’t but the fact that he thinks he can dictate what other artists do is too damn fool.I don’t care what anyone says,Neyo is a queen for dayz,dude stay dwelling in drama.I recall him speaking about Usher last cd not being of quality and yet Usher went on to sell millions while his 10 headed a** flopped like a fish.

    I think buddy is just hella jealous of certain singers even though he didn’t mention anyone I saw by name and that’s because people peeped what he was doing but that queen just can’t stay drama free……..

  24. BEYONCE STAN February 17, 2011



  25. Ratedxxx(aka ratedx) February 17, 2011

    lets keep 100 people..I know alot of stans on here are so far up their favs asshole..that common sense to them doesnt mean s***..

    u can either be a great talented singer or a great talented entertainer..or u can be both..

    beyonce falls in between..yes shes can sing and can entertain her a** off..but she is NOT THE BEST SINGER OUT THERE..I know other people who can sing circles around her.. a great singer, but the broad cannot entertain for s***.. hell she can sings circles around beyonce a**..

    mariah carey is another female who can sing circles around beyonce… me shes a boring entertainer…

  26. Galuda February 17, 2011

    Everyone uses Auto Tune. Even singers like Xtina, Beyonce, Jhud, Brandy and Mariah who can actually sang. Its just another effect like reverb…

  27. Ratedxxx(aka ratedx) February 17, 2011

    @[email protected] Please

    u feel the need to come at me because?

    I dont recall directing my comments towards u..

    if u feel some type of way about me…

    all u got to do when ever u see rated x..IS KEEP IT MOVING…

    dead at people taking s*** personally…rolling my eyes..

  28. Ratedxxx(aka ratedx) February 17, 2011

    how hard is is to keep it moving , if u see a comment u dont like?

    last time i checked this is a comment section..if i feel like writting a thousand paragragh on how i feel..

    then im gonna do it..

    I swear people like to start s*** for no reason..

  29. [email protected] Please February 17, 2011


    It was not that serious. I was just stating a fact take it how you to.

  30. Flops Are My Everything F.A.M.E February 17, 2011

    He is clearly talking about the back up dancer Chris brown who didnt sing a note without autotune since Kiss Kiss

  31. OLO February 17, 2011

    lol rihanna never used autotune like mariah in obsessed and kelly row on im that chick.

    my b**** dont ned thAT::::

    rihanna talented unlike kelyl row ahahha

  32. Mari February 17, 2011

    Well, Rihanna used autotune in “who’s that chick” but I think it was appropriate for the track, and it wasn’t on her album, it was on Guetta’s. She doesn’t rely on it much at all.

  33. MISHKA February 17, 2011

    Come on Trent , give credit to the man when it’s due. Mind you, but Rihanna’s “best” vocals are on the songs Ne-Yo has written for her.

    When it comes to vocals, Ne-Yo knows his business He is one of the best male vocalists right now and nobody rocks the melismas like he does.

    I hope he’ll be back with good R’n’B soon!

  34. Rene February 17, 2011

    Hmm. Im okay if real singers like mariah,beyonce, xtina,gaga etc choose to use autotune in a small part of a song for a certain effect. What i’m not okay with is people who really cant sing at all using autotune throughout an entire song for their entire career like Ke$ha, Katy, and Rihanna. Im not saying they cant sing at all, but they use autotune all the time. Autotune is ok for me in small doses when used by people who we know can sing well (studio AND live) but the ones where an entire song sounds super edited thats when it bugs me. Either way Ne-yo needs to hush. He works with people who use it and is being a hypocrite

  35. Nana Yaw February 17, 2011

    The list of autotuned singers are Chris Brown, Riri, Britney, Fergie, Kesha, Janet Jackson, etc

  36. true February 17, 2011

    THIS IS THE SAME MAN WHO SAID R&B IS DEAD its all about pop music so now he not selling he hate autotune even though he was supporting it before.

  37. Royalkev February 17, 2011

    @Nana Yaw, actually Janet doesn’t use auto – tune. I agree with Ne-yo. He has a point, I just wonder if he’s taking another subtle shot at his “friend” Breezy. I still have to admit that some artist over do it. Listening to these artist that do back to back on the radio is tiring. Jamie Foxx, Drake, Dirty Money and so many other artist really need to be more creative and natural in showcasing their talents. I usually get annoyed with Ne-yo, but this time he’s right!

    *All New*Check out: (where there’s a place for EVERYTHING and EVERYTHING has it’s place).

  38. CBE February 17, 2011

    He was talkin about KESHA

  39. BEYONCE – 2011 February 17, 2011

    @NaNa Yaw

    T- Pain is the biggest auto-tone user. Trey, Ne-ye, Nicki use it sometimes and many others. So what if they use it. If you don’t like the sound then don’t listen to it. Auto-tone mic is the biggest thing some artist use when singing live. It’s good if you don’t use to much. Some people use very little that you can’t tell that they are using it.

    Stop hatin damn this is the now music business deal with it

  40. BEYONCE – 2011 February 17, 2011

    @NaNa Yaw

    I was responding to part of your comment. The rest is for the haters

  41. NE-YO*STAN February 17, 2011

    Your friendly neighborhood NE-YO*STAN here. It’s funny everyone cites Ne-Yo’s having worked with Rihanna as a reason why he should not state his opinion on auto-tuners.

    Did you see his name in the liner notes of her last album? Didn’t think so. So, if he wants to throw shade, let him.

  42. latin86 February 17, 2011

    Dat closeup pic of neyo is creepy as hell…..hope I can sleep tonight….creepy ass smile….

  43. jmari February 17, 2011

    it always seems like he’s taking shots at his fellow singers to make him look good or like he’s the best and everyone else is wack. i say if they want to use it then let them.there are some singers that really have good voices but choose to use autotune it doesn’t mean they can’t sing without it maybe they like the way it sounds

  44. Y’all are too fake February 17, 2011

    You Rihanna stans delusional. All of LOUD us auto-tuned. Seriously u can’t tell me S&M & Cheers& Only Girl & Complicated & Man Down & Love the way you lie pt 2, ain’t autotuned ,
    Girl. Rihanna has an okay live voice, but she has no real talent , no epic drive to be the best. She’s just a black version of Ke$ha using s** and autotune to sell records. Gaga and Beyonce are the game changers of the industry, they kno how to perform.

  45. Y’all are too fake February 17, 2011

    You Rihanna stans delusional. All of LOUD is auto-tuned. Seriously u can’t tell me S&M & Cheers& Only Girl & Complicated & Man Down & Love the way you lie pt 2, ain’t autotuned ,
    Girl. Rihanna has an okay live voice, but she has no real talent , no epic drive to be the best. She’s just a black version of Ke$ha using s** and autotune to sell records. Gaga and Beyonce are the game changers of the industry, they kno how to perform.

  46. Robier February 17, 2011

    Ok but u still help produce such artist so……… ne-ya please

  47. MissImpartial February 17, 2011

    @Y’all are too fake

    How is Gaga a game changer when she copied Madonna, Grace Jones, Kylie and many other artist who came before her. And if she is such a game changer why did she basically rip off Madonna’s old song for Born this way.

    And the same goes for Beyonce who used Tina Turner as Blueprint for her Career.

  48. BREEZYTHEBEST February 18, 2011

    Btw One in a million is my song and the only song I liked on your album,NE-YO mind your ugly business.FYI Libra Scale was trash.

  49. baje February 18, 2011

    Wow trent really loves Rihanna boy, he can’t go a frigging day without mentioning her.

  50. Misty February 18, 2011

    Ne-yo needs to go listen to his Beautiful Monster again and tell us what all those effects were if not auto-tune. And then he needs to explain to us what he feels about Rihanna’s singing voice, because he has aided her in using auto-tune as well. He’s probably referring to people like Jamie Foxx who has recently turned to heavily auto-tuning his album…SMH Shut up!

  51. GangsterA February 18, 2011

    ne-yo have a point some artists use auto-tune to the max you can’t even tell if they are acutally singing at this point you don’t need talent anymore you don’t even have to be pretty (the old must have to be a star) all u need is some genric s*** and gimmicks and your set there’s nothing called real talent thank god we have queen bey,alicia,usher etc

  52. Nichole February 18, 2011

    Artists like Mariah Carey, and MJB using auto-tune is rather ridiculous and disgraceful. How does someone like Mariah go from being one of the greatest singers, to resorting to using auto-tune? It makes no sense.

    Leave auto-tune to the singers with much less talent.

    Ne-Yo is discussing artists having a need for auto-tune, yet I better not catch his ass using computer generated vocals at ANY TIME.

  53. Narah February 18, 2011

    I agree with him 100% the truth hurt people only Rihanna and Britney stans gonna take offense on that cause their fave can’t sing Auto tune is gimmick the person is a singer their suppose to sing not using something to make them sound good if you can’t sing or hold a note you not suppose to consider your self a singer…. Its like being a sergeon but you van’t opporate any surgery it doesn’t make since….. Neyo tell the truth

  54. Kisses February 18, 2011

    Well, Ne-Yo has the right to his opinion….dont we all?

  55. sierra February 18, 2011

    EVERYONE uses autotune. Autotune doesn’t necessarily mean making your voice sound like a robot (T-Pain, Kesha) it’s also used to adjust pitch levels, etc. He needs to sit his ass down.

  56. Jer February 18, 2011

    I agree, but at this point only a handful of people are using autotune because they need it, it’s because they want it. Mostly. Because the excess use of it is trendy. Katy Perry, and Kesha need it stat. Rihanna needs it live ASAP and a good protion in the studio. BeYAWNce doens’t need it. Gaga doesn’t need it, but she’s used it heavily, especially on her early singles. Madonna has always used autotune and lately Mariah even sings live with a pinch of autotune. Britney has always used it, more lately because to crank it up is trendy.


    @Flops Are My Everything F.A.M.E

    I love that you are pressed about Chris Brown. You can stay pressed honey

  58. it dont matter February 18, 2011

    neyo shut the f*** up ur just mad cuz ur late and cant get a hit
    if its a good song its a good song!

  59. the kiddz February 18, 2011


    Keyword “Blueprint”, not a damn copy. They have completely different bodies of work and while Bey excels as a vocalist/entertainer, Tina was/is pure high voltage energy.

  60. Hudson Morrigan February 18, 2011

    Auto-tune is an industry standard, everybody uses it, EVERYBODY, from shits like Britney to greats like Whitney and Mariah and Celine, end of story.
    The problem is when it’s so overdone the voice loses all its character

  61. Eh February 18, 2011

    Everyone uses auto tune. The only differenc e is the level of it that you use. Mariah, Whitney, Gaga and even Beyonce use it but they dont need it because they can actually hold their own when it comes to singing live.
    I’ve noticed that Gaga uses it more to get a certain sound effect in her song Like Bad Romance but it really isnt something she needs.

    Ke$ha, Rihanna, etc. use it because they actually need help with their vocals. Call me a hater all you want but these chicks cant sing live (or at all) to save their lives. Be real people. But I will give Ke$ha a pass b’/c she doesnt take herself seriously and her songs are fun to sing when you’re drunk

  62. B**** PLEASE February 18, 2011

    Women throw themselves at you??? Don’t you mean men????lol

  63. Sugaranice February 18, 2011

    I blame the fans for not demanding more of the Artists…anything with a drum beat and some naked bodies and high pitched scream or a low drawl is getting attention. Rihanna and the rest of them really cannot sing! I like them as Entertainment but they are not true singers!!

    Check out Rihanna on YouTube live in concert…she is AUTO TUNE QUEEN!!

    Good interview Neyo Thanks for keeping it REAL!!!

  64. Yellow Gorillah February 18, 2011

    People saying rihanna uses autotune like she uses it for every song every album please sit the f*** down

    I don’t see the problem with using auto tune it’s just an effect to mak eyour voive sound cooler and edgier it does not mean you can’t sing because Mariah use dit b4 doe sit mean mariah can’t sing Ohh I did not think so. Does rihanna not sing live without autotune on stage if so she would not have bad performances buts he does because she works hard and sings live please don’t come for her.

    There is always a double standard when it comes to Rihanna I don’t even know why her name was even mentioned I see she still stays on your minds and she still runs this god dame site. Continue talking about The QUEEN! *Sits back*

  65. Yellow Gorillah February 18, 2011

    Rihanna autotune Queen LOOOOOOOOOOOOL
    I cannot I guess you don’t know who Kesha is SMH!

  66. akasha February 18, 2011

    Rihanna doesn’t use auto tune like that so try again because you failed.

  67. Darren February 18, 2011

    this f** needs to come out of his closet now.

  68. Pam February 18, 2011

    Damn, about time I can’t stand him but is is right “taking off the training wheels” the music industry is dying because of these non-singing “artists”.

  69. Singer12 February 18, 2011

    Neyo has part of it right and if the really need to use auto then hell they shouldn’t be making money, a computer should

  70. Kahari February 18, 2011

    Auto-Tune was meant to correct the intonation problems in vocals while preserving all of the expressive nuance of the original performance. I agree with Ne-Yo in his displeased attitude for artist who use the special vocal effect excessively. If the production of the song calls for it, then do it, but don’t over drench the vocals by using the tunning effect as a main resort. Auto-Tune makes you sound like a robotic. As a singer myself, I like to hear your vocal performance raw: your tone, your vocal runs, your energy. Too many of today’s artist rely on computerization than their natural gift to get by. I wanna hear your voice.

  71. Secret Voice February 18, 2011

    @ BeyonceStan/Rih-Ho Stan….No you are missing the point because I made MY point! I gave MY opinion on what Ne-Ho said and I represent it.

    I will say it again.Ne-Ho can not dictate what others do,all he needs to do is do whatever he does and keep it moving…………………Everythang that bytch says wreaks of jealousy for other entertainers.He’s made jealous statements about singers whether male or female….

  72. Prince Barbie February 18, 2011

    Everyone uses autotune or something close to it when in the studio to add effects to their voice at some point and time so whats his point??

  73. Secret Voice February 18, 2011

    LMAO @ Ingrid calling Neyo “Neyosha and an old stunt queen”!

  74. Mari February 18, 2011

    Well, does anyone know what Ne Yo meant, by autotune?

  75. Secret Voice February 18, 2011

    Honestly I don’t feel that auto-tune is killing the industry….The industry is killing the industry by overlooking real talent for this bullshyt they trying to pass off as talent.There are too many real talented people out here that sing underground.Check out the video below…Hell yes this is my shyt!

  76. HP February 18, 2011

    lmao,to him having career

  77. theman February 18, 2011

    Autotune is used merely for a special effect, it was popular for a minute, so alot of artists used it. Why is Neyo just talking about this ? Could it be because he is searching for some much needed attention, due to his last album not selling that well. He always comes out of nowhere with these off brand comments. To me autotune sounds to robotic. It doesn’t make your vocals sound smooth at all, just computerized and animated.

    Avril and Katy can sing and atleast hold a tune. Avril’s tone may be something else to certain people, but she can sing. Katy can atleast carry a tune. Her vocals are decent.

  78. theman February 18, 2011

    Sienote: You don’t have to have a powerful voice to know how to sing.

  79. Not here for Pop music February 18, 2011

    Chris Brown is the QUEEN on autotune! ugh

  80. Not here for Pop music February 18, 2011

    I see C.B stans took offense to Neyo statements since their QUEEN Chris abuses autotube HA!

    Stay mad s**** 😉

  81. VA STAND UP!! February 18, 2011

    Lol at the shade! Oh Trent, you just can’t help yourself can you! *chuckles*

    Well, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, including Neyosha (chuckles). I get what he is saying, but he kinda shoots himself in the foot cause a lot of the people he works with, one in particular who he has already been named, uses autotune and I am sure she has no intentions of stopping anytime soon. I wonder if he would actually say that to her face.

    I figured people (haters) would try to say he was talking about Chris, cause Chris is clearly ALWAYS on their minds, but he didn’t say any names and I think it’s good he didn’t cause it would have started some. I don’t think Ne Yo was throwing shade, at least I didn’t take it like that. *shrugs*

    Yes, Chris is guilty of it sometimes, but mostly on his up beat club records, Like ‘Forever’, Yeah 3x’ and ‘Kiss, Kiss’ stuff that you can dance to, which I understand and really don’t mind. Chris has already proven he can sing and when he sings a balled he delivers. ‘With You’,’ Take You Down’, ‘Crawl, ‘No Air’, ‘No BS’, ‘S**’, ‘Glow in the Dark’ and so forth. I’m sure we have all heard his snippet of ‘Up to You’ by now.

    He got a Grammy nomination for Best vocal performance on ‘No Air’ and ‘Take You Down’ and most recently one for ‘Take My Time’, so Chris has been given his props for his vocal ability. He killed ‘No BS’ on SNL and he sounded great at the SOS Haiti Telethon last year. When I saw him in concert last May at the VA Stand Up concert, he sang ‘Crawl’, ‘Sing Like Me’ and a few others acapella and sounded great. I KNOW he can sing, and the haters do to but they will never give him credit cause…well..they are haters. *rolls eyes*

    I like Ne Yo, well his music anyways, and I respect his opinion, but it does seem as if he ONLY time I hear from him is when he is talking about another artist or giving his ‘opinion’ on something. Never about his OWN music or his OWN career. *shrugs*

    Oh yeah, and TGJ, PLEASE stop using that pic of Ne Yo! Good God he looks horrible! SMH.

  82. trail February 18, 2011

    When has rihanna used a autotune? And dude should be saying something to wili I am and certainly t-pain who made a career off autotune. not to mention diddy. Im amazed at how every post is rihanna bashing , even when its talking about other artists..

  83. LTM February 18, 2011

    i dont mind auto tune, as long as its not overkill. tpain,ke$ha, and the black eyed peas are auto tune abusers. they have too much autotune for me to handle.

    the only rihanna song that can think of that uses auto tune is s&m. and correcting someones voice in the studio has been going on for decades. ne-yo does it himself

  84. Ch… February 18, 2011

    This man can’t even sing without autotune. STFU Gay-O!

  85. Adm February 18, 2011

    @VA Stand Up

    Get off Chris c***! ugh
    If he knew you exist or if you knew him personally than it would make sense for you to stand up for him the way you do but DAM!

    And it looks to me as if Chris forget he’s from VA with that new fake ass Cali accent and dances he does LOL smh

  86. True Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Blue February 18, 2011

    I’m sorry, but did the idiots criticizing Ne-Yo for being a hypocrite even WATCH the damn interview?

    He didn’t condemn the use of Auto-Tune COMPLETELY, he was mainly criticizing those who use it as a CRUTCH to hide the fact that they can’t sing for s***! He did say it is acceptable to use in the case of capable singers who keep doing take after take during a recording session and their voices get tired. I’m pretty damn sure that’s what he uses it for, because anyone with functioning ears know he can sing without the help of studio trickery.

    And can he help the fact that works with singers who use Auto-Tune for all the wrong reasons? Most popular singers these days can’t sing, so if he was gonna turn people down for that reason, he would work with almost no one.

    Also, can people hold off on the gay jokes for this instance? His sexual orientation, whatever the hell it is, does not invalidate his point. Sheesh, grow up people.

  87. i’m a S&M billy goat (spank me right now) February 18, 2011

    She-Yo GIRRLLL, oh snap! The fur is gonna start flying now! 🙂

    I do agree with him about that damn auto-tune not being used to masked a lack of singing ability! It is sad how many “artists” get over using a synthesized voice system because they really have no vocal ability!

    LOL….. look boo you go get those chips and bring them home to me! I could care less how many times you go out at night. Ewww, that face coupled with that voice…ewww!

  88. WTFLOL February 18, 2011

    I honestly don’t know what y’all are getting mad about. He is just telling the truth. I understand some artist use it for a certain element of effect. However most singers now on the hot 100 use it because they lack vocal skills. That doesn’t mean they aren’t talented in some other way but singing isn’t one of their strongest points. Enough with this stan s*** though. I mean there are some artist who just can’t sing.I respect opinions but the problem is music just isn’t what it used to be there’s no soul in it,no emotion,no real meaning or feeling. People now a days confused runs and hollering as soulful when it’s really not. Every other song sounds like the one you just heard a few minutes ago and the music is nothing more than throw away rush product with no quality no substance period

  89. I’LL FEDEX BEEF TO YOUR FRONT DOOR February 18, 2011

    @Not here for Pop music



  90. Big Red February 18, 2011

    Some of you misinterpreted what Ne-yo said and jumping to conclusions making yourself look foolish. Can some of you go a week without slamming an artist(s) you don’t like and use your common sense?

    He’s not speaking of those, like himself, who use the auto-tune at times; he’s speaking of those who DEPEND on the auto-tune with every song and on every album (i.e., T-Pain). Not once have I heard T-Pain sing a capella without the usage of an auto-tune.

  91. imtoreal February 18, 2011

    now how can u talk about singin with out auto tune and u cnt even sing y self smh

  92. lola February 19, 2011

    Ne-Yo, STFU because you’ve worked with Rihanna’s stinking ass, who uses auto tune to the fullest, in all of her songs and on top of that, she can’t even sing! The people who use auto tune in this business who can’t sing worth a damn are

    Katy Perry
    Britney Spears
    Justin Beiber
    Lady Gaga

    and a bunch of other “singers.”

    He has a point, but how dare he say this when he’s worked with someone who uses autotune to fix his/her vocals.


    i completly agree with ne-yo if you can’t sing you shouldn’t be a singer in the first place
    but i just thought i should mention mad is his ONLY good song
    Carmen: girl i know this b**** rihanna can’t f****** sing jay -z must have had hearing problems to sign her
    oh yeah btw me and you have the same name lol but mines spelt with a K

  94. king2014 May 15, 2011

    even if those singers yall talkin bout use autotune they aren’t being tpained up so yall wouldn’t know unless u research it so hop off a b**** ass if u aint in the industry and especially if u can nevver be a musician that really pisses me off the man jus said if u can sing sing sum of yall aren’t even pursuing dat

  95. king2014 May 15, 2011

    and tpain uses alot of autotune but nobody can make it sound better than he does in my oppinion he has the best sounding autotune out there thats fine but everybody has a different taste of sound

  96. Dan August 21, 2011

    People who say “it’s just another effect” that is a rediculous way of lookng at it. With autotune u can turn a news report into a song ….there is a big problem with autotune if u turn someone talking in a serious manner into a catchy song with a special effect.

  97. Wanya September 9, 2012

    I agree bc there r talented artist out there who really can sing and that should make them wanna stop.

  98. Ben July 18, 2013

    the thing with neyo he uses autotune too , its obvious on his songs he has a high singing voice but when hes live its very deep, he clearly uses something

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