Hot Shot: Guess Who?

Published: Wednesday 21st Jul 2010 by Sam

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Which Pop superstar was spotted rocking this interesting ‘do while shopping at the Sherman Oaks Galleria in California yesterday (July 20th)? Hint: She used to be an amazing performer….

It’s Britney Spears!

Your thoughts?

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  1. keasyy July 21, 2010


  2. MooreNeverson July 21, 2010


  3. TheBaddestBitch July 21, 2010


    Lookin a hot mess, as usual 🙂

    And they call that a legend? PLEASE haha.

  4. bjksolo July 21, 2010


  5. magdalena July 21, 2010

    isn’t she lovely this hollywood girl xD

  6. The Dimpled Puppet SHOW July 21, 2010

    She just don’t give a F*** and I LOVE IT!

  7. Britneyshair July 21, 2010

    Its been what 3 years since the head shaving incident and girls head still looks mashed. She needs to lose the extensions and let it grow out naturally or she will end up having tha same do as Failtina Aguilera

  8. TheBaddestBitch July 21, 2010

    Shoot her!

  9. The truth July 21, 2010


  10. Bacqui July 21, 2010

    Its one of those lame overated bytchies! She needs to hit da gym asap!

  11. Hlove July 21, 2010

    She’s happy and that what matters

  12. veebz July 21, 2010

    Life has really dragged her through the trenches

  13. X,Y,”and Z” July 21, 2010

    I preferred her better, when she had, that shaved-head of-hers, umbrella-in-hand, attacking the Papparazi, in their car — PRICELESS …!!

    X,Y,”and Z” — OUT!!

  14. Sam July 21, 2010

    Maybe show a little sensitivity it is obvious that she suffered from severe possibly post natal depression but had become such a cash cow for so many people that they did not care about helping her.

  15. ADE July 21, 2010

    EURGH how disgusting! She looks beastly

  16. Bobby from Bulgaria July 21, 2010

    I’m sorry but this looks PHOTOSHOPPED…

  17. The Last Song July 21, 2010

    Photshopped???!!! You must be some DELUSIONAL f**-stan to think that photo is edited. Your favourite is just some messy old s*** who sleeps around with the papparzzi and only bothers to wash her hair once a month!!!!

  18. gfssd July 21, 2010



  19. The Last Song July 21, 2010

    Go tell Miss Britney to wear a BRA before you do that LOL!

  20. SunDee July 21, 2010

    why can she not use extension (or whatever that is). SHe has natural great hair! I just don’t get it.

  21. MIKENBK July 21, 2010

    @MOORENEVERSON .. You don’t think that was a little racist ??

  22. joeyg July 21, 2010


    They call her a legend for what she has achieved in her career. She has always been trashy and that didn´t stop her from getting those number ones so…


    This girl´s hair is a mess but she even doesn´t even put effort. Your fave´s hairdo is always a mess, no matter how she tries to be trendy… Now Britney go ahead and shave your head again to show some b****** around here how its´s done

  23. Gary July 21, 2010

    She betta work LMAOOO

  24. Danni July 21, 2010

    omg i dont like seeing britney like this : (

  25. Bobby from Bulgaria July 21, 2010

    @The Last Song:

    I don’t mean to be rude but… STFU, B*TCH!

    Obviously you’re too dumb to comment on my comments… DID I EVER SAY THAT SHE’S MY FAVOURITE??? Or you were just too much in a hurry to open that filthy mouth of yours and start spilling that crap that you’ve been chewing…? Well, keep it there…
    And the pic still looks like it has been photoshoppped to me… I don’t know… That’s just what I thought…

  26. FUTURESTARdelux July 21, 2010



  27. Nothing But My Opinion July 21, 2010

    a hot ass mess LOL

  28. LUV-LEE July 21, 2010


  29. justine July 21, 2010

    looks better than rihanna’s nappy butter beef hair.

  30. Blu Majik July 21, 2010

    uhhhhh! Is that a bird nest on her head?

  31. IMj July 21, 2010

    So she sold 100 million, she still cant manage to keep her basic appearance up. Shes a sloppy chick. She cant keep decent clothes on her body or keep her hair done. And people look up to this? Theres a whole bunch of people stuck in the matrix. She trailer trash and she looks like she hasnt bathed in days.

  32. justine July 21, 2010

    britney spears is a good example of how a real lady is supposed to be! Her hair looks great! Your hair stylist could never…

  33. CIaraMAdness July 21, 2010

    why does she do this to herself???

  34. West Indian July 21, 2010

    HHHOOOTTT MMEESSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. The Last Song July 21, 2010


  36. X,Y,”and Z” July 21, 2010

    I Love that b**** … really, I do …. (X,Y,”and Z” crosses-fingers and prays for another “Paparazzi-Present Britney Spears-Meltdown,” and from the looks of her, in that picture(?!), I’ll-not-have long-to-wait!) … !!!

    X,Y,”and Z” — OUT …!!!

  37. Jash July 21, 2010

    with all her money u think she would find a decent hair stylist ffs someone sought this train wreck out!!!!

    sill b**** white trailer trash!!!

  38. bluekid July 21, 2010

    @ X,Y,”and Z”

    ROFL! LMAO! that’s so funny both comments! 🙂

  39. CrackIsWack July 21, 2010

    Oh Brittany… honey, why so sloppy all the time? Geesh.

  40. Christian July 21, 2010

    Sam that was soooooooooooooooooooooo DISRESPECTFUL of you posting this picture. lol As a Britney fan, I must say, Britney tries to living a normal life just like the rest of us and her hair is NOT always up to par and she always doesn’t look her best. I will say that. But when it is time for her to be done up, make up, hair, clothes, etc she looks AMAZING!!!!!

  41. matt July 21, 2010

    Britney has sold 100 million records, where are your faves on this list. Xtina fans stand down, they both came out at the same time, and there is a huge difference in sales between xtina and britney, and britney doesn’t even need to glam herself up or pose for the paparazzi. She’s a madcap, but she sold more than your faves ever dreamed, first time stanning for Britney and it needed to be said! #FAIL

  42. Beysbetter July 21, 2010

    Britney Spears has neverrrr ever been fashionable or fashion foward. in her life…….with a artist of calibur u think she woulda been on vogue…etc…she’s always been sloppy and lazy

  43. Love July 21, 2010

    With s*** like that on her hair day in and day out and she still stay slaying and outselling most of the chicks and men in the music industry. Like it or not Britney has a hold in the music industry and has the most dedicated and flexible fanbase to keep her on top. Like they say she don’t give a rats ass what all these people have to say about her hair and such cause at the end of the day she’s still a legend. Next single? Straight to number one believe it.

  44. number1k9 July 21, 2010

    HATE is a disease!

    Y’all just wait till her new music comes out!

  45. Brueklyn July 21, 2010

    Yeah she looks like a h.a.m here; but she is still a rich b.i.t.c.h.
    Her legs are thicker than a …

  46. Yo July 21, 2010

    The b**** can’t sing… The b**** can’t dance …. The b**** is too lazy to promote anymore AND IS STILL scoring those big first week sales and scoring #1 debuts. I mean Xtina fans wanna talk? When was her last chart topper? And for that matter… hows Bionic doing?

  47. Andrew July 21, 2010

    She makes me happy hahahaha

  48. Sarah1 July 21, 2010

    I love Brit but she should be a shamed of herself walking out in public with her hair looking like that.


    Shouldn’t you be focused on Christina latest disastrous flop? No matter what she does, she’ll never be on Brit’s level of musical popularity.

  49. SunDee July 21, 2010

    why this always turn out a versus brit vs xtina?!

    I’m tired read the same ol thing… come on guys…

  50. SunDee July 21, 2010

    Britney days look is definitely not good since i remember when…
    esp. with this picture (which is real pic or photoshopped? i dunno)
    but hey she has great catchy music… (no point of argue).

    Say mess when it mess (on topic).

  51. True Blue July 21, 2010

    @ Sarah1:

    Britney may always have higher sales, but more and more everyday she’s more likely to be remembered as a joke rather than an artist… Christina’s album may be flopping right now, but at least she doesn’t have to make an ass of herself in public just to stay relevant. When Britney isn’t recording or on tour, you still see her in the news, and it’s NEVER for a good thing.

    Oh, and where is Britney’s position on Rolling Stone’s 100 Greatest Singers of All Time? Yeah, commercial success doesn’t always mean you’re better. I’d like to see how well Britney will do when she gets old and no longer has her looks to rely on.

  52. Realmusic July 21, 2010

    That don’t make no damn sense

  53. Sarah1 July 21, 2010

    True Blue,

    I know you’re not trying to base your opinion off of some greatest voices of all time list. Lmao. Mariah Carey has more #1 BB Hot 100 hits than Mariah but does that make Mariah the better artist? Not even.

    Christina is HARDLY remembered for anything and is already becoming a musical joke because of her stupidity, inflated ego, shitty attitude and the fact that she has identity issues lol.

    Britney may not be able to sing well but she has become a WW icon and has been far more recognized in the music biz than Christina has. Lol.

    People can take shots at Brit’s personal life all they please but the woman is already in the history books.

  54. Sarah1 July 21, 2010

    Oops. I meant to say that Mariah has more BB #1 Hot 100 hits than Madonna but that doesn’t mean Mariah is the better artist.

  55. Sarah1 July 21, 2010

    And please…talk about relying on looks. If Christina was so talented, she wouldn’t have to rely on heavy s** and desperation just to sell her music. She would let the music speak for itself and leave the tactics and shock value to others. She has some serious issues and insecurities.

  56. True Blue July 21, 2010

    ^^^ Just can’t deal with facts, so you gotta make s*** up, do you?

    Britney will be remembered for shaving her head, going crazy, stepping out of cars without underwear, being a lip-syncing disaster, oh yeah and having some hit songs. That’s how she will be in history books.

    Christina will hardly be remembered for anything? Like her unique voice, hence my reference to Rolling Stone’s 100 Greatest Singers of All Time list? A list that features legit artists, not bubblegum pop tarts like Britney.

  57. True Blue July 21, 2010

    And at least when Christina is old and ugly, she will still have her talent to fall back on… can’t say the same for Britney.

  58. TheBaddestBitch July 21, 2010

    Haha True Blue, you just owned that b**** ^^

    Briney can sell another 100 millions in her career and she will still be seen as a JOKE.

    It’s just a proof that people are stupid to buy her s***.
    They don’t have taste!!!

    She’s not an artist, she’s a product, a puppet. PERIOD.

    Bye!!!! Lemme christina with her talent and her flop 🙂

  59. Yo July 22, 2010

    She’ll be remembered as the flop with a voice…

  60. Bobby from Bulgaria July 22, 2010


    “Oops. I meant to say that Mariah has more BB #1 Hot 100 hits than Madonna but that doesn’t mean Mariah is the better artist.”

    Yeah, but that (and not that only) means that Mariah is the better (actually the BEST) singer… (of all times) 🙂

  61. Caitlin July 22, 2010

    Oh, Britney… :/

  62. Jasmine July 23, 2010

    i feel kinda bad. . . . .

  63. Shawn July 23, 2010

    Britney , Nooo ! You look a HTM !!! Shame

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