‘As I Am’ Sells 742,000 First Week

Published: Wednesday 21st Nov 2007 by Sam
R&B songstress Alicia Keys has surpassed initial sales expectations for her new album ‘As I Am’. Whereas the LP was forecast to sell in the region of 600,000 copies first week, Billboard has it’s final sales at 742,000 – a career best for Keys. ‘As I Am’ now stands as having 2007’s 2nd highest opening week numbers behind Kanye West’s ‘Graduation’. {Source}

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  1. Anonymous November 21, 2007


    She deserves it. The album is great! Congrats Alicia!!

  2. KidKlassic91 November 21, 2007

    Damn, Dats Goood!!! I’m Happy For Ms. Keys… Plus i bought it the day it came out so i feel good for that reason also

  3. top-shotta November 21, 2007

    This is what happens when an artist doesnt CONTINUOUSLY push their album back…

    Ppl get hyped for it, and when it drops they pick it up as soon as they can. Unlike other artists who delay and delay and delay, and by the time the album actually gets released, no1 really cares anymore.

    Congratulations to Alicia & her Marketting team.

  4. Anonymous November 21, 2007


  5. Anonymous November 21, 2007

    Billboard has now confiremd it as selling 742,000. The article is below:

    Keys Storms Chart With Mega-Selling ‘As I Am’
    Alicia Keys

    November 21, 2007, 10:30 AM ET

    Jonathan Cohen, N.Y.

    Alicia Keys storms The Billboard 200 this week with “As I Am” (J), which debuts at No. 1 after selling 742,000 copies in the United States, according to Nielsen SoundScan. That’s the best sales week for a solo female artist since Norah Jones’ “Feels Like Home” shifted 1 million copies in 2004.

  6. Anonymous November 21, 2007

    Beyonce has two albums and does not put out an album every year. Her first album was released in 2003 and her second in 2006 (is that every year or do you just not know what a year is) and then she had a re release to include Beautiful Liar and more. Her new album won’t be out til summer of 2008 so stop stressing.

  7. Anonymous November 21, 2007

    this actually doesn’t suprise me. Its a great album.

  8. Anonymous November 21, 2007

    Um Sweetie Beyonce has sold 130 mill albums and has been honored TWICE and ain’t even 30 yet. So check your facts. Alicia does her thang but Beyonce is way more successful than her. You must didn’t watch the AMA’s. Do your research next time.

    Anyway I’m no fan of Alicia I think she’s boring and her voice is strainy but congrats to her anyway. She still didn’t top Mary J Blige’s sales though. Mary is the Queen so don’t get it twisted. Alicia knows that.

  9. YaChi November 21, 2007

    Could you get off Beyonce’s nuts, seriously. As a SOLO artist, Bee has sold 19 million worldwide, DIL & B’Day.

    Guess what, so has Alicia Keys, Songs in A Minor & Diary of AK.

    As for grammies, yes, Bee has more than Keys if you include DC. However, solo artist to solo artist, Keys got her. Google it cause I don’t feel like arguing with you.

    Besides, Bee’s been in the game for over 10 years. Key’s only 6 and all 6 of those years as a solo artist. If it hurts to give that woman her props, don’t say nothing.

  10. clevon November 21, 2007

    ummm BEYONCE is overall better …this girl is good too no doubt but jus b/c she has 1st week big numbers don mean anything..SHE ALWAYS has big #s shes a star…BUT she doesnt have TOURS she does jazz cafes or whatever …not much publicity with her (meaning movies, commerical, or sponsoring any products) her CD is OKAY to me–she is not a versital artist YOU WILL GET THE SAME SOUND and PIANO which my GRANDMOTHER ADORES hahahahah…but she has alot of support so thats good …lets praise her and not try to compare BECAUSE BEYONCE can and does…do better than her…best tracks LIKE YOU NEVER SEE ME AGAIN, WRECKLESS LOVE, and a tie between LESSON LEARNED & TELL YOU SOMETHING. congrats alicia

  11. Anonymous November 22, 2007

    THis is about Alicia Keys. Rememba!!! Congradulations sweetheart. U deserve it

  12. Anonymous November 22, 2007

    WTF 130 millions albums my ass!!!
    beyonce stans are just hating LOL
    Alicia Keys is better and will always be
    then that over expossed b**** names beyonsuck lmfao XD
    Ms.Keys do your thing your making your way 2 the top f*** your haters your the one who is making millions not them 😛
    and im not even an alicia fan i just think she is BETTER then beyonce yes i said it BETTER!!!

  13. Anonymous November 22, 2007

    i totally agree with the person on top ^
    alicia is better even a better singer unlike that annoying b**** beyonce
    who needs to take her ass to bed because every one is getting sick of her ass shes been out to long destiny’s child and her albums is alot so she has been out 4 a long ass time

  14. KidKlassic91 November 22, 2007

    With the whole “album every year” that person really was referring to her album B’Day and her upcoming album next summer. Not DIL and B’Day… So try to be a little understanding and not snappy at each other. It’s not that serious.

    Alicia Keys is better than beyonce to me because beyonce is more of “hot right now” kind of a artist because you’re not gonna play “Get me bodied” 2 something years from now because it’s gonna be WACK AND PLAYED OUT. That’s how all “hot right now” songs are like.

    She buys the lyrics and gets with a hot producer to get a song that can make them money NOW because that’s all they care about. Alicia makes music where you can tell it came from the heart and it’s sincere

    The Dairies of Alicia Keys have songs that are playable after a few years because you’ll still be able to relate to it. TDOAK was still selling like years after it was released, so that’s that.

    Beyonce doesn’t write not one word she sings, you can tell because it sounds generic. Alicia writes, produces, plays an intrument and basically have most control over the music she creates and Beyonce doesnt.

    I feel the reason that beyonce is coming out with a follow up album is because they’re realizing how much they can make off her now. They i mean her father and record label.

    Beyonce is just a cash cow for her parents. Her father manages her, so he gets money from what she does and her mother is using Beyonce to promote Darion. I wouldn’t be surprised if her mother used some of the money beyonce makes for advertising. So Beyonce is just a cash cow and a icon.

    Management is surely focused on Beyonce than on Kelly and Michell because Mathew damn well knows he can market Beyonce a lot better than he can K and M and make the most money.

    Alicia WILL be a legend. I’ll tell you that right now and i’ll stand behind that because Alicia is not just a pretty face and voice. Alicia writes, produces, plays the piano so he has REAL tallent where beyonce does not NOT. She can only sing.

    So Ask me ANY DAY who’s a better music ARTIST. I would say ALICIA with no hesitation.

  15. KidKlassic91 November 22, 2007

    Also I AGREE WITH YACHI 732,000% 😉

  16. KidKlassic91 November 23, 2007


  17. Melissa November 23, 2007


  18. Anonymous November 24, 2007

    ALICIA is BETTTER!!!!!!!!!!

  19. clevon November 24, 2007


  20. Anonymous November 26, 2007

    first of all they are two totally different artist and have the upmost respect for each other. And while people are bashing Beyonce, that girl works very hard and so does Alicia. Don’t sleep on the fact that Alicia had to up her game a little bit, it is no suprise that she is not behind the piano an much and has even added some dance moves to her performances, I am not saying she is trying to be Beyonce, but it is clear she had to do more. Just like when Beyonce comes out next summer expect some changes. I have seen both ladies in concert several times and they each give something different. In my opinion Beyonce has a slight edge over alicia vocally and performance wise. And for people to say Beyonce comes out every year thats not true its just her album and song plays last longer, B’Day came out in September of last year!Hell we will probabaly be hearing Alicia’s album for the next year also, they are two powerful,positive, DIFFERENT, successful black women doing their respective things, Stop with the hate and more power to them both!

  21. Anonymous November 30, 2007

    3:14 and 3:19 is obviously the same Beyonce hater. How pathetic of you to post back to back and agreeing with you damn self. SMH Alicia stans are obviously threatened by Beyonce’s success.

    Beyonce has sold 130 mill records they said so at the AMA’s where she was the first female honored with internationa award of excellence. If Alicia’s gay ass was better than they would have given it to her but no she’s no where near as successful as Bey.

    Alicia and her cankles success can’t be compared to beautiful bey’s long list of success. Like Monique said Beyonce is the Queen and who is Alicia again? LMAO

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