Hot Shots: Behind The Scenes Of Monica’s ‘Love All Over Me’

Published: Tuesday 13th Jul 2010 by Trent

Last month That Grape Juice provided a glimpse of the Monica’s ‘Love All Over Me’ video. Now even more images from the set of the production have been released. The singer will release the video  on July 15th via VEVO and will give her fans the opportunity to vote for her love interest on her official website on the same day. On July 23, she will announce the winner and premiere the viewers’ choice video. Check out the images below (via Rap-Up):

What do you think of the pics?

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  1. royalkev July 13, 2010

    I’m not really a Monica fan, but she looks stunning!

  2. Playboy July 13, 2010

    SLAYED!!! Another #1 hit!!

  3. adam July 13, 2010

    she looks gorgeous..i still miss her with long hair lol …i think love all over me will maybe be a top 5 r&b hit cuz rite now there is 2 much competition between unthinkable your love there goes my baby find your love …once those songs die down she might have a chance…but i loveeeee LOVE ALL OVER ME..i hope she performs it on tv soon so more people can enjoy the song I think THE SONG “IF YOU WERE MY MAN” or “ONE IN A LIFETIME” should be the 3rd single so it can be added 2 pop radio and r&b kinda like angel of mine and the first night

  4. Bayarea July 13, 2010

    Wow…monica!!! She looks absolutely stunning! Its great to see her in a nice dress and in some color and out of black and them damn boots. Im eagerly anticipating this video..all of her videos have all been visually stunning! Shes naturally beautiful and a great talent. And her album is GREAT from beg-to end!

  5. ~TeAM WeeZY~ July 13, 2010

    OMFG! Monica looks BEYOND GOREGEOUS, STUNNING,and FABULOUS! Geez! She looks absolutely FLAWLESS! WOW!

  6. veebz July 13, 2010

    (Musiq soulchild voice) “Girl you know your So Beautiful” . It must be to weird to have a wedding dress on when she just ended an engagement

  7. lamont July 14, 2010

    Omg! Im lost for words! Monica you are so beautiful! The video need to hurry up!!
    @Adam Dnt underestimate MOnica she’s going #1.. u better believe it!

  8. Chile Please!! July 14, 2010

    YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES! She betta fawking Werk!!!! She is such a very classy beautiful woman…a lot of ladies need to take notes!! Allll Ryght Monica!! I see you girl!

  9. truthis July 14, 2010

    monica looks beautiful and if the video is half as good as the song it will be a huge hit…love monica and her voice is amazingly superb…..great album and im expecting wonderful things in the future for monica in music!

  10. teammonica July 14, 2010

    Yes. Monica totally needs to be in the game. Natural beauty and Beautiful skin. Pics are jus FLAWLESS

  11. teammonica July 14, 2010

    to be honest , Her only competition is Alicia. Usher haven’t went pass #2. He was there when Monica’s “Everything To me” was #1 For 7 weeks. I know the Billboard and there gonna give it to Alicia and Monica b4 they give it to anyone else. At least right now Because they have REAL REAL R&B songs. Yea Usher to with There Goes My Baby . But trust Monica has a strong fan base when it comes to the radio . She’s gonna pass all of them Luda,Ciara Drake , nIKKI and usher and Grab that #1 Spot once again I looove Alicia as well but Monica’s coming

  12. Melody July 14, 2010

    Monica Looks so beautiful! Ohhhh the video is gonna make me cry!

  13. Dave July 14, 2010

    She looks stunning. I hope she does get a #1 R&B hit again,after… my CiCi, lol

  14. adam July 14, 2010

    @lamont LOL UR RIGHT i was thinkin bout the other artists to much but forgot that love all over me is still in its early stages ONCE THE video premires and she does a little promo here n there it will go number 1…

  15. Jasmine July 14, 2010

    Why did it take her label so long to get a second video out there. Even now I think they should be releasing two singles/videos instead of one to make up for lost time.

  16. Mosus July 14, 2010

    F***** STUNNING!!!!!! Monica get ready for your 8th #1 and 14th TOP 10. Congrats mo mo

  17. MellyMel July 14, 2010

    Monica looks stunning! So glad 2 hear R&B Soul on the radio again! Long overdue

  18. DR July 14, 2010

    Monica looks very pretty in weeding dress. I am very happy to hear that R&B soul on radio again!

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  19. Jace July 14, 2010

    LOVE HER. She is keeping R&B alive! Thanks MO!!!!!!

  20. LEEK July 14, 2010

    Finally, the 2nd video off the LP. J Records really f***** Monica over, 4 months after the album came out they’re just now releasing the 2nd video. I don’t get why labels don’t understand that the people are not going to cop an album off the strength of one single and video. Alica Keys (Monica’s labelmate) had 2 singles released before her LP came out, it just seems like she’s not getting the proper attention.

    I think she’ll roll over to Zone 4 sometime soon (Polow da Don hinted at @ something in an intevirew & they’re related.)

  21. NUNYA July 14, 2010

    j records is a hot mess because they did wait too long to release this song and video. Monica need a better pr team because her cd was released in march and its already the middle of july and shes now only releasing her 2nd single. F*** j records they need to get the ball rolling.
    And with Monica being trye opening act is hurting her also, i cant believe shes his opening act, thats a joke right there. she need to tour with Usher

  22. antertain July 15, 2010

    oh hooo oh ohhhh ooooooooooowoowahooo ooooooooooooo SAY YES
    Had to get in my Everything To Me Zone after seeing those pic’s…

    Dispite The SUPER LONG release 4this song it seem to give longevity to the season we having with Monica because usually she has 3 vids then disappears real quick soooo hopefully its a blessing in disguise

    Maybe we get a duo single of the popular youtube hit of her’s Superman (Loads of views) with Here I AM

    Team Monica
    Still Standing (STILL)

  23. Keyshia July 15, 2010

    Monica looks stunning!

  24. likeCAESAR July 15, 2010

    Mo looking hella fly. She got some big teeth tho…damn where she been hiding em at. Just noticed. LOL

  25. Brueklyn July 15, 2010

    Now this chic-ca right here can SANG her a$$ off! I love you Queen Monica. Listening to her music gives me goose bumps. That is how powerful a voice is. I can’t wait until she makes a video for my favorite song ‘Mirror’.

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