Official: ‘Ms. Kelly’ Will Be Re-Released

Published: Monday 10th Sep 2007 by Sam
Following the news early last month that Kelly Rowland will be re-releasing her ‘Ms. Kelly’ album, it has now been confirmed that this indeed is the case. A Columbia Records rep confirmed the news, saying: “We are planning to re-release the album later this fall”. Rowland has reportedly gone back into the studio to record new tracks for the beefed up CD. Producers Brian Michael Cox (‘Be Without You’, ‘Bad Habit’) and JR Rotem (S.O.S) are among those enlisted to craft potential hits for the former Destiny’s Child star. {Source}
I guess this explains why there hasn’t been much going on with the project as of late. If the the promo side of things is handled right this time, then I’m all for a re-release. Kelly deserves to shine and here’s hoping she does this time around.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Anonymous September 10, 2007

    great for her. I hope the re-release of the record gives her the attention she deserves. I loved the album, but I thought it was a little short, I hope she adds in some remixes. GO KELLY!

  2. Anonymous September 10, 2007


  3. Anonymous September 10, 2007


  4. arm September 10, 2007

    nice blog… nice posting… thankyou…

  5. Living PLush September 10, 2007

    I definitely hope this gives Miss Kelly some hype. She is a very s*** lady with long legs to die for…

    She needs to get on and be serious about her grind like Beyonce… 😀

  6. KidKlassic91 September 10, 2007

    Well, If its the best choice for her. I personally feel her album was ALOT better than her first, alot more hip-hop/R&B. If she’s going to re-release a new album with new tracks, then she has to have every single track on there a REAL hit, not saying that her album isnt good. I just mean, she has to make all the songs hot so she can make a video that will do well.

  7. Anonymous September 10, 2007

    Naw I hate when artist do this sh*t we ain’t rich like them!! Yeah Ms Kelly is a good album but why didn’t they promote it the first time around, sorry Kelly i’m a fan an all but I ain’t buying the album again,I wish her success but naw that stuff vexes me I ain’t gonna lie

  8. Anonymous September 10, 2007


  9. Anonymous September 10, 2007

    i dont give a f*** im still buying the album Ms.kelly was hot of course this one gotta be hot DUH

  10. Anonymous September 10, 2007

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! i saw her new video its off the chain

  11. Anonymous September 10, 2007

    I’m a supporter ’till the end. Yes, I will be buying the re-release, and the DVD, and or anything else Kelly decides to release.

  12. fergg September 11, 2007


  13. Anonymous September 11, 2007

    Everybody that’s going to re-buy her album is a sucker! Kelly is using all her 82, 000 fans she has left LOL. She released a crap album, and it shows because she only sold $82, 000 in her first wk. It’s been almost 10 wks, and her album hasn’t even sold more than $200, 000 albums LOL.

    Her record company has lost money because Miss Kelly did not make any profits. I don’t blame her record company or Mathew Knowles, I blame Kelly. Kelly Rowland does not have a big fan base that can help her sell gold (500, 000 albums. Face it, people are not feeling Kelly, she does not have the IT factor that makes an artist a STAR. She is a D-list at best.

    As for people willing to waste their money on Kelly, I say go for it, she needs all the help she can get. But don’t a heartache when she STILL doesn’t sell. Because that is what’s going to happen, only this time, it’ll be worse than her previous effort.

    Kelly is an ass kisser, she is always kissing Beyonce’s ass and glorifying other people that she forgets to work on herself. Beyonce is a STAR already, Kelly is D-list, she is the one that needs a backbone. So until Kelly gets a backbone and drinks a big bottle of self esteem, she’ll remain Beyonce’s ass kisser.

  14. Anonymous September 11, 2007

    Some of what you said is b*******! i’m sorry but she does have potential, i think it is just that her record company did very little to help her album out in any way. And her album was leaked like crazy.. there are many ppl i know who have her album downloaded and s***.. Honestly if her first album went gold, then i know this one can too. Her album didn’t get the best publicity.. a lot of ppl i know didn’t even know her album dropped til like the other week. She only had one video at first.. So i just don’t completely agree with you. I agree about the beyonce thing. IMO i feel like the way this album went helped her realize that she can’t be talking about beyonce and destiny’s child like everyday. So i think she still has potential. If she releases a 3rd studio album and if that doesn’t do her any good , then maybe i will agree with you.. MAYBE… BUt i am still a fan of hers and i have faith..

  15. Anonymous September 16, 2007

    calm down white hating as b**** if you dont like her why the f*** do you do reserch on her dumb b**** and me too im buying the album again she is gonna have timberland produce some tracks so its gonna be hot f*** those haters some people make it seem like kelly is the lowest selling artist ever well f*** you hating b**** kelly has sold more than many artists out there and she has already passed the 200,000 mark stupid b**** get of kellys ass and go listen to that lame bday abum that you are always playing

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