Hot Shots: 3rd Annual BET Honors

Published: Sunday 17th Jan 2010 by Trent

The 3rd Annual BET Honors were filmed last evening at the Warner Theatre in Washington D.C. The event commemorated the achievements of diva Whitney Houston, Hip-Hop mogul Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs, and rapper/actress Queen Latifah. Guests were treated to performances by Jennifer Hudson, who sang Houston’s ‘I Will Always Love You’ in tribute to the icon, Mary J. Blige, Maxwell and others. Check out more pictures below (courtesy of

Jennifer Hudson


Whitney Houston




Queen Latifa


Mary J. Blige








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  1. dan January 17, 2010

    love india, but she looks like a man here….

  2. MeMe January 17, 2010

    Damn everyone look good as hell!!

  3. shelly-chelle January 17, 2010

    yea I agree with DAN india irie looks a mess! Jennifer Hudson look stunning! I see a baby does a body good. Queen Latifah looks like she lost weight and Mary is wearing that dress like always. and mya…#sideeye

  4. WTF January 17, 2010

    ladies are looking lovely…jennifer has lost weight…

    and neyo needs to ditch this look..its soo played out….maxwell my man…i love him!!!

  5. TRUTH January 17, 2010


  6. LEA January 17, 2010

    Everyone looks amazing!!!

  7. GeeMan January 17, 2010

    Honestly we know how to clean up well but we sometimes miss the mark.
    India Arie- very manish look
    Neyo- not feeling the look
    Mary- simply but beautiful
    Whitney- worn out & old
    Diddy- always stylish to some degree
    JHud- Nice
    Trey Songz- very clean
    Latifah- nice transformation
    Mya- chic

  8. homemusic January 17, 2010

    Nice pics all around and i can’t wait to see this show. India.arie as nice as you are, not feeling the get up too manly is correct,
    queen looks good but i’mma need her to cover her arms
    whitney looks amazing
    mary looks nice but those tatoos ugghhh

  9. Sammy January 17, 2010

    Umm they all look a hot mess. Cassie would have brung her fashion game. I know for damn sure that Cassie better have been invited to out perform this h*** and show em how its done. If she aint there imma snap.

  10. cedric January 17, 2010

    Glad to see bet hositng a positive show instead of all those wack reality shows. All the honorees are deserving.
    hmm j hud dress looks like dracula’s veil and ditch the glitter but glad she’s losing weight
    queenie – looks happy but..
    diddy- impeccable
    mary – nice but i hate tatoos on women
    whitney – diva, love the look, elegant
    ne-yo- ummm suspect lol
    indie arie – nothing to say cuz…..
    mya- classy but reminds me of dancing with stars lol

  11. Parisian girl January 17, 2010

    Indiana arie looks a mess
    Hudson looks very good
    imma need for neyo to upgrade his style,we are not in 2007 anymore

  12. KIM January 17, 2010

    Everyone looked great. Can’t wait to see the show next month.

  13. Sammy January 17, 2010


  14. Sammy January 17, 2010


  15. Sammy January 17, 2010

    @KIM. Everyone looked a hot mess. Cassie would have put these s**** to shame with her fashion game.

  16. Steffon January 17, 2010

    I was there last night. What an amazing show. Yall are in for a real treat on feb 1.

    Here is a snippet of JHUD singing I will always love you. Sorry for the lq but hey I was sitting in the back

  17. Sammy January 17, 2010

    @STEFFON That b**** sounded awful. She better get the f*** of that stage and hand the mic over to Cassie. JHud is just to fat. Cassie is s*** and hella talented.

  18. norma January 17, 2010

    Jhud has lost weight and she is gorgeous. A very beautiful dress also. To the haters hating on Jennifer. She is out for personal revenge. For now on out she will let her music and talent speaks for itself. A very classy multi-talented young lady.

  19. norma January 17, 2010

    Jhud has lost weight and she is gorgeous. A very beautiful dress also. To the haters hating on Jennifer. She is out for personal revenge. For now on out she will let her music and talent speaks for itself. A very classy multi-talented young lady. Sammy you can not see. Jhud is very nice.

  20. We January 17, 2010

    India.Arie simply has on too much make-up causing a dag queen effect. Had she opted for professional make-up and styling, she would have looked as beautiful as everyone else. I am not feeling the curly hair or that dress on Whitney. Neyo does need an update but every man in hip hop and R&B- minus Maxwell and Diddy- could use an update in wardrobe and all around style.

  21. Sammy January 17, 2010

    Where the f*** are u other f****** cCassie fans to help me the f*** out here. God sake to many haters for one person to handle.

  22. LEA January 17, 2010

    Cassie having fans/stans is HILARIOUS

  23. Sammy January 17, 2010

    @LEA well its true. HEr debut sold 895,000 copies so she got plenty of fans

    Check for her hotly anticipated new album ‘Electro Love’ out this year.

  24. parisian girl January 17, 2010

    sammy your delusional ass needs to get outta here,there aint no other cassie stans in this site,stop spamming,it’s annoying!
    sam/trent,do something about this troll,i can’t stand him anymore!!!

  25. Sammy January 17, 2010

    This is a forum where were all aloud to give our opinions. my opinion is that Cassie shits on ever other singing h** out there in every genre. I dont care who they are she beats those flops

    Check for Cassie’s mega anticipated new album ‘Electro Love’ out this year. Gonna be tha hotness.

  26. Sammy January 17, 2010

    Trent and Sam obviously agree with me otherwise I’d be banned by now. so take that take that take that!!!


  27. Darrell H-Town January 17, 2010

    Mary u looking great cant wait to c u proform feb1 plus Mary gonna b in houston for the rodeo march 5 and New Orleans for Essence Mary doing her thang you gotta love her i would b attending both events…………

  28. Cindy January 17, 2010

    President Ruth Simmons of Brown University is sure looking gorgeous up there next to P Diddy.

  29. anonymouss January 17, 2010

    everyone dressed nice here except mya n india….mya is always a hot mess but india usually looks better :/

  30. 5’7 TENNESSEE January 24, 2010


  31. Pimps in the Pulpit Author SB February 1, 2010

    Jennifer looked fabulous!!!!
    Whitney looked stunning
    Gabriel …. on shon tae’
    Chris Tucker… he is still the man

    I loved the show!

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