More On Janet / Def Jam Drama

More On Janet / Def Jam Drama Following the story our friends over at SOHH broke about Janet Jackson’s latest label spat with Island Def Jam last week (which spread like wildfire), the highly reliable owner of the most popular Janet fansite online has shed further light on what exactly went down:

Good day, Janet fans.

This post is intended to put some fact – from inside Janet’s camp – to the rumor mill around here. The facts do not change the current situation, but they put truth to the stories that have been floating around this forum.

Janet wanted Luv to be the second single. LA Reid wanted Rock With U to be the next single. Obviously, we’ve seen how this conflict affected the post-album release promotion, and Janet has now explained the results of this conflict. End of story. The rest is history.

Have a good day!

Wow. Not to toot my own horn (well slightly lol), but myself, along with many others, recognised the hit potential of ‘LUV’ most especially over ‘Rock With U’ right from the onset. The only way I ever envisioned ‘Rock With U’ being successful was if it was touted as an International single and pushed over here in European territories, where its chances of charting well were high(er).

Though I’m sure there’s a lot we don’t know as well as unanswered questions, the whole scenario makes a lot more sense now. As some of you may remember, the early listening session reports for ‘Discipline’ detailed how LA Reid would play ‘Rock With U’ more than once (while visibly enjoying it), trying to gauge a reaction from the journalists to the song. It really does beg the question, then, baring in mind what is known and not known, of where the blame lies in this whole episode.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Anonymous June 9, 2008

    If that is what happened then the label was stupid. I completely agree Rock Wit U is not at all a track for a domestic hit. The only way it was going to be sucesful was internationally and for that she would have had to promote it abroad. LUV had a far better domestic chance here with promotion and a video.

  2. Soufian June 9, 2008

    poor janet, this had so much potential..why did the label f*** it up like this

  3. Anonymous June 9, 2008

    The singles should have gone

    1. Feedback (worldwide)
    2. LUV (Worldwide)
    3. Greatest X (USA) 2Nite (International)
    4. So Much betta (worldwide)

  4. Anonymous June 9, 2008

    LUV should have been the 2 single…
    Let`s hope that they will make things up and release luv as a 3th single

  5. Anonymous June 9, 2008

    Well record labels rule, no matter who u are..1 thing i can say is that DEF JAM patched up janet and thats a BIG DEAL and pushed a great album for its up 2 janet to take it to another level.. leave def jam.. and kill your stylist…

  6. Anonymous June 9, 2008

    LA Reid is a f****** b****** he should of listen to janet and go woth LUV

    rock wit u is more of a european hit LA Reid is f****** twat

  7. Anonymous June 9, 2008

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  8. Anonymous June 9, 2008

    When I first heard Discipline “LUV” was the first song that immediately grabbed my attention, it should have been the 2nd single. LA Reid was way off this time. However, I can’t help but wonder why after being in the industry for so long why doesn’t Janet have more of a final say so in what singles are released??? It’s all a shame cuz she’s a legend and the label is treating her like trash, she deserves a lot more respect than they are giving her.

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  10. shannon, yo! June 9, 2008

    It so did not happen like that. Janet suggested RWU – they shut her down and wanted, “Luv”. LA Reid wanted “Luv” from the jump — even at listening events there were talks about “Luv” being the second single.

    I don’t know where Mikel on JX got that information but it makes no sense when you think about it. If LA wanted RWU so bad, then what was the problem? Janet performed it on Good Morning America, and she went and shot the video. Why didn’t Island Def Jam promote the video if LA Reid wanted that song to be out? Why didn’t he send it to MTV or VH1?

    LA wanted Luv, and when Janet disagreed and decided to shoot the video for RWU out of her own pocket he got mad and put the entire thing to a halt and left the album to die. Plain and simple.

  11. Anonymous June 9, 2008

    all I know is that whatever single she would of took out, she still would of sucked. Dont know why it went one in the US in the first place. The whole project was meant to crash and burn. All her last three albums were flops, unlike Mariah who still gots it. Now thats a legend that can’t be beat. No one like MC(C).

  12. Anonymous June 9, 2008

    Some of this is rubbish! I remember when they were talking about the second single release there was talk of a double a side, Rock With You as the pop release and Luv for the urban radios. There was talk of two videos being made but only Rock With You surfaced. his was followed by Janet stating this in an interview somewhere. Does no-one remember? I thinks this is a publicity stunt for a poor selling album.

  13. Anonymous June 9, 2008

    “there was talk of a double a side, Rock With You as the pop release and Luv for the urban radios.”

    Yep. Heard that too.

  14. Alejandro ~dro~ June 9, 2008

    ^That was LA’s way of pacifying Janet. He waned RWY , she wanted LUV. He promoted the single he wanted, and left her to dry up.

    It’s obvious! She performed LUV for the troops and then on Ellen…she loves that song!

    The reason she performed RWY at GMA was because the label told her to! She shot the RWY video cause she hoped it would be some kind of hit, and then she could move to a new single. The she got sick and LA Reid shut down promo.

    The Janet-Xone explanation is TRUE.

  15. Anonymous June 9, 2008

    Who cares? The album sucks anyway

  16. Anonymous June 9, 2008

    what a mess

  17. Anonymous June 10, 2008

    This is what happens when you give up control of your own career! And remember Janet has built her career on the concept of control!

  18. Anonymous June 10, 2008

    Somebody a def jam forgot to give Janet that
    SIT UR A** DOWN ASAP memo

    I have never been a Janet fan

    yeah she had a couple of hits that I liked, but they ALL make the radio
    because she will only have about two or three songs that are cool on the WHOLE cd

  19. Anonymous June 10, 2008

    If her album was/is all that should it really matter what song she or the label wanted to promote? After she finished the album I’m pretty sure she said this is her best album she’s ever done just like all the other artists do so we can go and buy their music. So evidently the song the label wanted her to promote wasn’t all that and if it wasn’t/isn’t why record it in the first place. She has been in the business long enough to know that. I still love her but she is acting like she is new to the music business.

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