Ne-Yo Addresses R. Kelly Tour Drama

Published: Wednesday 21st Nov 2007 by Sam
As some of you may have heard, Ne-Yo was dropped suddenly from R. Kelly’s ‘Double Up’ tour a few couple of days ago. Whilst, at the time, ‘contractual reasons’ were cited as the reason, the ‘Do You’ singer has spoken out about the situation on a Washington radio station. Check out the report below via Natasha over at YBF:

…But Ne-Yo now says that he was told to tell people his being dropped was due to financial and contractual issues. But actually it was because he challenged some of the goings on behind the scenes of the tour. And that may or may not (he purposely remained vague on the issue)have led to contractual obligations not being fulfilled. He discussed how simple things like a dressing room were not given to him and his dancers because R. Kelly wanted all 7 of the dressing rooms to himself. He also said that R. Kelly and his people were quite unprofessional and demanded Ne-Yo’s rehearsal times be cut short. Basically he wasn’t feeling the respect level given to him and said “No” to many of the unplanned and slightly disrespectful changes. And apparently, after Keyshia Cole threw a fit and threatened to not perform on opening night because she didn’t like that R. Kelly’s people slated her to go on before Ne-Yo, they didn’t drop her for challenging their decisions. And Keyshia still ended up not performing that night. Ne-Yo says all that wasn’t cool and he’s being treated unfairly.

He says he definitely still respects R. Kelly musically, but not as a man. Sounds like The Kells’ divatude is back in play…reminiscent of the Best of Both Worlds Tour with Jay-Z. And we all know how that ended up. Ne-Yo was asked about whether any lawsuits would come of this and he responded with the typical “We’ll see what happens” response. He also says now that he has all this free time on his hands, he’s trying to put something together on his own for his fans.

Whatever the real reason, it was pretty messed up to drop him from the tour – especially after Keyshia Cole’s rumored behaviour. all of this makes me question R. Kelly’s logic; I mean, with his trial coming up soon, he’s gonna need every bit of good press he can get and this definitely isn’t a good look.

Any thoughts?

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  1. Anonymous November 21, 2007

    I think everyone needs to stop blaming Keyshia Cole for her behavior because it’s so obvious that R. Kelly has been the root of this problem which may have cause Keyshia to act the way she did. I’m hoping she will eventually redeem herself with the people in Columbus, GA with a free concert somewhere in the near future. Maybe she and NeYo can work things out and bring on a showstopping concert together. I love Keyshia, but I refuse to buy a ticket because she was appearing with R. Kelly…I saw the tape…and it was him…it was him…it was him!!!!!!!! Also, believe it or not, a lot of ticket holders were coming to see J. Holiday, Keyshia Cole, and NeYo, so that’s why so many people were disappointed. R.Kelly can go straight with no left or right turn to HELL!!!! With his perverted azzzzz.

  2. Anonymous November 21, 2007

    I’m responding to the anonymous 2, I’m #1. I wasn’t condoning her behavior…sure she should be held accountable…that’s why I said she needs to do a free concert there. Her manager can work that out somehow (whatever it takes). I’m only saying this because I met her here in Wash. D.C. and she was so hospitable towards me and all others around her that it was kind of shocking to know that this took place afterwards.

  3. Anonymous November 21, 2007

    Dat’s Alrite Ne-Yo. I bet you could put together a concert and attract more people den Kellz can. Keyshia need her ass whoop because she think she Beyonce or Ashanti or somebody. Girl you aint know damn diva so sit down with all dat hollering

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