Monica & Rocko Separate

Published: Thursday 11th Mar 2010 by Sam

R&B star Monica and fiancé of two years, Rocko, have parted ways, the singer confirmed on Twitter a few moments ago. Expectedly, no specific reason was given for the seemingly sudden break-up, however Monica did re-affirm the rapper’s status as a ‘great father’. Check out the screen-caps via our girl Necole Bitchie below:

Our thoughts go out to Monica. Here’s hoping they can work through their differences for the sake of their sons.

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  1. ms jazz March 11, 2010

    Men aintshit, just have a hard dic? and eat P?ssy good, wit their dumb ass, dont know when they got something good till its gone,,, hard dumb dic? ass

  2. koko March 11, 2010

    This doesn’t surprise me because on her reality show he was never around and she always made an excuse for where he was. Sorry to hear it though.

  3. cutiepie March 11, 2010

    Still Standing in stores 3-23-10 make sure ya’ll cop that and please respect monica’s privacy and let her have her peace i’m sure she’s been through enough.

  4. MaZ March 11, 2010

    Feel sorry for their children. March 2010 will be a new start in her life.

    Wish her the very best. She’s a good person and a talented artist.

  5. March 11, 2010

    “we all make mistakes” = he cheated
    at least thats the vibe it gave me

    but regardless of what happened, lots of love to the both of them and hopefully they both find peace

  6. Jasmine March 11, 2010

    I don’t like saying this because he is the father of her children but that is the best move she has made in her private life. In ATL, he has a couple hoodrat sideline h*** that have been tormenting Monica by calling her and rubbing it in her face. Also, he has been disrespecting Monica by taking them on dates publicly. She can do better.

  7. cheryl March 11, 2010

    awww monica is the sweetet most humble singer out…im praying for her and definitely gonna pick up that album!

  8. Nothing new… March 11, 2010


  9. Dilla March 11, 2010

    I never understood why she thought he was a good man and I’m tired of Rocko’s face looking like he needs to take a dump in all of his pictures.

  10. anonymouss March 11, 2010

    why dont men ever appreciate the women that they have?
    and why are women always staying with the wrong man??
    ugh, so sad how often it is happening in the celebrity world, especially to the nice ones like monica.

  11. divawithatwist March 11, 2010

    God has your back Monica, stay strong keep your head up and love your sons hard.

  12. Danny March 11, 2010

    You must be a fool to do something like that to Monica. She has been through so much and she is a beautiful God fearing woman. What is wrong with that guy ?

  13. SparkD March 11, 2010

    I love Monica, but where was her head with that song “Sideline Ho.” That’s not how you do it.

    Rocko might be a good father, but I don’t believe in “playing married.” Make him “do right” and then “make it official.”

  14. Dave March 11, 2010

    He f***** up. He really F***** UP!! Monica is one of the best women, ANY MAN could have, & he f***** that up. He ought of be ashamed of himself. It’s ok, because Mo’ can do damage all by herself. She’ll do fine, & even better without him.

  15. kekeluvsu March 11, 2010

    @ Dave

    i agree. He will def. regret what he left. But most dudes do when somebody better comes along and treats they ex right. We love you Mo stay strong.

  16. Dave March 11, 2010

    Yup, I agree @ KEKELUVSU

  17. YouPutTheLimeInTheCoconut March 11, 2010

    Why is everybody blaming him? We don’t know how or why they broke up, at all. Hell, for all we know it could have been Monica who did something. Or it could have involved something they BOTH did. I mean, she ain’t perfect, nobody is.

    Some of you are getting a little ahead of yourselves here.

  18. 704 March 12, 2010

    Monica, hun your pretty (despite being malnutrition) You need to leave these lil ugly boys alone, I never understood how a smart girl, would involve herself with such ignorance and filth.

    I don’t know what went on between them, but I seen this coming,
    Monica gurl, keep it pushing and stop being a jack ass for these lame n*****.

  19. Mone March 12, 2010

    @ YOUPUTTHELIMEINTHECOCONUT: Thank you for saying that!

    LOL @ everybody who THINKS they know what went on! We all need to get our own ISH together before we go judging Rocko and Monica’s relationship! We don’t know what went down, so let’s just wish the best for both and pray to God that he fixes the imperfections in our life! Too many of us try and analyze every little thing in the lives of these celebrities, but our lives are a hot s***** mess! Let’s get it together people! This world would be better off if we did that!

    God Bless you all!

  20. antertain March 12, 2010

    Well it’s well known in ATL and that news about Rocko cheating isn’t new in that area.
    Mo hasn’t been pictured with Rocko in ages and he wanted more shine on her TV show.

    To the Sideline Ho’s ya’ll really need to get a grip and stop calling Monica’s phone and maybe listen to Monica sing sideline ho to you.

    Thankfully as much as this will pain Monica as she had children with him, she’s gone through a hell lot worse situations.

    Still Standing soooooooooo fits her album title right now and she’s doing great so Mo keep your head up and don’t let the devil (i mean the real Devil not Rocko) try destroy the destiny God has paved your way.

    You “Let It Go & Let GOD”

    Is it just me or does this situation clear up the theme for the video of Everything To Me ??
    A straight up Love song turned in2 about an obsessed chick harassing and trying break up what is Everything To Her (Me), her family!!!

    TEAM MONICA 2010
    MARCH 22 (UK) MARCH 23RD (US)

    (ps: We got you Mo)

  21. Quotes from Sandra Rose Site (I’m CoCo Butta) March 12, 2010

    Sandra Rose is close with Monica and she says!!

    1st statement from Monica on the day separation

    “Hey Sandra. Just waking up to the madness. I’m in L.A and worked with Polow until 7 this morning. My phone is ringing off the hook and its all driving me a bit crazy because I didn’t ask to be mixed in this. But that’s life. There’s always a rainstorm before rainbows. I’m going to call u once I get myself together some.”

    2nd Statement confirming break-up

    ” I know there were many rumors. And Sandra, I appreciate that you never dug into them for the sake of both our families. I am going to rest today & go back to work tomorrow. I am going to do what I have always done. Focus on my children, my family & my career. Rock was put under a lot of harsh scrutiny during our entire relationship and I’m sure that was not easy.

    However at this point our focus is being great parents. He is a great father to his children and, continuing forward, that is my only concern. With every breath in our bodies we will make sure that they feel as little pain as possible and continue to have the lives they had before with no attention dedicated to our separation. I will not be speaking on the subject further unless it is with God whom I believe does everything with reason. I love my children and their father and I’m truly grateful for those that loved and supported us through the good and the bad throughout the years.”

    Keep focused Monica and @Antertain i agree!!!
    I got my pre-order on itunes so will have bonus track called Blackberry cant waaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittttttttttttt!!!!

  22. G.LaSalle March 12, 2010

    Monica seems to have the worst taste in men, but that does not dilute her talent or beauty. She’s been through much worse, so I know this is only a tiny bump in the road.

  23. Renae March 12, 2010

    Saw this coming, he was like never around anyways, and they appeared so distant on camera. Thats why I don’t understand why people continue to have kids by certain individuals, and before you know it you’re raising 2, 3, 4 kids by yourself and you’re not even 30 yet. I hope she get away from the thugs and find her a genuninely good guy or maybe just try being alone for a while.

  24. DizzyGuy1985 March 12, 2010

    I like Monica. She is really sweet and seems very determined.

    But what I don’t understand is why women will have kids and be engaged for like 10 years. Its like they have their entire side of the family taking care of the kids and than he is no where to be found.

    I’m not just talking about women, I’m talking about the men as well who can’t commit which is just as bad. Monica seems very sweet and I feel bad if its the truth that he cheated on her. She seems like a good mom and family member.

  25. cool chick March 12, 2010

    sad 🙁

  26. mya cookies March 12, 2010

    mannn and she was saying on her show how she found a soul mate ay saddd

  27. SHANTA March 12, 2010


  28. Khalil March 13, 2010

    I dislike the way when it comes to personal business of these celebrities it has to be blasted all over the net. Nonetheless, Monica is a strong woman and I know God will take care of her and her boys! I mean like she said it was never fair game from the start. People always called him a bum and this and that. No way am I excusing whatever happen because Monica and Rocko know best, bottom line continue to love Monica. Pray she will get through this.

    We have an album to promote *TEAM MONICA* and this bit of news shall not get in our way. She has moved on and contiuned working, so I suggest everyone else do the same. Still Standing means so much more to me now and I cannot wait until March 23….

    holla @ me on twitter stillstanding_1

  29. kashe March 13, 2010

    come on now. monica has admitted on numerous occasions that she likes THUGS, RUFF NECKS and HOOD N*****. look at her track record. C MURDER, YOUNG BUCK, THE THUG THAT COMMITTED SUICIDE, RoCKO…she needs better taste in men. maybe some men who aren’t rappers or hoodlums. a well educated man who will treat her with respect, and care for her like the QUEEN she is. mo is about to be 30 years old, who wants to play with little boys at that age? it is in my sincerest prayers that GOD opens her eyes to a REAL man. STAY STRONG MO!!!!

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