Alicia Keys Breaks Silence On “Homewrecker” Claims

Published: Saturday 14th May 2011 by Sam


Unfortunately for Alicia Keys, this tag has been synonymous with her since she and hitmaker Swizz Beats went public with their relationship. For, according to the producer’s ex-wife, singer Mashonda, Keys is responsible for the break-up of their marriage, after she supposedly pursued  him while he was married.

Now, after lengthy silence, the ‘Karma’ singer has hit back at the claims in the June issue of Essence. Find out what she had to say after the jump…

On her husband Swizz Beatz (born Kasseem Dean) and their 6 1/2-month-old son Egypt:

“I was very closed for a long time. But I feel so open now. To feel open like this means you’ve found the center in yourself. You’re not hiding; you’re not worried about anything. Everything’s going to be just fine.”

On her step-children (Swizz has three kids from previous relationships):

“‘Kasseem is very present in his children’s lives. I wouldn’t be able to love him otherwise. We are doing what is best for the children.”

On Swizz’s ex-wife Mashonda’s allegations that Alicia broke up their marriage:

“We didn’t start seeing each other until months after they had separated. I was aware of all the false things that were being said about me, it definitely hurt. I was sure that if I engaged, it would become back-and-forth like some sick entertainment, which goes against everything I believe and would have made things worse.”


While yours truly remains indifferent to the He-Say/She-Say, this serves as yet another example of the personal being used to benefit the professional. For, with a new box set to promote, Keys’ decision to finally speak out now (not when getting married or pregnant) is suspect to say the least.

In any case, we’re here for the music and not the drama. Here’s hoping she delivers with her next release – as her efforts post ‘Diary’ have been

Your thoughts?

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  1. tee May 14, 2011

    I don’t believe her…but Karma is a what?

    • datesingle November 4, 2012

      She is a cheater who is also a lair. Aliicia just wants to make her s….t look clean. She is a w**** and everyone knows it ..,

  2. QUEEN BEYONCE STANN May 14, 2011

    Eww He Is So Fugly!
    She Can Do So Much Better!


  3. Asha May 14, 2011

    She is and always will be a homewrecker and this half a** excuse she came up with now won’t change anything. I will never look at her the same. The least she could do is own up to it…maybe then I could have some amount of respect for her.

    • datesingle November 4, 2012

      A cheater will always tell a lie.

  4. dale__23 May 14, 2011

    Yea…….i like Alicia’s music, but the choice to break her silence right now when she has plans for new music to be released IS suspect…

    and as wrong as it is, it worked for Rihanna, even though it was short-lived.

    (follow me @dale__23)

  5. Beystanbish May 14, 2011

    *grabs popcorn* Continue………

  6. queenbey will always s*** on ur fave and leave them no option but 2 pout May 14, 2011

    Not only was Swiss Beats cheating on his wife wit Akeys but he also cheating on BOTH of them wit sum chick in da UK, whom he had a baby by………Akeys was f***** him WHILE he was married and got pregant dats y he rushed 2 get dat divorce.

    • datesingle November 4, 2012

      rite ..She is a w**** with her nasty cheating a**.

  7. KAT DELUNA FAN May 14, 2011



    NEXT B**** ->

  8. Kingofleon May 14, 2011

    I dont believe her but it doesnt matter. There should be no such claim as a homewrecker, the only person wrecking the home is the husban(in this case swiss). It doesnt matter if alicia persued him, he made the choice to go with her as opposed to stayin with his wife. At the end of the day she made the decision to go for what she wnated and now shes happier than ever. No 1 can blame her

  9. megan May 14, 2011

    Um, but didn’t Mashonda say that she asked Alicia to step back so her and Swizz could figure out the situation and she didn’t. That’s selfish. So ok, yeah their marriage was done with, but the least she could of done was let them have their time before Swizz moved on. Her saying it now is madd suspect. She’s just trying to clear up her name, but it’s already been damaged. She will always be a HOMEWRECKER. And as her song Karma says, what goes around comes around, what goes up, must come down….. don’t be surprised if Swizz does it to you too!

  10. Jess May 14, 2011

    Post diary? Nah ah. “As I am” was the s***. Element of freedom was

  11. Heyuthere May 14, 2011

    WHY DO ALL CARE THEY WERE TOGETHER OR NOT. Ur not Moshanda. She probobly was angry and lied. WHI KNOWS. ITS NOT OUR BUSINESS. so back and forth LAST FOREVER, why indulge in it!!!

  12. aisha May 14, 2011

    she is no doubt a homewrecker… but as sam said, “we’re here for the music and not for the drama”. love u A!

  13. Heyuthere May 14, 2011

    u can kiss Alicia ass FOR FREEEEE, she doesnt owe u an explination

  14. Justathought May 14, 2011

    Lyin Ass!!! Own up to it at least of you’re gonna use this for some type of publicity for your new music. #WEAK

  15. aisha May 14, 2011

    i agree with jess, her recent albums were just as good as the ones before Diary. i’d say she gets better w/ time, each album is an evolution but in a positive way, but that’s my opinion.

  16. Part Of The Blanco Family May 14, 2011

    I love how none of you know Alicia,Mashonda or Swizz and you are so sure she broke them up #GetALife

  17. Kerry Johnson May 14, 2011

    Anyways I still love her to death.

  18. Help Me, Rhonda May 14, 2011

    Alicia Keys doesn’t have to come clean to anyone. if Swizz and Mashonda were separated, then what’s the problem?

    Swizz had a baby outside of his marriage even when Alicia was in the picture, so uhmm…


  19. ヅ•·.·´¯`·.·•-ΛALEXISR-Bahamas♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ ★ ☆ ✰ T.I.P.•·.·´¯`·.·•ヅ May 14, 2011


    How is this supposed to help her album exactly? She can speak about it whenever she wants to. She states why she didn’t talk about it then. I mean she could have chosen a different magazine if this was all for publicity.

    Part Of The Blanco Family knows what he or she’s talking about.

  20. Kerry Johnson May 14, 2011

    KISS ME!!!!

  21. Put That On Everythang May 14, 2011

    You guys act like you all know Alicia, all you should fall the f*** back. Im here for the music I don’t care what goes on in the artist personal life. Everybody’s got a past even the ones on here judging.

  22. WildChild May 14, 2011


    Preach! Dead at Swizz Cheats cheating on the wife and the mistress. smh

  23. queenbey will always s*** on ur fave and leave them no option but 2 pout May 14, 2011

    She ONLY talked 2 Essences bcuz its mainly the black community that is calling her a homewrecker and Essence is mainly a black magazine. Alot of ppl dntt kno about her homewrecking ways, her story wasnt broadcasted on CNN or HLN like Fanstasia’s story was.

    • datesingle November 4, 2012

      She was sleeping with him and smiling in the his wife face. She is thrash and I no longer buy or see anything with Alicia in it. I would have had more respect for her . But she had to be a cheating lair . Now the man is cheating on her too now. Plus Alicia is bi-sexual anyway. She is a homewrecker who people need to stop supporting her lying a**.

  24. Kerry Johnson May 14, 2011

    Alicia keys and rihanna slays your favs
    THE END!!!!!!! YEA I SAID IT!!!!!

  25. Beyonce and Cb Fan May 14, 2011

    When will some people learn being separted from your husband or wife doesn’t remove that fact that your STILL MARRIED! Dating or even sleeping with a married person is wrong. No one is perfect but don’t let your privates rule your brain, common sense, sense of worth and reputation. I was hoping Alicia would have never gone down this road, Kara will bite her ass faster then she can sing her Karma song! I look at Keys different but I forgive her.

  26. lol May 14, 2011

    i guess she is never releasing put it in a love song video…womp womp womp

  27. Kerry Johnson May 14, 2011

    I think Rihanna and Alicia is gonna need a barber ,cause none of you b****** can fade them!!!!!!

  28. Chaselen Daze May 14, 2011


  29. keasyy May 14, 2011

    man f*** all that. where is the PUT IT IN A LOVE SONG video?!

  30. James May 14, 2011

    Who gives a f****** s***. If her music is still good, none of this should matter.

  31. NICK May 14, 2011

    U PEOPLE ARE OFF THE CHAIN…u cant take nobodys man, either he is yours or NOT! they seem happy & thats they business, I DONT CARE EITHER WAY!- but to say her music has been lacking is just dumb, I LOVE ELEMENT OF FREEDOM!! it is a sick album…she is just R&B., period & has always delivered that…..

  32. MAHAGANY May 14, 2011


  33. Kerry Johnson May 14, 2011

    GGGB best record of 2007
    Reloaded best record of 2008
    Loud best record of 2011

    ONLY GIRL IN THE WORLD BEST DANCE RECORD OF 2010, ask the grammy’s

  34. ACTION May 14, 2011

    WHERE IS THE “Put It In A Love Song” video

  35. Mr.Joseph May 14, 2011

    Mannnnn whatever happened..happened..shits over..get over it!
    & where the hell is that Put It In A Love Song video -____-

    @_GetLifted follow me 🙂

  36. Kerry Johnson May 14, 2011

    THE END!!!!!

  37. Charr May 14, 2011

    Why hasn’t anyone seen Tutankhamun? That is her son’s name….if I’m not mistaken….


    She’s full of s*** and so is everyone talking about “It’s about the music not the drama”. Drama makes for good entertainment and it’s a win win either way because your name is on peoples lips.

    But yea she’s a liar, Mashonda said she thought her marriage was fine. Alicia is no different then any other woman creeping with a married man. I mean who seriously thought she was gonna say “Yes I knew they were still married” SMH

    Swizz Cheatz is a dog and both of them will get what’s coming to them.

    • datesingle November 4, 2012

      rite and he already cheating on her too..

  39. Jules May 14, 2011

    Some of you disgust me… You don’t have a damn clue what the truth is, yet you assume Alicia is a homewrecker….!?!? Like all of you were HUGE Mashonda fans anyways……. All you want is a reason to hate other people… yet in doing so you give people more reasons to hate you. Grow up…

  40. Big Ro May 14, 2011

    Well I really don’t know what to believe. It’s true that he was a cheater before and why would she even deal w/ a dude like that from the beginning. It’s just messy and your asking for drama right off the bat in a situation like this. I also believe Mashonda’s claim re: their encounter at an industry party (when Mashonda and Swizz were still together).

  41. JAY May 14, 2011

    Sam shut da f*** ur suspect fool.

  42. Mashonda Crazy May 14, 2011

    Alicia is telling the truth! I know she has a pure heart and a beautiful spirit. It has been over three years, divorced for over a year. Separated forever.

    It’s over. Alicia and Swizz are in love happily married with a 7 month old.

    I love her and her music…

  43. Queens May 14, 2011

    Rhianna and Alicia always represent good music. I have seen both in concert. EPIC! Yes, I will be at Alicia’s concert celebrating her 10th anniversary.

    Love them both.

  44. Anita May 14, 2011

    People are very very cruel to this woman. They act like she did something to them personally. Why so angry? None of it has anything to do with you. If she says she is not a homewrecker, then she’s not a homewrecker as far as I’m concerned. I think she would know better than anyone. If Mashonda THINKS she is a homewrecker then that’s her problem. Maybe Mashonda should have been a little more concrened with that before Alicia. People are going to believe what they want, but personally I totally believe Alicia. She didn’t stoop to the back and forth with Mashonda when she accused her of all this. Alicia had more important matters to consider–her tour, her condition, other commitments and trying to find a little peace at that time. Glad she addressed the rumors, even if some people are still accusing her. It wouldn’t matter either way. Some people just can’t let it go.

  45. harlem May 14, 2011

    Kerry have to be a homosexual

  46. donchano May 14, 2011

    Mashonda said she thought her marriage was fine? Well she thought wrong didn’t she? Hence the little one in London.

    As far as Alicia’s last two albums not being up to par. That is absolutely ridiculous. Her fans know better. Alicia has always been a great singer and continues to grow and get better. Love all her albums.

    She is not a homewrecker. She may not be perfect, but who is? Alicia loves people, she loves her fans, she helps the needy. Why would anyone want to say such nasty things about her? I hope she continues to be blessed. She is a beautiful person. Much respect and love.

  47. Sonya May 14, 2011

    Alicia looks so beautiful on this cover. Very classy and sweet. This is a magazine cover to proud of, unlike another person who I won’t mention. Keep doin your thing Alicia. The people who matter believe you and love you. 🙂 It’s true, people say things they don’t know.

  48. GiftedSince92 May 14, 2011

    Reading these comments just proves that society is f***** up. Y’all spend too much time worrying about other peoples lives instead of your own. Who f****** cares? Why should this be any of y’all concern? If she is or was a homewrecker that is her business and she will have to deal with it. Why you all so up in arms about it? I’ve always liked Alicia Key’s music and her accomplishements she has earned. Along with her being a humitarian. Nobody knows what the f*** went down between her Swizz and Mashonda. There are most likely possibilites that may or may not be true. No matter what Alicia will have fans and people will continue to but her music. Just like MIcheal Vick was convicted for dog fighting. He made a f****** huge mistake. People gave him a chance. Along with others Chris Brown and other people who made bad decisions. Get over it. For those who spend to much time on a computer worrying about a persons life you need to grow up and take care of yours. #IMDONE.

  49. queenbey will always s*** on ur fave and leave them no option but 2 pout May 14, 2011

    The same ppl who are sayin Akeys ‘didnt do anything wrong’ are probably the same ppl who are f***** sumbody’s man. #FACT

  50. trucie May 15, 2011

    whatever helps her sleep at night!

  51. She’s Evil May 15, 2011

    Why is it suspect? Mashonda WAS just on vh1 tellin “her side of the story” trying to get a few pity points so why not speak about it now that home girl is boohooing her sob story on reality tv.. Alicia just dropped her load, she’s ready to get back to work hence, the cover of essence and that’s one of the questions that was asked in the interview.. It doesn’t make sense to say she’s mentioning it now to help promote her album.. That’s retarded, two totally didn’t subjects.. Quite blatantly, getting the mag cover ITSELF was to promote the re release of her album which is what EVERYBODY DOES… idiot ass

  52. Anita May 15, 2011

    queenbey will always s*** on ur fave and leave them no option but 2 pout

  53. credits May 15, 2011

    “”???????????? lmao! i seriously hope Tamar banks in on this .com saying…

  54. true May 15, 2011

    I think there no excuse for her action because even if they had spit up or not the main issue is that she knew he was married & had children there was allot of baggage that he needed to sort out before he started seeing Alicia, but she felt ok with continuon a relationship knowing it. I would not put my self in that position I would let him sort his baggage before getting deeper into the relationship. It’s her life she try & justify her action all she want.
    Jennifer Lopez had the same situation with mark Anthony he was married but had feeling for jen then she started dating puff (we all know what happen after that) years later after mark got divorce they got hooked up & got married.

  55. VA STAND UP!! May 15, 2011

    I don’t see anything suspect about the interivew or the timing at all. She was doing an interview, they asked her the question and she gave an answer. She didn’t even go into detail. She was gonna have to address it eventually, I don’t think she took this as an opportunity to promote herself. People are always gonna bring up the drama when you are about to promote your ish. Just look at Breezy.

    All we really know is what Mishonda ‘told us’, and she was the bitter ex wife. Blogs picked up on it and it was a just a big ass mess! People took Mishonda’s side cause she was the ‘wife’ and it’s so easy to feel sorry the poor lil misguided wife and people are always ready to tear a celebrity down. We’ll never really know all of what happened. A. Keys knows that no matter what she says, people are gonna believe what they want to believe, which is evident by the comments in here! I am a fan and I won’t stop being one just because she was supposedly a homewrecker! That doesn’t change how I feel about her music.

    I won’t judge her but I will say this, the man that you fell in love with, married and had a child with is the same man that cheated on his wife and got another woman pregnant…so good luck with that. If Karma really is a b**** I hope it doesn’t bite her in the ass. If so Mishonda is gonna get a good laugh….

    Now what I really wonder is, is A.Keys gonna come back and slaaaayyy with her music or is she gonna disappoint us like a lot of the other big name artist. Honeslty, I didn’t realy like her last album, ‘Unthinkable’ saved it for me. I won’t get my hopes up high cause I don’t want to be disappointed like I was with Bey. I’m still not over that. *sigh*

  56. Tess May 15, 2011

    Maybe some of u haven’t been married yet. But after you separate a lot of healing has to go on. You cry sometimes, can’t eat or sleep n it’s hard to focus at work. U need to take time -plenty of it to heal or u dump ur garbage on other people. Being married is not like dating, there is a deeper emotion with a marriage that perhaps some don’t understand. I have seen a lot of things n I have never seen this kinda bounce back relationship work longterm but I do like her sings with that being said.

  57. Tess May 15, 2011

    Sorry for the typos. I hope that some of u will rethink ur idea about marriage. It is to be taken seriously. Maybe if people realized it, we wouldn’t have so many divorces. I highly respect marriage n it’s hands off until the couple figures their life, kids n finances out. Take care

  58. VA STAND UP!! May 15, 2011

    May 14, 2011 at 9:44 pm
    WHERE IS THE “Put It In A Love Song” video


    Lol! I’m saying! We’ve been waiting for that damn video for almost a damn year!! What gives?!?!

  59. Karen May 15, 2011

    Love Alicia. Evidently, Swizz and Mashonda’s divorce was taking quite some time. You can’t expect two people in love to wait forever. Who knows what or who the hold up was? I also don’t agree in being with a married man who happens to be separated but, until I could actually put myself in that very same situation, I really couldn’t say I might not do the same thing. Still doesn’t mean it’s right, but we’re all only human. I wish Alicia and her family much love and luck. The magazine cover of her is absolutely beautiful. Can’t wait for the albums and the movie. True superwoman.

  60. Kerry Johnson May 15, 2011

    BITE ME!!!!

  61. Always a Fan May 15, 2011

    The entire article was great; unfortunately, took a small part of it to create hate. I am disappointed in woman who assume Alicia is lying. She has always carried herself with grace and dignity and she hasn’t changed.

    I love her music and will continue to support her. I am thrilled she has found love and enjoying motherhood.

    She is a blessing.

  62. Kerry Johnson May 15, 2011


  63. Mahogany May 15, 2011


  64. Jayla May 15, 2011

    Sam is a F**.com


  65. kc36 May 15, 2011

    I don’t believe her. There where rumors going around that her and swizz was seeing each other long before it came out in public. When you get married you are gonna to have some highs and lows that is in every relationship. When a husband or wife steps out of it and it is found out one tries to make it work and it was a vow that both of them made to each other it just so happens one was willing to make it work and believed in it than the other. I don’t know what Alicia motives are if she had one but to put yourself in that situation is no good and she brought that on herself. Swizz is also to blame cause he but both of them in this situation and made a mess of himself because it proves that he didn’t believe in his vows and to put children in this world (girl from the Uk) and Alicia still stayed proves just how alone she is. Any women like mashanda would be hurt because you put time into something that you think is going to be forever. He asked for her hand and she accepted it. That was his wife. Put yourself in mashonda shoes and see how would you feel .I would feel her pain as well being that I am also married and have been for almost 11 years.

    Every married or long term relationship has trouble theirs was just played out for all of us to see. There is the dog husband who gets away with it and not carrying how they hurt then there is the wrecker (Alicia) Who swears it was over and believes everything the man says and doesn’t say a word to make herself seem out of place eventhough she is and there is the Wife (Mashonda) who did know what was going on or didn’t depends on situation and wants to fight cause she believes they went thru worse storms and wants the marriage but when the man like swizz leaves for greener grass you leave what you gave out of this relationship which is sadness pain regret confusion and in there case us the public who watches them be human with flaws like everybody else. The one thing that I think we are not going to see is Alicia say she was wrong. Pride is a mother. Swizz is never going to say he was sorry for what he did and he is a dog. Mashonda is going to be scared cause that is just how she feels as anybody would. Let her breathe and she will have her voice to live and love and get what she deserve again. Sorry this was so long lol.

  66. harlem May 15, 2011

    Yalll are like some friggin Queens…Yall believe everything yal hear…..Its a rumor…its on a blog…so it must be true….smh….f*** i tell ya…

  67. Kerry Johnson May 15, 2011

    Your the F**!!!!

  68. MISHKA May 15, 2011

    In any case, we’re here for the music and not the drama. Here’s hoping she delivers with her next release – as her efforts post ‘Diary’ have been

    Sam, this is a lie and you know that.

  69. MISHKA May 15, 2011

    Alicia doesn’t have time for you, people. Give her a muhf%cking break.

    Mashonda should actually thank her for making her move her bu%t and finally start a “career” and gain some exposure on her own.

    Anywho, Alicia is Clive Davis’s protegee and unless she f%cks up her voice like Whitney Houston, she will always be fine. You can’t tell Da Keys nothing.

  70. Debbie May 15, 2011

    Sam your taste in music is questionable because AS I AM and Element of Freedom was some of AK’s best work that’s what artist do they grow they should not be singing about the same things in their late 20’s and early 30Is as they did in their late teens and early 20Is. And as for the promotion of her repackaged set. Alicia doesn’t need to do 1 interview to sell, she solf out her one night show in less than 5 min with very very minimal promotions and the presale of the et has been great so your shade is bull. I read the article and all it does is confirm what I knew all along Mashonda is delusional and she is a messy b*tch AK will continue to be blessed because of the way that she lives her life.

  71. RIGHT May 15, 2011

    You know you’re a bad b**** when all the haters find to critic is some personal stuff that is nobody’s business. And it it was the case, the only one to blame anyway is Swizz, not Alicia.
    What matters is music and thank god Alicia is there to save real classic r&b music.
    Alicia is the queen of R&B, bow down. She can do things that your faves can’t and always be respected, as she was since day one. Stay Mad and pressed, have a good day. Can’t wait for the new album ALICIA!!!!!

  72. NUTELLA May 15, 2011

    And it’s not Alicia’s fault if Run the world is flopping! Poor Beyaki stans…haha

  73. MANDOWN May 15, 2011

    ALICIA: Classy, Beautiful, Smart, Humanitarian, Big heart, Cool, Educated.

    MASHONDA: Ugly and slutty hoodrat.

    I UNDERSTAND SWIZZ! The choice is evident. She’s the dreamgirl of many men. Perfect woman.

    Shut the f*** up ugly h***!

  74. Cheers (Drink to That) May 15, 2011

    Bish is LYING & IS a straight homewrecker & the same mofos in here saying she cool and didn’t do anything wrong are the SAME skanks & h*** doing dirt like A.K. did!


    • datesingle November 4, 2012

      I agree with your comment.

  75. 90283FOREVER May 15, 2011

    @Cheers (Drink To That)

    AK is untouchable and you know it because people, i mean smart people care for music and not gossip. #DealWithIT

    *sips tea*

  76. YOUDOITFORME May 15, 2011

    Bring the new album Aliciaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

  77. YOUDOITFORME May 15, 2011

    How funny…a rihanna stan saying alicia is a s****. LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

  78. NoBias May 15, 2011

    ummm mashonda was cheating on swizz… and then they were seperated and she really started doing her own thing and then so did he so fall back and hop off Alicia’s sack. As I Am was damn good, element of freedom couldve been way better but was still good.. this website is becoming like mediatakeout, just s*** talking someone one second & loving em a day later smh

  79. Bey’knight May 15, 2011

    Did riherpes stan jus call AK s****? #smdh

    @BIG RO
    STFU, theres nothing in that peasized brain of urs. Go get a job n take care of ur destitute kids

    ON TOPIC: AK has always had a classy image so this one’s a hard pill to swallow. If it was rhislut, we all kno wer d verdict lies. I kno u cant help who u fall for bt d swizz has the track record of a big d*****. His conscience must b on a lifetime vacae. Its also sad that when this happens the women get all the flack while the men get away scot free. Even if swizz was d singer, he wudnt have to address nada. Jus ask weezy

  80. Bey’knight May 15, 2011


    U say ppl aint minding their own biz yet u write an essay on the same topic. No irony there whatsoever

  81. Laurie May 15, 2011

    Alicia never mess up with a married man never ever ever no matter if the marriage is broken no matter if they’re seperated or whatever just don’t do that espacially when there’re kids involved !!! Wait until the divorce is pronounce coz the way yall start dating looks pretty dirty !!!
    Now as an artist I love her to death

  82. JohnVidal May 15, 2011

    Why the hell is people interested in Alicia´s or any other musician´s private life?
    Plus I believe her. And even if rumours were true. So what? I don´t care! It´s their problem. I´m here for the music if the music is good.
    And Alicia is a real musician. And I can´t with Sam saying Alicia´s latest work is lacking (maybe is worse than her first two but is not lacking at all) but he gives props to Nicole from S*** Dolls or all those untalented British girls he often talks about. And than he trows shade to people like Alicia, Gaga or Mariah Carey. Unbelievable!

  83. YOOSONDALOOSE May 15, 2011

    I do love Alicia, and she does seem lovely… but…

  84. imjustmepatrice May 15, 2011

    First Of All How You Talkin Bout All Women Impowerment, That Was My Questioned Shdn All This First Happend,But I Guess We Got Our Answer To That One, Its All BULLSH** Alicia Is Wrong! First Of All Seperation Dosent Mean Divorce So Yes She Broke Them Up, And For That I No Longer Support Her In Any Shape Or Form,And Why She Thinking They All Happy And He Beeing Faithful,She Might As Well Get Ready Cause The Next Women Is Already At Her Door Bout To Put Her Out,Cause Karma Is Real And She Bout To Get It 10Fold, Bye Alicia..HOMEWRECKER Is What They Call Her…LOL! Ok Im Done…

  85. BEEYONCED May 15, 2011

    Always the same story. Even if Alicia wanted him, why didn’t Swizzie stop this. He was married. He could have stayed loyal to his wife. At least til an amicable divorce. HE chose not to. Instead the male is grabbing what he can, going always for the alleged better option, cheating and he as the culprit is always excused.
    Instead the women always gets publically downed. WAY TO GO!!!! FULL OF BULL
    I hate this stigma since I was a very little kid. Why is it so hard for everyone else to see who truly is to blame …if you need to point fingers.

    If I see someone hot and think is my perfect match. I would also not hesitate going for. But if he was already commited it would be on him to ignore me.
    Because if someone is hitting on me and I’m in a relationship I feel it’s my duty to say HEY STOP ….I’m happy and not interested in you. Sorry.

    THINK ABOUT IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’m a bit disappointed by Alicia (for other reasons), but by no means does that mean she is someone to publically crucify. She’s a good girl and a great artist. We don’t have such to much around these days.

  86. Truth Hurts May 15, 2011

    Sure Alicia Keys “may” have crossed the line from being the PERFECT SWEET ANGEL, but how many people would turn down somebody they really, really like and if he was pursuing her just as bad?? NO ONE. It happens.

    Seriously, the bottom line is Mashonda was in denial and knew her relationship been it’s final chapter since Swiss cheated on Mashonda with that British singer Jahna Sebastian and had another CHILD! Why would Mashonda tell Alicia Keys to back off when Swiss regularly calls and accepts Alicia’s phone calls, and goes out to visit her, Any man serious about relationship MAKES TIME to build, and maintain a relationship, faithfully.

    And how many women should you have to tell to “back off” your man before it becomes obvious who/what the real problem is (him). You should never have to persuade someone to “stay” with you.

    After watching hip-hop wives it appears Mashonda (is a really great person) but is still very hurt by her high school sweetheart and had plans to live together forever, which makes the story really sad, but I think it’s more healthy for her and the kids to move on and just enjoy the monthly checks.

    To Swiss and other Men who have decided to make kids and not raise them, where does this stop; Money, does NOT replace being a father, and its time to end this cycle of broken homes, and infidelity in the black community. What ever happened to the words “I DO” and working things out for better or worst? If your not happy, don’t marry her, and for god sakes STOP having children if you are not married.

    To women if he wasn’t s*** then, don’t expect him to change when ya’ll get married, and don’t marry him, move ON… And if you think getting pregnant is going to “keep him” then, you too ain’t s***, because now you’ve involve a innocent baby who too has to deal with nonsense. I’m seriously tired of seeing and hearing single mothers complain like this dude had a full-time career job, 401k, health benefits, properly educated, faithful, and would possibly enjoy spending his life with only you and raising a family with you.. If he doesn’t match these qualities or have similar qualities with the aforementioned potential –> then why have a child, or develop a relationship with him??

    As a 25 yr old, educated (master’s degree), black male with a career job, 401k, health benefits, and been in a good relationship for 3 years with no children, I say we have to do better.

  87. PMMOE May 15, 2011

    I don’t care about all this b*******, ALICIA you’re the BEST. Hands down!

  88. word May 15, 2011

    wat the hell?all alicia albums r classics! any real music critic will tell u dat,u r just a fake! nobody concerns themselves with your stupid 12 year old girl opinion! what is dis rubbish r u on about?..get a life

  89. sheka May 15, 2011

    Anybody who been thru a heartbreak know’s that had to hurt Mashonda! Alicia Keys is a liar! She will get what what she deserve!

  90. Misty Jean May 15, 2011

    Put A Ring On It video has been scrapped, stop asking for it.
    I’m a huge Alicia fan, but I don’t believe. But whatever, I’m hoping the relationship breaks off and she finds herself a better man.

  91. Anita May 15, 2011

    I believe you said there were RUMORS that Alicia and Swizz were seeing each other. So, it was rumors. Didn’t Alicia say they had known each other since they were teenagers? Why wouldn’t they be seeing or should I say talking with each other? But to suggest anything more is being very judgemental and accusing of something you know absolutely nothing about.

  92. Anita May 15, 2011

    To the person talking about the Love and hip hop show, I believe a lot of scenes were taken out and not allowed to be used. Mashonda may not be as wonderful as you think.

  93. dee May 15, 2011


  94. LOVE ANYTHING BLACK!! May 15, 2011

    i’ve lost interest in her for some reason.

  95. REALTALK 101 May 15, 2011

    Sorry but a man with 3 kids by 2 different women needs a time out. Alisha should’ve come out and admitted her timing was f**ked up cause regardless of what dude was married and had 3 kids by 2 chics. Not the kinda dude you give it all up for. Let him get his ish together and come clean instead of the controversy. Sorry Leesh but you f**ked up and aint no way around it but the truth. You can’t sing about Karma and being a Super Woman then think it doesn’t applty to you. I’m just saying………………………

    • datesingle November 4, 2012

      that is true ..

  96. mellisa May 15, 2011

    @realtalk101 you are so right! i know it takes two too tangle but she was around Mashonda damn Swizz must be the sh**! i remember Alicia sayin she don’t date rapper’s because they sleep around well look at her now!

    • datesingle November 4, 2012

      She is good at being a lair..

  97. Anita May 15, 2011

    Alicia’s always been about women empowerment. So why does Mashonda now seem to be all about this cause? hehe Did she think she would just totally destroy Alicia and then take over? WRONG

  98. Keesha May 15, 2011

    I’m sorry, Mashonda was just mad that Swizz got with Alicia and divorced her and she decided to throw out those allegations. I mean look people, doesn’t she have this R&B wives show coming out now? If anything, it’s seems like she’s just trying to exploit her divorce with Swizz for money. I’ll believe Alicia’s view over Mashonda’s and some idiots commenting on blogs any day.

  99. Keesha May 15, 2011

    Oh, I’m sorry ‘Love and Hip-Hop’ is the name of the show. Whatever. Mashonda’s an idiot to me.

  100. Anita May 15, 2011

    Guess a lot of people commenting on these articles think it’s alright to say whatevever they feel like saying because it’s just the internet and who cares? Well did you read what Alicia said? It hurts that people would say things like that about her. So, do you just enjoy hurting others or do you still just think it doesn’t matter because you’re not specifically saying it to their face. Either way it hurts. If you enjoy it, you need help. God bless Alicia.

  101. whowhatme May 15, 2011

    Another woman’s man should not even been considered when love is concerned. The truth is, you can control who you love, and when people allow themselves to always act on their feelings and not rule with their heads, it’s a recipe for disaster. It doesn’t matter if the married person is coming after you, out of respect for the relationship he has with his wife (even if he doesn’t respect it himself) you would back off, because you know good and well if you were married and some woman was coming after your husband you’d put her in check. People are too selfish today thinking about what THEY want and disregarding how it will affect other people. Mashonda and Swizz were separated. Not divorce. If for whatever reason they couldn’t work it out, then start the relationship after the divorce and not during it. Swizz might have been done but Mashonda clearly was not. And not saying he has to wait forever to get on with his life, but damn, have some respect for the woman’s emotions.

  102. Lasonja May 15, 2011

    Well i know how Mashonda feel or any woman it hurt’s! Case and point my best friend hooked me up with her husband friend we were together for six years and all that time he was messing with her sister! when i found out i was sick i lost 80 pound’s i was like how could you do somebody like that or what was i doing wrong that girl comes too our house for parties! But i tore his ass up and walked away and never looked back it hurt like hell still but he’ll never know it! My best friend knew all the whole time! I don’t talked to her either! Sometime’s i get lonely then i think about all the hell i went thru and i smile because i don’t have to answer to nobody!

  103. mobwife….”no, she aint you”!! May 15, 2011


    I totally agree with your assessment! It does seem somewhat suspect and very reminiscent of the 20/20 interview a certain person did a few years ago just prior to the release of her CD! Ppl use their so called personal lives as “cannon fodder” when it comes time to sell the public a product! It’s a bit sickening to me!

    I hope she delivers. I have always respected her talent.

  104. runaway85 May 15, 2011

    i think its funny how everybody is insisting she is a home wrecker when no 1 even knows the whole story…as if their were cameras present…n if she did wreck his home obviously mashonda wasnt doin sumthin right…its jus ironic that everyone hates her now but we r all still in love wit chris brown (shocker)…n where is the blame that swizz is due…lets not paint the adam n eve temptress picture people!

  105. Vegas girl May 15, 2011

    The only person who really knows what was going on is Swiss Beats. Alicia nor Mashonda know what was going on in the other relationship, he knows if he was lying or giving false hope of reconciliation.

    Alicia does have to live with the title “homewrecker” now because that’s what the public was led to believe. She could avoided this by NOT mess ing with a “separated” man, (and also A man who had a child with ANOTHER woman during this messy time) . Separation implies that there is a chance for reconciliation. Get a man without so much baggage alicia but she made her bed so…

  106. mobwife….”no, she aint you”!! May 15, 2011

    Wow, I am amazed that ppl attack Mashonda!?!? She believed that her husband was having an affair with Alicia yet they both denied it for the longest time. I don’t know when it started but it just smells foul and looks bad for Alicia!

    As for Mashonda, I have seen her on “Love & Hip Hop” and she seems nice to me. I don’t know if its an act but she has conducted herself well throughout this mess! I would be running my ex completely over on every episode…LOL! 🙂

  107. mobwife….”no, she aint you”!! May 15, 2011

    @Vegas girl

    Very well said!!

  108. LONDON GOT SOUL… May 15, 2011


  109. true May 15, 2011

    why is Mashonda being attacked though she was married to a cheater who she still loved & had kids with & wanted to keep her family, then she hear he with Alicia keys so she was angry & hurt & told the press.

    Now I love Alicia music but that doesn’t mean I have to agree to what she dose in her personal life.
    I find it hypercritic that she sings about empowering women & karma
    But is seeing a guy who is separated from his wife who he has children with & is rumored to have another child with another woman he had an affair with.
    Poor judgment & poor murals
    But that her life ‘what goes around comes around what goes up must come down’
    The only reason we are talking about it now is because she put it in print & made it a public debate, she didn’t have to say anything really

    I wouldn’t call Alicia keys the queen of R&B/soul that Mary J Blige
    She more likes the duchess of R&B POP

  110. NoBias May 15, 2011

    @IMJUSTMEPATRICE what does it feel like to be an ignorant b****?

  111. Anita May 15, 2011

    Mashonda is being criticized because she also knew there was another woman who wasn’t famous that had his kid while they were married and not separated and she seems to think that’s just fine. There was no press to run to. It wouldn’t have mattered, yet she makes a really big deal out of this. Alicia like everyone else may make what a lot of us think is a bad decision, but it’s her decision to make. I personally think everything happens for a reason.

  112. Anita May 15, 2011

    @hm…….. ,

    I don’t think she looks stressed but she does look absolutely beautiful and maybe a little tired, like most women who try to do it all. She is amazing and I have much respect and love for this lady. She is very inspirational to so many. I wish her nothing but love and blessings. Keep doing your thang Alicia. Looking forward to the albums and movie but please remember to take time for you.:-)

  113. MJfan May 16, 2011

    i can care less about the dynamics of how she and swizz hooked up. it is not my business. i don’t understand why people feel the need to explain their actions to others. live your life, and i’ll live mine. at judgement day, i won’t be the one judging you for your actions. people should worry about their own lives. rather she can sleep at night or not, that’s her issues to deal with. and since they been together, you have people quoting scriptures, like they are perfect, many people around the world are living in adulterous marriages, yet want to condemn alicia,puleeze.

  114. kc May 16, 2011

    @anita I’m sorry I thought I could say somethin on the subject. After all is is the internet. I’m sure she will be just fine. I’m sure you more than I do maybe. You don’t . It don’t matter thought because I’m happy and married. Life goes on and so do I.

  115. REALTALK 101 May 16, 2011

    Bottom line: If we all take responsibilty for our actions this world would be a better place. It’s our business because it’s being done right in front of us. It’s our business because if it wasn’t Alicia would’ve just said “her personal life is off limits” and it’s our business because dumb ass parents aren’t raising their kids properly so their kids look to celebrities for leadership not to mention the immature adults that look to them. If we all make married, seperated, still living together, with somebody but it’s not working out, etc. off limits this world would be a better place and we would eliminate all the BS drama cause no penis or c****** is that good for the BS. I’m just saying……………. 🙂

  116. Anita May 16, 2011

    No problem. I hadn’t even read your comment. People are going to believe what they want. I just don’t think it’s right to degrade anyone regardless of face to face or internet, especially when none of us know. True, it’s the internet and a lot of people feel they can say whatever and it’s not going to matter. I don’t feel that way. I think it still is hurtful.

  117. Sean May 16, 2011

    Ok, so AS I AM was a little lacking, but The Element of Freedom is a brilliant album. So take your and suck it.

  118. Angie May 16, 2011

    Let’s also remember that this is the same individual that sung “Super Woman”. I hope she knew what she was doing. Swizz Beatz has lots of baggage, too many financial obligations, drama, and has always been a cheater. If he cheated on his 1st wife, he’ll cheat on Alicia. The newness wears off.

  119. Anita May 17, 2011

    People need to stop pointing the finger at Alicia, and realize she is human like everyone else. She has been a very upstanding person and everyone has a right to make a few mistakes no matter who they are. Try pointing your finger at the real jerks in the business and leave her alone. One negative act does not make her a horrible person. We all are human and subject to errors and everyone lives and learns , regardless of who they are. Sure she is a role model, but that doesn’t mean she’s never going to make a mistake or that she’s always going to be perfect. I think she’s close enough.

  120. justthink May 17, 2011

    I wish everyone would stop all the bashing of all the parties involved, cause we are not a part of this mess. I understand this is a blog and everyone chimes in with there opinion, but some comments are quite hateful and mean. I will say that trying to stay in an objective point of view, I believe this marriage had some serious issue. There is no way this marriage was happy go lucky and all of a sudden he started having an affair and the other woman is the blame of the marriage going down the drain. When you read the interviews that the wife gave it is clear that she either had her head in the clouds or turned a blind eye to what was going on with her husband. Now as I have read and looked up about the parties involved, I will say something was amist in this relationship within months of her giving birth to her son, hell from what I read she was in the hospital on rest and Mr. Dean wasn’t as supportive as he should or could of been. I think that spells some issues and since she gave birth in Dec. 2006 I don’t think it had anything to do with Alicia. Now I also saw that he filed for divorce from her in 2008 but the action was dismissed, now that means issues, but let her tell it Swizz and Alicia had been doing there thing for months and she found out about her two days before her son turned one (Dec. 2007). Now mind you he had conceived a child at this point with the lady over in London (Jahna) because the daughter was born around March of 2008. I am just trying to make sense of the numerous interviews that the ex wife gave at this point. I will agree things should of been handled differently by the parties involved including Ms. Mashonda. This woman went on a bash Alicia Keys fest because when you only hold one person accountable for the failure of your marriage and that person isn’t one of the parties that took the vows there is issues within you. Now Alicia is finally speaking about the matter and her version is the they were friends and it developed into a relationship but not until the fall after his daughter was born and after they had been seperated for months. Now that would explain the comment she made in the tweet about Alicia not stepping back and letting her work out the issues in her marriage that she seems to think help create. Here is a question to be answered, Mashonda filed for divorce from Swizz in 2009 but she said that he admitted to his affair on mo thers day 2008 and she knew that once he did that there was no going back, so what took so long to file divorce? Now mind you when they were seperated and the daughter came to light in 2009 swizz and alicia went to London for the paternity test. Now she send this rant about respect and love and all this stuff to a public website in response to a simple comment that Alicia keys made on her twitter account. The comment went something to the effect of having a debate in the studio about love is better to place it safe or with spark, all I have to say is I’m good, I’m straight. Swizz made a claim that Mashonda had an issue with his relationship with his oldest son, how truthful that is , is unknown. I can say if I was her I would have some trust issues with this man, but then the question become exactly why did you marry him? He showed his true colors before the I do’s and like the song she didn’t with Cassidy It don’t get no better.

  121. justthink May 17, 2011

    some typo’s in my previous post but at any rate.

  122. vsta June 15, 2011

    Arrogant self rightous woman who try to be a role model. Huh! Her Karma has changed.

  123. TranquilityIzMe June 16, 2011

    Its crazy how the ones that know you the least judge you the most.
    I never recalled Alicia saying she was perfect and her personal life is just that
    she doesn’t owe that to anyone. I feel like you can’t take a person from anyone,
    they leave willingly and Swizz was SEPARATED which is a step that has to be made BEFORE divorce in a lot of places. So what he found love with Alicia while he was SEPARATED. They only reason people on this is b/c it is Alicia Keys the megastar involved. No one gave a damn about this other woman or Mashond until AK’s name came out of her mouth. And its only black people that are really caring about this for some reason lol. Get over it people and LET the saint w/o sin cast the first stone. I loved AK from the jumped and my love ain’t changed. I’m still a fan forever, now all of her judgemental half fans can diss and abandon her now and she’s happy and still doing well better than ever actually clear out the fog AK. It’s Over. Get Over It. Alicia wasn’t the one Married here people.

    • Ali. G July 10, 2012

      Uhm SEPERATED does not mean DIVORCED!!!!! Swizz was still married. A. Keys slept with a married man. Why is that so hard to understand. He might not have had anymore emotional ties with Mashonda, but before GOD, STATE, and MAN he was still legally married. Alicia might not have been the one married but she had knowledge that the man she was involved with was still married. She is just as much in the wrong, and anyone taking Keys side has the same f***** up thinking. Obviously by your post you’re one of them. SMDH!!!!

      • Whatev November 10, 2012

        Thank you! Bravo. That separation period which is legally mandatory before granting divorce is because they may kiss and make up, miss each other, have a change of heart. Its harder to change once’s heart or see the light when there’s another woman blocking the way. Smh

  124. kris kross July 1, 2011

    I am a little dissapointed in A. KEYS. This guy is not hot and he looks like he got that backpack. In the A it is a lot you see go down like dis erday. MY FEELING ARE do not say you are this and that and the very thing you profess to make you these things you toss outta the window for a d… I hope A KEYS finds this worth the wonderful career God blessed her with because It is O.V.A. WARNING ALWAYS COMES BEFORE DISTRUCTION.She has let alot of people down, and whatever she sings now is gonna be like white noise. No disrespect but if the very thing your image is built upon is damaged there is no mo you. I admired her stregenth but the desperation and loneliness took over. The price you pay for celebrity.

  125. aisha January 29, 2012

    HOMEWRECKER but why is everyone attacking Alicia Keys. She didnt sleep with herself. People act like married men are incapable of resisting other women so its up to the other women to not pursue them. Hes cheating scum and shes a homewrecker period. It doesn’t matter what was going on in his marriage, he should have filed for divorce, waited until it was finalized, let his kids adjust then move on. If she loved him and is concerned about his children, she should have waited.

  126. Whatev March 11, 2012

    Separated is still MARRIED, b****.

  127. kaleigh May 28, 2012

    Leann Rimes and Alicia Keys sipping from the same home wrecker cup! It is disgusting that children are involved in their mess what a horrible example for them!

    • datesingle November 4, 2012

      I agree because Alicia even went to Moshanda baby shower. That w**** knew that she was sleeping with the womans hubby. Well now that man is cheating on Alicia too…

  128. Taylor June 2, 2012

    no one knows what happened, and I’m sure its all BS. Since none of us knows, STFU. Jesus

  129. elvina walker July 6, 2012

    I used to like Mz Keys and her music i have lost all love and respect for her she is a homewrecker she wouldnt want nobody sleeping with her mad and invading their relationship she is a w**** and i dont even listen to her music no more there is some things a woman should not do

    • datesingle November 4, 2012

      I use to enjoy her music before i found out she was a w****. I would not spend a dime on anything with this w**** in it now. What a thrashy lair she is today. I agree with you on this tramp. Women stop sleeping with these married men. It is just nasty. Now some woman is sleeping with Alicia hubby lmao. That is what she gets.

  130. Ali. G July 10, 2012

    I’m sorry but when did SEPARATED MEAN DIVORCED? Swizz emotions might have been severed, but before GOD, State, and Man he is still legally MARRIED!!!!! He cheated on his wife with A. Keys. Keys knew he was still married even though he was no longer living under the same roof as his wife. She was sleeping with a married man. Mashonda asked her to back off, she obviously didn’t. When asked if her and Swizz was dating she denied the claims over and over. A. Keys is a liar and a homewrecker. Mashonda and Swizz marriage obviously was on the rocks, but A. Keys was the finisher completely.

    • datesingle November 4, 2012

      I agree he was still a married man. Plus she was hooking up wit h him before he moved out.

  131. datesingle November 4, 2012

    Alicia is a h** who is nothing more than a lair.She was sleeping with him and smiling in the his wife face. She is thrash and I no longer buy or see anything with Alicia in it. I would have had more respect for her . But she had to be a cheating lair . Now the man is cheating on her too now. Plus Alicia is bi-sexual anyway. She is a homewrecker who people need to stop supporting her lying a**. She now has the shoes of the ex. Swizz is cheating on her now.lmao

  132. datesingle November 4, 2012

    Alicia Keys getting award from black girls rock is the biggest bs I have ever seen. She is not a role model . She is just nasty with no class.

  133. Whatev November 10, 2012

    Her music sucks now. Maybe its karma.

  134. anjewel30 November 20, 2012

    Sorry but you cant wreck a home that’s already been wrecked. I believe her nuff said

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