Janet Jackson Announces UK Tour Ticket Details

Published: Thursday 3rd Mar 2011 by Sam

Icon, legend, diva. Just a few of the words synonymous with the name Janet Jackson. Absent from the UK performing circuit  for almost 10 years, the superstar singer has finally announced ticket information for her hotly anticipated UK leg of her ‘Number Ones: Up, Close, & Personal World Tour’.

Let’s just say fan’s will need to be picking up their phones, wallets, and car keys a lot sooner than they think.

Set to roll into London’s Royal Albert Hall on June 30th and July 2nd, tickets for the jaunt go on sale tomorrow (March 4th)!

The ‘Number Ones: Up, Close, & Personal World Tour’ sees Jackson thrill audiences with her trademark choreography, energy, and -of course- her undeniable catalogue of hits.

Fans will be able to purchase tickets from 8am at the following outlets:

Royal Albert Hall (Box Office) royalalberthall.com / 0207 589 8212 / Or In-Person

Ticketline – ticketline.co.uk / 0844 888 9991

You already know That Grape Juice will be in the house. Will you?

Your thoughts?

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  1. LAMB 4 LIFE March 3, 2011


  2. Yellow Gorillah March 3, 2011


    The Wait is over The Queen is coming…

  3. JJFAN1814 March 3, 2011

    Lmao at a FLOPriah stan…. *I CANT* It’s too early to snatch the wool off you, Lamb..


    I’m glad her tour is so successful than the Rock Witchu tour…


  4. LAMB 4 LIFE March 3, 2011

    No wonder she recycled the setlist and the costumes from her last tour. LMAO

    She knows nobody will attend her flop tour

  5. LAMB 4 LIFE March 3, 2011

    When was the last time Janet had a hit? Like a DECADE ago LMAO

  6. JJFAN1814 March 3, 2011


    DAR Construction Hall Washington D.C. 2,430 / 3,166 (76.8%) ( Mariah’s Angel Advocate Tour)

    Lmao..Janet will never flop like that…

    Lol, do your research booboo…Only the backup dancers are using the same costumes….Muah, smooches. Don’t hate that Janet’s conducting this tour based off of hits, still selling out, when Mariah had an album out but couldn’t do any better. *DEAD*

    B**** was sitting down the entire time according to these youtube videos.

  7. JJFAN1814 March 3, 2011

    Anyways, I’d go but Atlanta is sold out 🙁 …

  8. UNBIASED READER March 3, 2011

    Actually I would consider Janet’s touring game quite weak considering she’s been in the game for 20? Years and she’s still doing little halls and ampitheatres, when she should be doing $300 million world tours, selling out stadiums with $500 tickets a la Madonna. But that’s just me 😉

  9. JJFAN1814 March 3, 2011


    You mad? Yeah, you mad.

    Madonna may rule at touring, but Janet, fortunately, has her beat in performing, acting and well now…being an author with a #1 Bestseller.


  10. tdens March 3, 2011

    She’s so beautiful. I love this woman!

  11. tdens March 3, 2011

    And anyone who is a fan of Mariah should know that she has nothing but good things to say about Janet and vice-versa. What kind of busted fan are you to not know that?

  12. Royalkev March 3, 2011

    Janet started this Up close and personal tour February 7th and is still continuing to add dates into the summer. This is delaying her recording her next album, but because the demand is so high she’s not going to be finish with this tour anytime soon.
    These tickets for all these small venues aren’t cheap at all.
    To see Janet in NY(Radio City) it’s, $88 – $464
    To see Janet in Las Vegas (Caesars Palace) it’s, $104 -$1863
    To see Janet in NJ (Atlantic City) it’s, $206 – $1019

    **ThePagewithroyalkev.blogspot.com(…Still a place for EVERYTHING! )

  13. TheDimplePuppet March 3, 2011

    Well…well… w e l l… Janet 5 dates in Asia was a success ***SOLD OUT***. Now on to the US which starts tonight. Then Europe. I think everyone and their mama knows why Janet is performing in smaller venues, it’s called building up your brand. The concert is to celebrate her #1’s w/ her fans. Gil already stated Janet is in a better place right now and is happy to be performing. I don’t uderstand why IDIOTS are in here, Please don’t compare Janet Jackson to her #LESSER. #FACT Janet last hit on the Hot 100 was over 10 years ago. #FACT Janet hasn’t release a full studio album over 3 years. BUTTTTTTTT #FACT Janet is on a WW Tour and will pocket millions dollars with no record label backing her. #FACT When this tour is done she will have performed for over a quater of a million people. That’s not bad for a 44 year FLOP black b**** now is it?

  14. TheDimplePuppet March 3, 2011

    #FACT Janet Jackson is New York Time best selling author.

  15. TheDimplePuppet March 3, 2011

    @Royalkev Hi bestfriend!

  16. Shuj March 3, 2011

    Iv just rang Royal Albert Hall and they’ve said that they cannot confirm if tickets r on sale tomorrow…..

  17. Royalkev March 3, 2011

    @ The Dimplepuppet… Wassup BFF!
    Janet’s in rehearsal switiching everything up for the states. Our Janet sure does work hard!

    **ThePagewithroyalkev.blogspot.com(…Still a place for EVERYTHING! )

  18. tones March 3, 2011

    What ppl need to know and understand is that smaller venues like theatres and amphitheatres are more expensive to book than large stadiums and arenas. If this was an arena tour, the tickets would only be like $75 – $150, but at theatres, tickets are like $200+. Madonna can sell out stadiums and arena because she’s still releasing new music, so ppl are going to see her perform new and old material and plus she’s sold nearly 250 million albums worldwide. Janet is doing a greatest hits tour and she’s only sold around 125 million worldwide, so of course more people will go see Madonna, but Janet Jackson is still the better artist and performer. It’s just like with Rihanna and Ciara, Ciara usually performs most of her older hits when she performs because she’s hasn’t had a hit in like 2 years but she the better artist and performer, so people will always want to see her, while Rihanna is constantly releasing and being featured on other people’s songs, so that expands her fanbase which is why she always performs at stadiums and arenas while Ciara usually performs at amphitheatres and small indoor arenas with a capacity of 2,500 – 7,500.

  19. Bacqui March 3, 2011

    I like Damito Jo with short hair!, suits her perfectly…The Uk gonna have fun


  20. Royalkev March 3, 2011

    @ Tones, I see what your saying. Madonna actually only sold 200 million worldwide (tied with Celine at the moment). Janet had fewer releases and Madonna also sold 51 million with several greatest hits compilations that’s been released. I think people seem to over look these things when it comes to Madonna. She is a strong touring act like Tina Turner. I don’t think Madonna’s popularity is due to having hits recently (her last #1 was in 2000 and out of the 20 singles she released since then 5 went top 10)… I credit 4 minutes in 2008 reaching top 3 status because of Justin Timberlake joining her (my opinion). Still most people seem to support Madonna off the strength of her name! I do agre with you that Janet is the better entertainer though. I think a picture has been painted to see Madonna in a certain light. So, it’s hard for most to get the big picture.

    **ThePagewithroyalkev.blogspot.com(…Still a place for EVERYTHING! )

  21. kelzrowland March 3, 2011

    Werq @ janitor Jokeson for NOT being able to sell out the O2 ARENA but being able to sell out the MIDDLE SCHOOL GYMNASIUM down the street!!!!!!!!


    • Broughton June 13, 2012

      B**** your crazy! What defines talent or can you not grasp the concept!Janet out performs Madonna 1000 times over!

  22. hp March 3, 2011

    shame at some for dissing janet for not selling out,i know i said some thing,but b****** go look at them past sells,

  23. kelzrowland March 3, 2011

    @ Dimple

    #fact Madonna has multiple New York Times best selling children’s books..Janitor is just getting on the bandwagon

    #fact Janitors last 3 albums didn’t even sell 1,500,000 combined!

    #fact Janitor just got off a MEDIA BLACKLIST for indecently pulling out her TIDDAYS to the world!!


    The only reason this “tour” is selling out is because her 100 fans in each city can’t fit into the 50 person capacity gyms and back house theaters she’s performing in.

    You say a quarter of a million people she is going to have performed for, (which I doubt), and furthermore Madonna, Brit, and Bey all do 2 million plus in their tours.

    For 20 yrs in the game I expect a WHOLEEEEEEEEEEEE LOT MORE HUNNEE!!!

    • Broughton June 13, 2012

      You should also try to atleast get your numbers correct when it comes to janets album sales as well honey cause Damita Jo Alone sold over 3 million albums.You madonna fans like to come up with bogus lies because you know janet wins when it comes to the stage and when you can prove it with a video comparison that Madonna is better than Janet.Good luck with that!

  24. JJFAN1814 March 3, 2011

    @Kelz Rowland

    You got the nerve?? Do you know whose in your Gravatar?

    LMAO!! I won’t even start with you…#Worthless #NoPoint #KellyFlopland

  25. Jay March 3, 2011


    That’s funny that you talking about what Janet selling when the only thing you selling is between your legs. TOO BAD NOBODY BUYING!

  26. hp March 3, 2011

    lmao @JJSTAN1814

  27. hp March 3, 2011

    kelly was nothing without beyonce,even though i think kelly is talented,

  28. Jay March 3, 2011

    oh yea kelzrowland

    Janet’s last three albums have sold over 2.5 million u.s and 4 mill worldwide..look it up.. if you can ready and navigate your way through the internet.

  29. Royalkev March 3, 2011

    @ Kelz Rowland , I do find you amusing …even though you always want to bash my girl(s), (Whitney and I think Bee too). Your actually a bright girl, just a bit misguided.

    Question if Janet was just got off a media blacklist, why do you criticize her for not selling with her last 3 albums (since SB happend)?… What’s more impressive is what she’s managed to do despite it all. Not too many mega stars would survive it all and still have #1 books, #1 movies and #1 albums! …Still managing to keep up with top artist that are made out to be larger than life despite their short comings!

    These gyms with thousand dollar seats are the cost of 4-5 tickets for some artist in arenas! So, it’s doing awesome for gymnasium entertainment.

    How much is a Kelly ticket cost in her gym?

    **ThePagewithroyalkev.blogspot.com(…Still a place for EVERYTHING! )

  30. kelzrowland March 3, 2011

    @ JAY

    a World MUSIC AWARD



    OF COURSE NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    GURL BYE!!!!!

    • Broughton June 13, 2012

      Yeah she has more awards than any artist in the history of music is what janet can claim.You are very immature i might add.how old are you 10?

  31. gsdfb March 3, 2011


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  32. kelzrowland March 3, 2011

    @ Royalkev


    @ JAY


    Now to have been in the game for all that time…and to be such a legend- she should have no problem releasing PLATINUM ALBUMS…HELL EVEN MARIAH’S ALBUMS WENT PLATINUM WHEN SHE WENT CRAZY!

    I don’t want to hear about 3 seats equalling a stadium because if Janitor COULD sell out STADIUMS THEN SHE WOULD!! WHO WANTS TO PERFORM IN SCHOOL LUNCHROOMS>!??!?!


  33. hp March 3, 2011

    janet had her days.her mariah carey,whitney houston,,tina,,beyonce,are all great black artist

  34. JJFAN1814 March 3, 2011


    Girl, just lock it. The royalties made off of “Pleasure Principle” alone could buy Kelly Rowlands entire career.

    When was the last time Kelly went on a solo tour? #Oops

  35. kelzrowland March 3, 2011

    @ HP
    thats all People need to realize…Thery (her crazy fans) need to stop trying to bill her as this top DIVA-LEGEND-AND ICON when she isn’t.

    She had her days- now she needs to have a seat and keep writing books about being A FATTY

  36. hp March 3, 2011


    lmao.beyonce was DC3

  37. hp March 3, 2011

    i love/hate janet but the girls should have left it alone in 2002 whe all for you sold huge number..then in that way she could have been a icon then rite now she would have a 250-300 million tour

  38. Royalkev March 3, 2011

    @ Kelz….
    Janet have 6 grammy’s
    Janet won a world music award (the Legend award for outstanding contributions)
    Janet have tons on international hits … How many does Kelly have in the U.S. (Janet has 10#1’s).
    20 Y.O. is platnium!
    Mariah’s albums may have went platnium “when she was crazy”, but they aren’t now.
    …and I think Kelly would love to perform in those lunchrooms if people were paying for thousand dollar seats.
    Kelly’s still trying to decide which direction to go with her album! Will she cater to her 100 R&B fans, 200 dance music loving fans or 25 pop music loving fans… Or just wish for the DC reunion and hope than Bey is up for a 6month promotion for it , instead of taking her next break after Round IV!

    **ThePagewithroyalkev.blogspot.com(…Still a place for EVERYTHING! )

  39. hp March 3, 2011

    did she even do promo

  40. hp March 3, 2011


    lmao,beyonce would never

  41. JJFAN1814 March 3, 2011


    Janet is selling this tour without a LABEL behind her!


    Don’t bother arguing with that b****. We don’t need to state facts in order to kill Kelly Floplands career…You notice how that b**** hasn’t responded to my last recent posts. The name Janet alone destroys Kelly Flopland and her entire family tree.

  42. hp March 3, 2011

    kelly just need to work for bey.

  43. hp March 3, 2011


  44. Royalkev March 3, 2011

    @ LOL at JJ 1814
    @ HP, Bey would probably do a benefit concert with Destiny’s child and give 100 percent of the earnings to the Michelle Rowland Foundation!

    **ThePagewithroyalkev.blogspot.com(…Still a place for EVERYTHING! )

  45. hp March 3, 2011

    @ royalkev

    that why when people say you cant count dc3 sell with her,i say where is these b****** solo career’s.my point bey was dc3

  46. hp March 3, 2011

    @ royalkev

    remember that post a while back with them all at lunch,what you think they talked about.lmao

  47. Royalkev March 3, 2011

    @ HP , so true! I think people should be eager to just give them ALL the recognition for DC sales, but some despies Bey so much that they’d hate for those numbers to be included just for that reason alone. It’s a known fact that Bey was Destiny’s Child/DC3(and was the member that you could never replace under any circumstance). It’s a little odd and unfair to pretend that Bey’s career started in 2003.

    **ThePagewithroyalkev.blogspot.com(…Still a place for EVERYTHING! )

  48. kelzrowland March 3, 2011

    But the difference between Janitor and Kelly Rowland is that Kelly is still a fresh solo artist, but she is a member of the biggest girl group ALL TIME..

    There really is no comparison…That’s like comparing Oprah and Tyra Banks!

    Janitor is supposed to be MOTHER…so why is she performing in LUNCHROOMS THAT SEAT 20?!?




    • Broughton June 13, 2012

      HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! Kelly bigger than Janet!?!?!? Are you kidding me?I seriously think you must have bumped yo head!

  49. Royalkev March 3, 2011

    @ HP, I think they sat and talked about their social lives. I don’t see Bey having the uncomfortable career convo, especially when she’s the only 1 with one. She’s not cocky! So, she rather talk about things that happen in everyday regular life.
    Who is your favorite DC member (out of all of them), besides Bey?

    **ThePagewithroyalkev.blogspot.com(…Still a place for EVERYTHING! )

  50. JJFAN1814 March 3, 2011

    @Kelly Rowland is fresh??

    She’s long overdone…Dilemma was her last and only hit. Lmao…Only thing she’s commanding is the U.S.S. Flop with Ciara as her Admiral. *Done*

  51. hp March 3, 2011

    @ royalkev

    my fav member is,bey,i cant help it bey was all you seen and heard,,yours

  52. hp March 3, 2011

    @ royalkev

    people need to stop survivor was there last album b4 the break,and it sold 16 million ww to date,beyonce dil sold 12 million to date,bey took all the fans with her and in 03 people started stealing music,and bey was the last to release her album

  53. hp March 3, 2011

    @ kelzrowland


  54. Royalkev March 3, 2011

    @ HP, LOL… Well mine is Bey too(she’d get a10/10), then the next in line would probably be Letoya(getting a 5/10). It use to be Kelly. She was just hard to get into after I saw her perform ‘Like This” at the BET awards. She was gorgeous that day, but that performance was horrible. Janet and Bey opening and closing with her could not help Kelly out!

    Do you remember when DIL was actually said to have done 16MIL. Now, it’s much lower (at 12, for some reason). That’s so wierd. She definitely took all the DC fans with them. I thought Kelly would atleast have a million of them at first.
    **ThePagewithroyalkev.blogspot.com(…Still a place for EVERYTHING! )

  55. Royalkev March 3, 2011

    @ HP, my comment was being held for some reason… but I said I love Bey most too! Then Letoya would probably be my next favorite. I don’t really like any of the other girls too much now.

    I also think Bey’s DIL did 16MIL and not 12, but it’s not easy to find those stats now. Kelly should have been able to find a million supporters though during her 1st solo album. I don’t see how you struggle so much after leaving the biggest girl group of all time.

    **ThePagewithroyalkev.blogspot.com(…Still a place for EVERYTHING! )

  56. LOL March 3, 2011

    DEAD at a flop Kelly Rowland stan coming for Janet Jackson. Regardless, Janet is washed up and a has-been BUT Kelly Flopland isn’t even worthy. Nothing more than a back singer for Beyonce. At least, Janet has accolades as a solo act unlike Kelly Flopland.

  57. Jay March 3, 2011


    U are funny! look up Janets album sales.. U can see that on your own… To even put Kelly Rowland and Janet in the same catagory is insane… Kelly wish she could sell out even the small venues Janet is playing..I actually like Kelly.. but I’m smart enough to know the difference between an orginal trend setting artists that has even influenced Kelly Rowland and a not so self confident artist still trying to find her ninche in this industry. Janet has nothing to prove. Kelly on the other hand has only proved that without Bey, she’s nothing but a back up ho still trying to make her way to front. Girl go find another soapbox.. because you are fighting a losing battle..SMDH…

    When Kelly’s list of awards begins to touch this… without DC numbers…maybe then folks will cut you some slack…
    Awards for Janet Jackson

    ARTIST : Janet Jackson Lyrics
    Quincy Jones Award – Career Achievement (Female)

    Soul Train Music Awards
    SONG : All For You Lyrics
    Best Dance Recording

    Grammy Awards
    ARTIST : Janet Jackson Lyrics
    Favorite Female Artist – Pop / Rock

    American Music Awards
    ARTIST : Janet Jackson Lyrics
    Artist Achievement Award

    Billboard Music Awards
    ARTIST : Janet Jackson Lyrics
    Award of Merit

    American Music Awards
    SONG : Got Till It’s Gone Lyrics
    Short Form Music Video

    Grammy Awards
    ARTIST : Janet Jackson Lyrics
    Best Female

    MTV Europe Awards
    ARTIST : Janet Jackson Lyrics
    Special Awards

    Billboard Music Awards
    SONG : If Lyrics
    Best Female Video

    MTV Video Music Awards
    SONG : If Lyrics
    Best RB/Soul or Rap Music Video

    Soul Train Music Awards
    SONG : Love Will Never Do (without You) Lyrics
    Best Female Video

    MTV Video Music Awards
    ARTIST : Janet Jackson Lyrics
    Sammy Davis Jr. Award – Entertainer of the Year

    Soul Train Music Awards
    SONG : Rhythm Nation Lyrics
    Best Choreography

    MTV Video Music Awards
    ALBUM : Rhythm Nation 1814 Lyrics
    Pop Album

    Billboard Music Awards
    ARTIST : Janet Jackson Lyrics
    R&B Female Artist

    Billboard Music Awards
    ARTIST : Janet Jackson Lyrics
    Top Female Artist

    Billboard Music Awards
    SONG : Alright Lyrics
    Best RB/Urban Contemporary Music Video

    Soul Train Music Awards
    ARTIST : Janet Jackson Lyrics
    Favorite Artist – Dance

    American Music Awards
    ARTIST : Janet Jackson Lyrics
    Favorite Female Artist – Pop / Rock

    American Music Awards
    ARTIST : Janet Jackson Lyrics
    Favorite Female Artist – Soul / Rhythm & Blues

    American Music Awards
    SONG : Rhythm Nation Lyrics
    Best Music Video – Long Form

    Grammy Awards
    ARTIST : Janet Jackson Lyrics
    Best RB/Urban Contemporary Album – Female

    Soul Train Music Awards
    SONG : Miss You Much Lyrics
    Favorite Single – Dance

    American Music Awards
    SONG : Rhythm Nation Lyrics
    Best RB/Urban Contemporary Music Video

    Soul Train Music Awards
    SONG : Miss You Much Lyrics
    Favorite Single – Soul / Rhythm & Blues

    American Music Awards
    SONG : Miss You Much Lyrics
    Best RB/Urban Contemporary Single – Female

    Soul Train Music Awards
    SONG : The Pleasure Principle Lyrics
    Best Choreography

    MTV Video Music Awards
    SONG : When I Think Of You Lyrics
    Favorite Video – Pop / Rock

    American Music Awards
    SONG : When I Think Of You Lyrics
    Favorite Video – Soul / Rhythm & Blues

    American Music Awards
    SONG : Control Lyrics
    Best Music Video

    Soul Train Music Awards
    SONG : Nasty Lyrics
    Best Choreography

    MTV Video Music Awards
    ALBUM : Control Lyrics
    Album of the Year – Female

    Soul Train Music Awards
    SONG : What Have You Done For Me Lately Lyrics
    Best Music Video

    Soul Train Music Awards
    ARTIST : Janet Jackson Lyrics
    Favorite Female Video Artist – Soul / Rhythm & Blues

    American Music Awards
    ARTIST : Janet Jackson Lyrics
    Favorite Single – Soul / Rhythm & Blues

    American Music Awards

    Read more: JANET JACKSON AWARDS & FEATURES http://www.metrolyrics.com/janet-jackson-awards-featured.html#ixzz1FYOgSkHb
    Copied from MetroLyrics.com

  58. lisa March 3, 2011


  59. kelzrowland March 3, 2011

    @ LISA

    those songs are old as dirt!




    • Broughton June 13, 2012

      You are lame as hell.Michael didnt have a hit and years and he is the KING OF POP! You are really showing your dumb side!

  60. kelzrowland March 3, 2011

    @ JAY



  61. rih~luv March 4, 2011

    U ppl r ridiculous.. Madonna and Janet both have had earth-shattering tours. In fact the Rhythm Nation World Tour is the most successful EVER for ANY artist debut tour. Thats saying A LOT! This tour was meant to be small and intimate. Her next tour will be huge wit stadium and arena dates as tose in the past so all u hatin ass f*** can hush up

  62. Truth Be Told March 4, 2011

    Janet fans are by far the most delusional fan base in existence! This woman is the definition of WASHED UP and a HAS-BEEN. Constantly bragging about accolades she accomplished when she was in her 20’s and 30’s isn’t doing anything for the peeps in 2011! I don’t like Mariah Carey AT ALL but to have the audacity to dub her “FLOPriah” and you’re a Janet fan is pitiful. At least, Mariah Carey has accomplished feats in the past 5 to 6 years. People can actually name songs she has done in the past few years and guess what … She was able to rack in the #1’s in the 00’s. The same goes for Madonna and her blockbuster tours and international hits. What about Janet? Her last #1 was 10 years ago! She can’t even fill up stadiums anymore and her fans have the nerve to brag!? About what? That she looks like the Pillsbury dough boy in latex outfit. On top of all of that she’s lip syncing every song as she usually does. Talk about try hard! I will never understand why her fans go up at arms when it comes to her stiff movements these days and boring, repetitive interviews. The woman is 45 years old and LOST. Her book is awful and she’s just terrible. The days she made good music are well behind her and her idiotic, sheep-like fans need to deal with it!

  63. Jay March 4, 2011


    Awards are awards… no matter if it was 50 years ago or 5 days ago. #1 book, #1 movies, #1 albums… The fact people here are debating about her, shows her relevance.. Holla at me when Kelly Rowland sells out Madison Square Garden, by herself… maybe then I’ll entertain your thoughts of her sucess…Nuff said.

  64. kelzrowland March 4, 2011

    @ Rih -luv I Don’t believe the Rhythm nation tour was the most successful for any Debut artist…Check B.SPears records..

    Besides by the time RHythm Nation came out Janitor already had 1 or 2 COMPLETELY FLOPPED albums!! #Gurl GETAGRIP!

    @ jAY
    This site is about relevant artists…We don’t want to talk about artists who got awards before THE PERSONAL COMPUTER was INVINTED. CHile Janitor can’t even REMEMBER the last time she was SUCCESSFUL!



    • Broughton June 13, 2012

      Define talent for me!Cause obviously you think it has something to do with being current and that is delusional!janet can out peform anybody you mention at the age of 46.Telent is defined on what you can do on stage.It has nothing to do with numbers or can you not grasp that concept?

  65. Get the Point! March 4, 2011

    @ Jay…I love it!!! So cool and calm… yet slays with the words!

    Thanks for putting her awards up.. I had no idea it was that many!

    I have never seen someone fight for Kelly Rowland like this.. it’s probably that bish sitting at her computer. Not like she got a concert to rehearse for or anything. MMMMMMHMMMM

    speaking of delusional TRUTH BE TOLD… Janet fans big her up because she deserves it. Don’t even go there with Madonna and Mariah… All three of these woman are great in their own right. But let’s get it right.. Mariah has 13 albums, Madonna, 12 or 11, and Janet 10…. so lets not talk about how many hits and all that BS.. The probability of the Madonna and Mariah selling more and have more hits is written right there. And as for Mariah, if it wasn’t for JD, she would have never had a comback. Madonna last few CD”s flopped. Adult artist aren’t getting any shine anymore. The fact is all three of these woman inspired these young chicks and some young dudes. So maybe your delusional to not give credit where it’s due.

  66. kelzrowland March 4, 2011

    @Truth Be Told
    March 4, 2011 at 1:29 am
    Janet fans are by far the most delusional fan base in existence! This woman is the definition of WASHED UP and a HAS-BEEN. Constantly bragging about accolades she accomplished when she was in her 20’s and 30’s isn’t doing anything for the peeps in 2011! I don’t like Mariah Carey AT ALL but to have the audacity to dub her “FLOPriah” and you’re a Janet fan is pitiful. At least, Mariah Carey has accomplished feats in the past 5 to 6 years. People can actually name songs she has done in the past few years and guess what … She was able to rack in the #1’s in the 00’s. The same goes for Madonna and her blockbuster tours and international hits. What about Janet? Her last #1 was 10 years ago! She can’t even fill up stadiums anymore and her fans have the nerve to brag!? About what? That she looks like the Pillsbury dough boy in latex outfit. On top of all of that she’s lip syncing every song as she usually does. Talk about try hard! I will never understand why her fans go up at arms when it comes to her stiff movements these days and boring, repetitive interviews. The woman is 45 years old and LOST. Her book is awful and she’s just terrible. The days she made good music are well behind her and her idiotic, sheep-like fans need to deal with it!

    This is RIGHT ON THE MONEY!!
    Couldn’t have said it better myself!!

  67. JAY March 4, 2011

    here’s a math problem maybe even you can undertsand.

    Beyonce+Kelly+Michelle= DC

    Destiny Child- Kelly Rowland= Beyonce

    Desitny Child-Michelle Williams= Beyonce

    Destiny Child-Beyonce= No career or relavence for Kelly or Michelle…

    Common Denominator for success is Beyonce! Say Her Name Beyonce!!!

    Like I said before… Holla at me when Kelly Rowland sells out Madison Square Garden, by HER damn Self…

  68. JAY March 4, 2011

    Thanks Get the Point!

  69. kelzrowland March 4, 2011

    @ Jay see if that was the case..that Bey was so bad from the beginning..she would have DEBUTED SOLO!! That’s what Britney did..Britney said I’m a star and I’m going to do my thing solo..not LIE TO FANS ABOUT SISTERHOOD WHILE YOU TAKE ALL THE MONEY AND PLAN TO GO SOLO ALL ALONG!

    But she needed them for success and used them to get her name out there… Kelly and Michelle built Destiny’s Child just as much as Beyonce. If your dad was the manager and financial Operator of your group you would be the star too,

    Kelly has had solo Global success with a single..Just not mindblowing success with an album…although she hasn’t done that bad either.

  70. DION-ISH March 4, 2011


  71. TheDimplePuppet March 4, 2011

    @ Truth Be Told Lets see here the last 5 years…..

    1. 20 Y.O. #2
    2. 2006 20 Y.O. Call On Me #1 R&B hit
    3. 2006/2007 She broke magazine covers records (Vibe and People) off her 40 year old body.
    4. 2006 E news ranked her as the 7th richest woman in the entertainment business with a network of 150 milllion dollars.
    5. 2008 Discipline #1 Album
    6. 2008 Feedback #1 Dance hit
    7. 2008 Feedback #19 Hot 100
    8. 2008 NAACP Awards Lead Actress Winner (WDIGM)
    9. 2008 GLAAD Vanguard Award
    10. 2010 Make Me # 1 Dance hit ( #1 dance hits the spand of 4 decades 80’s 90’s 00’s 10’s)
    11. 2010 Nothing Performance on American Idol went to #1 on Itunes.

    1. 2008 Why Did I Get Married #1 – Lead Female Actress Worldwide: $55,862,886
    2. 2010 Why Did I Get Married too #2 – Lead Female Actress Worldwide: $60,095,852
    3. 2010 For Colored Girls #3 – LEAD Actress MAIN CHARACTER Worldwide: $37,729,698
    Total not including DVD sales 150 million

    1. 2011 WW Tour (Success and still touring)

    1. 2011 True You #1 Best Selling Author (Success and stil selling)

    The rest of 2011 only god knows………….

  72. BENJAMIN March 4, 2011

    I’m going to see her next week in Chicago!

  73. AnthonyJCRM March 4, 2011

    Janet is washed up huh???.. but watch her washed up ass snatch the wigs off ur favs 2morrow in Houston in front off 80,000 people. For a has been, she sure snapping necks. B****** stop trying, u failed again. Its time u stop taking remedial and just bow down.

  74. AnthonyJCRM March 4, 2011

    Kelly Rowland.. LMFAOooo straight 2 the bank! Naw but Kelly luves Janet. That right there just tells alot.. no description needed.

  75. Truth Be Told March 4, 2011

    @Dimple Puppet

    That’s all the “accolades” you could gather from the past 6-7 years? Dreadful.


    She’s performing at the Rodeo in Houston tomorrow. Mind you this is an event that just aabout half of the Houston population attends. It’s simple s*** like this that makes the TRANet stans look delusional. They try to reduce everything into her solo accomplishment because the woman is washed up. She’s reduced to doing low-budget “tours” in theaters and amphitheaters with the same robotic, tired choreography and pre-recorded mouse-like vocals. Filling up seats at festivals and events where she is a CO-headliner doesn’t mean she’s “killing the game”. Surely, if you put out Janet as a headliner by herself she wouldn’t even fill up 20k seats and we’ve seen this already over the years.

    Get used to it delusional Janet fans!

  76. Matt March 4, 2011

    To all of you who are calling JANET’s tour a FLOP…check ur f***** numbers.

    THE TOUR IS SOLD OUT!!! She sold out 3 shows at the Gibson in LA in less than 20 minutes.

    JANET is still successful. The spotlight is back on her, and shes here to stay.

    WHY DID I GET MARRIED TOO? – #2 opening weekend

    MAKE ME – #1 on BB’s dance chart

    Nothing (live in Idol) – #1 on iTunes


    True YOu – New York Times #1 Best seller DEBUT

    NUMBER ONES: Up Close and Personal Tour – SOLD OUT


  77. TheDimplePuppet March 4, 2011

    @ Truth be Told —> LMAO 1st you said 5-6 years now 6-7 make up your mind, Why are you in this form? You made your point so you should just accept that your a #WHACK person and move on 🙂

  78. Shawn March 5, 2011

    JANET IS AN ICON! Anyone that thinks otherwise is a fool. She’s proven herself over and over again! She has nothing left to prove in a world of talentless platinum selling artists. Her sucess has spanned decades. It doesn’t take away from any other artists. She adds to the history of music. Most importantly, the history of Black Women in music.
    The End!

    Loving JAY & THEDIMPLEPUPPET..your comments are soo on point!!! Shut these fools down!

  79. Truth be Told March 5, 2011


    Does it really matter? 5, 6 or 7 years, Janet is washed up. Madonna and others accomplished more than that just within a year. Poor Janet fans still clinging to the same ole “She’s an icon and legend. She has nothing tor prove”. The woman can’t even generate buzz and people are over her. Unfortunately, the Janet fans are too deluded to notice. Then again this is the same group that thinks “Nothing” is a hit. Why is it that Prince and Madonna can sellout stadiums all around the world yet Janet is stuck in theaters and festivals.

  80. It’s Britney B****! March 5, 2011

    OH SHUT THE HELL UP!!! TRUTH BE TOLD AND kelzHOland need to go play in traffic.

    This list puts Janet in the same category as Madonna and Mariah… So Madonna can sell out a damn stadium.. it’s not like Janet never has. If that superbowl incident never happened, SHE’D still be killing all your favorites..

    The 10 best-selling female artists of all time need to have sold more than 50 million records in order to make the list. The beautiful and talented women on our list of have each sold more than 100 million records.

    1. Madonna. Without a doubt, Madonna had to be number one on our list. Throughout her music career she has sold over 300 million records around the world, which is more than any other female artist. “Like a Virgin” and “Material Girl” are two of her most popular songs. Madonna’s accomplishments have earned her a spot with the Guinness World Records.
    2. Nana Mouskouri. Born in Greece on October 13, 1934, Nana Mouskouri’s musical career has lasted for more than 50 years. She has sold between 200 and 300 million records around the world with songs recorded in several languages, including Greek, English, German, French, and Spanish. Her 1981 song, “Je Chante Avec Toi, Liberté” became so successful in France that it was soon translated into several languages and became a worldwide hit.
    3. Celine Dion. This French-Canadian singer was first recognized for her singing talents around the world in 1982 when she won an award at the Yamaha World Popular Song Festival. She went on to become one of the most successful musicians in history, selling more than 200 million albums throughout the world. Her first English album was titled, “Unison.” She had previously recorded several French albums.
    4. Mariah Carey. Also having sold more than 200 million albums worldwide is the American pop and R&B singer-songwriter, Mariah Carey. She is the first artist who’s first five singles made it to the top of the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 chart. “Vision Of Love,” “Love Takes Time,” and “Someday” are three of her number one hits from the early 1990’s.
    5. Whitney Houston. Coming from a family of several soul singers, Whitney Houston must have had music in her blood. Her debut album, “Whitney Houston,” was released in 1985 and soon became the best-selling debut album of its time period that had been recorded by a female artist. She has sold over 170 million albums and singles throughout the world.
    6. Barbra Streisand. Born in Brooklyn, New York, Streisand grew up to become a singer-songwriter, also winning several awards, including four Emmy Awards and eight Grammy Awards. She has sold more than 140 million albums worldwide, with songs including “Happy Days Are Here Again,” “My Heart Belongs To Me,” and “Somewhere.”
    7. Janet Jackson. The youngest Jackson sibling proved to also possess a talent with music. She signed a recording contract at the age of 16 and initially faced criticisms concerning her singing abilities. But, that didn’t stop Jackson from pursuing her dreams. She has now sold more than 100 million records worldwide. Her album titled, “Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation 1814” was the best selling album of 1990.
    8. Cher. This Goddess of Pop has won several awards, including an Academy Award, an Emmy Award, and a Grammy Award. She began her musical career as a backup singer, but eventually became a solo recording artist and her career has lasted for more than 45 years. She has sold over 100 million records throughout the world. At age 52, Cher recorded “Believe,” which became a number one hit.
    9. Britney Spears. After releasing her first two albums, Britney spears was almost immediately a pop icon. Her debut album “…Baby One More Time” was released in 1999, followed by “Oops!… I Did It Again” and both of the title tracks were international number-one hits. She has sold over 100 million records around the world.
    10. Olivia Newton-John. Born in England, Raised in Australia, Olivia Newton-John has won a Grammy award and several of her songs have reached the Top Ten Billboard Hot 100 chart and the Billboard 200 chart. She has sold more than 100 million albums worldwide. The “Grease” soundtrack left Newton with multiple Top Five singles, including “Hopelessly Devoted To You.”

  81. Truth be told March 6, 2011

    We’re in 2011, not 1995.

    Get with the program and oh jump off a cliff, idiotic S****** stan!

  82. It’s Britney B****! March 6, 2011

    So how about this you genius!!

    We are in 2011 and as much of a flop that u claim JANET is, she is still one of the greatest selling artists of all time.. If she wasn’t ICONIC…she would have been trailed of this list.

    You clearly have the brain capacity of a damn fruit loop!


  83. Truth be told March 7, 2011

    Janet Jackson isn’t selling like she used to anymore. Matter of fact the woman isn’t even selling 3/4th of what she used to.

    “You clearly have the brain capacity of a damn fruit loop!”

    and this is coming from a TRANet stan? Don’t make me laugh! Same group that thinks getting a #1 on the video section of iTunes equates to a hit?

    It’s 2011 meaning nobody wants to see Tran perform her hits from the 80’s and 90’s. Where are her hits from 5 years ago? That’s the MAIN question.

    Hang it up…. flatscreen.

  84. Insatiable March 8, 2011

    I saw my Janet at the Rodeo. It was an amazing show! I’d go see her singing on a soapbox on a corner with a 1983 boombox if she was defaulted to that.

    What I don’t get is why is it necessary to step on her iconic status to make Mariah, Whiteny, etc look better? Why can’t people just say “I love Janet Jackson” and not be beat down about that!?

    I like all the people mentioned in this forum. I stan for Janet, won’t lie. But the fact of the matter is, those that are on here trying to prove fans wrong just because she’s “not what she used to be” to most, is a losing battle.

    Janet has influenced in some way, most of the people you guys hold up. Just like they also like and were influenced by Madonna, Whitney, Mariah, etc. Who gives a f*** what Mariah does vs someone else? Does that make her a better person? Her fans a better group of people?

    You’re gonna fight for Mariah, Rihanna and whomever, and Janet fans will fight for Janet to the death. But all this back and forth is pointless!

    What I will say is…..I Love Janet, she is still doing her thing. I appreciate that even in her 40s and FINE AS HELL, she don’t have to be half b*** ass naked to put on a good show or be s***!

    Just stop putting gasoline on the hata’s fire….it just makes them happy!

  85. Shawn March 8, 2011

    Well Said Insatiable

    U make some great points… All though the Janet fans on here got those slick tongues. They be fighting for her. I feel them though. So many peoople hate on Janet for no reason. I’m glad that she see still has such a loyal fan base.

  86. Aaron March 9, 2011

    I’m not the biggest Janet fan, but I don’t undertand all the hate!!! She’s has influenced every pop & r&b princess/performer/dancer out. It’s so evident. That can never be taken away. So what she hasn’t done well recently. What artist over 40 has? Please don’t say Madonna, her music sucks lately. The only hit she had was off the strength of TimberFLAKE!

  87. Aaron March 9, 2011

    Not the biggest JJ fan.. but she is ICONIC and doesn’t have huge marketing execs behind her. She does things on her own. her only issue was letting JD and L.A. Reid take over her projects and that superbowl. If those wouldnt have happened. Damita Jo and Discipline would have been HUGE!

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