Chelsea Handler Checks Diddy

Published: Tuesday 21st Dec 2010 by Sam

Never show up late to E!’s Chelsea Lately. At least the lesson Diddy learned last night. The rapper held up filming of the show and subsequently felt the comedic wrath of host Chelsea Handler. Guesting with band-mates Dirty Money, the Bad Boy mogul was thereafter addressed as as ‘girl’ by Handler, provoking a hilarious reaction.

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Randomness: It’s clear to see Diddy has been sparing no expense with the promotion of the ‘Last Train To Paris’; Dirty Money have been everywhere! It’s just a shame his own acts (even the mighty Danity Kane) were never afforded such grand treatment. Speaking of which, where are Day26 and Donnie Klang these days?

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  1. Darryn December 21, 2010

    Day26 & Donnie both are on new labels.

  2. Kenny December 21, 2010

    I Really Really Miss Danity Kane (Aubery, Shannon, Andrea, D.Woods And That B**** Dawn) To Bad They Got Suck With Diddy The Youtube Videos Are From When The Girls Were On “The Wendy Williams Experience” And She Put Diddy And The Girls In Place But what I Like Is When Charlemagne Says “Diddy Rip Off There Artist Since 1993 Which Is True”…

    Part 1:

    Part 2:

  3. CIARA#1 all over the world December 21, 2010

    RT @xxBellz RT @Ciara_Drake2010: Wow @ciara basic instinct is no.1 in 8 countries :-)- send screen shots! 4:23 PM Dec 12th via web


    RT @MissJazzyPha: Yay! #TeamCiara.. 🙂 RT @BrittanyLovesC: @ciara ci ur album is sold out at some stores in Australia already!!! Ow!! about 15 hours ago via ÜberTwitter

    RT @babyblueballer: YAY! @CIARA’S “BASIC INSTINCT” IS ALREADY #2 IN THE NETHERLANDS ON R&B-ow! about 15 hours ago via ÜberTwitter

    RT @xxBellz: @Ciara BASIC INSTINCT is the #3 top R&B Soul album on iTunes in CANADA!!!! #TeamCiaraCanada :)- yay! about 15 hours ago via ÜberTwitter

  4. wateva December 21, 2010

    LMAO! alright diddy giving c*** realness.. owww!!!

  5. Beystanbish December 21, 2010

    Dead at Ciara #1 all over the world. Pitiful. Anyways does those girls even get the chance to talk about anything. they are always getting beyonced.

  6. BREE December 21, 2010


  7. Stacy December 21, 2010

    Chelsea is just doing what her attention w**** boyfriend 50 told her to do.

  8. carl December 21, 2010

    #DEAD at Grandfather Diddy… #icantdeal

  9. TJ December 21, 2010

    Dead @ Chelsea calling Kalenna “Kenna” lol
    -speaking of which reminds me, when is he dropping a new project, and why does he not get any coverage on this blog?…people complain about the quality of music, he’s amazing

    oh sorry, not really interested in Diddy-Dirty Money 😀

  10. bLaine kelley December 21, 2010

    …does dawn actually Like girLs or was she just havin a good time? LoL

  11. french gyal December 21, 2010

    diddy only care about HIMSELF

  12. royalkev December 21, 2010

    @ Diddy , “I’m the girl”… WTF? Where was that going? I like Kaleena and Dawn, but they were a little birdish( well more so Dawn).

  13. FUTURESTARdelux December 21, 2010

    LOLOLOL i wish she woulda called him gurl one more time after that so he coud embarass himself by whipping his maggot d*** out and she be like “gurl no… *dials 50*.
    I agree it’s such a shame Janelle Monae hasn’t had a fraction of the promo/money lavished on Diddi Dirty Money smh…

  14. vanessa December 21, 2010

    Day26 kicked out Que and are on Interscope records working on a new album called A New Day which is set for realase in 2011. And Donnie Klang has been kicked off Bad Boy Records cos they didnt know what to do with his direction. Also I like dirtty money and lltp. Dawn and Keleena should do a duet cos even though the album was good they were no where to be heard on it. They blend well and look well together but could be so much more than Diddy’s back up singers .

  15. December 21, 2010

    OOOH!!! That tension was something serious!!!

    Chelsea is a bad b**** tho…she called him out on it during the live taping!

  16. Prince December 21, 2010

    diddy need 2 be EXILED from the music industry! I jus cant stand him afta what he did 2 danity kane. He need 2 be distroyed! dirty money is wack! I hope dis be their last album. if diddy wasnt part of dis group i might support them.

  17. ~aMaZiNG.Lee~ December 21, 2010

    Although I’m not a fan of this mess of a group, their album is hot! He’s a d*** for doing all this promo for this crappy group and not promoting Janelle more.

    Janelle>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Dirty Money

  18. antertain December 21, 2010

    Diddy managed to dig a hole, climb out and then jump right back in the hole in that short space of time….

    I like Dawn a lot and Kaleena seems cool.
    Interview abit all over the place BUT Chelsea dont play lol.

    a decent watch but loads of random convo’s

  19. D.Strock December 21, 2010

    Diddy is awkward. To the fullest

  20. Amato December 21, 2010

    Loving Chelsea’s

  21. Carmen December 21, 2010

    @futurestardelux lmao. That interview was awkward. I think Diddy was drunk. He was the one that referred to himself as a girl first

  22. Infamous Doll December 22, 2010

    Chelsea looks F’D up in this footage. Like someone aged her ass 50 years and hit her ass in the face with a bag of quarters. She funny sometimes but sometimes she is so freaking disrespectful. One day someone is going to get in her @ss

  23. Wrong!! December 22, 2010


    Day26 are not on interscope they are with Atlantic (Badboys old home) unless something has changed in the last week or so. Dawn & Kalenna (especially Kalenna) are ALLLL OVER the album like for real there are even a few songs where Diddy only has a few lines and the rest is Dawn & Kalenna.

    I agree that they need their own album. I could just see what a hit AOTF could have been with just Swizz, Dawn and Kalenna and Diddy as the exec/producer behind the scenes.

  24. Wrong!! December 22, 2010

    And for the record Diddy got Janelle on damn near every show in existance in the US. SHe did Letterman, Ellen, BET, MTV to name just a few that many gave more promo to her than he did to any artist he has even worked with (even Mary J B) the only reason your saying that is because of her sales and that has nothing to do with the promo it’s because US wasn’t ready to see anything outside of Gaga until they really started to listen to her music and see the critics hail her as the next big thing….then they listened.

  25. WonderLand19 December 22, 2010

    why does girls who are not lesbians act gay to look cool? Doesn’t make sense.
    Very odd.
    You never see mariah carey or beyonce acting like that.

    Get it together Dawn.

  26. vanessa December 22, 2010

    Ok i was wrong about day26 but for real where are dawn and kaleena to be heard on the following songs on last train to paris:
    5.Looking for love (Usher)
    6. Someone to love
    8. Yesterday (Chris Brown)
    9. Shades (Lil Wayne, Justin Timberlake, Bilal, & James Fauntleroy)
    14.I Know ( Chris Brown, Wiz Khalifa & Seven of Rich Girl)
    They are then barely heard on Angels, Hello Good Morning, and Coming Home where they get the chorus.
    the only songs they get a fair part in is Ass on the Floor, Loving You no More,Your Love, Yeah Yeah You Would and Hate You Now
    5 songs out of a 16 song album and thats fair!? and you notice they are no where to be heard on all of the big features minus Grace Jones and Swizz Beats. for reall diddy?
    Im not hating but diddy need to let them get on with their own s***

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