Breaking: Father Of Jackson Accuser Commits Suicide

Published: Tuesday 17th Nov 2009 by Sam
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Via Fox News

JERSEY CITY, N.J. (WPIX) – The father of a boy who accused Michael Jackson of molesting him 15 years ago was found dead of an apparent suicide, Jersey City Police confirmed to PIX News.

According to authorities, the body of Evan Chandler was discovered in his Jersey City residence at about 5:35 p.m. on Nov. 5 after he went missing.

Chandler, who was being treated for an unknown illness, missed an appointment with his doctor which prompted concern, Jersey City spokesperson Stan Eason said.

After several failed attempts to get in touch with his patient, the doctor, who was not immediately identified, called the building’s concierge to check on Chandler.

The concierge later discovered the victim’s lifeless body inside the apartment at the Liberty Towers located on Hudson Street, Eason said.

Police say Chandler suffered a self inflicted gun shot wound to the head. Authorities are treating the case as a suicide.

It was back in 1994, when Chander’s then-12-year-old son Jordy Chandler accused Jackson of molesting him on several occasions between 1991 and 1994. The father and son went after the King of Pop in court and later settled the case for a reported $20 million.

In 2006, Jordan Chandler filed a request for a restraining order against his father after he allegedly struck Jordan over the head from behind with a twelve and a half pound weight.

In the wake of Jackson’s untimely death in June 2009, an internet rumor surfaced that claimed Jordan Chandler confessed to lying to police about being molested by Jackson. Jordan was coached by his father to tell the outlandish story in a scheme to get millions, the report claimed. An investigation later determined no such confession took place.

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  1. parisian girl November 17, 2009

    no comment…

  2. mrs obama November 17, 2009

    the guilt killed him, you couldnt pay me no ammount if that really happend i would rather you rot in jail…

  3. SickOfMJHaters November 17, 2009

    Justice has finally been served…Next up…Gavin Arvizo and Jordan Chandler.

  4. Imyourstar702 November 17, 2009

    The guilt probably got the better of him..

  5. Donald November 17, 2009

    I always said it was a scheme to make some money. He loved kids too much to harm them and he was a kid at heart. He didnt have a childhood with friends his age then and he was trying to make up for lost time. His father mostly to blame. He was bigname entertainer and open for attacks.
    Also knew he didnt die on his own from drugs. Just like Elvis it was something to sell papers and news with. Elvis did NOT officially die of a drug overdose. But dieing of Bone Marrow Cancer would not sell stories! His actual cause of death(on his death certificate even). I know!

  6. its true November 17, 2009

    sam look up illuminati they sayin they killed him as well these artist r selling their self to them like beyonce lady gaga micheal did to and if u cross them they will killl u look it up please everyone

  7. Habib November 18, 2009

    karma is a b****!!!

  8. Oggie November 18, 2009

    Karma is a B****! This is the first step into Michael being truly vindicated from the grave, the guilt made him kill himself as he knows that those false claims to extort money form MJ are what prompted Michael’s addiction to drugs which eventually led to his death, I can bet you that Jordy wanted to confess in 2006 which is why his dad tried to kill him by striking him from behind with a 12 tone weight!

  9. AWOLLUVA November 18, 2009

    It’s not even like this is a case where I can say “wow, I feel sorry for the child”…because the child in this case was one of the suspects. It is what it is…

    R.I.P. Michael, we still miss you! <3

  10. QUISHA November 18, 2009

    the devil is a lie…and God dont like ugly. I dnt knw if the molestation story is true or not but for the father to commit suicide leads me to believe that he had a heavy burden on his heart. Why did he strike his son? Was the rumor of them lying the truth? Besides the son the only two left to tell are gone.

  11. Ernie November 18, 2009

    You are all idiots!

  12. Christina November 18, 2009

    I once learned that dentists have one of the highest rates of suicide. Without a note or quotes on this guy, it could have been anything that drove him to that desperation, doesn’t mean it had anything to do with MJ.

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