New Song: Alicia Keys & Jack White – ‘Another Way To Die’ (Bond Theme)

Published: Wednesday 17th Sep 2008 by Sam
Alicia Keys & Jack White - 'Another Way To Die' (Bond Theme) The much anticipated theme for the forthcoming James Bond movie ‘Quantum of The Solace’, featuring Alicia Keys and Jack White (of the White Stripes), ‘Another Way To Die’ , has surfaced. I’m kinda on the fence about this one…

Hit or Miss?
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  1. Anonymous September 17, 2008

    Different but Awesome

  2. Ashley September 17, 2008

    love it!

  3. Anonymous September 17, 2008

    I love Jack’s parts!

    Alicia’s vocals sound kinda weak.. sounds like she has a nasaly voice or something just sounds off about her like she’s off key or something.

    Still love her though and can’t wait for the HQ 🙂

  4. EnvyisDevastating September 17, 2008

    IMO Jack is singing a bit off key.

    Alicia brings soul to this. I like it

  5. knox September 17, 2008

    it will fit in well wit da movie…but its nothing special…and its a bit too repetitive

  6. Anonymous September 17, 2008

    Hah. Pink would’ve sung this better! It would still be interesting to hear what Amy Winehouse would’ve come up with.

  7. webhedd86 September 17, 2008

    Its a good idea for a song it just needs better production

  8. Anonymous September 17, 2008

    Im not liking it after a first listen!

  9. Udhara de Silva September 17, 2008

    I like it!! I still think Amy would have done a better job though lol.

  10. Anonymous September 17, 2008

    hate it…hate it…hate it…hate it…hate it…hate it…did I mention I hate it?

  11. Anonymous September 17, 2008

    i love alicia… but beyonce can pull off the rock way better just because she’s is loud

  12. Anonymous September 17, 2008

    its interestng, jack adds an awesome rock element to it and alicias piano parts r awesome as well but i think her voice is too weak to fit with the song. i agree with the other comments that beyonce or pink should hav sung it because this song needs a strong, rock voice!

  13. Anonymous September 18, 2008

    i also leona would have done a better job.

  14. Anonymous September 18, 2008

    This song was more suited for a pink voice than Alicia since they have the rock fill to it. No riri cause she cant pull stuff off live. Beyonce would’ve made it more interesting than Alicia so, Pink should’ve had this all the way even over Amy and I just can not imagine Amy singing this song period…

  15. MzJGaines September 18, 2008

    It will definitely work well for the movie and if I were listening to it while watching the movie, it would be better. Alicia needed to bring a roughness to her voice to pull it off. This may not be the final cut of the song, but she should have been hard and edgy on her vocals and this would have been the business.

  16. Anonymous September 18, 2008

    This is terrible. Jack White can’t do anything original. I think Alicia should’ve sang the song on her own.

  17. adrian September 18, 2008

    this sucked after one minute i hate to stop it because i couldn’t take it

  18. Anonymous September 18, 2008

    I LOOVE THIS repetitive WTF. You obviously haven’t heard a lot of Bond THeme songs a lot of them are repetitve and have big instrument breaks in between. Beyonce’s voice is waay too thin and whiny for this Pink would’ve made a good choice.

  19. Anonymous September 18, 2008

    I love it

  20. Anonymous September 18, 2008

    Pink and Amy >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    even Natasha Beddingfield…

  21. Anonymous September 18, 2008

    It’s alright, can’t say that I love it on first listen.

  22. ND September 18, 2008


  23. Anonymous September 18, 2008

    Why should Alicia have to change up her style for a bond song??
    it’s pointless when someone like Pink would suit the Track better, yeah it’s good to try different things but Alicia is no Rock Chick!

  24. Anonymous September 18, 2008

    crazy beginning..don’t know if that’s a good thing.

  25. Anonymous September 19, 2008

    Crap. Jack White should not have been in this.

  26. Anonymous September 20, 2008

    Are you people crazy? Jack made the song..and the guitar and drums are totally bomb…it’s definitely different that’s why not many people are feeling it..but it’ll work awesome for the movie…Props to Alicia Keys for taking an eclectic approach to her sound.

  27. The King Of Cool September 21, 2008

    I think it’s really cool. The test of it will be how it plays during the opening credits of the film.

  28. Anonymous November 12, 2008

    Im sorry. Jack white is the worst musician i have heard in all my years. What the funk was that guitar solo? it sounded like a r***** was playing. Would it be the worst bond single yet if alicia keys wasn’t in it? YES!
    Go and die you ugly mother, jack. Go and die. Never darken a bond song again

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