Hot Shots: Mariah Carey In Capri

Published: Monday 28th Dec 2009 by Trent

Songbird Mariah Carey made an appearance in Capri, Italy today. The singer attended the ’14th Annual Capri, Hollywood International Film Festival’ where she was awarded the ‘Capri Award ’09 – Supporting Actress of the Year’ for her role in the critically acclaimed film ‘Precious’. Observe more images of the diva below:


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  1. justsaying December 28, 2009

    She looks like a bloated, aging diva! ugg! mariah go someplace and sit down! enough of these posts on her, is she even relevant with her flopped cd

    • mia May 28, 2012

      am nooo mariah carey looks beautiful and i wish i was there with her i wish i could of be right there beside her smiling with her and (im a female) and dont talk about mariah carey like that u heard me!!!

    • Shodan December 2, 2012

      She has certainly put on a pound or two recently. Keep those thighs trim, please!

  2. GeeMan December 28, 2009

    She is still one of the biggest divas and still looks great. Flopped album and all Mimi is still big business.

  3. JOjO December 28, 2009

    all good points Just Saying! LOLZ! she needs to find clothes that fit, and a put those over exposed meat puppet tits behind a proper blouse! Just Gross!

  4. JOjO December 28, 2009

    Well she is “Big” i won’t argue that….

  5. Kenney December 28, 2009

    Um Mariah you’re a married woman now! NOW GO ENJOY MARRIED LIFE! Give us a break and yourself one too and start a damn family around…In case you haven’t noticed you’re no longer 20. In the words of Mariah Carey “I’m not claiming that last picture, it’s not even me, I would never allow a picture to be taken unless I’m ready and posing!”

  6. magdalena December 28, 2009

    she looks so round…weird

  7. Steffon December 28, 2009

    why are you always posting pics of Mariah. I mean who cares. If its not news or a performace who could really care?

  8. 12345 December 28, 2009

    I love her, she is my idol but FOR F*** SAKE STOP POSTING PICS OF MARIAH CAREY, why are you always posting pics of her? And she doesnt even look good in most of them, get some serious news

  9. luis December 28, 2009

    thisTrent b**** needs to go… can’t stand him

  10. Parisian girl December 28, 2009

    Can u stop posting her pics please?most of us dont even care,we care about her musical career thats all!

  11. JOjO December 28, 2009

    the problem has nothing to do with Trent. He is posting news, that Mariah won some shitty award! The Only problem is that this broad refuses to dress age appropriate, and still thinks she is 17!

  12. Steffon December 28, 2009

    yes!!! @ Parisian girl, I mean if we wanted to see pics of this chick we can go google her ass. SAM you need to do something about this.

  13. JOjO December 28, 2009

    I like some of her music, but she always has something that exposes to much! She needs a stylist stat, and that’s real!

  14. jeff December 28, 2009

    damn sum jealous haters up in here, mostly i belive is bitter woman who look like crap and hate on mariah cuz ay 39 she looking fine and looking younger than most of you do at 28 or 30, Damn i swear most of you have no life and wanna take it out on a celebrity that dotn give a rats ass about what you say,
    Plus FYI all the fat obese woman talking crap, Mariah fat? all i see is a banging , curvy woman , cuz the last time i checked Kate Moss skinny is never attractive

  15. jeff December 28, 2009

    @ Jojo i guess ur a janet fan?

    Janet isnt the best expample cuz all she talks is about s** at 43 and she realy needs to stop and also dont be mad cuz they dotn post s*** on Janet

    Lmao, “I was Like , Y U So Obsessed With me?”

  16. JOjO December 28, 2009

    you lambs always think that if we see something different than you it means hate! Get ova it! She looks ridiculous and you know it!

    I’m a man, and calling it as I see it! Not hate, real talk! If she dress appropriately it would go a long way to make her look better.

    Her having her boobs out in Aspen, a few days ago, was not a good look. Just a trashy, one!

  17. JOjO December 28, 2009

    Just changed from the Ellen show, because Mariah is on there in garters, and a t-shirt, that I guess is supposed to be a dress! She looks like a s***!

  18. JOjO December 28, 2009

    @ Jeff – They both talk about s** in their songs, so don’t even get on Janet! When she goes out in public she looks, and dress like a Lady!

    Unlike, Mariah, who is always naked, Talkin about ” touch my body”, looking like a 2 dollar hoar!

    So you keep “running round with those nasty h***”!!!


  19. JOjO December 28, 2009

    oops! I meant W****! 🙂

  20. JOjO December 28, 2009

    oops! I meant W****!

  21. JOjO December 28, 2009

    Um, Janet doest have a project she is promoting now, so why would they post her now! Unlike Mariah, Janet knows how to be outta the spot lite for a minute.

    Don’t be mad cause MIMI flop so hard, she has to come out with 2 remix cd’s to try to get someone to by that s***!

    Say what you want about Janet, they don’t play her on the radio since the super bowl and she still gets her! What’s Mariah’s over exposed ass, excuse?! Yup!

  22. 12345 December 28, 2009

    I love Janet, but am I really seeing someone comparing Janet to Mariah? Are you kidding me? ROFL, now i’ve seen everything xD

  23. GeeMan December 28, 2009

    I really don’t see the agruement here ok I understand everyone has an opinion about how Mimi dresses she has a right to dress the way she wants if you don’t like it don’t waste your time and comment just move onto the next story that may interest you. Personally I don’t see the problem with her way of dressing yes somethings are a bit risky but I have seen wrose and honestly if this how she feels comfortable who am I to tell her to change and I don’t buy her clothes. Overall I say Mimi rock on.

  24. jeff December 28, 2009

    @ Jojo yea pants and a button down shirt with high knee boots is dressing like a w**** *SMH*

    Oh and wow TMB is one sexual song, unlike Janet who has a list, Really is getting old and tired having every album talk about , Trob, Anytime Anyplace, Would you mind, the list goes on and on………………………………………..

    And yes she did flop, but as long as she still giving her fans music im Happy ,
    And FYI like i said she did flop but she still has 200 million under her belt sold sooo one little album wont hurt her.

  25. JOjO December 28, 2009

    @ jeff your the one who started talkin about Janet not me! Like I said Janet dresses for her age, and Mariah doesn’t, she looks like a w****, and thats alot of why people are over her is because, she is young acting, and dresses like a street walker!

    Bottom line is she does care about flopping otherwise then maybe she should give it up, cause people have not been check for her since the emancipation of mimi!

    If y’all feel offended, tough s***!

  26. jeff December 28, 2009

    Yeah people check for janet who hasnt had a hit or succesful album in years,
    Now she needs to retire and give up because people dont check for her since the velvet rope, plus at least mariah looks good not like janet the human yoyo always going up and down with her weight, Plus i rather mariah look like a street walker than talk about s** every danm album.

  27. 12345 December 28, 2009

    I dont see anyone offended, you just made an ass of yourself, grats!

  28. JOjO December 28, 2009

    @ Jeff all of Janet’s albums since conrtol have gone platinum but discipline, so know what your talkin about worm.

    People still love Janet and you know that. She brought the highest ratiings to the AMA when people found out she was opening, she was the only perfomer to have everyone on thier feet the whole night, including your dumb ass!

    If radio and video network don’t play your records because of 1 incident in an otherwise stellar career your numbers tend to drop dickweed.

    People still check for Janet and the proof is that Mariah had a hit single off both her last two projects, 1 sold as much as damita jo ww, and the latest has not even gone gold, meanwhile Janet last “flop” has gone Gold+. LMFAO

    You would prefer the street walker, because clearly, you are trash.
    I prefer Janet, cause I got class.

    Side note Janet, has never been so desperate as to release 2 remix albums with 90% of the songs done with other artist to sell a flop album.

    Once again the difference between letting it go, and trying again, and beating a dead horse (TMOAIPA), has to do with class versus trash.

    But , you and Mariah, will never understand that digging around in dumpsters, and tricking for a hit. LMMFAO!

  29. JOjO December 28, 2009

    @ 24861012 The only fools on here are you dumb sheep, oops I meant lammmmmbs! LOL
    Have a nice evening!

  30. JOjO December 28, 2009

    If you don’t like my opinion, once again get stuffed 🙂

  31. bobby from bulgaria December 29, 2009

    Shhh… Mariah’s pics are being put here cuz I want it that way…

    And stop it with this Janet… She looks weird… I mean… her face…

    And… I don’t wanna say that but… I guess a real “w****” wouldn’t mind showing her boob at an overcrowded stadium concert… And that’s being “dressed like a lady”… Ahem…

    Go away now, Janet…

  32. JOjO December 29, 2009

    @ s*** from bulgria, you are what you eat. Wow, LOL! the funny thing is u mariah stans prove that she is trash, just like u! Why don’t u all join her sister in long island, as a w****, on da docks! you all seem to luv a s***, so be one!

    I guess it’s true mariah, the apple doesn’t fall far from your, w**** tree! LMFAO

    All you mariah stans, know the truth! as much as you want to claim it Michael was never
    found guilty of any charges, unlike w**** mariah’s sister!

    In da words of p.ditty, “take that, take, that!! LOLZ!

  33. bobby from bulgaria December 29, 2009

    Like I care what the peasantry think about me… Poor little thing…

    Who said anything about Michael or Mariah’s sister, you ugly dumbass?

    Yeah, we are some very good lookin lambs and we can afford some sluttiness… 🙂 Cuz we’re HOT, and you’re NOT… I do tend to lose some clothes too when I’m dancin in the club sometimes… Especially… underwear… 🙂

  34. FUSION December 29, 2009

    Wow, jojo, for someone you don’t like too much, you seem to be giving Mimi lots of airtime. Thanks for helping to keep her relevant!

  35. Bobby D December 29, 2009

    @justsaying – stop hatin. Mariah rules. bet you hate that ish, dont cha? Now my own 2 cents, she looks aiight. not great in this pic …. but aiight

  36. Bobby D December 29, 2009

    @jojo – You’re delusional (delusional!) boy you’re loosin your mind…. Janet suuuucks. She lame, tired, give out. And I agree with the other guy…her face is f*****….wierd! Look like she doin same s*** micheal did to his face. Janet has no vocal talent like mariah. Too bad Mariah doesnt have the dancing skills as Janet. Regardless, the 2 remix albums are gonna be hot! Have you even listened to the jumpsmokers remixes? The HATEU remix and Rihanna remixes are outstanding. Check em out at and dont drown on that haterade you guzzlin jojo

  37. JOjO December 30, 2009

    @ booby d and booby from bularia the one who has a weird face is mariah and you know it! Janet, has been on most beautiful list way more than slutina!

    if mariah is so hot why her last to cd’s were flops! LOL!

    You lambs are being led to slaughter, but you can find mimi on the docks selling her ass with her sister, by this time next year! LOL

    and yall should not be talkin about weight fluctuations, be cause mimi looks ok half the time, then literally like miss piggy come to life.

  38. walkitout January 1, 2010

    Lookin awesome!

  39. bebe January 2, 2010

    lookin like s***.

  40. D-(A)-ve April 3, 2010

    I’ve said it a million times, I’ve stalked a million web sites to watch this woman gain weight because the fatter she gets, the more I want to pork her in the succulence of her ham and cheeze. Jeeze, what a hottie!!

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