Watch: Lady GaGa Live At 2013 iTunes Festival (Full Set)

Published: Sunday 1st Sep 2013 by David

One week after welcoming its first live showing at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards, Lady GaGa‘s ‘Applause’ made a fresh appearance tonight, arriving at the iTunes Festival as one of the cuts played during the star’s set.

So, without any further delay, meet us below for HQ footage pulled from GaGa’s explosive showing and be sure to share your thoughts after the jump!

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  1. Lovebird (PRISM – 10.22.13)) September 1, 2013

    The whole show was crap, it was a sympathy pity party to try and win those sales, YAWN.

    She just keeps on getting worse and worse.

    • LittleScheisse September 1, 2013

      Still mad I see… And Still running to Gaga posts for the 1st comment… SAD

    • LittleScheisse September 1, 2013

      A MESS… Yet Adele attended and soon tweeted that Gaga put on an AMAZING show! Stay Pressed! #ThanksADELE

      • Rosie September 1, 2013

        You weren’t backing Adele when she snatched Gaga’s VMA noms 2 years ago.

      • LittleScheisse September 1, 2013

        Thats where your wrong! I have always liked ADELE so goodbye and goodnight! Stop hating! Adele loved it as well as One Direction who was also there, and btw they are SLAYING the has been that is Justin Bieber. Continue seething and waiting for that Oscar that Lana will never get

    • Ciara is everything September 1, 2013


      • KING KIM September 1, 2013


      • LittleScheisse September 3, 2013

        Ciara who?

  2. TRUTH September 1, 2013

    ^^ SO PRESSED. GAGA DID an amazing job. So tired of the senseless Hate on here. Anyone not Beyonce or Rihanna, yall constantly shade.

    • Fierce & all -Not here for b****** that can only slay in studios September 1, 2013

      They love to hate on Beyonce a lot tho….

      • LittleScheisse September 3, 2013

        RIGHT! Beyonce does nothing and they still hate

  3. #Beautiful September 1, 2013

    These songs are epic epic fails!

    • iconic cici September 1, 2013

      You stan for a pig lets not.

      • #Beautiful September 1, 2013

        That “pig” is a legend! #NiceTry

      • Wtf September 1, 2013

        You Stan for an untalented tranny.

      • Stephy Tha Lambily September 1, 2013

        B**** AINT NOTHING ICONIC ABOUT C-ERROR… Well she did have 3 flop albums in a row… So that is an ICONIC FLOP ASS B****

  4. #Beautiful September 1, 2013

    And what is that on Gaga’s head!?????

  5. iconic cici September 1, 2013


    • Rosie September 1, 2013

      You forgot C-Error, by the way.

      • iconic cici September 1, 2013

        Ciara actually has vocal talent unlike Lana try again d***

      • Stephy Tha Lambily September 1, 2013


      • Rosie September 1, 2013

        Kii @ C-Error having vocal talent. Any random performance during the Paradise Tour was better than DUI @ 106 & Park.

      • Stephy Tha Lambily September 1, 2013

        Stephanie Please Get Back To The Fame Monster Please!!!!
        Your New Music Suck. Have You Reached Your Peak Boo Boo… But You’re Only Like 26 LOLOLOLOLOLOL Even Tho She Look 34

    • Cierror who? September 1, 2013

      All of them can actually sing and that tranny cierror cannot.

  6. Kingstown September 1, 2013

    The show was just garbage all the songs were shitty and so were her vocals.

  7. Rosie September 1, 2013

    These performances and songs were not it, she’s trying too hard to go back to the Fame Monster era but the thingies she’s too pretentious and an absolutely terrible songwriter.
    Her stans are too blind to see but her career is blowing up into pieces right in our face, everyone got sick of her during BTW and is not here for her this era, except for her stans of course. That’s why Katy is slaying her worldwide and is on track to have the biggest hit of her career.
    I have a wedding to go to so I had to get it all out before I go but before I leave but I’ll just leave this before I go and the Little F****** decide to “drag:” Gaga will be completely over by 2015, and I cannot wait.

    • LittleScheisse September 3, 2013

      Checks Lana’s performances. Giggles. Then skips out of room.

  8. TRUTH September 1, 2013

    There’s only two songs up there right now? so how are they epic fails? The b**** can hold a note and dance decently, Can Your Fav???? ThatGrapeJuice used to be a cool site to discuss and debate all music topics but now I see it’s very biased and evil. Rooms filled with one sided gays and negativity. STOP IT. It’s music, have fun and just enjoy it, thats why it’s her. Anyone that does a “FREE” show to entertain people should be commended.

  9. Rosie September 1, 2013

    I yelped.

  10. Cierrors vocal couch should be fired September 1, 2013

    Rihanna Lana and Katy sing MUCH better than tranny-error. #FACT

  11. Josh September 1, 2013

    I dont know why Rihanna fans are shading anyones performances although Gaga hasnt really imressed me she knows how to put on show something the other one could learn from this was decent.

    • Why you op September 1, 2013

      Rihanna is a better performer and artist than daddy gay gay PERIOD. the nerve of u f** smdh

      • Josh September 1, 2013

        No true. Especially not the artist part when she cant even write for herself.

      • Timeless September 1, 2013

        You know this is why people can’t take some of you serious when it comes to music. Rihanna, Katy, lana none of them chicks can sing and you’re coming for Lady Gaga? How old are you people like 15? Rihanna is a shitty performer hence why her tour seats are normally mostly given away via radio promotions. Meanwhile Gaga tours outsells her’s 9:1 in sales and profits. Then you said Whitney co-wrote her music? You’re a r***** who doesn’t have good taste in music or know s*** about music history. Whitney only co-wrote one song ever in her whole career and that was on her last album. I don’t f*** with gaga like that, but the nerve of of you people smh..

      • ADC143 September 1, 2013

        I despise Gaga with a holy passion, but to say that Rihanna is a better performer and artist than her is a bald face lie. Rihanna is the worse performer and “artist” of ALL her peers. Gaga is terrible, but Rihanna doesn’t even measure up to the word.

    • Why you op September 1, 2013

      What’s your point? she co writes songs, so did Whitney and she use to sing better than anyone’s fave.

      • Josh September 1, 2013

        And Lady Gaga WRITES. No co in that.

    • Boo bishh September 1, 2013

      It is true though rihanna isa better artist but not a better performer. Rih has good days and terrible ones as well.

      • Josh September 1, 2013

        Delusion. Her writers and producers are excellent artists though.

  12. #Beautiful September 1, 2013

    I am 100% convinced that Artpop will not do well! Applause hasn’t even hit #1 on U.S. iTunes! These songs sound like craaaaaap! The Fame and Fame Monster era >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    • HOWYOULIKEIT September 1, 2013

      she is done

  13. LittleScheisse September 1, 2013

    Gaga is very talented! I loved this performance! It is so beautiful to see her grow as an artist! She has really matured and it shows through her music. These messages in her music are so hard to figure out because she is such an amazing songwriter. Alot of people will be confused as to what she means but thats what true art is. #APPLAUSE from me 🙂 Haters can seethe below…

    • Why you op September 1, 2013

      Very talented bhahahhahahahhahahhhahahahahahhahahahhahahahahahahhahahahhaahhahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahhhahahahahhahhaaahahahhhahahaha. This overrated psychotic tranny is LIGHT YEARS from having talent. Keep it real Hun.

      • LittleScheisse September 1, 2013

        Seething as predicted. Continue. I love a good laugh! ;D

  14. Molly September 1, 2013

    Getting my popcorn ready for the show and im not talking bout Gaga weak performances its bout to go down in here.

  15. Tisha September 1, 2013

    I sometimes really don’t understand how people watch her perform and don’t just…

    Grown men in black leotards sitting in chairs and clapping their hands as they wave their heads from side to side.

  16. Lovebird (PRISM – 10.22.13)) September 1, 2013

    LMAO Little Cheisse is seething for dear life, must be hard watching that psycho Tranny b**** Caca self destructing right in front of yours and everyone’s eyes.

    Anyway I hope you got a check up for all those free blowjobs you’ve had to give out for that FLOPause song.

    • LittleScheisse September 1, 2013

      Is that supposed to be funny? You’re so lame! Like your so UNOriginal I could scream! You are so worried about who I like… What I think… What I buy… How about we turn this around! Obviously your a fat f*****.. ugly… and broke. SO you run on here and make the first comment to get praise because you get made fun of on a daily basis at work! You old fugly ass c***! Straight off the choir stand your f***** ass runs right to ThatGrapeJuice girl bye

      • Lovebird (PRISM – 10.22.13)) September 1, 2013

        LMAO Are you mad? Did I hit a nerve?

      • Boo bishh September 1, 2013


      • LittleScheisse September 1, 2013

        Im seething honey! Im so mad my fav just released 7 new songs and a few pressed f*** are hating. tf! Yall put yourselves on pedestals like yall really somebody. *dead*

  17. XOXOXOXOXO September 1, 2013


      • Why you op September 1, 2013


      • XOXOXOXOXO September 1, 2013

        No b****… With this

      • XOXOXOXOXO September 1, 2013

        AND THIS….

      • XOXOXOXOXO September 1, 2013

        Followed by thiss

      • XOXOXOXOXO September 1, 2013

        beyonce live performances

      • XOXOXOXOXO September 1, 2013

      • Boo bishh September 1, 2013

        Thing is beyawnce doesn’t usually sound like that. She usually songs off key, yells and does to many damn runs

      • XOXOXOXOXO September 1, 2013

        @BooBish Beyonce is one of the best live vocalist and performers alive! No other female can touch her live!!! I’m sorry! You wanna talk about off key… go check out Katy Perry and Rihanna’s tone death asses!

      • XOXOXOXOXO September 1, 2013

        @Lovebird That’s a feature honey!!! Nice try!!!! Soooo Rihanna can release Pour it Up… Get ratchet on Rockstar101 and Phresh off the Runway but Beyonce can’t!? And When Beyonce does it… it’s garbage!??? HYPOCRITE!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Lovebird (PRISM – 10.22.13)) September 1, 2013

        This was a Billboard top twenty hit though, why didn’t the Beyonce/Dream song hit the top twenty?

      • Boo bishh September 1, 2013

        Beytrannyonce is not the best singer alive THAT TITLE GOES TO MISS JENNIFER HUDSON B**** she sings MUUUUCH better than the tranny Jen and brandy could outsing the f*** out of ur fave

      • XOXOXOXOXO September 1, 2013

        @BooBish You wanna talk about yelling/screaming… AND THROW JHUDS NAME IS HERE!!! WHAT THE HELL!!!! HYPOCRITE!!!!!!!! Beyonce>>>>>>>

      • Josh September 1, 2013

        Yesssss to them Bey performances! The pure slayage. Ah I do love her so.

      • XOXOXOXOXO September 1, 2013

        That’s besides the point! Beyonce FEATURED ON THE SONG!!!! THAT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH HER!!!! Lol… The struggle is beyoooond real!!!! #BeyInfluenced!

      • Molly September 1, 2013

        Bey can sannnng! Anyone who denies this is obviously death! Garbage? Uh, and what is Rihanna? Katy? I’ll wait.

    • XOXOXOXOXO September 1, 2013

      And then thiss

      • Lovebird (PRISM – 10.22.13)) September 1, 2013


      • Krista September 1, 2013

        @LOVEBIRD honey you post those songs but forget about these that I read you liked 😉 Tricks are for kids honey

      • Krista September 1, 2013


      • Boo bishh September 1, 2013


      • Molly September 1, 2013

        @BooBish What’s a JHUD?

  18. Molly September 1, 2013

    Rosie & Lovebird clocking tea on this h** & I love it

  19. TRUTH September 1, 2013

    Ignorant black folk as usual…..go head. When Beyonce flops i guarantee there will be excuses. Remember 4…..

    • kellz September 1, 2013

      Go worry about r****** or who ever u stan for

      • Boo bishh September 1, 2013

        No ones worried for dark skin monkey flop Roland or beytrannyonce though 🙂

  20. kellz September 1, 2013

    We need Beyonce back asap I thought Gaga was guna come hard but this s*** here is just dreadful.

    • Why you op September 1, 2013

      Nobody needs boringonce tho.

    • Kingstown September 1, 2013

      We really don’t though if anything this is just as bad or less as bad than beyfats recent crappy loud bag of noise she calls ” music”

    • Krista September 1, 2013

      Its sad but true. Beyonce been the game a damn near 16 years and still has people waiting to see what she’ll do next, can blow up the internet with a simple move while people like Gaga are already fading out and rely on really eccenteic gimmicks and people are already bored.

      • Krista September 1, 2013

        The Dream?

  21. Krista September 1, 2013

    Theres no doubt Gaga is REALLY underperformimg so far and I wouldve never predicted it.

    And someone like her cant afford to have an underperforming era already because she peaked and blew up so early. She’ll be seen as a novelty act if she fades away after this era she hasnt been around long enough.

  22. Stephy Tha Lambily September 1, 2013


  23. Lovebird (PRISM – 10.22.13)) September 1, 2013

    So what gimmick are we going for this era Caca?? $0.99 per album sales? Oh wait, that trashy ass app where Billboard will have no way of tracking the official sales, that means Caca will cook the books.

    Gurl, if I hear this trash has sold past 150K, I’ll call it now, she cooked the books.

    This s*** might flop harder than Can’t be tamed – Miley Cyrus.

  24. Kim Kardashian stan September 1, 2013

    The material is weak she had better songs on born this way & I hated that album.

  25. PRINCE MACHIAVEL September 1, 2013

    Lady G Was Amazing!!!! Only Bitter Pressed Bullshiter’s Ass Can’t Say Nagatives Shits!!

    • Kim Kardashian stan September 1, 2013

      Your musical taste is truly trash

      • Timeless September 1, 2013

        You stan for a human c** bucket and the ultimate fame w**** though…So your opinion automatically is null and void

        Something for you…Your feeling are probably hurt lol

  26. HaHa September 1, 2013

    Recognize live versions and studio versions of songs are different. I mean just ask Lana Del Rey

    • my ears September 1, 2013

      right. but we’ll have to wait and see.. ehh.. hear if the album versions sound better. this live stuff isn’t really gold promo.

  27. Monstarebel September 1, 2013

    Ugh… god its like her music get worse & worse every era.

  28. POP ROYALTY (F*** Yeah Rihanna) September 1, 2013

    OMG! What The actual F*** she did In The Performance of “Aura” ? that is beyond Offensive, OMG !!!! Not Only did she lose her spark , but she became offensive!
    this is not the way to wear the “Burqa” or whatever the f*** you call it in your wack language, and why you have effeminate guys/gay dancers wear it too ?! WTF man ? this s*** is so bad.
    She’s so Ignorant and will pay for her ignorance, I hate this b**** Now after seeing this Crap called “Aura”

    OMG 😯 🙄

    F***. you. gaga.

    • Iconic cici September 1, 2013

      Ok flip flopper h** bet when the album comes out you’ll be stanning once again.

    • rih rox((beyonce insecure about unflattering pictures)) September 1, 2013

      Well said POP. I never liked that stupid tranny b****.

    • Fierce & all -Not here for b****** that can only slay in studios September 1, 2013

      Shut up b****. Madonna had muscular black dudes wearing heels in Girls Gone Wild.

  29. ratedxxx(next broad) September 1, 2013

    are we really comparing gaga to rihanna, beyonce, katy perry, ciara and that broad lana?

    lets keep it 100..I know some of you stans are so far up your favs asshole, that common sense and logic is foreign to you guys..

    first of all, rihanna can have all the number 1 hits, she is never going to be on gaga’s level of talent..

    yes both of them uses gimmicks, gaga with the weird clothes, hair, and weird personality…and rihanna with the constant new hair, and the drugs and drinking, so call bad girl persona

    but when you get pass all the gimmicks when it comes to gaga, the bish can sing her ass off, the bish can entertain her ass off..

    what do you get when you get pass all the drugs, drinking, the naked pics, and bad girl persona rihanna is selling? NOTHING..

    I like rihanna, but some of her stans needs to stop being delusional

    • Josh September 1, 2013


    • Lovebird (PRISM – 10.22.13)) September 1, 2013


      Are you seriously calling the crap you’ve seen up there “entertaining her ass off”???


      • Molly September 1, 2013

        B**** run! You are so pathetic! Sit your ass down and get ready for the return of Queen Bey!

      • Lovebird (PRISM – 10.22.13)) September 1, 2013

        Gurl, you’ll be waiting until Hell burns out before that BeYAWNce single comes out. It is never coming out.

      • Molly September 1, 2013

        @Molly. first of all b**** why are you using my f****** name I’m c squad for life I’d never stan for a fake fraud like Beyonce.

      • @Molly September 1, 2013

        What the f***!? B**** quit playin! I’ve always used this username! Back the hell up! This has to be a CError!

      • Molly September 1, 2013

        B**** c squad comin for your asses… 57k my ass. I’m reporting you! Beyonce will never amount to C’s success

    • Molly September 1, 2013


    • Boo bishh September 1, 2013

      Babas level of talent???? WOOW acting like she’s better dear rihannais a much better singer stop with the lies

      • HOWIEDOIT September 1, 2013

        #ShutTheFuckUp #Rihanna<<<<<<<

      • Lovebird (PRISM – 10.22.13)) September 1, 2013

        LMAO I know right, what talent? Acting like an umpa lumpa idiot on stage? Gurl…..

      • Boo bishh September 1, 2013

        No b**** you shut up rihanna>>>>> Your flop fave

      • HOWIEDOIT September 1, 2013

        RIhanna = No Impact

        Rihanna = Forgettable!

      • Boo bishh September 1, 2013

        Gaga= no talent


        Gaga=lame gay techno music


      • Boo bishh September 1, 2013

        And really no impact lol OK f** lool surrrre

      • HOWIEDOIT September 1, 2013

        Rihanna… Has to stay in the media 24/6 in order to stay relevant! She knows that if she takes a break, unlike Gaga and Bey…. she will be forgotten about!

      • HOWIEDOIT September 1, 2013

        What will Rihanna be remembered for? Nothing about her is legendary!

      • Boo bishh September 1, 2013

        LOOOL You know what you have become a comedian and I’m don’t talking to you rih has accomplished more than befat in the short 8 years of her carrer .just search up rihanna makes history and you’ll seeth urban self FAGBYE!

    • Boo bishh September 1, 2013

      Your so i king annoying who is jasmin sulivence fat irelivent ass tbh she’s not half as talented as rihanna

      • HOWIEDOIT September 1, 2013

        Just like JHUD????

    • Boo bishh September 1, 2013

      Acting like a. Psychotic b**** on stage is talent?? CANNOT majority loves hating on the best rih is a perfect example.

    • Timeless September 1, 2013

      I never agree with you X-rated but you told the absolute truth. From the inflated sales figures they throw around to the actual delusion of them coming for anyone’s music when we have been getting reject/rehashed good girl gone bad since 2008. This why no one comes to this blog to discuss music on a serious level because you have delusional stans who don’t like to hear the truth, constantly attack others with different opinions, and don’t know music outside of terrible pop. When you stan for Katy,Justin B, Selena gomez, Miley, Rihanna, Lana and the endless list of untalented pop artist of today your opinion and critical remarks just can’t be taken seriously

      • Lame September 1, 2013

        Shut up you sound like one of hose people who bash on today’s artist to better yourself and seem cool. Sure they might have some crappy music bu they clearly have talent.if ey isn’t they wouldn’t be here hy wouldn’t have Grammys. Shut up ur annoying.

    • Pour It Up September 1, 2013


  30. Britney Stan September 1, 2013

    All these songs are a miss.

  31. Beyawnce September 1, 2013

    Cake Like Lady Gaga where are you when gagz gets dragged? LMAO But you are soooo quick to rush to beyonce post and comment.

  32. ratedxxx(next broad) September 1, 2013

    now lets compare gaga to beyonce…..

    I see the beyonce stans all the time bash gaga and claim she stole madonna’s style, music, basically she swagger jacked everything that’s madonna,

    that she’s a fraud…

    now as a gaga fan, yes gaga has taking alot of madonna’s styles, music and so on… gaga original with her s***, not 100%

    but the beyonce stans has zero room to talk about somebody stealing, swagger jacking and being original with their s***…

    beyonce is known to be a swagger jacker..her whole career is based off stealing somebody else ideas..
    she can sing, but vocalist she’s not, I cannot say she’s a great entertainer, when all her moves dances are recycled….

    • Drew September 1, 2013

      Says the one who said Gaga is one of her favs but yet cant stand Beyonce for stealing. And I rarely see Bey stans bashing Gaga for stealing girl the Hive know Beyonce thievs.

    • Iconic cici September 1, 2013

      b**** you stan for JazeMAN Sullivan sit tf down

    • Micks September 1, 2013

      I only see Rinanna stans in here talking s***. Majority of the Hive actually support Gaga you really tried. But then I guess you had to drag Beyonce into it one way or another.

  33. Beyawnce September 1, 2013

    Quite disappointed , The songs weren’t that good. Burkha was terrible.

    • LittleScheisse September 3, 2013

      I see you’ve changed your picture again! Ha make up your gay ass mind

  34. Pour It Up September 1, 2013

    Rated XXX girl stop acting like you’re preaching the bible bish sit with that lower case nonsense.

  35. Kim Kardashian stan September 1, 2013

    This Jazmine Sullivan fan is one of the most annoying & biased commenters on here just stfu.

  36. Pour It Up September 1, 2013

    Gaga is floppimg harder than a fish outta water!

  37. Slay Down September 1, 2013

    Gaga is becoming a bit stale.

  38. Pour It Up September 1, 2013

    @rated xxx girl stop acting like youre preaching the damn bible smh.

  39. ratedxxx(next broad) September 1, 2013

    i like katy..but having a number 1 song on the charts doesnt make you a better singer or entertainer than somebody else with actual talent…..

    like said before the real game doesnt start till we see who has a better first week and second week album sales..because a number 1 hit on itunes, doesnt mean s***….for example how many number 1 hits does britney has? and how many diamond albums she has at least 2 of them..

    and the ciara stans needs to shut the f*** up….bashing gaga and everybody else thats not ciara, is the reason why ciara gets the most hate…you guys make ciara and her fans look bad…

    • Lame September 1, 2013

      Your such an attention seeker

  40. Valerie (Barb) September 1, 2013

    This is horrible. The music is forgettable as f***.

  41. ratedxxx(next broad) September 1, 2013

    and as usual the basic b****** who cannot comprehend words for s***, or use logic and common sense, first instinct is to try to drag….

    here comes the jazmine this jazmine that…I don’t know why they think attacking jazmine is going hurt my feelings…

    how many times have you basic b****** try to drag jazmine, and yet her picture is still on my comments…

    for the slow people….if i gave two f**** about you bashing jazmine, her picture would have been gone a long time ago…

    so go head..I enjoy watching yall acting a damn fool….

    • Boo bish September 1, 2013

      Shut up attention seeker jasmin an untalented flop fat h**

    • Pour It Up September 1, 2013

      But yet you dedicated a whole comment to it kiii

  42. Kitty September 1, 2013

    Maybe he might be more appealing if he would stop trying to copy other musicians,dogs,farm animals,Sea creatures, …

  43. Kingstown September 1, 2013

    Ratedxxx only said that s*** because nobody notices him on this site. So he thought what better way to get noticed by shading everyone’s fave. Shut up you didn’t sound truthful you sounded like an annoying hater. You expected everyone to agree and they didn’t.

  44. xedos September 1, 2013

    You have to really be a gay ass man to pay money to see gaga.when your lead single is Soso. and the rest of the album don’t have any thing close as good as the soso single its not a good look,but white folks will eat that shyt up anyways. A black artist could never get away with garbage like this.

    • Talk That S*** September 2, 2013

      that’s because most blacks don’t buy music, and we also don’t support one another like country artist / country fan’s do.

  45. Micks September 1, 2013

    She just doesnt do it for me.

  46. HaHa September 1, 2013

    If you don’t like the music of this generation then your stuck in time person and don’t understand the times are changing. In the next 10 years youll n***** are going to be saying 2013 was good year better what we have now

  47. Ciara is everything September 1, 2013


  48. HOTSTUFF September 1, 2013

    WOW this is Sad….

  49. Sisqo’s new album is coming!! “Last Dragon” 2013 September 1, 2013


  50. . : : h 2 o : : . September 1, 2013


  51. TeamBreezy September 1, 2013

    Gaga is straight up copying Gloria Trevi’s style from the 90s

  52. JOHNVIDAL September 2, 2013

    Damn it! Lady gaga´s body looks amazing!

  53. JOHNVIDAL September 2, 2013

    Ok now I just watched it all and I have to say most of you are just desperate to see this girl fail! What a bunch fake people exagerating things. Coming from some Rihanna, Katy Perry and Ciara fans I understand though. Anything that doesn´t sound predictable, basic and easy is “crap” or “losing it”.
    The songs are at the very least different among themselfs and different from any other Gaga´s era. Which is great that she keeps evolving this much. And imo the songs are not only that, but they are good. I already like most of them at first listen. I think the album will end being a great body of work like Born This Way was (yes it was b******, anybody with decent taste knows it, including @suicide and @pop, they have said it many times until they decided to just hate).
    She put on a good show and her looks were different too, I´m liking it, at times she didn´t look like her in any of her previous eras, and definitely didn´t look like any other artist or legend out there.

  54. Navy NIck September 2, 2013

    LOVED IT — ARTPOP was hottt!!!! 80s feel, love love APPLAUSE APPLAUSE APPLAUSE

  55. LittleScheisse September 3, 2013


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