Hot Shot: Jay Z & Kanye West- ‘Watch The Throne’ Album Cover

Published: Monday 4th Jul 2011 by David

Behold the album cover for Jay Z‘s and Kanye West‘s collaborative album ‘Watch The Throne’.

Though no confirmation of a release date has been announced by either artist or Island Def Jam, the LP’s release has generated excitement after the report that the first single would feature Bruno Mars and Pop’s Queen Supreme, Beyonce.

Will you be buying Watch The Throne?

Your thoughts?

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  1. So Me July 4, 2011

    I like. Cant wait for this to come out.

  2. ERIC July 4, 2011

    looks strong.

  3. aisha aguilera keys July 4, 2011


  4. KD July 4, 2011

    I can’t wait for Bey and Bruno collabo.

  5. jamir21 July 4, 2011

    its look pretty !

  6. jamir21 July 4, 2011


  7. F*** YOU July 4, 2011

    Illuminati b*******! excited to hear this single though…

  8. Haiku July 4, 2011

    I hated Kanye until his latest album –
    Always been a fan of Carter though.

    I’ll be getting this!

  9. Queen Beyonce Stann July 4, 2011

    Kanye Is The BEST Rapper Out Right Now IMO!
    Can’t Wait To Buy His CD!
    His Last One Was AMAZING!
    I Hope He And Lupe Fiasco Get A Grammy 🙂 They Both Truely Deserve It!!



  10. Bobby Bulgaria July 4, 2011

    Wow! THE ILLUMINATI again…???
    How predictable of Jay-Z…

    Can you see the BAPHOMET on top???

    That’s NOT just delusional talking… It’s REAL…

  11. Haiku July 4, 2011


    says YOU with your ONE eye?

  12. KAT DELUNA FAN July 4, 2011


  13. nice_gurl July 4, 2011

    WOW that cover is really artistic and it’s not illuminati. Can people stop saying that.

  14. :) July 4, 2011

    I like this album cover! I don’t believe in that Illuminati, so whatever! It’s creative and this is defiantly something i’ll buy!

  15. YOOSONDALOOSE July 4, 2011

    I Like it as long as it doesn’t have cheap writing on it!

  16. Dan July 4, 2011

    Great cover, very original and has that classic look, which should hopefully represent the music. Two of the biggest names in hip hop/music in general should hopefully create a great album.

    And Illuminati? Seriously lol it doesn’t exist. If you’re interested look up Freemasons and different religious groups. All the symbols that are supposedly ‘Illuminati’ are just things taken from other groups that have been given their own meaning by internet idiots!

  17. jamir21 July 4, 2011

    I think its very artistic and creative !

  18. Bobby Bulgaria July 4, 2011

    Well, obviously I AM somewhat connected with the illuminati… I guess…

    I don’t know what made me make this photo of my EYE and what made me put it as my avatar some time ago… The thing is, I don’t have many memories of my life…

    I don’t remember MORE THAN HALF OF MY LIFE… I don’t know what has happened and where I’ve been at that time…

    But I have some powers… I’ve tried and put some magic spells on some people that made some horrible things to me and it just caught them… I think 1 man got killed by a lightning some years ago after I did what I had to do… I read it in the newspaper… I didn’t expect it to happen at all at that time so I was quite surprised… And then I found out that my mother’s mother can do that too… She told me that…

    Maybe we are partly “reptilian”, as my nickname from small kid is the name of a reptilian animal… And I like basking in the sun a lot, lying on the beach all day long, I just can’t get out of bed in the morning until I get some warmth to my body, I must be cold-blooded I guess, and I like sleeping and I tend to kinda hibernate during winter… I’ve got a pet turtle and I like water too… I spend too much time under the shower each day – half an hour – just splashing myself and enjoying the sensation of it…

    And I have this great desire to try some insects as food… Maybe fried grasshoppers… Mmm… 🙂

  19. ADJOA July 4, 2011


  20. bey’knight July 4, 2011

    @Bobby Bulgaria

    oh SHUT UP!

  21. :) July 4, 2011

    @Adjoa, how is it scary? How old are you 5?

  22. Nana Yaw July 4, 2011

    I also don’t believe in Illuminati

  23. HIPHOP4LIFE July 4, 2011

    Oh My God here we go with this Illuminati Bull ish again. First of all genius. The illuminati were atheist. So how in the world does atheist worship the devil. They don’t even believe God exist let alone the devil

    Secondly, The all seeing eye is the eye or horus or the eye of heru. Not of satan or illuminati. Many organizations & groups adopted symbols that were already in existance because of the power it symbolized. The Nazi’s swastika is an African symbol. The peace symbol was orginally the sign of the devil because it represented Christ up side down on the cross. Now its the universal symbol of love.

    So please, please, quit watching Dan Brown movies & do a little research of your own. If you want to focus on real issues concerning world domination, study the Rothchilds, you know the people who owns 100% of the money the U.S borrows.

    Sincerely a Concerened citizen & Freemason 😛
    Fiat Lux

  24. cautious July 4, 2011

    Inverted pentagrams and baphomet’s face at the bottom of the CD cover. Of all the symbols and shapes in the world they could have used… they pick that? Over and over again… the elite likes to be blatant?

    Jay-Z, Kanye, Lady Caca, etc, all the mainstream artists are super manufactured whether they admit it or not.

    They are all manufactured PUPPETS and it’s ridiculous how these “artists” don’t even comprehend that they are slaves and used by the elite to promote the elite’s agenda!!!

    The music industry is so messy. I am bored with all of these artists doing different versions of the same sh*t.

    And NO, Jay-Z is NOT part of a secret society, stop spreading that disinformation. Jay-Z looks CLUELESS and mind-controlled, like all the others.

  25. BAA July 4, 2011

    .@Bobby Gulari STFU! I bet u dont even know what blaphet or illumnati means but what u have heard from other people. I like the cover. Its very unique and artistic. Seriously people…….JayZ and Ye know some of u delusional people think they are apart of this so called secret society, so all they are doing is getting people talking about the project, by using these images. J and Ye are very smart men. They know people will scream illumnati when they see this. Why would u make ur secret society noticable, if it is suppose to b a secret and on the low. Come on people, get it togather!

  26. Bobby Bulgaria July 4, 2011

    @ bey’knight:

    Please… Don’t make me shut YOU up…

    It’s funny how ignorant people don’t believe in the things they don’t know or understand…
    This world is NOT only what you see but what you DON’T too…

    You DON’T see the things that surround you but yet they’re THERE…
    What we see with our eyes is 50% or LESS of what really EXISTS…

    So people some years ago WONDERED and didn’t believe in the possibility to talk to and see other people THOUSANDS of KILOMITERS away from you… Well, then they discovered the TELEPHONE & TELEVISION…

    NOW people say all that stuff is BS… But… are you willing to RISK YOUR LIFE defending it…? Are you really THAT SURE…?


  27. bey’knight July 4, 2011

    @Bobby Bulgaria

    maybe i’d be more inclined to take your words on board if i wasnt used to the BS u spill. oh and love to watch u try shut me up

  28. HaYYYYYYYYYYYy July 4, 2011

    @Bobby Bulgaria
    try some s*** boo boo
    dont nobody on here believe you

    and i think the cover is corny, kanyes idea no doubt
    but unless its a 3d cover, then its a stupid cover

  29. Bobby Bulgaria July 4, 2011

    @ bey’knight:

    Well, by saying that I could “shut you up” I didn’t mean “in this website”…
    I meant it more like… LITERALLY shutting your mouth from a distance…

    Which would include binding and hurting you a lot…
    But as I do it only to people that have tremendously hurt me PHYSICALLY, and I do strictly abide by the threefold law since you obviously haven’t done anything harmful to me then I will remain idle…

    You know… You should NOT use that powers for minor everyday occasions… You have to use it only when you want to effectively TERMINATE somebody (like in my case – killing distantly that man that had attacked me) that already caused you pain and suffering so that the THREEFOLD LAW works in YOUR favor… 🙂

    And if they shed YOUR BLOOD, then it is time to get some of THEIR blood pouring…

  30. Clumly July 4, 2011

    i like the visual..hope the music matches…:)
    …Subway giving back after laying off over 1,300 people.. $100 giftcards..s*** i grab 3 of

  31. Bobby Bulgaria July 4, 2011

    And still, this “very artistic and creative” CD cover has:

    – 4 Baphomet faces
    – 4 horned and crowned demons
    – 4 inverted pentagrams
    and who knows what else…

    Is that just some kind of a little tiny coincidense or WHAT…???

  32. bey’knight July 4, 2011

    @Bobby Bulgaria

    aww…its so cute that u can be so delusional at such an untender age, need a peck?

  33. mobwife July 4, 2011

    Love the cover!

    Hate with a fiery passion that Illuminti puppet Joe Camel toe! I heard that he will be recording a song with Adele. It sounds like another Alicia Keys sort of a deal where the FAKE CONTROLLED MEDIA will prop that sh*t up and they will be given award after award for it! I hate the music industry where actual talent is no longer required! F*ck Gay-Z!

  34. Bobby Bulgaria July 4, 2011

    @ bey’knight:

    “Delusional” is just a too convenient word for somebody to use when they are being too childish and in denial of things that they either don’t understand or just don’t like…

    That doesn’t change the facts, right…

  35. KAT DELUNA FAN July 4, 2011




  36. SHESDUMB July 4, 2011


  37. Dollar$ign$kills July 4, 2011

    Ima bought to go H.A.M!! Lol

  38. bey’knight July 4, 2011

    in some cases , maybe so, in yours – hits the nail on the head, nw go bac to your psych ward, lunch hour is over

  39. Bobby Bulgaria July 4, 2011

    @ bey’knight:

    Now you’re proving one thing – that what you think IS NOT REALITY…

    As is just the small fact that in my time lunch is PRETTY LONG OVER, I’m going to BED cuz it’s after midnight…

  40. Shady1 July 5, 2011

    @Bobby Bulgaria–I agree with ya! Y’all should listen to Bobby more often Illuminati is in full effect!

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