Snippet: Tinie Tempah & Kelly Rowland – ‘Invincible’

Published: Wednesday 1st Sep 2010 by Sam

UK chart  sensation Tinie Tempah is set to release his eagerly awaited debut ‘Disc-Overy’ on October 4th. The Londoner, who has enjoyed phenomenal chart success with singles ‘Pass Out’ and ‘Frisky’, has teamed up with Pop star Kelly Rowland on the project; with the Destiny’s Child singer featuring on the track ‘Invincible’.

Take a listen to a snippet of the anthem-like song below…

Sounds good. Fingers crossed, Ms. Kelly sets it off vocally from the bridge onwards…

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  1. Stoney-Brie September 1, 2010

    I’m lovin this!!

  2. aj September 1, 2010

    me too!! i <3 it

  3. Ghetto Fab September 1, 2010

    Tinie & Kelly are about to snatch wigs!

  4. Kweli69j September 1, 2010

    can’t wait for the song and the album…ureal combo…

  5. crank September 1, 2010


  6. Stoney-Brie September 1, 2010

    i see that Rihanna stans are up now, the pole is not lookin good.. whatever haterz!

  7. luv music September 1, 2010

    i love it..miss kelly did her thing!!..

  8. Ova It September 1, 2010

    Out of Kelly Rowland’s Cammander, Grown Woman and Rose Color Wuteva, this is my favorite. She sounds soo clear and cross-over!!! This is her lane! I love it

  9. Roab September 1, 2010

    Slayer Kelly is a beast for this track! Mad wicked!

  10. dboy September 1, 2010

    get em kels!

  11. joe sullivan September 1, 2010

    cool… i likey!! is he big in england? i might check him out(here in canadaVANCITY)

  12. Kiz2400 September 1, 2010

    A great song from tinie he’s one of the best rappers we have here in the uk

  13. Kiz2400 September 1, 2010

    Even tho i am sad he doesn’t do grime no more

  14. Trina305 September 1, 2010

    I would like to welcome Kelly Roland to the group of ” We cant get a hit by ourselves”…

    Nicki Minaj & Keri Hilson eagerly awaits your company

  15. GAGA MINAJ September 1, 2010

    sounds like a normal hip hop track left over from T.I new album,

  16. QUANBERG September 1, 2010

    it has HITT HITT, written all over it !!!!

  17. spring September 1, 2010



  18. OddOne September 1, 2010

    Next single please. Ty.

  19. spring September 2, 2010


    WORK was a hit in the UK…. SO WAT U TALKING BOUT????????
    for all i care, Kelly made that song what it is, …… we really dont need people like you here on KR posts hating all over…

    move somwer else please. Enemy of progress!!

  20. Damo September 2, 2010

    Nothing new YAWN

    Sounds like NDUBZ

  21. loso September 2, 2010

    Kelly can blow that is why I like her. She has real talent and not just a gimmick. I would never be a fan of a gimmick artist.

  22. TJ September 2, 2010

    lol. It does feel a lil like “Got Yo Back” by T.I. and Keri, but I like this one more!!!
    Good thing too cuz I just started getting into Tinie Tempah

    Kelly Rowland’s “Commander” was #9 on the UK singles charts.
    Is that a flop?
    I think not. 😛

  23. Lebo(CaribbeanBOi) September 2, 2010

    Nyce song!! and as kelly sings, imma just say the haters are Invincible …

    Love Ms KElly aka Dance Diva

  24. Diane September 2, 2010

    Grown Woman is on Mediabase and Billboard begging for Kelly’s attention and she comes out with this shiz. What’s up with the video for Grown Woman. Grown Woman is or was a contender for being #1, especially on the R&B charts. It definitely could have made Hot 100.

    I don’t understand any of this promo. Too many damn radio interviews chatting about nothing. None of those radio interviews garnered her a headlining quotation. Too many outside performances instead of televised performances. She declined to sing her beautiful song at the African Olympics due to her “best friend” wedding. Her friend probably would have understood that the gig had a huge audience and would have been the best buzz for Kelly, but Kelly probably didn’t ask.

    I’m beginning to believe that Kelly only wants to be moderately successful.

  25. remmy September 2, 2010

    If her next video ain’t good I will no longer open any more of these post…I keep checking hoping but I’ve had enough! She may neva be hot…just ok…

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