Exclusive: Mariah’s ‘Angel’s Advocate’ LP Shelved?

Published: Saturday 13th Mar 2010 by Sam

If there lay truth in the latest murmurings about Mariah Carey, things appear to be going from bad to worse for the diva. Reliable word has it that, in light of the disappointing performance of its singles, the 39 year old’s ‘Angel’s Advocate’ album has been shelved.

While Carey’s label, Island Def Jam, have yet to confirm or deny the speculation, the LP – which was a Target exclusive – has interestingly vanished from listings on the Target website, as well as Amazon where it was also featured as a download-only release. Additionally, despite being but a few weeks away from its announced release date of March 30th, no album cover nor promotional material for the record has surfaced.

The singer’s latest set-back comes on the heels of the poor performance of her ‘Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel’ LP, as well as the so-so success of her ‘Angel’s Advocate Tour’ – the box office scores of which saw particular dates struggle to fill 3000-seat arenas.


Oh Mimi! What else, honestly, can be said, that hasn’t been said already? Should the album have indeed been shelved, one has to wonder if the drama surrounding her label head L.A Reid has anything to do with it? It’ll be interesting to see how this unfolds…

Your thoughts?

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  1. Steffon March 13, 2010

    Poor her! Its time to grow up Mariah. As I always say PITY!!!

  2. Veebz March 13, 2010

    Poor MiMi
    To tell the truth the last MC I thougth was worth buying was TEOMM

  3. Stoney-Brie March 13, 2010

    that body looks like it just dived into a big ole kfc buckett…Mariah what happened 2 u gurl?

    i thot she was like the one who was used to diss Janet back in 06..

  4. CocoPuffs March 13, 2010

    Well they should release it. Why on earth shelve new music. Dream and Tricky screwed up and should not have been at the helm of a Mariah project to begin with, but money has been spent, so lets hear it and be done with it. Mariah should cross them off her list of collaborators for the future. Just release the music, cause Dream will leak it all anyway. Pllllllll.

  5. mike March 13, 2010


    Your seemingly trying to make Mariah come across as some kinda failure. Lets look at her record and where shes at in her career. It’s amazing she’s still so heavily featured on blogs.

    She looks very happy to me and I doubt she’ll be releasing an album anytime soon. They might be playing down the whole kids things but i’m pretty sure thats the next move for her.

    So its like so what if its shelved…mooooooooooooooving on. Lets not forget that we literally buried her alive after Glitter and yet here she still stands.

  6. Misty March 13, 2010

    Mariah is too grown for all this ish. Why is she close to 40 and still lettin’ people run her ass around? She has sold so many albums worldwide and has had great success so why won’t she bow out gracefully. At 40, I would prefer she had her OWN label, making her OWN decisions on promotion and sales, and not gettin’ jossled around. This is not the first tyme a label of hers has done this to her and has tried to push her out. She better do what jay said…dont let the label drop your ass–you drop the label! I still don’t understand why her grown ass is still not having control over her own work. If Mimi would get out and have more direction, she wouldn’t always have to worry about flopped albums and potentially being kicked out. She’d be her own boss!
    Also, she needs to start makin those ballads and real music we all love. I’m tired of her squeezing herself into mini skirts and singing material such as “up out my face.” Why is she workin’ with artists she KNOWS a DIVA like her shouldnt be dependent on? I feel like thats what the re-release was–a way for others to help her out. Mariah, charity begins at home honey, so move on from Def Jam, start your own shyt, take sum tyme off and come back with material for your older fanbase thats grown with you. I don’t think 40 yr olds wanna be hearin’ material like that. Her best song to me was Ribbon…

  7. OSO_Deluxe Edition March 13, 2010

    I waited 4 that………and tbh after her 2 songs flopped (because of the label) I saw that coming!
    anw hopefully it’ll be leaked!

  8. Mariah_Bey_Gaga March 13, 2010

    Thank God! Mariah Got Sense Knocked Into Her! Now, she can just take a break, & come out with something fresh & new! Hopefully, she leaves this label, & starts her own too. This Would’ve Obviously flopped, & just made her look even worse.

  9. number1k9 March 13, 2010

    If it is shelved, OK.

    If it’s not, whose buying?

    But I agree, I really feel like Mariah Carey’s music was so mature and enjoyable back in the 90s when she was young!

    And now in the late 00s-early 10s it’s seems so much more gimmicky and like she’s trying to appeal to the 15-25 year old range!

    It’s almost as if her music career was constructed backwards, cause lyrically she definitely has NOT matured, which is a sad thing!


  10. YouPutTheLimeInTheCoconut March 13, 2010

    Shelved? The project should not have even came to light in the first place. A waste of time and money for a VERY lost cause, as far as I’m concerned.

    Up Out My Face is starting to grow on me though.

  11. Bobby D March 13, 2010

    Son of a b****. If this album gets shelved Im gonna be pissed.
    What if the Jump Smokers remix LP gets shelved too???????

    say it aint so….

  12. Boricua March 13, 2010

    Whats “Exclusive” about this hearsay and conjecture?

  13. 12345 March 13, 2010

    Samanta is always repeating the shame s***, we know you hate Mariah and you want her to fail, but you dont need to say the same s*** everytime you post about her

  14. Alex March 13, 2010

    poor Mariah…she should go away for a few years

  15. Jeff March 13, 2010

    I want the album. I have always loved Mariah!! I think “Up Out My Face” is one of the best tracks this year and the video is hot!

  16. Bobby from Bulgaria March 13, 2010

    Sam says: “…the box office scores of which saw particular dates STRUGGLE to fill 3000-seat arenas.”

    The facts:

    Billboard Box Score: Sold Out Shows in Chicago!
    Date: Saturday, February 13-14, 2010
    Venue: Chicago Theatre in Chicago, IL
    Gross: $726,591
    Attendance/Capacity of Building: 7,034 / 7,034
    Sellout %: 100.0%
    Ticket Price Range: $147, $66

    Billboard Box Score: Mariah’s Show in Houston
    Date: Saturday, February 17, 2010
    Venue: Verizon Wireless Theater in Houston, Texas
    Gross: $247,668
    Attendance/Capacity of Building: 2,505 / 2,627
    Sellout %: 95.4%
    Ticket Price Range: $175.75, $59.75

    Billboard Box Score: Sold Out Show in Phoenix!
    Date: Saturday, February 20, 2010
    Venue: Dodge Theatre in Phoenix, Arizona
    Gross: $319,355
    Attendance/Capacity of Building: 4,860 / 4,860
    Sellout %: 100.0%
    Ticket Price Range: $150.50, $49.50

    Billboard Box Score: Mariah’s Shows in Los Angeles
    Date: Saturday, February 23-24, 2010
    Venue: Gibson Amphitheatre at Universal Citywalk in L.A.
    Gross: $1,107,515
    Attendance/Capacity of Building: 10,741 / 11,882
    Sellout %: 90.4%
    Ticket Price Range: $250.75, $69.75

  17. RATED x March 13, 2010

    I’m a huge Mariah Carey fan and I think she released too many albums back to back.
    after The Emancipation of Mimi, she should have took a 2, 3 yrs break, let us miss you.
    I guess after that album success, LA REID got greedy..
    she havent being performing well..she needs to take A HUGE BREAK….then come back.
    if whitney houston can do it, she can do it too.

  18. theillest March 13, 2010

    Her show in Dallas, Tx did not sell out and it was less than 3k seats. She also had several dates that did not sell out and was less than 80% capacity filled which is horrible seeing that these venues are only like 4k or 5k

    a star of her magnitude should be selling out 11k venues not filling out 3k to4k facilities at 70-85%

    It’s a good idea to shelve this project as angels cry remix is a collossal flop, urban ac isn’t even playing it and up out my my face with nicki Minaj isn’t get any love at urban or rhythmic and pop is giving it the side eye.

    Whoever greenlit this project along with her should be fired- bad move. Mariah go away for 2yrs then come back as an adult not a s** craved MILF!

  19. Shelly March 13, 2010

    Can someone tell me how much copies ANGEL’S ADVOCATE sold in its first week, I really want to know

  20. Kenney March 13, 2010

    Mariah need to take this as a hint to sit her ass down for a minute and realize that her heyday is over! People are over her heartbreak music s*** and are posted on Bey, Lady, britney, Rihanna, Jason Derulo, usher, jay Sean etc,,,,rght now. She needs to work with some different producers to give her a new sound then she could sell again like she did with Emancipation. ALL THE ARTISTS OUT THERE! STAY AWAY FROM THE DREAM IF U WANT A SUCCESSFUL CAREER!

  21. Kenney March 13, 2010


  22. FUSION March 13, 2010

    I love Mariah like no other, but I hope it is shelved. What’s the point of having a ‘remix’ album which is nothing more than a features album with the exact same songs as the original, but with copy and pasted vocals of other artists on it: its a pointless project. It will flop hard, so Mariah should show some respect for her legacy (which has been nothing short of amazing, irrespective of what others on here may allege) and allow this project. Save yourself some embarrassment girl and let go of this dead horse lol!

  23. FUSION March 13, 2010

    @Bobby from Bulgaria – thanks for putting the box office scores up, it shows how inaccurate the original article was. In fact, I believe Mariah sold out more shows than you put up.

  24. ALLNIGHTDONTSTOP2010 March 13, 2010

    I tremendously love mariah but I think its time she take some personal time away from the industry allow her fans / and everyone to miss her. Dont get me wrong I cant seem to understand how tracks like “HATE U” “Up OUT MY FACE” & “ANGEL CRY” went completely un noticed. I feel likt Mariah is starting to push herself a little too hard. “Memoirs Of A Imperfect Angel” is far one of her bEST albums to date IMO if it does get shelved I wont be mad

  25. Huggie March 13, 2010

    Mariah is so lame.
    She’s done and good riddance.
    It hasn’t been about her music for a long time. She has wasted her talent and career and won’t be remembered for what she should be…her voice.

  26. hahahaha March 13, 2010

    It’s hilarious that she is doing 3000 seat venues. Someone of her caliber should be able to sell out arenas.
    Whitney can’t sing anymore and she still can fill up a 12,000 seat venue.

  27. Bet_you_hear March 13, 2010

    Mimi: take a lil break, come back with new and fresh material, work with other producer (new or incumbent) that can make you superstar. We miss your powerful vocal range! You can make lil bit fresh music such as “touch my body”, but please make them balanced. I like Ribbon (original ver.).

  28. GoShawdy March 13, 2010

    I’m waiting for her to finally make that genre change she direly needs and what’s with these people who say she can’t do Disco like Gaga and Cascada? Y’all crazy, I could easily go with her being on something that sounds like I Feel Love. Mariah needs to dance and be happy for a change!

  29. anonymouss March 13, 2010

    i agree with Misty. its time for Mimi to act grown and take charge of her own s***….shes had like 18 godam number 1 singles she shouldnt let some lame ass label ruin her career now!

  30. Kevin March 13, 2010

    IDK about her running her own label… she doesn’t seem like she’s very business-oriented.


    I say colombia records. Beyonce’s on there, and a Bey/Mimi duet would be like no other!!

    –I put a whole spheal on the “Evolution of Mimi” post of what mimi should do to get back as a force in teh music industry…i’m gonna repost it! 😉

  31. Kevin March 13, 2010

    Before I begin, I want to say that I am a lamb if there ever was one. I buy all of the music that I have from her %100 legally, and stream her music videos on Yahoo whenever I can, so as to raise her Billboard ratings. I have all of her CD’s and listen to all of them. As a matter of fact, Memoirs is in my car’s CD player right now.

    my suggestions for taking mariah carey’s name back on top (a lot of these are copied from others’ posts)–
    It’s a uphill battle for her. she is still cranking out amazing music, but single choices (H.A.T.E.U. and IWKWLI were AMAZING songs, but terrible singles) were NOT good for the radio. They’re flopping left and right, except for Obsessed, which got old, fast, because people got bored of it. Her whole mentality on music has to change. She’s not the same as the 90’s. She (along with those around her!) cannot simply assume that her name on an album will be enough to get people to buy it. She can’t be trying to make others’ careers, she has to be humble and get hits the old fashioned ways.

    Before coming back to her music career, first get into a movie that’s more crowd pleasing. After her amazing bout of acting in Precious (granted, it only lasted for 10 minutes), casting directors are sure to take her. Precious was good, but not a lot of teenagers went to see it.

    When back to music she should…
    1. leave IDJ. right away. no way that relationship can go on. It’s like they are TRYING to get Mimi to leave them.

    2. JOIN Columbia. AMAZING artists signed to Columbia, including Beyonce and Susan Boyle. Any big label would work, but there’s a specific reason Columbia’s the way to go.. (see #3)

    3. Mariah Carey and Beyonce Knowles on an up-beat break-up single (something like Standing O). If I were L.A. Reid, I’d have gotten Beyonce on Standing O for Angels Advocate and released THAT as a single. But, that’s why she should leave IDJ (see #1!). There is a reason that she won 6 Grammys, it’s because EVERYONE loves her. Listen to interviews, they always praise each other, so I’m sure they would be excited to work together.

    4. Kick Tricky Stweart and The Dream to the curb. There comes a point where the same process of overlapping choruses so that she appears to have a duet with her own voice on nearly every song gets really, really old. Go back to Jermaine Dupri. Mimi and JD need to collaborate again, because they make hits. Jermaine Dupri is history’s most successful R&B producer for a reason, and Mimi needs the best.

    5. Once the proposed Beyonce single was out, get Lil’ Wayne on board for another single. OR if she and her label were feeling super ballsy, get one with Eminem. I think they are both atrocious to the highest degree, but they are really, really popular. Obviously, a single with Eminem would have buzz, because of their overly publicized feud (since when has buzz done a single bad?). Hell, they could even have a song that’s about forgiveness or something, alluding to their forgiven feud. That sounds corny, but with 3 GREAT song writers (Mariah, JD, and Eminem), I think that they could make it work. Lil’ Wayne is featured on tons of songs (Down by Jay Sean, for one), and If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. If she had Eminem on a song, Mimi should still get Lil’ Wayne on the album, just not as a single.

    6. Assuming that those two singles did AT LEAST moderately well, (TOP 10 would be a BLESSING, for the way she’s been doing so far) put out a JD-produced song without a featured artist.

    See how that goes. If that fails, put out a greatest hit CD with some new singles, go on a goodbye tour and call it quits. Keep acting, but don’t go crazy. IMO, if that 6 part plan weren’t to work, I literally have no clue what could bring her success, musicaly. Maybe a s** tape? lol JUST KIDDING…I don’t think ANY of us want that.

  32. Alive March 13, 2010

    I agree with GoShawdy Mariah needs to transition out of her outdated R&B slow jams and transition to a more hip sound. I just can’t understand the predicament Mariah has allowed herself to be placed in. All Mariah really needs to do is work with some hip electronic pop/dance producers to come up with some great backing tracks and just showcase her vocals with some grown-up lyrics. Think Fergie in Blackeyed Peas song “Meet Me Halfway” or La Roux’s song “Bulletproof.” She needs to experiment with new genres if she wants to be taken seriously as an artist. Hell it’d be a miracle if she could create music that transcends all genres. Mariah is close friends with Beyonce so I hope she’s been taking notes on how to dominate the industry like theres no tomorrow. Music videos are another problem area, since Touch My Body all the videos have been so amatuerish, sappy, corney, blatent s** shots. A great video needs these days must be avante gard, thrilling, enchanting, eye-catching and glamorous in all sense of the word. If she needs direction for that stuff she should speak to Lady Gaga or Bjork.

  33. Alive March 13, 2010

    Oh and LEAVE ISLAND DEF JAM! for Chist’s sake this woman dwouldn’t know bad management if it stole her career out from under her. Oh wait I think they just did….

  34. geeMan March 13, 2010

    As a fan I am so pleased to hear this news. This remix album was dead on arrival the music was uninspired and lazy on everyone”s account. I feel like Mimi and Def Jam are on opposite sides of the spectrum it has been this way since the E=MC2 era. Even though the Sony year weren”t great at least Mimi received her just due. I feel like Mimi is more interested in her personal life nowadays which is fine with me because everyone deserves a happy personal life working your ass will help you gain monetary fortune but it doesn’t secure happiness. I feel like Mimi should take time off get inspired and work with artists and producers that will help bring out or compliment her talent. I will never count Mimi out because talent always wins in the end. Also she has proved what she can do with the odds stacked against her and no one has come close to having a comeback like hers in 05.

  35. Fat, drunk, and ugly, Mariah! March 13, 2010

    LOL! 🙂

  36. haha March 13, 2010

    like how people compare beyonce and rihanna, back in the day wasn’t mariah compared to whitney? its interesting to see today, the type of music whitney makes compared to the type of music mariah makes. she seems to be on the “whats hot now” with the dream and tricky stewart and a song with nicki minaj. maybe this formula is not working for her anymore…

  37. Dilla March 13, 2010

    Dude wheres her stylist????????????????

  38. X(Chris) March 14, 2010

    OK for the record, I am a lamb and I love MC more than any other artist, but I think it’s time for her to take a break, maybe start a family with NC? After establishing her family she can come back if she wants to and feels inspired, maybe she should do like Christina Aguilera wait atleast 4 years before she returns? I agree with Kevin, she should make a duet with Beyonce and work with Jermaine again, after all he’s the man who’s produced many of her #1’s. She should try something fresh and new, but I really don’t want Mariah to work with generic producers like Red One or Stargate. Maybe she should work with Will.I.Am? He’s produced so many hits recently, so why not? On her next album she should take her time, not rush release it like she did with MOAIA. She should not abandon her ballads either, because that will attract her older fanbase. And as much as I hate Eminem, making a song with him could be a smart move:P I really want to see Mariah in more movies and the critics praised her for her role in Precious, so I don’t see any reason why she can’t focus on acting. She should land a main role in a movie that everybody wants to see, with some other big stars as well.

  39. R e T i R e March 14, 2010

    This disgusting old cow needs to go……………… for good !!!!



  40. BORING, FLOP, SUCK & FAKE Mariah March 14, 2010

    Mariah Carey>>>>>>>>>>> Janet Jackson

  41. Memoirs of an old S**** March 14, 2010

    MooMoo is so 90s. Nobody likes her in the US. Worldwide she is nothing but a pest …

  42. Angel’s Constipate March 14, 2010

    Poor Mariah cant just selling her fake tits to remain relevant as Rihanna & Beyonce these days… 🙁

  43. Kevin March 14, 2010


    thanks dude. like i said, that 6 step plan, i think, is her only hope of survival….

    @memoirs of an old s****

    well, IWKWLI just broke the record of 20 weeks at number 1 in brazil….so im pretty sure she is a force to be reckoned with over there.

  44. just askin March 14, 2010


  45. ash jones March 14, 2010

    it never actually appeared on Target in the first place!

  46. the hard fact March 14, 2010

    Brazil chart is airplay not sales…

    ……just like Mariah got her many flaked 18th Number One Hits in USA 🙁

  47. CT40 March 14, 2010

    It’s disappointing how poorly radio has received Mariah during this era. “H.A.T.E.U.” was a great single! “Up Out My Face” should’ve been a hit as well. If Rihanna or Beyonce had’ve released it, radio would’ve eaten it up. Radio is so fickle. “Ribbon” is destined to smash. Beautiful lyrics, production, and vocals. I’m sorry, Mariah. You know, it’s almost as if radio is trying to prevent her from beating the Beatles. Conspiracy, anyone?

  48. BRYANT March 14, 2010

    Mariah dont let the label drop u drop the label

  49. cool chick March 14, 2010

    she is fat, old and unappealing so who didn’t see this coming?

  50. YAAAWN, BOREFEST! March 14, 2010


  51. sean2009 March 14, 2010






  52. theillest March 14, 2010

    @shelly: I think Angel’s Advocate sold around 163k or 181k, I forgot but it sold more than 161k and less than 180k copies- either way, it sold way less than her previous 2 albums which openned with sales over 400k

    It’s like her fan base disappered- the teens and little boys she cater too download her music illegally or if they do purchase, she alienated her older fan base with the cd cover and the stupid obsessed song.

    No denying sheis in trouble and Dej jam would be stupid to release AA remix- it would be embarrassing for Mariah and further put pressure on L A Reid

  53. Bobby D March 14, 2010

    stick to the plan. Release that s***!

  54. Jenny_Hitz March 14, 2010

    I love Mimi’s “Memoirs” I believe tat was her best ver album! Mariah out did herself in this LP, hope they will release “Advocate”- Haters will b haters..who cares…..Mariah earned Best song for 2 decades “OSD” and “WBT”…need to say more?! guess not…Up Out My Face haters…I break boy!

  55. vegasgirl March 14, 2010

    The problem for Mariah is her material, honestly she is too old to still attempt to appeal to the same fan base as beyonce, rihanna, gaga, etc. I remember when she had that breakdown years ago and I truly believe that it was because she was trying to compete for the same audience as Brittney ,J-Lo and beyonce when she didn’t need to. ( that’s around the same time she went and got her boobs done and decided to wear a lot less clothes.)

    Mariah needs to recognize that she is a different artist than the rest of them and doesn’t need to compete because she is Mariah, that’s what her fan base fell in love with. Oh and stop whispering and start singing again, that BS is ridiculous!

  56. vegasgirl March 14, 2010

    Oh and BTW I really don’t know if Def Jam is the problem, I think she may need to look internally to see who she really is. I know she said she is eternally 14 but she needs to find out how to express that without actually singing lyrics that a 14 year old would write.

  57. FiercerMC March 14, 2010

    @vegas girl
    u got iall wrong honey… she’s eternally 12!
    i totally love Mariah but yeah you are right!
    and she also needs a wardrobe makeover

  58. BeyonceStan March 14, 2010

    Mariah just can’t sing anymore.

  59. K=FC2 March 15, 2010

    how many flops do they want from this old and disgusted diva? 🙁


    Fcuk Mariah…nobody likes her music anymore. Stay home, time to pop out babies.. 🙁

  61. Porntube March 15, 2010


    Mariah looks like a MILF !!!!

  62. Porntube March 15, 2010

    She should retire in Vegas..!


  63. Porntube March 15, 2010

    she looks like a MILF p*** star than a diva…

  64. THE PROOF March 15, 2010

    She looks like a MILF p*** star than a diva…

  65. nick condom March 15, 2010

    Janet’s boobs aren’t hanging unlike Mariah who chooses to not take care of her body yet still wear Size 0 outfits!

    “Up Out My Face” looks like some $10 dollar p*** video you get in the very back of Blockbuster.

    🙂 🙂 🙂

  66. Zíggy March 15, 2010

    Ok, let me think! Ok Mariah, Mariah, Mariah, Haven’t you learned yet that everyone is still out to get you! Including L.A. Reid! HINT HINT he’s tryna sign Jennifer Lopez who once previously stole some of your material!!! Again Mariah you were heading in the right direction with the release of Obsessed but you didn’t release a strong follow up single to that! A ballad wasn’t gonna do with today’s Pop charts you stick with your uptempo music f.e. Dreamlover, Fantasy, Honey, HEARTBREAKER, Boy (I need you), Touch My body, & I’ll be Lovin you longtime! I seriously think that “It’s a Rap” would’ve been a wonderful release because her voice is so similar to like it used to be back when she recorded “Always be my Baby” So Mariah take it from a fan who studies the charts! I think she has about a good three more albums in her and about five more number one hits in her if she stays away from her lower register! We’ve heard it so much now that she’s beginning to sound just like everyone else! Try more singles similar to Fantasy, Honey, Hearbreaker, and watch its response on the HOT 100!!!

    Zíggy knows a lil about MiMi

  67. Bobby from Bulgaria March 15, 2010

    I’m gonna say that again – Mariah’s problem is NOT with her looks and wardrobe… Nor with her material…

    The problem was with the singles choices… They should’ve released songs like Migrate, Side Effects, Standing O… They were right with Touch My Body and Obsessed but then left those out and that was the BIGGEST mistake… That’s all… They just took some wrong steps…

    Nevertheless, the albums were really great, just not well presented…

    I don’t know whose fault this is, but they should be more careful next time…

  68. Kaka March 16, 2010


    Single choice? yeah right…

    Nothing could save her in the US. Her age wont help help. Mariah is loosing fan base. Nobody in her age would associate with her.

  69. Peirre March 16, 2010

    Is this “has- been diva” even relevant anymore? 😉

  70. Quentin Peters March 16, 2010

    Damn homie…

  71. whateva March 16, 2010

    @ Bobbi from Bulgaria. (I know you Lambs don’t want to accept this)

    Her live performances and stage presence is not that of a 20 year experienced diva.

    More like an American Idol contestant of semi finals standard! 🙁

  72. hanah March 17, 2010

    if it gets shelved… i will cry for weeks 🙁

  73. P.Nelson March 20, 2010

    Mariah is flawless, and she has nothing to prove. I was excited about this album because i love anything she releases. Then again, I do have to say she needs to rethink some of her single choices. (Though I do Love ‘Angels Cry’) She does need to drop her label and move to one that will make her shine. She still has the voice, the talent and the power. I love her no matter what she does. As for the radio not wanting her to beat “The Beatles” I agree with that. She is that good, that she scared most! (I can’t wait to see her beat them) This resulted in less airplay, which also resulted to no #1 singles, then it doesn’t allow her to achieve this goal. She will prevail, she will do it. It takes time. They said she was done before, then TEOM came out and she stumped many. She can do it again. She does need to do some major power ballads like she use to (for the older fans) at the same time she also should include some for the new fans. All in all, new label, rest this year and in 2011 come back strong. Do not worry about keeping up with the times, you are loved for you. You are Mariah, no one can surpass what you have presented. Hope to see great success in the future! You are still #1. (Do not let them “try” and demolish your career you spent a life time making) It is still in you Mariah, now go find it!

  74. P.Nelson March 21, 2010

    Also, I think if Angels Advocate is destined to flop, it would be better for IDJ to re-release a repackage version of MOAIA with Anegels Advocate as a second CD. This will surely bring back Memoirs to the Top 10 then people will get notice of it and buy. Memoirs is a good cd. Mariah we Love you. I am excited for AA but if it does not come out, I understand why. Bless you Mariah! You are the best!

  75. mariah April 26, 2011

    hey i love your songs no lie

  76. lindsay September 2, 2011

    ive been a mariah fan all my life. but the fact of the matter is mariah’s best days are behind her. period. and that’s okay. every singer has a prime and you just simply cannot be on top forever, i dont care who you are. but like someone else said, MC has nothing to prove anymore anyways. shes a legend, an icon and noone can take that from her. shes the best selling female artist of all time (i know fans of other divas like madonna, janet, celine,whitney ect) cant stand to hear that hear that, but its a FACT! i she has 18 # 1’s, (more than anyone except the beatles) and has won awards for best selling artist of the decade, artist of the millenium and a lifetime achievement award. not only that, virtually every pop star today ,from britney to christina to beyonce to rihanna, has been influenced by her. i will always love mariah, but i have to admit that she has made alot of mistakes in her career the last decade and a half and has done alot of things that have irritated me also in that time. im not one of those people that longs for the “old mariah” , but i belive that she really has cheapened her whole image and totally abandoned the fanbase that made her who she is. i dont like her diva-ish attitude either. celebrities surround themselves with yes people and she’s no different and you can tell that she belives her own hype. i went to the angels advocate tour here in phoenix and she was SO diva-like it was a total turnoff. she kept having people coming out and spraying her down with a light mist, fixing her hair, putting on lipgloss ect it almost felt like she was flaunting her status. she was the queen and we (her fans) were mere peasants. also, it sucks to say, but i agree with the person that says mariah does not have the stage presence of someone whos been in the biz as long as she has and im sure thats a big reason why her concerts are so small. (honestly, i couldnt belive how small Dodge theater was, which is the venue she performed at on her AA tour in phoenix) i went to the britney spears circus tour the year before and the front row alone had as many people as mc’s WHOLE CONCERT! no lie. people go to concerts to be entertained and even though mariah did a good job at the concert i went to, she is just not a good entertainer for the most part. another thing that ive noticed is how desperate mc is to be that # 1 diva again, putting out (mediocre) record after record. im not saying that some of her music now isnt good because it is but there is alot of it that isnt good. or at least as good as it could be. anyways, when her christmas cd came out, it was obvious that she was trying to to recapture the success of 1994s “merry christmas”. and when i first heard “santa baby”, it was even more obvious that she was trying to make another “all i want for chrismas is you”. i dont know whats gonna happen with mariah, but i do know that she is NOT living up to her true potential and until she does, things will always be the way they are right now for her. but either way, i will always support her. i do consider myself a lamb, but im also a realist and wont defend mariah just because shesmariah, which sadly, alot of lambs do do.

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