Hot Shots: Chris Brown Enjoys Fashion Week In Italy

Published: Tuesday 19th Jan 2010 by Trent

Chris Brown has been hitting some of the major shows at Fashion Week in Milan, Italy. This time singer was spotted on his way to the John Richmond Menswear event. Peep more pics below:



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  1. shelly-chelle January 19, 2010

    @sammy here we go once again you’re talkin about cassie when she has nothing to do about this post smh

    anyway, it’s obvious chris is tryin to do something different with his style by stepping out his box. Kudos to him for trying something new.

  2. Time is ticking January 19, 2010

    His looking good, you can’t really hate on that but people will find a way to.
    I like a man who takes pride in his appearance, Good luck to Chris Brown

  3. ms marie January 19, 2010

    i dont give a f*** what nobody says i stil love him!!!glad he’s tryin new stuuf and i hope he does well continually

  4. January 19, 2010

    he looks atrocious, especially those paddington bear galoshes

  5. cameron January 19, 2010

    The boots man chris the boots why o why.

  6. B. Mike January 19, 2010

    The boots are hot. Chris has great style as usual.

  7. Erica January 19, 2010

    Glad he’s enjoying life. Just doing him. Im happy for him & Rihanna.

  8. PR_STAR January 19, 2010

    take the boots off and pull up the pants a bit thank u sexii lol

  9. wtf January 19, 2010

    ahhh, my booo is looking the whole look…yep try something different works for me boo!!

  10. Gumaro January 19, 2010

    OMG I know Sammy is a bit much, but he wasnt even posted in here folks…

    ANYWAY…Chris Brown looks like the S***!!! He has a great body to rock the high fashion looks, and his blog even emphasizes that….I am so proud that through all the b******* people make him go through he doesnt settle for less or let it damper his STEEZ!

    I hope he lays a hot pile of steeze all over the haters…

  11. Mone January 19, 2010

    I f****** love those boots man! I would rock hard! Those boots are madd hot!

  12. mez January 19, 2010

    He needs to get back to his hood rat roots…high fashion is not for him

  13. DDDDD January 19, 2010

    EWW. wtf Rihanna beat the fashion sense when she hit him wit her phone lmaooo..

  14. dan January 19, 2010

    he wishes he has a p**** like cassie!

  15. Persia January 19, 2010

    that’s my gorgeous boy! he looks too casual tho…i wanna see him dressed in the same vain that ‘Crawl’ was styled!

  16. Dave January 19, 2010

    He looks cute.

  17. Imperfect Angel January 19, 2010

    I’m feeling the boots and coat but the sagging pants and graphic shirt underneath has to go boo…..not a good look for fashion week in Milan BUT nonetheless glad 2 see this kid…wonder what’s going on inside his mind? lol

  18. I SMELL A ‘HATER’ I thought they all died in 2009? January 19, 2010

    @MEZ: “…hood rat boots’ Your ignorance never seizes to amaze me! Would you perfer it if he was showing the world his body parts like Rih during Fashion Week in Paris!? Or would you perfer it if he posed nude in every magazine? If you don’t CB then, very simple, avoid his post! Go worship Rihanna over at Rihanna daily you ignorant twerp.

    Anywho, Chris looks good! I am not really feeling the boots with the pants tucked in, but he he still looks very handsome! I’m glad he is out and about enjoying himself! Living it up in Italy, enjoying his life with a smile on his face! He will let nothing get him down! Keep ya head up CB and stay Breezy while the haters stay mad! Can’t wait for your movie in May!

  19. parisian girl January 19, 2010

    i like his boots,boy u betta werq!

  20. Kongo January 19, 2010

    isit me or is he now trying to pull a rihanna with all this going to Fashion week =/ Hmm but yhh he has swagger aint going to lie but just not here loool

  21. ADE January 19, 2010

    his outfit is so f****** ugly, those boots….

  22. Symone January 19, 2010

    Chris is not even thinking of his crazy ex,so some of you need to act as if he’s copying her because she’s nothing to copy in the first place especially since she copies everyone else.

    One thing for sure no one can say Chris has copied anyone and that is what I appreciate! Chris is in Milan as he was invited to a fashion show by The House Designer and he is wearing the designs well I will say!

  23. links of london sweetie bracelet January 20, 2010

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  24. Truth Hurts January 20, 2010

    He looks sooo handsome!!!!! Loving his album by the way!! Hate on haters!!

  25. YouPutTheLimeInTheCoconut January 20, 2010

    He looks like a f*****’ clown, seriously. And this is coming from a female. That hood never ceases to amaze me, and those boots just scream “wurk it gurl!” If I saw a dude walking down the street dressed like that, I’d have to pull a PETA and throw some red paint on a n****, LOL!

  26. MushyLove_1992 January 21, 2010


  27. Anteneh Belay May 18, 2010

    no one is like chris brown

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