American Idol Judge Randy Jackson Rates Jennifer Lopez’s Singing

Published: Wednesday 19th Jan 2011 by Trent

Randy Jackson visited ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ last evening to promote the upcoming season of ‘American Idol’. During the interview with the comedic host Jackson was asked to rate the singing ability of his fellow judge Jennifer Lopez on a scale of 1 to 10 and compare it to her Pop counterpart Lady GaGa.

So how did Lopez score on Jackson’s scale? Look below for the answer:

Clearly Jackson was simply being polite by giving Lopez a 7/10. That notion was painfully obvious when he was asked to rate GaGa who easily got a higher ranking on his scale.

One useful point that Jackson did highlight, however, was the importance of today’s younger crop of singers to be a “package”. Artists are no long required to scale the octaves and pack every song with vocal acrobatics. Instead, they simply need to have a marketable look, catchy hooks, radio-friendly beats and the right amount of auto-tune.

In other words, the music industry has been reformatted to appease mediocrity, giving acts with limited talent the ability to thrive. No wonder Rihanna managed to get 9 #1 singles on the Billboard Hot 100. O na na what a shame.


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  1. shoa January 19, 2011

    you always sound bitter

  2. KeriStan January 19, 2011

    Prepare for the angry Rihanna stans to raise hell…..wait, lemme predict this “Trent, why are you always throwing shade at Rihanna, this post is about J.lo, Rihanna fans make your website…we should stop coming here, but we do anyway and complain about the same s*** all the time.” There, I said it for y’all.

  3. JT January 19, 2011


  4. John January 19, 2011

    Rihanna is making amazing hits, Loud is an amazing album, i know that she doesn’t have the best voice but she CAN sing, she puts on a performance and at the end of the day its about how hard the artist work and what they produce and Rihanna is on fire. So i think you should pipe down trent because you can keep on hating but its not going to change the fact she is one of the best artist’s out at the moment and probably will be for the next decade.

  5. ROUND IV January 19, 2011

    Trent you betta preach!
    o na na what a SHAME!

  6. CHECKMATE January 19, 2011

    Steven Tyler sings better than the both of them. At least he’s ranked on RS Top 100 singers of all time. Where’s J Ho or Lady Caca?? Exactly…

  7. gabs January 19, 2011

    Why is JLO trying again? Ugh! She should stick to movies. No one cares about her music anymore. Its never going to be 2003 again! Okay, i’m not even a Rihanna stan or regular fan at all and your remarks about her are bugging me. If anything you are keeping her relevant. Why not use Ke$ha as an example instead? Switch it up a bit! I do love that gif though. haha

  8. CHECKMATE January 19, 2011


    J Ho’s movies flopped bigtime too. This is her last hurrah. Surprised they paid her $12 mil to judge Idol. She doesnt do any better than Ellen or Kara and they were getting like 2-4 mil each. Talk about a tax write off…

  9. dboy January 19, 2011

    ^ don’t u mean one of the best selling artistes.

    either way u spin it, rihanna isnt ace at singing, dancing and/or performing. she however deserves credit for breaking away from the beyonce-wannabe image/comparisons that dogged her MOTS and AGLM era and complimenting well-produced records within the capabilities of her vocals

  10. KD January 19, 2011

    LOL @ OH NA NA what a shame…obviously Randy (LOL…who names their child Randy…anyway) Jackson just had to be nice, no way J-lo is a 7/10 in the singing department if she is then I give myself an 11/10 (and I know that I can’t sing).

  11. gfhfgh January 19, 2011

    Do you know why thousands of people joi n

    😛 😛 ~~~B lac k Wh it e Fl i rts* C”0m~~~~every day?

    It’s the most successful interra cial da t ing c lub. If you are still waiting for your sweet “milk” or “chocolate”, don’t hesitate to check it !! Don’t let your babies wait too long for you !!

  12. JJFAN1814 January 19, 2011


    Oh na na, your favs a flop. Oh na na, mariah’s a flop…

  13. JJFAN1814 January 19, 2011


    Where is Keri Hilson’s songs on the charts???? Get back to me. lol

  14. Tami January 19, 2011

    He was being generous I would give Jennifer a 6/10. She really can’t sign

  15. Who’s Cedric? January 19, 2011

    DEAD at a Keri stan even attempting to throw shade!

    J. Lo can do everything BUT sing, her acting ain’t great either but its not bad. And Rihanna will keep dominating the charts and become an icon while doing so, you mad Trent?

  16. J Rock January 19, 2011

    Such Haters running this blog… Why even bring Rhianna into this? The topic was J Lo…

  17. Becca January 19, 2011

    J-Lo may not be a strong singer but she has a sweet voice and great songs. People don’t care that Rihanna can’t sing, and still come for J-Lo’s wig? please. give it a rest.

  18. KeriStan January 19, 2011

    @JJfan1814 I don’t praise people over numbers, especially when theres idiot consumers out there that don’t know s*** about music. Rihanna has dazzled and bejazzled everyone with her hair cuts, colors and tattoos to distract you from the very thing that she lacks….which is TALENT. Keri Hilson is underrated and that’s ok with me, just as long as she stays true to her artistry. Thats all that it boils down too.

  19. JJFAN1814 January 19, 2011


    Don’t hate because with each album Rihanna caters to what’s “NOW”. In order to be relevant you gotta stay up with the industry and in the process Rihanna is here to stay.

  20. Nichole January 19, 2011

    Rihanna may not have the best voice, but I can tolerate her vocals better than J.No’s.

    Randy is great, and he was certainly just being polite because Jennifer’s voice is on an all time low.

    Lady GaGa can sing.

  21. Dave January 19, 2011

    J. lo actually can sing. She’s not that bad. & she does have range, people overlook. She actually belted a Mix G#5 live before if you talk about range, no strain @ all. I think it was in “Waiting for Tonight” or whatever that song is. & it is about the package, clearly… even though Rihanna, Ke$ha don’t even have a 4th of the package. Gaga can sing, but her voice isn’t really special. It is about a 7.5-8.

  22. KWON CAMPBELL January 19, 2011


  23. Trent is my Eater January 19, 2011

    Dear old trent.stop talking about people who have made it in life.but you hiding behind some computer somewhere…just come back to my place and finish eatin me out..thats the only thing you know.

  24. Imjustsaying January 19, 2011

    *DEAD* at that gif of Camille from ANTM! Hilarious! Whatever happened to her and that “signature” walk of hers that was going to make her famous….SMDH!

  25. JohnVidal January 19, 2011

    This video was funny to watch. Yesterday a Bey stan replied to me saying so many artists talk good things about Bey and I said that doesn´t mean anything. All the people are polite in front of a camera. Randy was obviusly being polite but still it was clear after that initial 7/10 almost everybody else sings better than JLo in his opinion. Gaga sings better obviously and Mariah is out of this world obviously as he also pointed. If JLo is a 7 Mimi would be like 99 or something… Also did you guys see how the presenter talked about JLo´s singing abilities? LOL

  26. NE-YO*STAN January 19, 2011

    Couldn’t even post an image of Randy Jackson… probably cuz there wasn’t one with his shirt off; eh, Trent?

  27. RICAN_STAR January 19, 2011

    riri jennifer and all the rest CAN sing for the MUSIC THEY make plus i would be bored as hell watching a million and one Mariahs, Leona’s Xtinas up on a stage whaling sounds a few ok a bunch hell no. i want to be entertained i wanna see the dancing the s** appeal other wise what the hell would their be to listen to in a club a million and one beautiful ballads geeze just make music thats good for u and if its marketed right catchy hurray i deff respect those ppl who hit all them notes but i also respect those who make feel good dance music and sometimes its fun watching them try to be a powerful vocalist. As Jennifer Said to Barbara Walters at the end of the day how many albums did i sell apparently 30- 40 million ppl like the music.

  28. Jess January 19, 2011

    This blog is soooo sick!
    Loud is far better than The Fame!
    Rihanna has 9 #1 singles on Billboard…can Gaga achieve that in less than 5 years from now?..even britney is struggling for that b****!

  29. GangsterA January 19, 2011

    lmao at the no wonder rihanna have 9 number ones at the hot 100 oh na na what a shame lmao lmao lmao am i the only one who think jlo have a great voice ?

  30. MISHKA January 19, 2011

    Randy is gonna work with her six months per year, he can’t tell the truth. She’s not like she doesn’t know anyway.

    Like her or not, Jennifer Lopez is exactly the kind of artist the music industry is looking for those days: very good/exotic looks, average singing, average dancing, average acting, buzz-friendly life and a very good manager (in her case, Benny Medina).

    Rihanna is the 2010 J-Lo: we don’t know how she came up there but she’s still there and she’s making it. Same goes to Katy Perry.

  31. B@tch Please January 19, 2011

    None of you know a damn thing about singing but always want to judge. People judge on what they like not the truth thats problem with the world.

  32. WonderLand19 January 19, 2011

    O na na, what a shame, SOOOOO funny. hahahaha

    i was shocked that he said j.lo was a 7. ON TV! His got guts!

  33. Melanie January 19, 2011

    Trent your Rihanna shade was actually funny this time.

    J-Lo deserved to be ranked maybe a 6/10 though she has some chops at least.

  34. THE UNDISPUTED QUEEN OF POP January 19, 2011

    @johndival shut the hell ass people always talk about mariah ass all the time flopping all the time and when people talk about b talents they bring it up and beyonce shits all over mariah that b**** had 3flops this decade beyonce owns that flop b**** lmao ha ha ha ha ha

  35. Blue Kid January 19, 2011

    “o na na what a SHAME!”

    Bawhahahahahahaha! 😆

  36. KAT DELUNA FAN January 19, 2011

    dead @OH NA NA WHAT A SHAME ;D


  37. STEREO January 19, 2011


  38. Royalkev January 19, 2011

    I agree with Randy, Jlo deserves a 7/10. She’s not a power house vocalist, but her singing abilities are solid. She can sing live and sound like the studio version of her songs. As for Gaga, I’d say their in the same boat. Jimmy Kimmel really pressure Randy into giving Gaga that 8, the way he stressed it you would have thought he was comparing Jlo to Xtina. I think Randy was very honest and his grades was accurate though.

    *The Page with RoyalKev / February 7th, 2011(Where there’s a place for everything and everything has its place)

  39. STEREO January 19, 2011

    (Radio interviews) Jan

    2 of the radio interviews Jennifer did today the first one with Ryan Secreast (KIIS FM), she talks about American Idol (starting tonight on FOX) the new single “On The Floor” and the video she’s gonna shoot for it this week-end, they’ll be looking for dancers apparently like the song the video will be shot in a club.

    and with NY’s KTU 103.5 she talks about Idol and again in the second part they talk about the new single “On The Floor” and Jennifer mention that they’re going to shoot the video this week-end. You’ll find a third one here.

  40. KL January 19, 2011

    Love the Mariah shout out from Randy!

  41. DION-ISH January 19, 2011

    Rihanna has talent. Sam and Trent is IGNORANT and pressed because there favs cant hold a candle to the Princess. Loads of aritst out there that are not even on Rihanna’s level vocally but they dont get half the shade.

    If Rihanna couldnt sing Trent and Sam wouldnt (Give credit weres due) to some of her most challenging vocal performances (Russian Roulette). So *Flips Bang* Next….Tired Pressed Queens annoy me.

    Rihanna can sing, dance, write, video direct and much more…..Stay Mad because she slays your life. Rihanna >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> all 2,000,000 hours of your life!

  42. Blue Kid January 19, 2011

    ^^^Some time I think people are joking when they say such things! ^^^^

  43. DION-ISH January 19, 2011


    B**** i hope you werent directing that at me because wont s*** funny about what i said….Speaking the Truth.

    Got something to say, say it….because i WILL go IN on your ass….TRUTH.

  44. DION-ISH January 19, 2011

    *Sashays Weave*

  45. KeepingItReal January 19, 2011

    “Rihanna can sing, dance, write, video direct and much more”<——This right here is the biggest lie ever told. That b**** can not do, not even one of those things you listed. The only thing she can do is model and dye her hair and change her image once a new album is about to hit. Go sit in a corner with that lie, we not here for that

  46. asdfsdf January 19, 2011

    Mariah is a 10/10 (in her prime), jlo is a 4, gaga is a 7, Beyonce is a 8.5 and Whitney Houston is a 9.5

  47. KAT DELUNA FAN January 19, 2011

    Gaga is a 5 to me even a 4.At least JLO used to dance her ass off while singing.

  48. Dev January 19, 2011

    Oh, na, na … what a shame! I passed out with laughter, and with the moving picture below….

    @RL is that really you?

  49. DION-ISH January 19, 2011


    Um B**** Really?! Then Why was she praised for her live performance of Russian Roulette on many actuations (Her most vocally challenging record) she is also praised for her ballad performances!

    And Um She does Dance, shes been dancing since her prime. And she is an Entertainer that appeals to all audiences, not just one.

    She Has written on Plenty of records including my favorite record Fire Bomb….That alone slays half the s*** these pop artist write about. True and authentic. And She Wrote her verse in Run This Town, which won a grammy.

    And she has video directing credits on her Disturbia and PDSTM videos sooo come again?! YOU FAIL. SIT DOWN.

  50. ogagus January 19, 2011

    you guys are just mean… 1stly Trent Rihanna can sing, then to the Jennifer Lopez issue i think 6/10 is a good score for her… in her spanish albums she sings like crazy…she might not have a big voice…but she works with what she has…she also performs very good and sounds good live soo… Y’all just hating!!! Jennifer Lopez is a good singer

  51. Beyoncé: The Queen of Pop & Soul January 19, 2011

    6.5/7 is about right. She’s no Aretha but she’s not horrible. By any means. And I am not giving her those ratings because she’s not a “powerhouse”. Billie Holiday is not a powerhouse but she’s one of greatest singers/vocalists of modern day mainstream entertainment history because of her phrasing, her timing and just overall musicianship as a vocalist.


    You’re about right with Gaga, maybe a 7.5. Bey is a 9. Whitney’s grade is about right(maybe 9.75), Mariah’s grade is too high, I would give her the same grade you gave Whitney(prime Whtiney especially) or the grade that I gave Whitney.

  52. Robier January 19, 2011


  53. Beyoncé: The Queen of Pop & Soul January 19, 2011

    Rihanna is a 5-6 vocally. Her tone needs to mature more…and she need better musicianship. She loses melody and pitch on the easiest of phrases vocally. I mean, this is a fail for her: : As a vocalist, which phoneme do you prefer: the glottal stop or the fricative? Rihanna:

    This is stuff she should KNOW and it would help her as a vocalist if she did and could excute.

  54. Killah January 19, 2011

    it aint nothin new. everyone knows rihanna is a puppet who has no talent. 9 #1, my ass….ohhh na na what a shame lol. cant wait 4 those crazed rihanna stans to start makin excuses again. its a fact rihanna cant hit a note, its a fact she cant dance n its also a fact she cant write. her management made one mistake to let her express in rated r, the album flop n they had to call about 20 producers n writers to rush an album in two weeks, so they can get back the money they wasted on rated r….i know the delusional stans r post wikipedia links where its writen rated r sold 2 millions but dont fool urselves it wasnt enough compared to the money they invested on that project… do some math, if i invest $1000 on somethin which brings me $750, i obviously lost money n thats why they had to rush another album, they even had the nerve to compare it to thriller, REALLY??? wait, o na na what a shame !
    the yet to go platinum album is a trash, rihanna shoulda just been a groupie in the jayz camp before he married beyonce…now that he married the queen, beyonce could use her head in the bacground of her concerts. in songs like “diva”…i give credits where its due, n the only credit give to rihanna is for rockin her hair…beyonce coulda used her in diva video n performance to walk around on stage or in the video (lol diva video by beyonce really sucked) oir she coulda been in the telephone video, she’d be in jail with the other bad girls..

  55. DION-ISH January 19, 2011


    Your Sad.

    Thats All. *Sips Tea*

  56. C January 19, 2011

    he is senile, Jlo and Gaga live in two different galaxies Gaga is a 9 atleast jlo is a 3

  57. James January 19, 2011

    Carrie Underwood is an AMAZING talent, but my AMERICAN IDOL is FANTASIA BARRINO!!!

  58. Blue Kid January 19, 2011

    @ Killa

    All it can do is sip tea after you have snatched that wig off and drug it threw the coals and slammed it to the ground all it can do is sip tea.

    Blue kid out!

  59. DION-ISH January 19, 2011


    Both you and Killah or whatever are fukin idiots!!

    you think writing a essay displaying how sad, pressed, pyshotic you are is doing something?! ROFL Thats displaying you have no life outside “Celebrity” and having that much hatred for someone you dont know….Like are you being paid to write those essays?? Ridiculous *Flips Bang*

  60. Martyn January 19, 2011

    What makes me laugh is when Rihanna, Gaga, Jlo etc. fans say “she doesn’t have the BEST voice but she CAN sing”. It just proves the point that Trent is making in the first place. You used to HAVE to have the best voice to get a record deal. Now it’s all about gimmicks and mediocrity. It’s not bitterness. It’s truth.

  61. DION-ISH January 19, 2011


    Yea if you sing Soul/R&B

    This is POP. Its not about who has the most powerful vocals. If you dont like it, change what you pay attention to, what you listen to..etc.

  62. Martyn January 19, 2011

    Yes but the question Randy was asked was about VOCALS. Not about who’s the best POPSTAR.

  63. JohnVidal January 19, 2011

    Can´t believe there are some people on here believing Randy said what he said honestly. He just wanted to be polite. The presenter was shocked by that 7 and Randy had to make some kind of balancing act by saying some real truths: Gaga sings absolutely better (she can sing, JLo simply can´t) and Mariah is out of this world. It´s just like that

  64. Tisk January 19, 2011

    Nichole shut ya mouth! Jlo is queen!

  65. Tisk January 19, 2011

    Randy was being honest and I believe ewverything he said. Nuff said now shut your fucken mouths especially you nichole

  66. S*** January 19, 2011

    Jennifer Lopez & Gaga Def Deserve the SAME Score & if anything Gaga would only be a SINGLE point higher.

    But MY Score:
    Jennifer Lopez- 2 (Kinda nasally, Weak, Awkward, Slightly Painful)
    Gaga – 3 (On her BEST day) (Weak, Awkward, Painful, & EXTREMELY STALE Vocalist.)

  67. tones January 19, 2011

    LMAO at someone saying Rihanna is an icon because she has 9 #1 hits, well hell in that case anyone who has a hit song is an icon. Rihanna’s music is not original at all which is why she’s never won an award for her songs, it’s always a song she’s featured on : Live Your Life, Run This Town, Love the Way You Lie. Rihanna is not a great singer because she’s not a good singer, she’s an okay performer and she doesn’t write or produce any of her songs. Hell Ciara, who isn’t the best singer either is a far better artist than Rihanna: she actually writes her songs, knows how to put on a great show and sing and dance at the same time, which are things Rihanna cannot do. The only thing Ciara lacks is decent promotion and marketing. J. Lo is a not a singer, I’d give her a 5.5/10. Gaga a 8/10, Ciara a 6.5/10 and Rihanna a 6/10.
    P.S. to Rihanna stans, just because she had 9 #1 hits, does make her a great artist, it just means she has musical appeal, which simply means her songs are catchier(good hooks), but it doesn’t make them great.

  68. youcansaywhateveryoulike January 19, 2011

    lol….jlo is a 7 and i’m a15…o na na wat a shame…i died at that one…why u guys keep acknowledgin rihanna stans they prove it everyday that they know she cant sing that good

  69. lola January 20, 2011

    You can obviously tell that the people who are on here are young as hell and/or naive, idiots who support this manufactured crap. It pisses me off at how many people don’t care about good talent anymore. All I hear is “She’s no Mariah but…” “She works best with what she has” “It’s more about the package and she makes good songs?” Will y’all listen to yourselves? Yea Rihanna can sing…. BADLY! The problem with Rihanna’s voice is that her tone sounds so young, nasally, and shaky. Her vocals are always very pitchy and flat, and she has no real range! She tries and she’s actually singing, but it just doesn’t sound good.

    Jimmy Kimmel kept it real and I applaud him for that! WHY DO YOU THINK HE BROUGHT THAT QUESTION UP?! And LOL at the audience laughing their behinds off when Randy said a 7! From a scale of 1-10, Jlo gets a 3! Jlo’s voice is very pitchy, weak, and she doesn’t have any range either! I am so mad that they actually have her as a judge! How can she judge when her voice sounds bad and she would never even make it through the first round of AI. And so what if she sounds the same live? Just because she sounds like her recorded singles, doesn’t mean anything; she sounds bad on the studio fixed versions! How dare he put Lady Gaga in the same boat as Jlo when it comes to singing? Jlo can’t sing and Lady Gaga can sing, but just doesn’t have a special voice. Lady Gaga does get a 7. Here’s my ratings for singers of today.

    Lady Gaga-7
    Britney Spears-2
    Katy Perry-6
    Carrie Underwood-10
    Kelly Clarkson-9
    Leona Lewis-9.5
    Christina Aguilera-9.5
    Keri Hilson-5 or 6
    Jessi J-6.5

    Truth is, with the superficial world we live in, anyone, I mean anyone, can be a singer! You no longer need to be born with a good voice. All you need is amazing producers, songwriters who can write catchy songs, a hot image, and a good manager and publicist. Randy knows this. That’s why he had some nerve giving Kesha, Jlo, Miley Cyrus, and Lindsay Lohan credit for making music.

  70. sugarwalls January 20, 2011

    he is just being honest!!!

  71. TC ;D January 20, 2011




    *DA DUN DUN*

  72. ogagus January 20, 2011

    u guys r joking, between jlo sings better dan hilson

  73. Prince barbie January 20, 2011

    O M G!!! Lawd everyone cant hit them damn Mariah notes everyone cant be Beyonce STFU!!!! J-Lo has sold over 50 million albums WW she ain’t worried about Randy or anyone else’s opinion of her vocals. As far as her acting she is a great actress did she have s few flop movies sure, but who hasn’t? Leave it to people to talk about the negative and never the positive SMDH!!

  74. rih~luv January 20, 2011

    She Has written on Plenty of records including my favorite record Fire Bomb….That alone slays half the s*** these pop artist write about. True and authentic

    ^i couldnt aree more^^ “Fire Bomb sends chills up my spine. As does cold Case Love but Fire Bomb’s emotion exudes what artists try to achieve. And that is to make their fans feel each and every word of a song. Rihanna started off rocky but she is becomin a superb vocalist (the most improvement started in her Rated R era.

    Now im not calling Rihanna a Patti, Areth, Teena, Natalie, Tina, Cher or Barbara. But she definitely can sing. I do agree Gaga has a nice voice but on my scale her voice does not have any real distinction like the artists i mentioned above. I agree with what someone mentioned earlier that her vocal are rather stale. No shade. But she is improving as well.Vocally today’s mainstream vocalist are Alicia Keys, Natasha Bedingfield, and Beyonce. And thats evidentally. We really need to stop acting like GaGa is soooo special. Aint s*** she doin extravagant. Real tlk muthafukers. And J. Lo is a HUGE improvement. Although never an awful vocalist she was not consistent in her early career. With her first album “Let’s Get Loud” vocals were slamming but most of the other vocals were weak but starting with “Rebirth” era and when she started singing with her husband she was killing the land. I just say we start lookin at the bigger picture. Oh and for the record, Ms. Keri can blow. Even Patti LaBelle said that

  75. rih~luv January 20, 2011

    && the only singer who doesn’t deserve the title of singer is that gawd awful Ke$ha… She is a HUGE disgrace. I remember Melanie Fiona sayin something similar to “You don’t have to hit every high note but when you walk out on that stage and you call urself a singer, I expect u to do just that- SING” Those aren’t exact quotes but it is tru. Ke$ha drop the act and autotune and at least ATTEMPT at singin

  76. rih~luv January 20, 2011


    Lady Gaga-7
    Britney Spears-2
    Katy Perry-6
    Carrie Underwood-10
    Kelly Clarkson-9
    Leona Lewis-9.5
    Christina Aguilera-9.5
    Keri Hilson-5 or 6

    ^^This list is a bunch of bullsh*t^^

    Below is a list of old-school established and legendary vocalist who all aren’t powerhouses but voices meant something and some their most vocally challenging songs

    Celine Dion- 9.5/10 (All By Myself)
    Whitney Houston- 10/10 (All The Man That I Need)
    Mariah Carey- 9.94/10 (Anytime You Need a Friend)
    Pat Benatar-8.4/10 (All Fired Up)
    Madonna- 6.0/10 (Like A Prayer)
    Cher-8.0/10 (Living In a House Divided)
    Janet Jackson-6.6/10 (Black Cat)
    Mary J. Blige-7.2/10 (Love I Never Had)
    Aretha Franklin-9.5/10 (You Make Me Feel Like a Natural Woman)
    Tina Turner- 9.1/10 (The Best)
    Natalie Cole-7.9/10 (This Will Be)
    Diana Ross-7.1/10 (Sweetest Hangover)
    Chaka Khan-8.8/10 (Im Every Woman)
    Donna Summers-8.1/10 (Radio)
    Patti LaBelle-9.0/10 (When You’ve Been Blessed)
    Teena Marie-8.8/10 (Cassanove Brown)
    Reba McEntire-7.8/10 (Whoever’s in New England)
    Annie Lennox-7.3/10 (Little Bird)
    Deniece Williams-8.0/10 (Black Butterfly)
    Barbra Streisand-8.5/10 (Evergreen)

  77. SPIDERBOY January 20, 2011

    Trent I don’t know what your beef is with JLo but it’s ridiculous. Why does he need to have been being polite for stating an opinion? Get a grip!

    All these stars can sing and are talented in their own way, the rest is down to sheer personal preference.

  78. janhovaswitness January 21, 2011

    Hennifer is untalented. CASE CLOSED. She got by for because of her public relationships and her ass… well, before they started to sag.

    Also DEAD at the Rihonda stans claiming that alien wrote a song. AHAHHAH Just accept the fact that Rihalien is a label puppet.

  79. mazza May 2, 2011

    Ouch ! whats with the bitterness peeps ?

    Credit where it is due, love em’ or hate em’ they all do a good job and earn boat loads more than we ever could.

    To be fair i don’t thinks its fair or right to be asking anyone to rate these stars and i think Randy should have know better…… !

  80. Jannie June 5, 2016

    Exactly what I was looking for, thank you for

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