Beyonce – Freakum Dress Video

Published: Thursday 29th Mar 2007 by Sam

Ok, so Beyonce’s B’Day Deluxe is leaking left, right and centre; videos, tracks…everything. This vid for ‘Freakum Dress’ ain’t bad, but it makes me wonder if there was any point in the whole ‘making a video for every song’ idea in the first place. There’s nothing innovative or interesting enough to make me want to go out and buy the album because of it. What’s more is that you can tell they were on a budget…it’s kinda cheap. To be honest, the only video’s that show any signs of being worthwhile are ‘Get Me Bodied’ and ‘Green Light’. Let’s hope the other vids are saying more than this.

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  1. Anonymous March 29, 2007


  2. Anonymous March 29, 2007

    This is a HOT video…

    people do like to see a video for every song though.

    I like this video and the leaked tracks are bananas. I am a big fan….

  3. Anonymous March 29, 2007

    this video is hot, and it is not suppose to be philosophical, it’s about puttin’ on a a hot dress and goin’ to the club, plain and simple and that’s what they did. i appreciate you puttin’ beyonce’s music and vids up, but like the saying goes, if you have nothing good to say don’t say anything at all.

  4. Licia March 29, 2007

    i agree with the the person over the blog . there’s nothing really special about these videos so far IMO. i was hoping that the videos would make me like the songs more , but they aren’t . i hope the other videos are way better than this .

    to the poster above me : if the the person who runs the site can’t give an honest opinion about a certain artist then why should he/she even waste time putting anything about that artist on their site ?

  5. PP Stomp March 29, 2007

    Why are people so critical of Beyonce? This video doesn’t look cheap to me. Like someone else said its about being in the club with your freak um dress and thats what she did. Hell she made a video for every single song I don’t think thats been done since when Michael Jackson was hot. Please people the girl is bad and you know it so stop hating.

  6. Anonymous March 29, 2007

    Ya b****** are some damn haters.When you go buy the album you don’t see the damn videos.The only thing my girl Beyonce is worrying about the album selling.Let me tell you one damn thing b****** the album sold.Ya just wish ya was Beyonce and had what she have.If music didn’t work out for her she has so many other talent like acting,designer,etc.Ya b****** always trying to hate on a black sister.If her on people want support her Japan will support her.Beyonce is a sweet young women.She even sings in spanish I bet ya dumb ass b****** didn’t know that.I see a lot of talk but no research has been done on my girl Beyonce.She is one of the most beautiful women on earth.Beyonce don’t give a damn what ya think or say.Stop thinking negative start thinking positive.Don’t hate the game be apart of the game.One day you might meet Beyonce in she can show you how to make money.

  7. Anonymous March 30, 2007

    I dont think its hating her personally, I will get the dvd and cd. It is a fact that the creativity is limited for everything seem to be the same for her lately. Not impressive as can be. She is still a good artist but she needs to be inspired more, instaed of riding on one inspiration.

  8. Anonymous March 30, 2007

    This video is “ok”…..I mean….all of these videos…(except Irreplaceable) look so damn LOW BUDGET…they are ALL on a freakin sound stage……I mean…I love B…..but I really thinks she needs to give it a break for a minute..Oh yeah……GO JENNIFER HUDSON….I LOVE YOU!!!!!!! LOLOLOLOLOLOL

  9. Anonymous March 30, 2007

    I was shocked when seeing the video. Beyonce is hot no doubt but seriously though, the video looks cheap and her dresses look cheap. I expect way more out of B. I love the songs but the videos are a bit lacking. I love the video for irreplaceable. The video for upgrade u is good minus the sitting in the car thing. She looks awful and with the cheap acting all of it just bombs. I love her though! :)B needs to focus!!!

  10. Nette April 1, 2007

    This video was for B’s new audience (the drag queens)and this is what they like, a lot of cheap looking dresses, bad hair weave and tons of makeup. I’m not a hater I just wish that she would upgrade her video director selection, the song is great though.

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