Keyshia Cole To Go Pop On Next Album?

Published: Wednesday 22nd Dec 2010 by Trent

It looks like Keyshia Cole is ready to expand her artist horizons. The singer spoke to MTV News about her many musical aspirations and noted her desire to work with either Beyonce, Lady GaGa or Fergie on her next studio release.

While many might scoff at this idea, I welcome it. Cole has had tremendous success on the R&B formats and if she wishes to have longevity in this industry then she needs to try new things. Taking risks and experimenting with new sounds are key to growth.

However, I hope that she finds a suitable balance and doesn’t abandon her roots completely. We have seen Beyonce gradually transform into Pop artist in an attempt to garner mainstream success and although she has become a global superstar, fans of her R&B-based ‘Dangerously In Love’ debut LP remain disappointed.


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  1. KinderMind December 22, 2010

    Hope she will never sell out like Beyaki. *Prays*

  2. G.LaSalle December 22, 2010

    Girl sit!

  3. G.LaSalle December 22, 2010

    OH and that comment is to Trent.

  4. Prince Barbie December 22, 2010

    Love all of Keyshias music, im glad she stuck to pure R&B for so long. But now i do see her doing more varied music! The album is great by the way

  5. Bei December 22, 2010

    I think Keyshia needs more personality to stand next to the likes of GaGa Beyonce and Fergie creatively I don’t see but I agree Trent I welcome it shrug we’ll just have to wait and see

  6. Mahogany03 December 22, 2010

    I think a Bey/Keyshia collabo would be great. If you ask me, Beyonce crossed over without abandoning her roots. It makes sense for Bey to release “pop” songs in order to have crossover appeal; however, her albums still have an R&B feel for the most part.

  7. BLACK December 22, 2010

    ugh trent, sit down

  8. Beystanbish December 22, 2010

    Oh I see my comment is under moderation. All I said was you always got Bey on your mind. You suffer from Beyonceitis like a certain other blog. Where’s the harm. Lol

  9. Kim December 22, 2010

    You know what? F*** Beyonce.

  10. Dee Eugene December 22, 2010

    I love that Keyshia is sticking to R&B. I couldn’t imagine her doing…pop. Maybe if she can do like Beyonc茅 and do an album that still sounds like pure R&B w/ some pop elements on them, I’ll be all for it.

  11. rob December 22, 2010

    aslong as keyshia dont use auto tune she will be fine , breyonce crossed over cos she is still sanging even tho the genres are different ,she doesnt water down her music

  12. S*** December 22, 2010

    Beyonce has NEVER been “Typically Pop” like Gaga or Britney or Rihanna.

    She has always been a TREND SETTER musically & takes risk everytime. She has always done little Pop with a R&B Twist to it. She does her Thing & NEVER follows Trends, she invents her own.

    Its not called Selling Out, Its called GROWING.

    & I see Keyshia Cole’s GHETTO Fan Base still has not forgotten about her or her awful Voice/Music. .. 馃槓 oh well.

  13. RihannaForever December 22, 2010

    It’s kind of sad to me that when Calling All Hearts drops, she’s already talking about the next record. I mean it’s not like she’s Ciara and needs to do so.

    Also, I understand the whole Beyonce comparison. Beyonce has always had an R&B influence on her music, even now, but it has transformed into more of a pop sound. I wouldn’t call her completely pop, though.

    Oh my God. YOU should sit down.

  14. Mrmister December 22, 2010

    Since you’re discussing Beyonce’s genre transition…what about early Mariah Carey fans displeasure at her music moving away from an adult contemporary sound and gravitating more heavily towards R&B and Hip-Hop ? DISCUSS….

  15. iLoveXtina December 22, 2010

    I don’t she has the voice for pop music. Maybe she could stick to her R&B genre & have some Pop influences in it.

  16. carl December 23, 2010

    UMM.. 1. Beyonce NEVER abondened her R&B roots u may not be able to hear them all the way through now but they are STILL apparent on her albums! 2. B’day was a very urban/hip-hop/jazz driven album 3. Keyshia is NOT big enough to make that transition. AND 4. #IMDONE

  17. RoyalKev is a Homosexual December 23, 2010

    “Keys to growth, my ass.” Shut the f*** up, Trent. Keyshia Cole is selling out to pop for the sake of appealing to the skinny jeans wearing, Gaga-listening, populous. Nothing else.

  18. i’m a billy goat December 23, 2010

    It’s sad to witness the slow daeth of R&B! The powers that be said they would move everyone to pop now that they own every music outlet there is. BET, MTV & VH! are all owned by the same corporation. All radio stations are now corporate owned. It’s just sad to see!

  19. Jasmine December 23, 2010

    I have heard her sing two pop songs so far and she killed it. Her song “This is Us” was a great pop song:

    I think if she sticks to her r&b roots and records some pop material without trying too hard it works well for her. On this new album I see she tried to mix a little bit of what is considered “pop” now with r&b like her single “Long Way Down” but that type of fusion creates boring bland music. That is why when she is singing the song live she starts going off-key (the song is actually too easy for her to sing and showcase her voice). If she records pop songs like This is Us she will definately do well.

  20. carl December 23, 2010

    Wait… didn’t she try ‘Pop’ with the last album? It REALLY did not work for her.

  21. Carmen December 23, 2010

    @ima billygoat I agree. I think she should just take the approach trey songs, expand but dont lose the roots. Its ways to do it. She just needs a stronger and more intriguing personality. Really most pop stars reach commercial success, (Michael Jackson, Beyonce, Lady gaga) even little willow, because they are willing to step out of the box and they work hard. I think she can do this without abandoning her ain fanbase, but with a new baby and a stale personality, I don’t know.

  22. Bey4Eva December 23, 2010

    Keyshia needs to work on her vocals before she start trying any other genre, Beyonce hasn’t abandon her R&B roots and why is it always the black artist getting criticize for trying new music. Nobody tripping on Pink for abandoning her R&B roots.

  23. True 聘痰獭訙痰台虅品 Blue December 23, 2010

    *Sigh*… can’t judge until she puts the record out, but yeah, this move kind of says “I need to sell more records so I can be more popular” to me. Like RihannaForever says, how can she be already thinking about the direction of her next album when her new one JUST came out? If the process of making music is so organic, you’re not even suppose to make plans for your next album until you actually get around to making it.

    @ Mr. Mister:

    I was one of those people. I’m all for evolving and proving your musical versatility, but sometimes the direction an artist goes in isn’t really all that good.

    @ I’m A Billy Goat:

    Only channel that is dedicated to true R&B music is VH1 Soul.

  24. True 聘痰獭訙痰台虅品 Blue December 23, 2010


  25. OsO_Jo_RO December 23, 2010

    Love keyshia!
    she can do whatever…I’m all for it, but we need more tracks on albums…and please keep it breathtaking like ALWAYS!
    beyonce stan here 馃槈

  26. Anthony The Great December 23, 2010

    I like Keyshia Cole, but Beyonce would vocally murder her on a track.

    But her and Fergie would be nice.

  27. OsO_Jo_RO December 23, 2010

    when the hell was P!nk R&B XD ???
    dude I’m a a beyonce stand..and yes she’s more pop now, but she has some R&B elements to her albums!

  28. OsO_Jo_RO December 23, 2010


  29. MrIncredible December 23, 2010

    Yeah, Keyshia needs to think again. Aint nobody checkin for her to sing no pop. I can’t.

  30. Bey4Eva December 23, 2010

    @oso_jo_ro Pink first album is an R&B album

  31. Shouw December 23, 2010

    Beyonce still does RNB track

  32. the kiddz December 23, 2010

    Last time I checked “Ego” was a pure R&B song. IASF was a mixture of different genres ranging from pop, r&b, hip-hip, country, and folk. That’s the beautiful thing about Bey, she takes all these genres and put them into her “gumbo” to create her own sound. I mean, what do you expect from a woman who listens to “MGMT”, Barbra Streisand and Coldplay? That’s why if she does go the Electro-Pop route, I know she can truly bring something new to that sound.

    As for Keyshia, Idk how I feel about this. I think she should work on her live performances, first. Because, more often than not, she’s either flat or just making noise.

  33. LMAOTRY December 23, 2010

    Gotta love B stans. Very delusional, very queery but funny!

  34. the kiddz December 23, 2010

    ^^^Bad-Ass gif. Bookmarked! Lol

  35. the kiddz December 23, 2010


  36. Cheers (Drink to That) December 23, 2010

    Bey DID turn POP… there are STILL some R&B elements in her music… but she is essentially POP now!

    KeyCo need not go too far in the pop direction becuz frankly, I’m not sure she has the voice for it! It’s like hearing JHUD do straight pop songs, it wouldn’t even make sense!

  37. Former Gap Tooth Monster December 23, 2010

    thank god this chick got that gap fixed good album by the way

  38. S.T.O December 23, 2010

    No Keyshia

  39. KAT DELUNA FAN December 23, 2010

    Why are people questioning beyonce RNB origins when people worldwide consider the like of rihanna,cassie,christina milian RNB just because they are black?

    By the way,B has 3 albums out and 2/3 are RNB so she is RNB to me.

    PS:I was on the Keri Hilson post and people are talkin about BEY.same thing on the Keyshia cole post,the mariah carey’s,ciara’s ..When did it stop ???

  40. theman December 23, 2010

    Here we go again with the Beyonce name dropping. Beyonce’ for the most part has gone Pop, there are elements of r&b, but she has strayed long ways from r&b. Pink has really always been r&b/soul/Pop/Rock. Beyonce’ has sacrificed some of her r&b roots from her first album. Yes you have to grow, but to me she just makes good music, nothing has been groundbreaking yet.

    I think that Keyshia and Fergie could do something really good, Fergie is down to earth and it seems like they would work well together. As far as Keyshia goes i don’t think she’ll go fully Pop, but i think she’ll add a few Pop songs to her repotoire. She can try new things while remaining herself.

  41. 123456 December 23, 2010

    trent has a point bey still has rnb songs but her albums are pop-based while dil was rnb based. fact

    rihanna is not typically pop like gaga and kesha. please stop

    bey didnt start lots of trends and yes she follows the crowd. didnt she start doing dance pop after rihanna the first black chick who did it in the 00s did it? yup yup

    keyshia sit down

  42. VA STAND UP!!! December 23, 2010

    Um…I kinda see where she is coming from. I can totally understand her wanting to branch out and try different avenues of music. When you are in the industry it is impossible not to be exposed to and influenced by all the different types of music and artist that there are out there. It’s natural for her to want to try something different.

    She has had a lot of success as a r&b/soul artist, but that doesn’t mean that she can’t have success in other genres too. I can’t see her doing bubble gum pop a la Britney and Ke$ha, and I definitely can’t see her doing that techno pop sh*t, that’s just not her, but that doesn’ t mean she can’t do more pop inspired records like what say Beyonce would do. Like ‘Sweet Dreams’, ‘Naughty Girl’ or a big pop ballad like ‘Halo’. I think if she just doesn’t go far left and still keeps some of her r&b roots, she should be fine.

    She has always said that she is a fan of Beyonce so I can totally see a collab with her.

    I can’t see her working with Lady Gimmick though, that’s just too weird. *shrugs*

  43. BENJAMIN December 23, 2010

    That is fine, I do want to see her grow, and I 100% agree with Trent, THIS TIME. Beyonce’s best album still remains to be “Dangerously In Love.” The funny thing is, she did try to white wash herself a little with her last one, but her urban side still outshined that “If I Were A Boy” garbage. She even said herself that she wasn’t expecting “Single Ladies” to be the pinnacle of that whole album, “If I Were A Boy” was. And look how that turned out. But anyway, I appreciate the fact that Keyshia chose to stay with her roots for so long, many artist won’t do that anymore. I could see her doing some traditional pop collabos and stuff, but I SINCERELY hope she doesn’t sell her craft down the river for the Euro trance stuff.

  44. the kiddz December 23, 2010


    Beyonce was doing dance pop back in 1997 with Destiny’s Child “No, No, No Remix” . Do you think it’s a coincidence that the man responsible for the production (Dark Child), is the same one doing a track like Telephone?

  45. RIHRIH December 23, 2010

    get it girl!

  46. Dane December 23, 2010

    One Beyonce is R&B….Video Phone is not pop..Diva is not Pop…Ego is not POP..Its R&B vocals over hard driven hip hop beats…which is called…Hip Hop Soul…learn your interest people….And Second if she is pop so the f*** out…MJ is the King of Pop…Pop is a great genre….and we have R&B good music….some of yalll just dont buy it…

  47. stan December 23, 2010

    well…. good luck

  48. GangsterA December 23, 2010

    trent #hater beyonce mix the genres shes r&b shes pop mix with other genres cross from soul/funk/blues/electro/euro/jazz hell even country take sweetdreams its an electropop song with r&b twist and even with dc they have r&b/pop and dance now #sit i won’t mind keyshia going pop if she mix it with r&b

  49. RosaRubbel December 23, 2010

    Keyshia has dropped her latest project this week and it seems like it’s going to be successful, so why is she talking about another album? In my opinion Keyshia’s voice doesn’t fit Pop AT ALL!! No one of these artists fit her personality, nor her musical style. R&B fits KC perfectly so why should she go pop? Keyshia has a very consistent R&B fanbase, that’s why she is still having successful numbers!

  50. magilla gorilla December 23, 2010

    lol beyonce’s Single Ego Was A f****** flopp she is a sell out her major target in listeners is white folks as lest with queen mariah she dont sell out to us peoplw of color

  51. Dilla December 23, 2010

    The song Last Night with her and Diddy was more pop and she actually nailed it. She needs to go to vocal training before she puts out anything else. I love Keyshia but she’s been disappointing the ish out of me lately

  52. Dilla December 23, 2010

    Oh and Lmfao @whoever said single ladies was r&b. Lmfao, I can’t

  53. 123456 December 23, 2010


    NO NO NO remix WAS RNB

  54. theman December 23, 2010

    Beyonce’ mixes some r&b in her music now, but not as much as she use to. If she does do r&b now it’s stuff like Diva Ego, songs that are riding a hiphop beat. It’s not the Me Myself & I, or Dangerously In Love Beyonce’. I think thats what people are talking about.

  55. remmy December 27, 2010

    Please…Bey is the true definition of pop and r&b…still pop and still r&b…that calabo would not be the bizznezz…I like Cole (tho she needs vocal training SAT) but she would get murdered by bey…
    Ps. I’m a DIL fan…and I’m by no means dissipointed with Bey. Trent sit!!!

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