New Video: Christina Aguilera – ‘Something’s Got A Hold On Me’

Published: Wednesday 11th Aug 2010 by Trent

Christina Aguilera has just released a new video for her cover of Etta James’ ‘Something’s Got A Hold On Me’. The song will be featured on the soundtrack of her new movie, ‘Burlesque’, which hits cinemas on November 24th. Check out the video below

Aguilera sure loves to scream at people doesn’t she? It never ceases to amaze me that for a person gifted with such an amazing voice Aguilera refuses to keep her vocals in check and simply sing the song instead of showboating on almost every occasion. Honestly, anybody who listens to this track could hear the blatant strain being put on her vocal chords as she wails and hollers over the music.

Aguilera has expressed her admiration of James for many years but she clearly did not learn much from the legendary singer. If people wanted to hear her scream at them then her ‘Back To Basics’ album would have sold a lot more.

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  1. Fat,Ugly,Drunk, Mariah!!! August 11, 2010

    Me no likey…..

  2. B-rad August 11, 2010

    that was screaming??? bye boy i swear these non singers smh

  3. BFoxx August 11, 2010

    I think she did well and I’m interested in the movie. But my question is why is she releasing this so early?

  4. MadMax121 August 11, 2010

    BUt IF your Music Lover thats Exactly how EttA JAMes SIng that SOng A Classic Well DOne CHristina get MAmA:-)

  5. Mike August 11, 2010

    Screaming? Not quite. While she has been heard straining on several tracks this is the most control of her voice I’ve heard from her in a long time.
    Etta had the growl in the original. It’s not screaming!

  6. lisa August 11, 2010

    OHH TRENT your such a hater! lol shes sounds great! you never say s*** when beyonce does a million and one runs whens she sings! SO SHUT THE F** UP!!!!

  7. christinacraze August 11, 2010

    people the problem with trent is that christina sings way better than Manriah carey and he just cant accept it.

  8. MrIncredible August 11, 2010

    It just keeps getting worse… why does she scream so much? And her acting… umm, no Xtina.

  9. MrIncredible August 11, 2010

    I dunno, Christina’s constant screaming and grunting don’t equal singing IMO. It certainly gets old to listen to.

  10. juliotron August 11, 2010

    fantastic JOB!!!
    can’t wait for the movie!

    thanks for being a hater THATGAYJUICE… xTina Loves you!

  11. lisa August 11, 2010

    she belted a few high nots in the beginning of the song shes not screaming you guys have no musical ear i swear!

  12. Chick Boom August 11, 2010

    This song is great and I don’t even like Christina. But she is screaming to much.

    This reminds me of something we would sing at church.

  13. thekiddz August 11, 2010

    Let’s see her “sing” this live, as she struggles to hit the easiest notes…

  14. FUTURESTARdelux August 11, 2010

    “It never ceases to amaze me that for a person gifted with such an amazing voice Aguilera refuses to keep her vocals in check and simply sing the song instead of showboating on almost every occasion. Honestly, anybody who listens to this track could hear the blatant strain being put on her vocal chords as she wails and hollers over the music.”






  15. FUTURESTARdelux August 11, 2010

    @THEKIDDZ …….BEEP……BEEP….._________________________________ x_x


  16. TheBaddestBitch August 11, 2010

    Simply The Best.

    Shitting on all your faves…! What a singer!

    And she doesn’t scream, she LIVES the song!
    #Stay Mad

  17. Now I’m That B.i.t.c.h August 11, 2010

    Beyonce is the Queen of screaming. She does not sing, she screams throughout her album. You but that s.h.i.t on mute and you can still hear the girl.

  18. Error Error C-Error August 11, 2010

    Trent she sounds Great. She’s just tryinggiving us that old school soul.

    THe only problem is when i listen to Etta’s version, Christina’s version sounds kind of BLAH. I prefer the original, but her version is good too…


    Tina Knowles: Yes, may I speak to Miss Christina Aguilera?

    Christina Aguilera: This is she. Who is this?

    Tina Knowles: Hello, I’m a relevant career and image, I heard you’ve been looking for me…

    Christina: Excuse me?

    Tina Knowles: I’m just playing. What’s hannin’ Xtina… This is Tina Ann Knowles. What are you doing?

    Christina: Oh, just breastfeeding the baby.

    Tina Knowles: Is it safe to breastfeed with implants?

    Christina: Oh, yea, it’s totally safe.

    Tina Knowles: Oh, I wouldn’t know nothin about that honey, I got 100% Organic All-Natural Titty Meat over here. No Growth Hormones or nothin… and I still bring all the boys to the yard. But anyway…the reason why I’m calling you is because I wanted to invite you to a party I’m throwing a party for Beyonce. It’s called the “She’s the S*** Party” on account of her being the s*** and what not… have you ever been the s***?

    Christina: Well it’s funny that you ask. When I first came out I was the s*** runner-up behind Britney. Then tried to be edgy s** kitten and still ended up 3rd behind Britney and Beyonce. Now there’s Beyonce, Britney, Rihanna, Lady Gaga so I’m like 5th, and that’s only if you take Pink and Mariah out of the equation. And if Kelly Clarkson releases and album, I might as well just stay home.

    Tina Knowles: Oh. True… Are your fans aware of this? I’ve been lurking on the internet and some of them have been talking real greasy about the fruit of my loins, the light of life, and the writer of my checks. They’ve been all up on the Youtube, iTunes, Amazon,,,, the NAACP’s website, any place with a message board talking trash about Beyonce, saying Beyonce is this and that. Back where I come from if you talked about somebody’s child that was a first-class ticket to a parking lot beatdown.

    Christina: Well I am the voice of my generation…

    Tina Knowles: Says who?

    Christina: Well Rolling Stone magazine named me one of the best singer EVER. And I am a very pure artist who isn’t afraid to try to things and take risks… and I’m like really deep… and I growl, and I name-checked Etta James way before Beyonce, and I scream and wave my hands around when I sing so I that means I have soul, and I’m the voice of my gener—,(sigh) can I be real for one minute?

    Tina Knowles: Sure.

    Christina: The truth is every night I put on the Beyonce Experience DVD and cry myself to sleep, so I need the stan support. Yes Beyonce is better than all of us at everything including, but not limited to singing, dancing, martial arts, and rollerskating, but our delusional stans keep us going. They keep me us motivated. They buy our records. They pay for our titties. If it weren’t for their delusions in thinking they we are actually better than Beyonce, then would be the point in having a career?

    Tina Knowles: I understand…are you coming to the party?

    Christina: Yea I’ll be there.

    Tina Knowles: Alright, take care yourself, my little Cajun hot wing.

  19. Carmello August 11, 2010

    my ears hurt. She just screams! I can do that! Anyone can!

  20. TheBaddestBitch August 11, 2010

    She got Soul and knows how to interpret the classic sound of soul music and she’s white! YES stay mad!

  21. TheBaddestBitch August 11, 2010

    @ Carmello

    No you can’t do that. LMAO

  22. cash August 11, 2010

    lol, she is no Mariah Carey but this girl can SANG, the issue i have with this is that it sounds as if she was trying to hard. She does that a lot. But we all know her vocals are on point.

  23. NUNYA August 11, 2010

    In the beginning she was loud but toned it down. she can sing but at times she just need to tone it down, she needs a vocal coach to tell her how to use her voice properly.

  24. thekiddz August 11, 2010


    If Beyonce was the one screaming, her notes would have no vibrato. Christina now has trouble with a simple C5, The Star Spangled Banner is a good example. “Yeah-ee-yeah-ee-yeah-ee-yeah! ” You Fail.


    Christina has pseudo-soul. She f**** up interpreting soul music, each and every time. And what does being white, have to do with anything? Barbra Streisand and Adele have more soul in their toenails than Christina will EVER have. You Fail.

  25. x~vanity August 11, 2010

    Hhhhmmmm I just listened to etta james version and xtina did an amazing cover of the song she interpreted it well but also giving it a twist her way ya know. I’m sorry hate and keep hating xtina the white girl gots the black soul with a freakin unique voice. Hhhmmmm y’all I can not wait for the movie burlesque. P.s. I think we will be hearing etta james praising xtina for singing this song just like she loved her sing at last.

  26. Tess August 11, 2010

    Screaming? Gurl you have NO TASTE. Check your ears, stop listening to those talentless pop products and show some respect for the TRUE TALENT.

  27. Antom August 11, 2010

    She is the most talented female in music!!!!!!!!!! F*** you haters.

  28. TheBaddestBitch August 11, 2010

    A Vocal coach? To make it sound lifeless, soulless and bland like any Thiefyoncé’s attempt to sing soul music ?

    No thanks, that’s perfect the way it is.

    It is MUSIC, guys! WAKE UP.

  29. ~TeAM WeeZY~ August 11, 2010

    OMG! LMAOOOO! @Error Error C-Error, you just keep giving me life with these convos! LOVE IT! Keep ’em coming!

    Anyway, she wasn’t screaming that much Trent. I think you’re being really dramatic. I think she could have toned it down, ALOT, but she wasn’t screaming. She just tends to always sound like she’s trying to hard. I’m sure she wouldn’t be able to sing this live considering she hasn’t done that well live recently. And on that note: Etta James’ version is WAY better! Although she gives her grunts/growls when she peforms it, she also has a naturally restrained voice that doesn’t need to be forced to sound like she has soul, she just has it. PERIOD!

  30. Fat,Ugly,Drunk, Mariah!!! August 11, 2010

    Thiefyonce LOL!

  31. TheBaddestBitch August 11, 2010

    Etta James would love Xtina’s version.

    Christina sang “A sunday kind of love” by the same etta when she was 6 on a tv show (yes she already got taste)

    No wonder Etta can’t stand beyoncé’s at last version, she’s the one who fakes soul! (that last sentence was for “thekiddz”)

  32. TheBaddestBitch August 11, 2010

    @ TESS

    PREACH !

  33. UmYa August 11, 2010

    Hew ?

  34. ~TeAM WeeZY~ August 11, 2010


    EXACTLY! People kill me when they say Beyonce screams, but that’s not true considering she has gentle vibrato. People need to learn what true vocal ability is.

    And I’ve been saying that Christina’s National Anthem performaces were bad because her voice has gotten so destroyed from all that damn screaming that when she can’t hit a note she resorts to her infamous “YAHHHH-AYAAHHHYYYYAHHH-YAHHHHs”

  35. stan August 11, 2010

    it’s not as bad as some of you make it out to be. hell, the original had a lot of screaming too.

  36. ~TeAM WeeZY~ August 11, 2010

    *typo performances

  37. Jerome August 11, 2010

    She wasn’t screaming. She was singing the way this bluesy and soulful song is supposed to be sang. I understand the reason why you’re so pressed though Trent. Listening to music of Kelly Rowland and Ciara made you prefer their styles and techniques.

    Now girl, let me tell you, you don’t get this kind of music so shut up. And you have the guts to mention Etta James? HAHAHA! Girl no. You just don’t get it so shut up, go back to listening to your kind of artists and don’t allow your filthy mouth to betray your ignorance, the way your delusions seemed to get around the fact that Back to Basics sold almost 5 million copies.

    Stay pressed and write all the hate you want but that doesn’t change the fact that Christina’s talent is in a league that your idols can only dream of. Do the talking when Kelly or Ciara can even perform “A Man’s Man’s World” without suffering a heart attack, because they’re the only artists you seem to praise and see no flaws about.

    As I’ve said…
    STAY PRESSED. It’s really amusing.

  38. Jerome August 11, 2010

    I actually don’t get it. I love visiting this site to get the latest RnB, Hip-Hop and sometimes Pop. Those were the kinds of music that I think this site is actually good at treading on. It surprises me that you guys are actually oblivious of yourselves enough that you would touch artists like Christina given that she’s different from you preference. I mean, are you guys that bashful and hateful?

    Get a f****** grip and STAY PRESSED.

  39. Jerome August 11, 2010

    *RnB, Hip-Hop and someptimes Pop songs*

  40. Jerome August 11, 2010

    And btw, epic fail on the “strain” comment. If you guys listened first to soulful songs before running your mouth, you would know that it’s part of the singing.

  41. thekiddz August 11, 2010


    Yup. Christina stans stay confusing her “loudness” for actual power. Her technique sucks, her larynx is always high and she has no sense of melody or pitch. I think you would actually understand this video:


    Oh, I never knew they specifically said they didn’t like Beyonce’s rendition of At Last. Hmm, wonder why? That’s right, they never said it. Try again. Beyonce sang At Last with far more musical diversity and control than Christina EVER did.

  42. Tawny August 11, 2010

    Screaming? Um, that’s called REAL singing.

  43. FUTURESTARdelux August 11, 2010


    46,000,000 ALBUMS SOLD.

    2 NO1 ALBUMS







  44. Faye August 11, 2010

    “Aguilera sure loves to scream at people doesn’t she? It never ceases to amaze me that for a person gifted with such an amazing voice Aguilera refuses to keep her vocals in check and simply sing the song instead of showboating on almost every occasion. Honestly, anybody who listens to this track could hear the blatant strain being put on her vocal chords as she wails and hollers over the music.”

    “Aguilera has expressed her admiration of James for many years but she clearly did not learn much from the legendary singer. If people wanted to hear her scream at them then her ‘Back To Basics’ album would have sold a lot more.”

    Jeolous much Trent??? You sound really bitter, you know she sounds good, but because you dont like her, you have to say she screams and make out she sounds horrible. Your a pathetic loser who needs to get a life and stop hating on her. Shes got a beautiful voice, better then everyone you promote on your shitty blog. And for your information B2B was a good album, she sings the same as she always been singing. Everyones sales have been going down since 2004 due to all the free downloads that are around now. Does Mariah still sell over 20 million???? No. If she sounded so bad why is named the voice of the generation???? Why is she the only female artist under 30 to be on the rolling stone best singers of all time list????? Even if I dont like an artist and they got a good voice I will admit that, am not gonna be hating on them just because I dont like them. Give credit where credits due and stop being an asshole.

  45. D August 11, 2010

    see thats how i know these people and this site are dumb as f***.

    if you knew music and talent you would know this is pretty much how the classic Ms Etta James sang this song.

    Get over it people.

  46. Your_Sanctuary August 11, 2010

    Who’s criticizing her VOCALS here is a hater and that’s it.

    It’s amazing!

  47. Yellow Gorilah August 11, 2010

    She has the voice of this generation PERIOOOOD!!!

    MARIAH ——>CHRISTINA—————————————>Beyonce

    Keep it real we all know the truth dont lie to yourself just because your a stan loool
    But yet she does scream sometimes but oh well it just how she sings deal with it. I personaly think she is AMAZING she gives me chills when she sings not alot of people can do that well only (Whitney.Mariah,Christina, and brandy give me LIFE) the resr are mediocre

  48. rated x August 11, 2010

    How is trent throwing shade or HATING on christina?
    can we please retire the word HATING, damn that s*** gets annoying.

    what trent said is even though christina has one of the best voices out there, after 10 yrs being in this business, she still doesnt know how to control her voice..most of the time her screaming overpowers her actual vocal..

    so u stans needs to learn how to comprehend things instead of crying HATER when ever u see somebody gives ur favorite artist constructive criticism.

    constructive criticism means(for the slow ass stans), to critique an individual so they will benefit or improve on certain things.

  49. CLR August 11, 2010

    We are so willing to bring down and trample artists who actually have vocal talent to uplift the mediocre vocal abilities like Rihanna, Gaga, Ciara, Ke$ha etc. Beyonce and Christina are the best mainstream vocalists that we have and we are constantly bashing them. This was not screaming. Christina has always had a loud and in your face voice. Beyonce and Christina aren’t yelling they are merely sanging. Sheesh. We overlook talent for shock and awe and its sickening. Don’t get me wrong at times Beyonce and Christina can do too much on a song but this example is not one of them.

  50. Linda August 11, 2010

    I swear to God, people don’t recognize good music anymore. That was a great performance and how the hell was Christina supposed to sing that song? That’s how Etta sang it! That’s soul-influenced. You are such a damn hater. If she was some black singer like Beyonce or Fantasia, there would be no issue, but Christina is white and some people are threatened by that, and so they wanna hate. If Beyonce is so F*cking great why the hell did Jennifer Hudson win an oscar for Dreamgirls and not Beyonce who had more acting experience than her? Not to mention JHud completely overshadowed her in the singing department. LOL at the haters trying to come up with something negative so they can bash her!

  51. OLW August 11, 2010

    the only problem I got with that “screaming” is because it’s not live : I mean live you can do adlibs because you love the music and got some soul. but on a CD it’s too edited now to feel soulful IMO.
    and the other problem is that I would like to see her singing this live to see if the “screams” are soul or just “I can beat that note so all my perf will be the same” (as Beyonce for exemple)

  52. Jerome August 11, 2010

    @ FAYE

    I don’t know you girl and I bear no hate, but even if I try to take what you said I can’t stomach it.

    Constructive criticisms? This blog, which I visit almost everyday to be informed of music, is on a f****** winning streak of attacking Christina like she didn’t do anything good and like she killed somebody. Like she is some talentless blonde! Check her archives here to see what I mean. Gawd! This is worse than Perez Hilton for that site give credit when it’s due! I love this site but the guys definitely cannot even be objective when it comes to her. It’s a mockery that they even try to be technical when “I can see right through like they’re bathing in Windex” (sorry, I love Mariah too). They’re just hateful.

  53. Ogz August 11, 2010


  54. Jerome August 11, 2010

    @CLR: I couldn’t agree more!

  55. FUTURESTARdelux August 11, 2010


  56. Jerome August 11, 2010

    Oh, that was for @RATED X instead of FAYE. Sorry. 😛

  57. That B**** August 11, 2010

    This 3 minute clip was better than The BodyGuard, Glitter and Crossroads put together this looks like a REAL movie. God put his hand on Christina’s head done blessed that child with a voice so golden and rich that it can NEVER be denied, haters step aside and watch the ride cos the original DIRRTY GIRL is BACK, you can’t keep a great b**** down, “Who Owns The Thrown” – You Do Mama!

  58. TheBaddestBitch August 11, 2010

    Instead of being mad and hateful towards raw & real talent, can’t this site be useful and tell us when the song is available on iTunes or something?


  59. Tina August 11, 2010

    Here’s the interesting thing: On Christina’s “Bionic” album, her vocals are relatively subdued and people got pissed because she wasn’t showing off her powerhouse voice but then when she performs a song like this, people say she’s screaming and doesn’t know how to control her vocals. The woman can’t win no matter what she does. People want to find something to bash either way. I’m especially disappointed in these damn bloggers who all they do is bash Christina lately. I loved that video and she sounded like a soul singer should so I honestly believe that this is just jealous haters who were sweating when she was singing that song and so they had to try and find something bad to point out cause people seem to have issue with giving this girl her props lately since they’re so busy watching Lady Gaga perform in her space suits and hearing her dance-heavy music.

  60. thekiddz August 11, 2010


    Honey, you sound very ignorant. We are talking about vocal ability and you’re over here talking about Oscars. And keep race out of this, that’ s why racism and stereotyping are still going strong in 2010. Jhud didn’t overshadow anyone, Beyonce was clearly more resonant than Jen. Bee’s mid-belts were overtaking Jens each and every time. You need to educate yourself about vocal technique and maybe you’ll understand Trent and his “hater” rants.

  61. TheBaddestBitch August 11, 2010


    LMAO! You’re so delusional.

    Jennifer Hudson was THE BEST in dreamgirls! Better than B by miles! (Vocally & In her acting) The girl got an oscar and they still can’t be unbiased. SMH.

  62. UmYa August 11, 2010

    I wonder if TGJ will make a post of this ? Anyway in more important news…Legend in the making P!nk has sold 3million tickets of her latest concert tour. Pink is the only female artist to sell out stadium shows this year. 11 years in the Game, selling out STADIUMS and multi-platinum albums. Take notes Floptina

    The story is on if anyone wants receipts 😉

  63. ~TeAM WeeZY~ August 11, 2010

    @The Kiddz

    That video was a great! The higher Christina voice goes the more she lacks vibrato, unlike Beyonce who actually can hit the note and do things with that note. Christina usually loses the melody when she sings really high as well, because once again she resorts to screaming/straining/grunting instead of singing. I think Beyonce has better control over her power and that’s the reason the note sounds like singing instead of screaming.

  64. to haters August 11, 2010

    The vocals in Christina’s are just like Etta’s in the original but even MORE amazing. Pathetic haters can never be unbiased, it’s rather sad. How about appreciating real talent rather than the autotuned mess you probably have banging in your car? Oh right, it’s probably because your awful and have the taste equivalent to that of a 12 year old, with no capacity to be objective and see talent when it’s hitting you in the damn face HARD. Or maybe your just pissed that she flew your wig off and the local dollar tree is closed.

  65. FUTURESTARdelux August 11, 2010


  66. Kel August 11, 2010


    trent why dont you go and steal a posts from Toya or Proph huh?

    and when the only person you stan for is Kelly Rowland .. I dont really see why any1 would place much weight on you opinion sadass hahaha

  67. That B**** August 11, 2010

    @ To Haters LMAO SNAP!

  68. Lakisha August 11, 2010

    That was FANTASTIC!!! Amazing job Christina! Burlesque will be awesome! You guys are just PRESSED.

  69. thekiddz August 11, 2010


    And you’re a dumbass!

    Jhud is FAR from the best. What does an OSCAR have to do with SINGING? Jennifer sings from her throat as much as Christina. Being LOUD does not the equal SOUL/POWER.

    Scream after scream after scream….THROAT SINGING AT IT’S FINEST. Have a Seat

  70. TheBaddestBitch August 11, 2010

    Quote “Team Weezy”

    [I think Beyonce has better control over her power and that’s the reason the note sounds like singing instead of screaming.]

    No you got it all wrong. That’s the reason why everything B sings sound like a snoozefest, sounds fake and uninspired. Because everything is calculated. It lacks substance, genuine emotions and pain, what SOUL MUSIC is all about.
    You got soul and you ain’t got it. Beyoncé can train all her life, that’s not something you can acquire by singing lessons or money.
    Christina’s got it.

    #That Is ALL

  71. Jerome August 11, 2010

    I don’t hate on artists’ diversities. But every single time that people compare Christina to others and mention the world “control”, I roll my eyeballs to the highest heavens. I would understand if they’re comparing her to bona fide divas like Mariah and Whitney. But seriously, what is to control with the vocal range of the artists that you’re comparing to Christina? This is tiring really. It’s like explaining addition to a 3 year-old, even they can do better in that.

  72. Jerome August 11, 2010

    *word. hehe

  73. HeYa August 11, 2010

    You wish you could scream like that.
    You need to clear them ears SMH.
    She did amazing. Stop hating.
    So much negative energy on that blog. Get a life.

  74. ~TeAM WeeZY~ August 11, 2010

    @The Kiddz

    PREACH! I swear I thought I was the only one who thought Bee did better VOCALLY than JHud. JHud just has vocal power and nothing else IMO! Her voice does nothing for me, it’s just loud! She lacks MAJOR control. Her voice did get better from American Idol but power and loudness does not always translate into a great voice! Bey’s subtleness with her ability to CONTROL her notes sound better to me than JHud’ s power uncontrolled notes. Yes her voice sounds great on the movie and in the studio but she has pitch and control problems when she performs.

  75. Linda August 11, 2010

    Ignorant of what, Sweetie? I call it like I see it. I see too many people throwing Beyonce in Christina fan’s faces as a way to make Christina out to be inferior and like Beyonce is this God. She isn’t! Beyonce was overtaking Jennifer? LOL! Like I said, If Beyonce was so phenomenal, why was she overshadowed by her newcomer supporting actress co-star in a movie in which she was the lead actress? That hit a nerve didn’t it? Yes, race does have something to do here when I see the black vocalists singing a certain way and getting props, but when Christina does it, she’s trying too hard and screaming. That’s a blatant double standard! I don’t have to know jack-squat about vocal technique, God gave me ears and hearing ability and I know what I hear. If certain people don’t like her, that’s fine but I’m sick of every time she comes out with something new, people on these blogs are just armed and ready to throw insults at her for whatever reason they pull out of their ass!

  76. DizzyGuy1985 August 11, 2010

    The song is sang this way because its suppose to be over the top. Its for a movie about Burlesque dancers for goodness sakes. Maybe you should consider doing research on how songs are crafted for movies vs. regular studio albums.

    Beyonce did the same thing on Listen but everyone loved that. Stop hating just to hate.

  77. ~TeAM WeeZY~ August 11, 2010

    @The Kiddz, YAS! Keep Preaching! Let ’em know!

  78. TheBaddestBitch August 11, 2010


    Preach girl!

    It’s time for this double standard TO STOP

  79. kevin August 11, 2010

    The whole plot of the movie was finding this girl that has a HUGE voice. She has to show it off.

    Trent, people like you have a better ear and know that control is what’s best, because it takes more talent than just belting like crazy. However, the average movie goer will sit in the theater and hear Xtina ”screaming” and be pleased.

  80. James August 11, 2010

    You obviously have never listened to Etta James…the only over-singing in this song is at the VERY end…the rest stays true to the original. Clearly you are deaf.

  81. Hector August 11, 2010

    lmao @ the hater who wrote this. YOU IGNORANT! GO LISTEN TO ETTA JAMES AND SEE THAT SHE ALSO “SCREAMS”… I bet you pray other “baby voices” like Britney or Gaga, but when you hear soul you can’t recognize it! lol… this age of pop, electronic and auto-tune it’s full of Ignorants like you…

  82. kevin August 11, 2010

    and btw, there was minimal “screaming”

    a little bit, but not as much as your making it out to be.

  83. TheBaddestBitch August 11, 2010

    I dont now y’all but i smell a Best Traditional R&B Vocal Performance nomination (and maybe win) at the grammys 2011 ou 2012.

    Stay mad!

  84. ~TeAM WeeZY~ August 11, 2010

    @The Baddest B****

    No sweetie, it is YOU who has it all wrong! You obviously know nothing about vocal ability. It does not sound fake and uninspired, it sounds like what true vocals are all about! You can have emotions, pain, and strain all day but if you lack control all of that cancels out. For example, Mary J. Blige epitomizes conveying emotions and pain, however she lacks CONTROL, which results in her being pitchy alot of times.

    I mean if you would rather hear screaming/grunting/yelling through a mic and think that’s more entertaining than hearing a controlled melodic voice then too bad, I just recommend you buy yourself some ear plugs.

  85. thekiddz August 11, 2010


    There are plenty of Black singers who sing like Christina (poor technique), Jennifer Hudson is an example, but I hear she is improving. And I’m not making Beyonce out to be God, I’m merely saying she is the better SINGER. There’s a big difference between being a SINGER and a VOCALIST. I LOVE Christina’s voice, her tone is infectious and warm and I have ALL her albums, even Bionic. But, that’s not going to stop me from telling the truth about her overall singing. She strains in her upper registers, her low notes are muffled and she has to use vocal fry to get to them. She uses falsetto instead of true head voice. The list goes on and on. You say you have a good pair of ears, but you can’t hear the lack of vibrato on her notes?! The obvious pain she was in singing the Anthem. Once again, what does a movie have to do with anything? And yes Beyonce did overtake Jhud when they performed at the Oscars, they hit the same note and Beyonce’s ATE HERS UP.

  86. TheBaddestBitch August 11, 2010

    @ Team Wizzy

    You’re a desperate case. Hope for you you’re just just being delusional and pressed.

    And WTF at the voice control? Is it what’s moving you when you’re listening a song? Duh.

  87. CLR August 11, 2010

    Why is Dreamgirls being brought up? Jennifer Hudson, who did a great job, was suppose to outshine Bey’s character and if she hadn’t she would not have been considered for an Oscar. Honestly, Beyonce did too much vocally with her character because Deena was not suppose to have any personality in her voice which is why she was chosen to do lead. If Beyonce had done that and then brought out Listen she may have been sitting at home with an Oscar by now.

    @THEBADDESTBITCH clearly you have not seen Beyonce live to know that the girl has soul pouring out of her veins. Honestly, I hate Beyonce’s studio voice because they make it so radio friendly. The real deal, the talent is when she is on tour and her runs are not calculated as each and every night they are different. check out my fav song of hers from her tour: All I ask for ppl to do is not to deny her talent or Christina’s. You may not like her style or public persona but you can not deny the RAW talent of both her and Christina.

    Lastly, to the crazy stans. If you went on to brag about Bey’s talent rather than how much she makes or her popularity maybe people would listen to you and understand why you like her so much. I love her for her voice and her passion for music and entertainment. I could care less that she sells well in both music and other ventures. Because like it or not Rihanna sells well, Gaga sells well, a lot of people sell well but that doesn’t make them the best.

  88. royalkev August 11, 2010

    @ Error Error C- error, my eyes lit up when I saw that Tina knowles made another phone call. She can talk all day! I can’t get enough of her.

    As for Xtina, I thought she did great! I didn’t have a problem with this number at all. i think the movie will be a hit and I hope her album gets a 2nd wind.

  89. thekiddz August 11, 2010


    Standing Ovation for your comment. And I LOVE that song, plus I know the guy who made that video ^^.

  90. XtinaFan101 August 11, 2010

    As a musician myself I must say that was a brilliant performance. Thats a pretty bold thing for me to say given the fact I was not impressed w/ her most recent album and the fact I’m not crazy about her acting. I have to be fair though. The fact of the matter is that she can really sing. She is one of the best vocalists out there. These are the types of songs she needs to make, not songs like the ones on her most recent album.

  91. Tina August 11, 2010

    I do agree that Beyonce is a good singer but people can’t say that she doesn’t yell. I heard her sing “Dangerously In Love” and all she did was yell. I heard no soul, emotion, nothing, just her continously yelling out the notes. So Beyonce does yell too!

  92. ~TeAM WeeZY~ August 11, 2010

    @The Baddest B****

    No honey, it seems you’re the one who’s pressed being that you had a problem with MY statement referring to Beyonce’s voice, no?

    And it’s not delusions, I just can recognize actual vocal technique. You keep referring to soul as if it’s the only means of a person singing well. Soul is only one aspect of singing.

    And control does move me because it is a must when an artist is singing with power and soul! I’m sorry that I’m not willing to become deaf by listening to people scream when listening to a song! Educate yourself, sweetheart.

  93. Faye August 11, 2010

    ~TeAM WeeZY~: Get a life and stop comparing Beyonce to Christina. Nobody cares about Beyonce on this article. I can understand if Beyonces name was included in the article but its not so stop talking about her. No offense but your “Beyonce” is nothing special. Her voice is good, but she has nothing on Christina.

    At least Christina writes her own music and doesnt have to steal peoples work then claim its hers.
    At least Christina hasnt sold her soul to the devil for fame and fortune
    At least Christina doesnt pretend to be something shes not
    At least Christina is not controlled and whored out by her family
    At least Christina an attention seeker like her
    At least Christina is not fake

    If you wanna see what shes really like and what messages her music and image is really sending out check out this site everything there.

  94. CLR August 11, 2010

    @THEKIDDZ Haha thanks. I think I am friends with him on youtube. He did an amazing job on all the I Am Tour videos. Do you have a twitter? If so follow me @CorvisLeon

  95. Chimier August 11, 2010

    Does anyone know what SOUL and BLUES singing depends on? It depends on coloration of sound, how well you build the vocals over the chord progressions, not strain. Albeit, this is actually one of Christina’s better soul recordings. Apart from the strain and the vocal nonsense at the end (it is not a blues growl, a blues growl is totally different), this is actually good. Go ‘head, girl, I ain’t mad at ya!

  96. rated x August 11, 2010

    u must be one of the delusional stans christina has, delusional meaning any thing negative somebody say about her, sudenlly they are being to harsh.

    last time I ckeck that grape juice is NOT a christina fan site nor whoever else trent or sam critisize.
    its stans like who always praises christina for every damn thing she sings, even though shes screaming on the song, thal makes her ass still screaming. u stans got to know when to give constructive criticism when great vocals like christina f****** screams on songs.
    u can have ur own opinion thats fine, but dont come at me with crap, bohoo trent is too harsh on christina

  97. royalkev August 11, 2010

    I know I’m a little late on the topic that’s being debated above, but I thought Beyonce was better than J. Hud in Dreamgirls too! Hudson was just over the top and it was more dramatic than Beyonce’s performances. I think Beyonce had alot more control and her tone was always in perfect pitch. She is great at staying in key. i personally don’t get why Hudson won an Oscar for her singing. No hate, I was happy for her. It’s just that I wasn’t impressed.

  98. CLR August 11, 2010

    My last comment on here: @FAYE I have visited that site before and have done my research on the claims. If I am not mistaken they were saying that Christina sold her soul too and have given proof with her lastest album, art work, and videos. I have come to the conclusion that me obsessing over whether or not someone has sold their soul is their ultimate agenda. I have to leave that up to the person and God. Honestly, anything a part from God is of the devil meaning everyone at some point or the other has been doing the will of the devil. It is not my place to cast judgement and condemn because I don’t want to be. So I pray that neither artist is in that stuff but at the end of the day I am not going to let it consume me with worry because it turns my focus off of what is really important.

  99. rated x August 11, 2010

    and people needs to stop putting gaga in the same category as rihanna aka pone the flop head, aka goat in heat singer.
    gagas vocals and her talents and skills s*** on rihannas so call talent.
    fine u dont like gaga, its understandable, the bish is a bad bish, but dont come and here and try to say her and rihanna are in the same league…

    thats y gaga is shitting on christinas albums sales, and tour sales, oops christinas tour didnt even go through since nobody bought tickets.
    note to stans, instead of being on here crying like a little b**** because people are hating on christina, why dont yall go buy her album… or go great a christinas fan site.
    damn u stans gets on my nerves,

  100. rated x August 11, 2010

    cant spell for s***

  101. ~TeAM WeeZY~ August 11, 2010


    Uh-oh! You sound upset, sweetpea, can I get you a complimentary glass of “I don’t give a s***?”

    And I’m not the one who brought up Beyonce, honey. Don’t come at me with that BS and I’m merely responding to the topic at hand within the comments. I don’t see you responding to your fellow stan @The Baddest B****’s comments comparing the two, so it ain’t just me. Don’t be a hypocrite, honey.

    And it seems that you’ve gotten so upset that you have went COMPLETELY off topic. I was talking about her VOICE and nothing else, but I guess Beyonce is that awesome that you couldn’t help but compare her and Christina in everything else. LOVES IT! And you can save the devil worshipping website, honey, that s*** does not phase me. Try again, hun!

  102. ~TeAM WeeZY~ August 11, 2010

    @CLR and @THE Kiddz

    OMGGGGG! Everytime I see that video, it gives me LIFE! YAS! That song is one of my favorites on the album and one of my favorites to see her perform! I’m always at a lost of words, when I see that video. She SLLLLAAAAAYYYYYSSSSSSSSS that song/performance! Her vocals are beyond amazing! She has always been one to change up her vocals when performing songs. She NEVER performs the song like the studio version even in her Destiny’s Child days and I LOVE that.

    “Nicky, Nicky, Play, Nicky, Nicky, Nicky!”


  103. Tina August 11, 2010

    Rated X, if the stans really got on your nerves you wouldn’t be on here and Gaga is a new artist, Honey. She’s only been out two years. Compare that to Christina’s twelve years not including her Mickey Mouse Club years. Let’s not start comparing accomplishments because Christina is a freakin veteran who’s been in the game longer, accomplished more, has the stronger voice and was touring the world selling out stadiums while Gaga was sitting in her high school math class.

  104. Jerome August 11, 2010

    @ Rated-X

    There’s nothing delusional with appreciating this particular clip. Christina sang this song the way it was supposed to be sang. I’ve no doubt she can make it more subdued, but she can sing it for the life of her because she can.

    I have no particular agenda nor am I in an auto-pilot to defend Christina at every slur. I just don’t happen to buy Trent’s s***, and I have something to say about it. Xtina isn’t perfect, but she’s very talented and I dont like the way she’s being hauled in favor of mediocre talents.

    Now you have a problem with what I say and how I see this post is about? I don’t give s***. Nor am I interested into knowing why you’re so defensive of Trent. That doesn’t change the fact that he’s a hater and it’s a shame he’s even trying to justify it with his “supposed knowledge” about music. Those kind of people makes my skin crawl.

    And yes this is not Christina’s fansite, for artists like her doesn’t fit in here.

  105. incognegro August 11, 2010

    It is almost laughable how predictable you are Trent – so much so, that I could tell that this was your post without even looking for your name. I figured in the beginning that your role was to play devil’s advocate, to stir up drama and/or conversation – but clearly, that is your only purpose, because there is no way that you can objectively write some of your thoughts and honestly believe that they are realistic.

    This clip was really nice, and Christina carried the song well; but once negativity shows it ugly head, it multiplies like roaches. Screaming? Really? Has it ever occurred to you that there might be a texture in her voice that she is trying to accomplish, rather than a note? People questions the girls techincal ability, and trust me if you gave Bionic an honest listen, you would realize that this girl has more range than a lil bit. Yes – I concede that she over sings songs, but please do not believe for a minute that each note that she sings is not deliberate. This song called for grit, funk, and soul – and that’s what she gave. So singly soft little soprano notes would have been no trying enough, and singing long drawn-out orthodox notes would have been awkward. Now I am far from being on the Christina Aguilera fan club, but I refuse the fake the funk just because she is not in the good graces of TGJ and fickle fans. The girl can sing – so stop knit-picking for stuff to say, because I can almost guarantee you can find something technically wrong with everyone, so don’t just pick and choose to discredit her vocal talent when you are not holding everyone to the same standard. SMDH

  106. Ingrid OKonta August 11, 2010

    okay i usually agree with trent but im going to give him the prince-side eye with this one cause i actually liked this song.This is christina element. She should really leave the pop stuff to like brittany and Gaga.

  107. Trey August 11, 2010

    Don’t worry about the haters, Xtina could come back with Burlesque, hopefully.
    I’d rather see her showboat her vocals than listen to autotuned mess.

  108. ~TeAM WeeZY~ August 11, 2010

    @The Kiddz

    YAS! Her adlibs are probably the the best I’ve ever heard (and Brandy). She has a way of taking the melody of the song and using it to manipulate her vocals while still maintaining immense control. It’s unbelievable sometimes.

    And honestly, it’s proof that she actually does arrange alot of her music.

  109. Faye August 11, 2010


    “Uh-oh! You sound upset, sweetpea, can I get you a complimentary glass of “I don’t give a s***?”

    “And I’m not the one who brought up Beyonce, honey. Don’t come at me with that BS and I’m merely responding to the topic at hand within the comments. I don’t see you responding to your fellow stan @The Baddest B****’s comments comparing the two, so it ain’t just me. Don’t be a hypocrite, honey.”

    “And it seems that you’ve gotten so upset that you have went COMPLETELY off topic. I was talking about her VOICE and nothing else, but I guess Beyonce is that awesome that you couldn’t help but compare her and Christina in everything else. LOVES IT! And you can save the devil worshipping website, honey, that s*** does not phase me. Try again, hun!”

    ~TeAM WeeZY~: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA I dont need 2 be upset becuase I know Christina is so much more talented then her. So your wrong about that darling and even if you didnt bring her name up first this time, you always bring her name up in every Christina article saying how shes so much talented then Christina. You obviously feel threatened by Christina thats why your always bringing her name up to prove a point.

    BTW You can believe what you want sweetheart, but the article speaks for itself.

  110. levin August 11, 2010


  111. ~TeAM WeeZY~ August 11, 2010


    Um, what? I have NEVER brought Christina’s name up first in another post! Please oh please prove that. I would love to see what you come up with or better yet fail with. You got the wrong person sweetie, because this is my first time speaking about/comparing Christina and Beyonce’s voice. All the other times, I have stayed out of it. So WTF are you talking about?

    And it’s obvious you were the one who felt threatened by Beyonce, seeing that YOU addressed me FIRST attempting to prove that Christina is better than Beyonce. Child, you fail big time. Try again, boo.

  112. Luis August 11, 2010

    You re just mad neither kelly rowland or ciara will ever be able to ‘scream’ like that :/

    stay mad

  113. Kahari August 11, 2010

    Okay, let’s break it down:

    Beyoncé is a very melodramatic singer with her vocal runs. She can warble and fluctuate by creating quick and sharp, and sometimes a hiccuping effect as her personal singing technique. Her ranges spans from a husky depth that mimics a tenor, to a gutsy chest voice of an alto, to the powerhouse of a opera singer with her head voice. Because Beyoncé customizes her own songs in a aerobatic way, this makes it hard to sing some of her material. She can definitely sing a tune that has pop appeal then turn around and perform a dramatic song of love, inspiration, and heartache.

    Christina Aguilera is most definitely a belter; her voice can soar high with a maximum volume with a swiftness and can read between the lines by doing melismas for days. Christina has a great voice, she’s one of the most technical singers I’ve come across since Whitney Houston, Kim Burrell and Patti LaBelle. She can, however, have a tendency to blow her vocally ability out of proportion by over-singing. This has been witnessed by some of close colleagues like Linda Perry who have worked with her in her earlier years during her Stripped era. Christina is a dramatic soprano with her ability to emote such soulfulness into whatever she is singing.


    it luks like its gonna be the next glitter

  115. pressedmuch? August 11, 2010

    1. This is not the video, its the clip from the movie.
    2. She nailed it, sounds like Etta James original
    3. Trent you really need s** or something. Being so bitter and hateful its just not funny anymore. But hey pressed much?

  116. BEYDABESS (DA REAL ONE) August 11, 2010









  117. pressedmuch? August 11, 2010

    Trent is just a hater. If he heard the original, which I doubt, cauz he listen to kelly flopland and ciara, he would know that this is how te original sounds, the same..

  118. sam August 11, 2010

    love it!!!



    gaga cant sing for s*** u r*****

  120. S*** August 11, 2010

    Im not even gonna watch this Mess!! NOBODY does Etta like the Queen Bey.

    LMAO, , GROWL-Tina been doing those SAME TIRED ASS RUNS SINCE B4 SHE WAS 12 YEARS OLD!!!!! She is OUT OF CONTROL with these vocals. LMFAO B**** GET SOME VOCAL LESSONS!! Beyonce & Mariah >>>>>> “Voice of our generation”.

    “Watching this made me realize how much I hate her voice & I cant stand her music or the way she screams. IDK what her fans hear but I hear a bunch of screaming & yelling. I hear someone trying way too hard & straining to hit her notes doing a bunch of tired unnecessary runs. Shes such a over rated vocalist. Beyonce, Whitney, & Mariah are so much better.

    Bionic Recession Special:

  121. Dave August 11, 2010

    You throw shade @ everything. She been sangin like this for her whole career. It’s clear this is how she’s gonna sing, & I love it. Either you’re gonna love it, or you’re gonna hate it. But, if it was really that bad why did “you” post it? Chrissy sang that & how it should be sangin,w hen you’re singing soulful, who actually thinks oh let me sing it technically this way. You sang from you heart, that’s it. I felt goosebumps, so she did good to me :). Work Chrissy!

  122. MaZ August 11, 2010

    Christina did it very well!

    Dear Trent, I suggest you to take a listen at Etta James original track. If Christina is screaming what Etta does?

    You can hate on Christina If you want but should give credit when it’s due!

    Artists that miaow probably touch you more!

  123. S*** August 11, 2010

    LMAO @ Error Error C-Error

    So True.


    Yes I AGREE. With everything except “GROWL-Tina had the Best Voice(Hello Whitney/Mariah) & That Gaga can actually sing, Um HELL NO, Not even on Scream-tina worse PHARYNGITIS filled day will Gaga ever reach STRUGGLE-Tina’s Vocals & on another note Not on BEYONCE’S WORSE PHARYNGITIS Filled Day will STRAIN-Tina touch Bey. So in essence (B**** I know you cant read) Caca <<< YELL-Tina <<< Queen SLAYonce. 🙂

  124. GangsterA August 11, 2010

    Love it @kahari co-sign well said hon

  125. S*** August 11, 2010

    @ MaZ

    Yes Etta will Yell Too but its for a purpose, TO CAPTURE the EMOTION of the song/lyrics. Go See Bey’s version of ‘TRUST IN ME” By Etta – SHE FUCKEN MURDERS IT & YELLS ALL THE SAME, same goes for IF I WERE A BOY. Now the point Im making is these 2 are yelling for a F-ing reason. What is SCREAM-Tina’s Excuse for doing it on Dame near almost every song she has ever recorded??

    Listen Mis. Tina, VOCAL TRAINING IS YOUR FRIEND. She must not have PPL around her that tell her the truth, either that or shes already made the Tone-Deaf.

  126. S*** August 11, 2010

    Typo: *Them* not *the*

  127. idrag4mj August 11, 2010


  128. jamie August 11, 2010

    Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She Slayed this da s*** go Xtina! x Ha F*** u Haterz xx

  129. S*** August 11, 2010

    @ TheBaddestBitch

    LMAO, Really?? J.Hud CAN NOT touch Bey in singing, in acting ofcourse. Bey HELD back like 70% in Dreamgirls Dumbass. Bey Murders J.Hud. It was Jhud singing Bey songs when she LOST on Idol so H** Fall Back. Bey is a far superior Vocalist & has a far better voice, control, technique, range & everything else.

  130. John August 11, 2010

    What a bad article, why is everyone in the US trying to bash one of their own, Christina Aguilera is Amazing anywhere you see it or hear it. Why is all the hate?? or is it that its just the US people who really like crappy singers like gaga or Kesha and really don’t appreciate a good singer, or is it just hate, or is it that they are jealous and wish they could be better?? Don’t really get it, Christina, Bionic and Burlesque are Great!!

  131. Demi August 11, 2010

    *DEAD* @ you trying to trash this masterpiece but everyone loving it!




    u r a r*****


  133. S*** August 11, 2010


    H** B**** HUSH!!\

    Dont be Mad cause Bey Slays XTINA/AALIYAH/RIHANNA one wig at a time. GrowlGruntStrainYellScreamMs.IrrelavaTina is DONE, ITS OVER!! her CAREER is No Beuno. (see Bio-Flop)

  134. SunDee August 11, 2010

    don’t you guys getting tired of this nonsense stans wars?

    Well I DO.

    PEACE to your hatred SOULs…

  135. S*** August 11, 2010

    LMAO at the Pressed & Delusional Ms. FailIrrelavaTina Flop-Gorrila Stans. 🙂

  136. SunDee August 11, 2010

    Bless your soul SH** 🙂

  137. S*** August 11, 2010

    Just GrowlGruntStrainYellScreamOrFail Ms.IrrelavaTina Flop-Gorrila 🙂


  138. S*** August 11, 2010

    Yes PREACH!! @ thekiddz

    Yall GROWL-Tina Fans better listen to thekiddz & accept the truth. Nobody said she couldnt sing, we are just saying shes far from the best & is a very Over rated Vocalist. Its True. No Hate Just truth. Accept It.

  139. badd August 11, 2010

    Follow me @AmourCuirGaGa !

  140. Tina August 11, 2010

    Jealous, Jealous haters! Trying so hard to put Christina down. They can’t say she can’t sing so now they wanna get all technical and point out to petty imperfections in her voice but claim that Beyonce is this perfect vocalist. I seriously feel like rolling my eyes because I’ve heard several singers sing in the style that Christina is singing and if it were any of them, you all would be praising them to high heaven but the haters are gonna find any little reason to bash her so I don’t take what they say seriously. The girl could part the red sea and they still wouldn’t give her her props. Hating must be like a full-time job to you people because I see a lot of effort being put out here.

  141. Nanci August 11, 2010

    Trent you must not know the meaning of yelling. Now Christina has her moments where she overdoes it, like all other artists, but this aint a moment, lol. She actually sounds pretty great here. Stop the #hate on Ms. Aguilera

  142. Robier August 11, 2010

    People don’t know the difference between yelling, screaming and a big voice that can take a lil more push than the AUTO-TUNE RINGTONE singers that rule the charts currently. I blame schools for taking Music education away….. people sit on the internet wit WIKI and all its misinfo…… and act like they are experts on all things vocal and music. SMH

  143. Boricua August 12, 2010

    Nah, that wasn’t screaming. She’s done a bunch more screaming on songs and on stage than that….
    You’re reaching Trent…

  144. S*** August 12, 2010

    I didnt even watch this Mess!! NOBODY does Etta like the Queen Bey.

    LMAO, , GROWL-Tina been doing those SAME TIRED ASS RUNS SINCE B4 SHE WAS 12 YEARS OLD!!!!! She is OUT OF CONTROL with these vocals. LMFAO B**** GET SOME VOCAL LESSONS!! Beyonce & Mariah >>>>>> “Voice of our generation”.

    “Watching this made me realize how much I hate her voice & I cant stand her music or the way she screams. IDK what her fans hear but I hear a bunch of screaming & yelling. I hear someone trying way too hard & straining to hit her notes doing a bunch of tired unnecessary runs. Shes such a over rated vocalist. Beyonce, Whitney, & Mariah are so much better.

  145. x-vanity August 12, 2010

    um i think xtina just walked all over beyonce with this etta james song she showed her how a white girl can put soul into her idols song but better she did etta james justice im sure etta is about to say how proud she is of xtina im sure will be seeing a comment pretty soon or how about at the burlesque premiere.

  146. “Dj Y2k Malone” August 12, 2010

    she just blew all of your favorites out of the water i love it

  147. “Dj Y2k Malone” August 12, 2010

    thank you for posting this i still have faith in her

  148. Kearx August 12, 2010


    I agree

    Anyways she sounded great …..

  149. nate August 12, 2010

    Has Trent ever heard of Etta James?!?!? how was Christina suppose to sing this song?!?!? she sung it hella right, and im sure Etta would be tipping her hat off

  150. Trail August 12, 2010

    Im sorry..I didnt hear any screaming.I think this dude gets paid to be on certain artists asses. Beyonce might be the better entertainer but she cant f*** with christina’s voice. And who kills a note more than B? Yeah..exactly. this dude is a idiot and has no crediability. Get a new job man, or let ur staff take over this blog. Its obvious you dont enough to form a valid opinion.

  151. mr.M August 12, 2010


    Fatyonce’s fans are SO JEALOUS , BWHAHAHAHA

    GOSH, no wonder why ???!!!

    Xtina SHUT their mother f****** MOUTH !!! didn’t she ???


    FATyonce will NEVER EVER sing like this..

    she just CAN’T .. get over it people !!

    COPY-CATyonce always try to sing like Xtina

    she used ‘AT LAST’ to be compared, then Etta James DISSED her. LOOOL

    In the other hand, she met Xtina and LOVED her version of ‘AT LAST’

    POOR Fatyonce….. T_T

    She got her ass KICKED by J-HUD in dream girls

    No one cared about BITCHyonce

    sorry BB’S

    Lagendtina >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> SHITyonce

  152. trucie August 12, 2010

    Hate Christina but praise Beyonce and Chris Brown. Lol this site is a trip. B**** definitely killed it.

  153. Rated x August 12, 2010

    last time i checked i was a fan of christina, so i have every right to be on this post, i dont hate christina its the delusional stans who gets on my nerves..

    I keep hearing christina is a legend? really what makes her a legend, is it her voice..?
    nobody cant deny that christinas voice s*** on most so call singers out there. its the screaming on every damn song that irritates the hell out of me.

    u delusional stans are coming at me because as a fan of hers im giving her constructive criticism, get the fugg out of here with that s***..
    christina is an a business where not everybody is going to like what she does. im soory u stans feels the needs to attack her fans because we keep it real when she f**** up with her voice.

  154. Rated x August 12, 2010

    yes gaga may be a newcomer in this game, but the bish establish everything in 2 yrs what christina has been trying to do for 10 yrs.

    be an international superstar…

    christina has never been an international superstar, britney always killed that dreamed for her, now gaga who is hated by many chicken heads on here, is shitting on christina.
    i know some of u stans are in denial, that tickles me, lol..
    but thats the truth get over it.

    I’m still trying to figure how is christina a legend? so because shes beeing in this game for 10 yrs thats makes her a legend?
    im not knocking her for still being able to released albums, but legend, hell nawl

  155. carlos August 12, 2010

    this is a note for note – grit for grit – wail for wail – exact vocal performance that Etta James originally sang.

    If you have a problem with Christina’s version, then you have a problem with Etta James too.

  156. carlos August 12, 2010

    @ S***

    STFU beyonce stans are so arrogant. BEyonce sucks the corns out of Christina and Mariah’s diarrhea.

    Beyonce wouldn’t know soul if it was her “ego” f****** that 10 lane high way she calls an ass.

  157. carlos August 12, 2010

    @rated x

    she’s a legend because of her vocals. plain and simple. She could flop till the cows come home – u can’t take her voice away from her.

  158. True Blue August 12, 2010

    Uh, what screaming did occur here? That is actually one of her tamer vocal performances. No, I won’t deny that she does have the horrible tendency to oversing sometimes (her overwrought cover of “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” for one), but there was nothing wrong with this performance. Now you’re just hating, FOR REAL. And Back To Basics garnered rave reviews and sold around 5 million copies, why do you talk about that album as though it were a flop?

    And Christina and Beyoncé are both great singers with different styles, liking one over the other is a matter of preference, so stop pitting them against each other and argue which one is the better singer.

  159. Rated x August 12, 2010

    u feel better getting all that off ur chest?
    this is a comment section for godsakes, and u taking s*** to damn personally booboo..
    I’m sitting here laughing my ass off, because the ironic thing is am a big fan of christina, and i dont see the big deal in somebody saying she screaming on a song, and that after 10 yrs she should have learn how to control her voice.

    seems u getting a little to excited over somebody uve never met, or doesnt even know u exist..that is some sad s*** right there

  160. True Blue August 12, 2010

    @ Rated X:

    Uh, Christina is pretty popular overseas as well, and has established herself as a solid artist, so I don’t know what YOU’RE talking about. It seems to me that you’re equating album sales and being talked about constantly with legend status.

  161. Fred August 12, 2010

    Wow this is just a no!! Yikes

  162. Rated x August 12, 2010

    her vocal? thats all makes her a legend?
    I thought to be a legend, not only ur vocals got to s*** on other h***, but ur perfomances, gots to be on point too, and also ur album sales cant flop at all..
    and u have people saying i wanna be u..
    i wouldnt call christina a legend, shes a bad bish with her vocals(when not screaming),
    but legend nah

    so now let me get this straight, when mariah was flopping left and right people was on her a** about it 24/7, calling her all types of names, and saying she lost her voice
    but now christina flopping gets a pass because she a lengend?
    i swear some people dont know what the hell they’re saying…

  163. SunDee August 12, 2010

    @Rated X…
    I’m Xtina fan either, but i must disagree with your comment
    “christina has never been an international superstar”

    I’m Asian & already know her since Reflection & finally been able to see her face at her GIAB MV/Debut Album. She’s been international superstar since 1999.

  164. UGh August 12, 2010

    She has a very powerful voice! i think she has the best voice out there right now and not even a fan of hers. too bad her album flopped

  165. Rated x August 12, 2010

    @True Blue
    checks ur facts hon, christina is NOT an international star.
    to be an international star has s*** to do with people talking about u what not..
    or ur pics taking constantly..
    album sales, tour sales, ect pretty much give u an idea what kind of star u are..

    majority of the time where du u see christina promotes her albums?
    america boom
    where do u see people like britney, gaga, madonna, ect promotes their albums, world wide theyll probably do a couple promotions in america, and the majority is other foreign countries, hence being an international superstar

  166. Rated x August 12, 2010

    dont get it twisted boo, Im a huge fan of hers,,,,but sometimes the stans be making up s***, so i got to check em….
    if u gonna stan for somebody make sure u keep it real, and stop making s*** up to make the person more appealing to others..
    and bring up other people, calling them names(cough, cough gaga), and in the same breath calling people haters because they disagree with something u say..

    check the facts, google that s*** and ull see what i mean when i say shes not and internationally star, ive never said people from other countries dont know her or support her, but its still doesnt mean international stardom

  167. SunDee August 12, 2010

    ^nope honey, i’m very realistic fans so far. I hate her Loud singing tone, i hate when she act rude, i never call her Legend… ever… etc.

    but i still disagree with your comment.
    She is international star… similar level with Britney & other Boysband (BSB/Nsync) at those 1999 era. People talked about her, people comment on her photo, people all over the world praise & hate her at the same time.

  168. SunDee August 12, 2010

    & from what i know, she had concert all over the country, from UK to Aussie, with soldout ticket, do promo in Japan too & many more.

  169. EXPOSED August 12, 2010


  170. kurtisleofwight August 12, 2010

    christina sounds perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!

  171. SunDee August 12, 2010

    @Rated X

    Your definition of International star (as you mentioned above)
    Xtina has Checked all the criteria you’ve mentioned.


  172. Tina August 12, 2010

    @Rated X: Dude, that’s just it, Christina doesn’t scream on every song and if you were truly a fan of hers and were familiar with all of her catalog of work, you would know that. I have all her albums and even the singles she’s done with other artists and there are songs out there of hers that are subdued. Her Bionic ballads are a great example. “Save me from myself” is another one. I can go on and on. Furthermore, I don’t see how she was overdoing it here because I’ve heard Etta’s version and she sings in a very similar fashion so I find all the hostility and insults being thrown at Christina on this thread to be unnecessary and hateful. Yes, Christina is a future legend. People can s*** on her all they want to and compare her to more commercially successful but less talented pop stars all they want to but her influence on music is undeniable. In the eight or so years that American Idol has been on the air, how many contestants have we seen singing Christina songs and citing her as an influence? Legendary vocalists like Celine, Whitney and Etta have all given this girl her props. She was the youngest artist to be featured on Rolling Stones greatest singers list, the majority of her grammys are for her vocal performances and she’s collaborated with a very diverse set of artists who also have given that girls vocal chords nothing but high praise such as Herbie Hancock, Andrea Bochelli, etc. People seem to just be criticizing the girl for petty s*** and that’s what pisses me off. It’s not really you, even though I do disagree with you, but these delusional f****** haters who want to downplay Christina’s talents and accomplishments and viciously insult her simply because they don’t like her for whatever reason.

    Another thing, Christina has never been an international superstar? Lady Gaga has accomplished more than her? Are you serious? LMAO! Christina has had two sold-out hugely successful world tours, has sold over forty million albums WORLDWIDE, has had successful singles in other countries and has won awards in other countries as well and you’re telling me she’s not a global star? So, her fans in other parts of the world don’t exist? I’m imagining them? I don’t think so, buddy. I also love how you’re bringing up britney and Gaga. That s*** is so typical and transparent and you’re telling me you’re a fan of hers but making these two out to be better than her? britney didn’t kill s*** for Christina. britney can’t sing or act, her dancing is mediocre, not to mention that 97% of her music is written and produced by other people because that b**** lacks any kind of musical skill. I don’t give a s*** if she sold a billion albums, she’s still talentless white trash and if she didn’t advertise her teenage tits and ass all over MTV, she’d be the night shift manager at the local Popeyes. Lady Gaga, while talented, has done nothing but dance-oriented pop music since she came out, and I haven’t seen anything else from her except that. Christina was selling out arena’s and winning awards while Lady Gaga was a brunette in high school so I find that statement about Gaga having accomplished more f****** hilarious.

  173. iLoveXtina August 12, 2010

    SANG IT B****! SANG IT!

  174. SunDee August 12, 2010

    @Tina, agreed with your comment (aside from Brit-LG comment tho’)
    @Rated X, since when you’ve been a huge fans of Aguilera anyway?

  175. Blu Majik August 12, 2010

    This is a nice cover! I can’t wait to see the movie Burlesque!

  176. Steven Slater August 12, 2010

    To all of you who hate Christina, F**k You!!!

    I need two beers and I’m gonna get out of here with the emergency slide.

  177. True Blue August 12, 2010

    @ Tina:

    High five for speaking the truth. Rated X seems to think that selling more albums than anyone else is the only criteria for a superstar or a legend. In that case, the Backstreet Boys and N’Sync are “legends” too…

  178. True Blue August 12, 2010

    @ Steven Slater:

    LMAO!!!!!! That dude is a hero to so many now!!!

  179. joshj August 12, 2010

    Trent is such a f****** hater……. dude u need a life!

  180. jj August 12, 2010

    mariah carey has the best voice ever! christina cannot compare to mariah! cause christina is always screaming! now her voice is getting uglier and uglier everyday!

  181. TheRealDeal August 12, 2010

    Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, Herbie Hancock, Etta James, Diddy, Justin Timberlake, Patti Labelle, DJ Premier, Pink and many other diverse influencial artists have acknowledged that Xtina is one of the best singers, if not the best, in her generation.

    Her powerful vocal may be a turn off to many but obviously the consensus among fans and non-fans is that she is an extremely talented vocalist. Some of you may criticize flaws in her technique but you can’t deny that flaws and all, the girl has an incredible voice even though she did not have the means to receive formal vocal training at an early age like Beyonce and GaGa

    Even though she has gone overboard in the past, this clip is not an example of it…brilliant!

  182. heyheyhey August 12, 2010


  183. heyheyhey August 12, 2010

    LET’S SEE?




  184. Jerome August 12, 2010

    @ Rated-X

    Honey no one is taking Trent’s s*** seriously. I’m just pointing it out. And who are you to tell that someone is taking this seriously when in fact you’re so vehement too in firing back at Christina stans? SMH.

  185. Fat,Ugly,Drunk, Mariah!!! August 12, 2010

    I agree with the X-tina fans! As far as her talent, sales, and her staying factor. but, where where you all when they coming, for Queen Janet? when she was called a flop? She never had an album sell this bad! and never will!! I think x-tina, is another real talent! But, kids today prefer clowns, like gaga, and nikki minja, with the hair, image, and voices of clowns, to proven artists. it is what it is…..

  186. Tiff August 12, 2010

    That scream is enough to make a hemorrhoid burst!

  187. KINGROZAY August 12, 2010

    TRENT ur a hater! it’s bait.. ther was nothing wrong wid dat tune she sang it kajj, ur just upset about suttin do your job ur opinion’s r becoming more invalid with every topic yu post. espcially on her!

  188. TheBaddestBitch August 12, 2010

    The poll speaks for itself: 73% think it’s a hit

    #Stay MAD 🙂

  189. FUTURESTARdelux August 12, 2010




  190. Lady_diarrhea August 12, 2010

    LOL at the poor fools how cry when they hear Christina “scream”.

    You poor babies, don’t know anything about singing and your ears are wax-infested. LOL I wouldn’t want to hear you imbeciles sing instead of Christina. It would definitely be too hilarious, in a horrible, tragic way.

    Any legendary singer will tell you that Xtina is among the best. Any real singer will GREATLY appreciate the sound of Christina’s voice and this clip of ‘Something’s Got A Hold Of Me’.

    LMAO. I hope Christina keeps “screaming” forever, because her screams are epic, the best thing ever! 🙂

  191. Andrew August 12, 2010

    You serious? I love her voice.
    I consider her one of THE best singers

  192. Blair August 12, 2010

    loved it …..def wasn’t screaming and she def jus gave a whole album dedicated to a new style of singing for her…..
    sn: i wish the fan in the background would decide if i wants to rotate fast or slow lol….
    #lame i kno : )

  193. DMAC143 August 13, 2010

    WOW…it’s amazing to know that Beyonce does just as many more runs and if the song was song the exact same way by her that you would give her so much praise. This style of song is classic Motowon with that soul rooted deep in the sound….if it’s not your thing…it’s not your thing…..but Christina did a great job. Haters, please recognize a good job when you hear one and quit throwing unneccesary shade…yea? Thx

  194. C-mo August 13, 2010

    PEOPLE (including you Trent) WHAT IS UP WITH ALL THIS NEGATIVITY?! GAH LEE…There is a nice way about saying you don’t like someone’s performance. Christina is just trying to do her thing. There is room for Beyonce, Christina, Britney, GaGa, Kelly (Clarkson & Rowland), Mariah, Pink, Taylor, Rihanna, Alicia, Whitney, Lauyrn, Janelle, and any other ARTIST that I have not included on this list. Let people make art and if you don’t like it don’t buy it! Stop being so rude! Didn’t your parents teach you do unto others as they would do unto you. I am personally from the South and people “scream” all the time in church…if she is ruining her voice, at least she is fully committing to her choices. Its definitely not my favorite Christina performance but people…please. Stop pitting all these beautiful women against each other. THERE IS ROOM FOR THEM ALL! Love, Peace, & Happiness to you ALL! Keep it positive. (

  195. Simply breathtaking August 14, 2010

    That was simply breathtaking.

    Trent is a lamb who likes to listen to Mariah-Moo-moo WHISPER. The fact that an overwhelming 70% voted HIT for this shows just how ignorant Trent is.

    Screaming? She was SANGING here!

  196. Chris August 16, 2010

    That you call screaming? I wonder what is a good voice to your ears? Probably not the powerful ones. Admit it u just hate her and you don’t wanna see or hear how good she really is.. Why are people so hateful and so negative about her; I never got that.

  197. CJ August 17, 2010

    I think that she did a great job. Since she has had the baby her voice hasn’t been the same but the girl can still blow.

  198. LaLa August 18, 2010

    ^My friend said that after women giving a birth, it could change the vocal cords. because of the swollen figures or so… But yeah Christina could still sing hard on! I Love this song.

  199. jw September 3, 2010

    cristina: good
    Etta james: Better
    Ike & Tina version: Best.

  200. Lena January 27, 2011

    Etta James would be proud! Great job on a good old tune!!!!

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