Watch: Rihanna Gets ‘Loud’ In Brazil

Some days ago, images of Pop staple Rihanna arriving in Sao Paulo, Brazil were published here ,ahead of her long awaited ‘Loud‘ Tour showing in the country.

Now get familiar with parts of last night’s show below, just days after it was confirmed the entertainer would be releasing a new LP this fall…

Somebody call Ashton Kutcher because these concert goers have just been punked.

It is nothing short of mind blowing that despite scoring her record deal seven years ago, Rihanna’s vocals continue to dishonor the music industry greater than a Patti Labelle Greatest Hits CD recorded by Miley Cyrus.

Here’s to hoping her next LP will see her actually deliver vocals that  showcase the supposed talent her fan base continue to swear by.

Your thoughts?

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  1. the kiddz September 18, 2011

    “A Patti Labelle Greatest Hits CD recorded by Miley Cyrus” That was weak.

  2. The Academy Of the Navy, Beehive, Monsters, Spearz, Barbs & Kens aka Jamir21 !! September 18, 2011

    QUEEN RIHANNA 4 2011 AND 2012 !!!!
    And I call of my female faves queens !!!
    ALL 4 2011 AND 2012 !!!!

  3. me3 September 18, 2011

    Why do i have the fillin’ that RiRi’s p****’s gonna pop up?

  4. Pop Royalty (RUDE BOY) September 18, 2011

    I Love Rihanna ! But that wasn’t good ! she was tired and exhausted ! u can’t blame her ! She’s so demanded !

    slay them Rihanna !

    6 years and still going Up …… ! and she’s 23 ! 😆

    * plays PON DE REPLAY *

  5. tyra September 18, 2011

    i have no wrds for those pants she is wearing

  6. SAY MY NAME September 18, 2011


  7. Those That Cannot Do, Stan September 18, 2011

    Bah, hardly as bad as you’d like to pretend and yes the snap on Miley was very weak. Rihanna’s voice doesn’t sound like everyone else. It is what it is.

  8. TruthTeller September 18, 2011

    Best show of the year.

  9. MissImpartial September 18, 2011

    Her stage clothing are those from a brothel. Rihanna needs to return them to the sender. Is she a singer or what????

  10. Pop Royalty (RUDE BOY) September 18, 2011

    @M3 :

    As a guy ! I like it like it 😆

  11. lax September 18, 2011

    Assssssssss long as the seats or full and theres people enjoying
    themselves shes a hit, Who else is in Brazil performing right now
    ?????? Name them, i do not care how she sound or what shes
    singing shes still doing her thing, and getting paid, right????????

  12. THE UNIVERSITY OF GAGA (IS†ANN4GAGA) September 18, 2011

    I like Rihanna but as a performer she can be Hit or Miss sometimes….

    When she hits,she can give a decent performance but when she misses……Chile!

  13. The Academy Of the Navy, Beehive, Monsters, Spearz, Barbs & Kens aka Jamir21 !! September 18, 2011

    @ Pop Royalty Yeah I do agree with you she does look tired !
    She looked really tired on Umbrella !
    Anyway Rihanna is THE BEST AND YOU HATERS WILL DEAL !!!!
    I say all of my female faves are the best !

  14. Pop Royalty (RUDE BOY) September 18, 2011

    Patti Labelle Greatest Hits CD recorded by Miley Cyrus

    POOR @SAM 😥 😥 😥 , his shade is getting DUMBER by the second

    Poor Sam 😥 😥 😥 ! go to MR T website and get inspired ! you might learn something 😆 !

  15. The Academy Of the Navy, Beehive, Monsters, Spearz, Barbs & Kens aka Jamir21 !! September 18, 2011

    @ Sam That joke was CORNY AS HELL !!!!!!
    His shades are getting dumber and dumber aint nobody paying attention towards them !!
    @ Pop Royalty Hmmmmm it looks like we have something we both love Beyonce, Britney, Gaga, Rihanna, !!!!
    But I love Nicki and you dont ? WHY THAT ?

  16. Pop Royalty (RUDE BOY) September 18, 2011

    @JAMIR21 :

    as a Rihanna fan since 2005 ! I think she was either tired or WASTED !

    anyway ! she looks as if she was drunk a lil bit if u know what I mean !

    BUT WHO CARES ?! she’s rihanna B****** ! 😆 ! She ain’t KELLY ROWLAND who’s always OUTTABREATH ! you hear me @SAM ?! 😉 ! AND she’s don’t perform AT bathrooms/toilets like her too 😆 !

  17. The Academy Of the Navy, Beehive, Monsters, Spearz, Barbs & Kens aka Jamir21 !! September 18, 2011

    @ Pop Royalty Oh okay !
    I have been a rihanna fan since 2006 !
    Because I remembered hearing S.O.S the first time in the barbershop and liking it !!!!
    Then I started liking her sooo I have been in love with her since 2006 !

  18. Pop Royalty (RUDE BOY) September 18, 2011

    @jamir21 :

    I LOVE BEYONCE , I hate her cocky stans
    I LOVE Rihanna , I hate her delusional stans who don’t live in reality

    I have such a LOVE/DISLIKENESS relationship with gaga since ALEJANDRO ! but I like her songs still !

    I was growing up listening to Britney ! So it’s hard for me to hate her ! her ” baby one more time ” cd is the first CD I had in my entire life !
    I like nicki as a POP princess ! but I have a Love/hate relationship with her too ! I liked her when she was still unknown and releasing mixtape and stuffs like that ! BUT I’m allergic to GIMMICKS u _____ u !
    but I started to like her nowadays after I heard ” turn me on” song 🙂 !

  19. The Academy Of the Navy, Beehive, Monsters, Spearz, Barbs & Kens aka Jamir21 !! September 18, 2011

    @ Pop Royalty Awwwww !
    I have been a britney fan since 2005 because I remembered my cousin played toxic for me on my t.v. and I liked it !
    I have been a gaga fan since 2009 because I first heard poker face back in december 2008 and liked it !!
    I have been a nicki fan since 2009 I first heard of nicki of that single ladies remix she did and once again i liked it !

  20. The Academy Of the Navy, Beehive, Monsters, Spearz, Barbs & Kens aka Jamir21 !! September 18, 2011

    Yeah I love Beyonce but some of her STANS are really delusional an disrespectful !

  21. tyra September 18, 2011

    i dnt knw wether she tired drunk or wat especially the cheers performance but rihanna been looking real dwn lately dnt knw wats up with her hope it get sorted soon

  22. The Academy Of the Navy, Beehive, Monsters, Spearz, Barbs & Kens aka Jamir21 !! September 18, 2011

    @ Tyra I think she is depressed ?

  23. Pop Royalty (RUDE BOY) September 18, 2011

    @jamir21 :

    I liked rihanna since day 1 !
    PON DE REPLAY was released the same day as my b’day so I loved her since then !

    I can’t hate Rihanna ! but I was a BEYONCE fan since 2001 so I’m like 50:50 !

    But I’m known in real life as a BEYONCE Stan ! so I don’t have any problem loving them both at the same time regardless that most bey fans and stans don’t like me doing that !!!

  24. The Academy Of the Navy, Beehive, Monsters, Spearz, Barbs & Kens aka Jamir21 !! September 18, 2011

    Hmmmm MediaFUCKout said that C***s has gotten his girl knocked up hmmmm i dont know if i should believe this story because MediaFUCKout said but if it is true then his career is OVER !

  25. The Academy Of the Navy, Beehive, Monsters, Spearz, Barbs & Kens aka Jamir21 !! September 18, 2011

    @ Pop Royalty Hmmm i liked beyonce since 2003 !
    I remembered when the deja vu video came out i was soooooe excited !
    Yeah I am part of the beehive too but the beehive thinks that I should only stand for one person or something or I just cant give my own opinions on something !!
    Like I still dont like that 1+1 video and I gave my opinion on it and they attacked me and s*** !

  26. Madonnalover September 18, 2011

    It’s clear rihanna wants this era to be over.

  27. Pop Royalty (RUDE BOY) September 18, 2011

    @jamir21 :

    I liked gaga when she was ” stefani” in her RED & BLUE cd !

    a friend introduced me to her stuffs and i liked her since then !

    that’s explain my DISLIKENESS to what she’s known for now ~_____~ !!!!

    I was playing poker face and just dance before they were famous , so … Now you will understand what I feel towards her nowadays !!!

  28. The Academy Of the Navy, Beehive, Monsters, Spearz, Barbs & Kens aka Jamir21 !! September 18, 2011

    @ Pop Royalty mmmmm soo you been a gaga fan way before 2008 DANG !
    Well I first heard Just Dance back in November 2008 and i liked it !!

  29. Pop Royalty (RUDE BOY) September 18, 2011


    Yes bro I feel you ! A lot of stanbases believe that :

    anything less than ASS KISSING = hating !!

    it’s always the case in all of them ! but I’m always honest and don’t give two f**** about what they say !

    yes ! I still don’t like 1+1 ! the song and the vid aren’t good !

  30. Pop Royalty (RUDE BOY) September 18, 2011

    @Madonna lover :

    girl ! The navy is the only Stanbase that are always get surprised when the era starts !
    You never know when Rihanna decide to end the era !!!!

    that’s since 2008 ! lolz !

  31. The Academy Of the Navy, Beehive, Monsters, Spearz, Barbs & Kens aka Jamir21 !! September 18, 2011

    @ Pop Royalty Well I knew that the Good Girl Gone Bad era ended when Rehab was out !
    The Rated R era ended when Te Amo was put out !

  32. Pop Royalty (RUDE BOY) September 18, 2011

    @ jamir21 :

    Yes ! I’m was an old monster 😆 !

    But now I’m with the queen of pop army 😉 !

  33. The Academy Of the Navy, Beehive, Monsters, Spearz, Barbs & Kens aka Jamir21 !! September 18, 2011

    @ Pop Royalty LOL !!!
    Me too I love Madonna tooo I love her 80s days better !

  34. Pop Royalty (RUDE BOY) September 18, 2011

    What about disturbia for the GGGb era ?!
    And ROCK STAR 101 for the RR ?!

    Trust me ! We are always surprised 😆 ! Rihanna loves that I guess !!!

  35. The Academy Of the Navy, Beehive, Monsters, Spearz, Barbs & Kens aka Jamir21 !! September 18, 2011

    @ Pop Royalty No i think disturbia was released earlier than Rehab !
    And Rockstar 101 was released before Te Amo !!!

  36. Pop Royalty (RUDE BOY) September 18, 2011

    @jamir21 :

    Lolz ! I loved Madonna since her COADF era !
    if I was a pop star ! I will choose to be the male Madonna 😆 ! I don’t blame gaga at all For her obsession with Madonna 😉

  37. The Academy Of the Navy, Beehive, Monsters, Spearz, Barbs & Kens aka Jamir21 !! September 18, 2011

    @ Pop Royalty Yeah Im a new Madonna fan !!!
    I love all her 80s stuff !!!!
    Lucky Star, Borderline, Burning Up etc., !

  38. Pop Royalty (RUDE BOY) September 18, 2011

    @ jamir21 :

    may be you are right about what u said her eras …. 🙂

  39. The Academy Of the Navy, Beehive, Monsters, Spearz, Barbs & Kens aka Jamir21 !! September 18, 2011

    @ Pop Royalty MMMMMHMMMMM

  40. Pop Royalty (RUDE BOY) September 18, 2011

    I love all Madonna’s eras ! I don’t have a particular fav era !

  41. X,Y,”and Z” September 18, 2011

    (Channeling my best..) Colonel Kurtz: “The horror.. The horror..”

    X,Y,”and Z”

  42. Commander of the RihannaNavy September 18, 2011

    Those werent the best performances, but as long as the fans were satisfied thats all that matters

  43. SelenaFabulousGomez September 18, 2011

    Ewww!!! Miley shouldnt even touch a mic ever again. Or script. She should stick to working the pole 😉

  44. The Academy Of the Navy, Beehive, Monsters, Spearz, Barbs & Kens aka Jamir21 !! September 18, 2011

    @ pop royalty okay !
    well i like her 1982-1985 days the best

  45. LTM September 18, 2011

    as if Sam would ever post videos of RiRi slaying the stage. when theres a post from the Loud Tour, I expect it to be the worse he can find on Youtube. but he must be running out, because these wernt that bad

  46. LTM September 18, 2011

    its kinda sad how he does everything in his power to make her look bad

  47. `iLoveYou` September 18, 2011


    When a certain few stans see an horrible performance given by their fav, they’ll find every excuse in the book to defend it. But will dissect other artist performances as if they care about real and raw talent. The irony 😆

  48. commanderofthedancefloor September 18, 2011

    i think that everybody on here will agree that the shade this time was really corny and stupid.

    on another note the performances were not that good, i think out of the three only don’t stop the music was good, the other ones she sounded tired. but hey the crowd seemed happy.

  49. commanderofthedancefloor September 18, 2011


    these were bad performances expect for don’t stop the music, but they weren’t horrible. horrible performances is watching britney lip sing and walk up and down the stage.

  50. Commander of the RihannaNavy September 18, 2011

    If he going to make a post about her bad performances, he should do the same for her good performances. Funny how he only post about Rihs bad ones…

  51. Commander of the RihannaNavy September 18, 2011

    Which stans? All of the Navy here agrees that these performances werent good. And I havent seen anyone here “dissect” performances from other artist.

  52. Pop Royalty (RUDE BOY) September 18, 2011


    Rihanna was brave enough to SING LIVE and not LIPSYNCING !

    Other …. That his name will remain un-named didn’t do that !

    Plus I said that rihanna wasn’t good In those vid , SO

    # FLY GIRL , BYE GIRL ! Come harder next time :mrgreen:

  53. `iLoveYou` September 18, 2011


    Guilty? 😆

  54. THE UNIVERSITY OF GAGA (IS†ANN4GAGA) September 18, 2011

    and I agree that this shade was weak….

  55. `iLoveYou` September 18, 2011

    What’s the use of singing live if you sound bad?

  56. `iLoveYou` September 18, 2011

    But I do agree with one thing…the shade was weak as hell.

  57. The Academy Of the Navy, Beehive, Monsters, Spearz, Barbs & Kens aka Jamir21 !! September 18, 2011

    @ ILOVEYOU whats the point of coming on this post if you dont like rihanna dumbass

  58. Pop Royalty (RUDE BOY) September 18, 2011


    @Sam is desperate ! It’s not even funny ! HE LOST IT 😆

    @LTM : CO-SIGN !


    I guess @SAM is a Rihanna Stan ! But he’s in the DENIAL PHASE I guess ! 😉

  59. joooojooo September 18, 2011

    yall act as iff this is just painful..horrible to watch…she looks like shes having fun and the crowd is too…..her voice sounds like rihanna (though not at her very best) but her energy was there, i dont see how its bad……..shes no beyonce but she definetly is a good performer and shes entertaining …..whats the matter wit a black girl that dosent have an wannabe whitney/jennifer huson/mariah voce and dosent dance at every second on stage ……….shes not bad at all ……… sorry ……….i dont see the issue ……… love ya rihanna!!!!! shes rihaaaaaanaaaa and shes a gigantic star plus she made the book of world records again (she did in 2007 too) even though tgj forgot to mention it.shes a better performer than katy.ashanti,kesha,britney,ciara,cassie,christina milian,mariah,whitney,alicia,nicki…………………………..and i mean mariah.whitney.britney of today. ciara has not nattural swag on stage..if she aint dancin shes boriiing, if rih is dancing shes entertaining if not shes entertaining,alica is just boring and the rest need no explanation………………so i dont know why rih gets all the shade YOU OLD ASS GRAPE

  60. Legendtina4life (Queentina Returns to #1) September 18, 2011

    Meh, shes done worse

  61. `iLoveYou` September 18, 2011

    @The Academy Of…..

    LMFAO! Heffa you have some nerve! Talk about the pot calling the kettle black 😆

    I just can’t with the hypocrisy. This is so precious, I can’t 😆

  62. `iLoveYou` September 18, 2011

    But what a second, who said I didn’t like Rihanna?

  63. Teacher September 18, 2011

    @LTM…I Agree

  64. Pop Royalty (RUDE BOY) September 18, 2011

    September 18, 2011 at 12:18 pm

    What’s the use of singing live if you sound bad?

    he sound S*** live too , That’s why he’s LIPSYNCING ! so ….


    being brave >>> being S***

  65. aisha aguilera keys September 18, 2011

    Playback, yet still horrible. I think some people go to her concerts just to see her in skimpy outfits. But seriously, that REALLY strained my ears!

    “Here’s to hoping her next LP will see her actually deliver vocals that showcase the supposed talent her fan base continue to swear by.”- LOL! When chicken have teeth!

  66. commanderofthedancefloor September 18, 2011


    co-sign, there is always something posted about rihanna everyday.

  67. KIMBERLY September 18, 2011

    @” i love you…. “Those were horrible performances and she cannot use anything to make up for it. Her fans settle for too little. That was a bore, she sounded tired, the track had to pick up for her and her stage presence is just not there. her outfit is not for concert that look like top i got at top shop and an underwear at VS. Atlease Cb and Britney which i am not fans of have their dancing and stage presence to rely on. I want to force myself to be a rihanna fan again but i just can’t settle for that. When will this chick satisfy the average.
    An aquaintance of mine went to her concert and he got turned out. He said she doesn’t live up to the cd and all the hype. She is horrible and demanded his money back. well whose fault. youtube is always there.
    It is sad that these same stans criticize other artist performances. sad.

  68. KIMBERLY September 18, 2011

    Dont’ blame same . it is what it is. what can he say about the performances? She slay the stage. Or her vocals were on point. There is nothing good to say about it.

  69. Legendtina4life (Queentina Returns to #1) September 18, 2011

    No shade, but shes not better than any of those girls you mentioned except Cassie and Britney of today.

  70. commanderofthedancefloor September 18, 2011


    yet rihanna is still successful, she is still one of the top artist out there, she sells millions, and sells out her tours.
    she has vocals, that is why she sings live, not everybody is a beyonce or christina. oh and louder vocals does not make them a better artist.

  71. Legendtina4life (Queentina Returns to #1) September 18, 2011

    I dont stan for lip syncers. Chris and Britney lip sync, which is basically cheating the fans. And Britney doesnt dance anymore, she takes stage walker to a whole new level

  72. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) September 18, 2011

    I won’t watch the performances, but I read some uncalled for (Britney) shade in the comments and I tried to ignore it, but I couldn’t.Why is it that EVERY time an artist screws up his/her fans have to bring up an example of an artist who does worse in their opinion.That’s not how it works.I don’t care if there’s someone worse.And btw, that’s what Britney was doing after 6 years in the game (where Rihanna is now) .And she has had 3 knee injuries since then, so the comparison is not fair.

    (I’m not attacking the person that wrote that, I’m just wondering why the shade was brought up)

  73. The Academy Of the Navy, Beehive, Monsters, Spearz, Barbs & Kens aka Jamir21 !! September 18, 2011

    @ ledgetina4life did you use to like rihanna

  74. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) September 18, 2011

    The comment was for @COMMANDER

  75. `iLoveYou` September 18, 2011


    HE didn’t lip-sync the entire performance. HE was doing choreography. Rihanna is twisting her ass up and down a stage. That’s the difference. I may have favs, and I may love them, but I’m honest. I’m not going to sit here as if she killed when she didn’t. Instead of sugarcoating s*** for Rihanna, you all need to be honest with her. This performance was HORRIBLE.

  76. Commander of the RihannaNavy September 18, 2011

    He makes it look like Rihanna is the only one with bad performances. No shade, but he never calls out Nicki for her terrible performances.

  77. commanderofthedancefloor September 18, 2011

    first off rihanna performances are a show case of her not what every other artist is. rihanna delivers great performances and then she delivers crappy ones just like every artist out there. rihanna does not dance like ciara or sing like beyonce but she gives performances that her fans love, she entertains them and they keep buying her cds and going to her concerts.

  78. Commander of the RihannaNavy September 18, 2011

    Lol, which Commander? Theres two..

  79. Pop Royalty (RUDE BOY) September 18, 2011

    @ kimperly :

    Rihanna is not a STREET dancer and she’s not that great of a singer BUT her fans will like her even if she’s WEARING S*** ! literally ! She’s not that talented to your B and others ! But do you think anyone care about those comparisons ?! NO ! that’s why she still there ! And those comparisons were since like 2007 maybe ! So puh Lease GET USED TO IT ! she’s young and she’s here to stay !

    we LOVE her , don’t you get it ?! Her fans will support her no matter what ! And she’s getting better so ……

    And trust me , if she was talented mote than that , the haters in general don’t care about talent they don’t take a break girl ! Go see queen b posts ! are they hating on her cuz she’s untalented ?! NO I guess …..

    Plz ! We don’t want any Stan wars today ! you don’t like haters and Stan wars in BEYONCE posts , can we have the same too !

  80. `iLoveYou` September 18, 2011

    My fellow RihannaNavy, let me ask you a question: When was the last time Rihanna gave a knock-out performance? If you have to think about it, may case has been made.

  81. commanderofthedancefloor September 18, 2011


    since when did a knee injury prevent someone from singing live?
    the knee injury explains why she doesn’t dance any more, i will give you that. but she should atleast sing live if she isn’t going to dance, other wise people are paying to watch her mover her lips and walk up and down the stage.

  82. commanderofthedancefloor September 18, 2011


    california king bed, on american idol. also when i saw her loud tour a couple months ago.

  83. LTM September 18, 2011

    2011 Grammys was her best t.v performance of the year. Her only other one was the BBA performance, which she sounded good vocally, but terrible in the chroeo department. shes put on plenty of good performances from the Loud tour, I can show you videos if you like.

  84. The Academy Of the Navy, Beehive, Monsters, Spearz, Barbs & Kens aka Jamir21 !! September 18, 2011

    Her performance on American Idol, Her performance of Take A Bow during her Last Girl On Earth Tour !

  85. LTM September 18, 2011

    @Commander Dancefloor
    when did she perform on Idol??

  86. Pop Royalty (RUDE BOY) September 18, 2011


    I really don’t like arguing with the fellow NAVY members !
    But can you respect the fact I don’t like HIM ?! even before the ….. ! I just don’t like HIS voice ! A lot of ppl do actually so …

    and in the vid I saw ! There was NO CHOREOGRAPHY honey ! HE was walking and OUTTABREATH ! I didn’t see the same vid u saw I guess !

    we can be cool with each other ! But to make it clear :

    1/I’m not going to his posts again
    2- I don’t hate him , I DON’T CARE ABOUT HIM to even hate on him , I’m just honest with my favs ! And I even said that this vid above of riri wasn’t good , so I’m not a hypocrite ! Never
    was. Never will be !

    So can we put that aside and to be cool regardless that ?!

  87. Legendtina4life(Queentina Returns to #1) September 18, 2011

    Never was a big fan, but I did like her when she first came out. I like her dancehall sound better than her current sound.

    The last good Rihanna performance I saw was at the 2010 EMAs. She abused play back, but any live singing is better than lip syncing. Thats something I respect about Katy, Ke$ha, and Rihanna

  88. The Academy Of the Navy, Beehive, Monsters, Spearz, Barbs & Kens aka Jamir21 !! September 18, 2011

    @ Ledgetina Oh okay !
    I mean like some of Christina songs but I am not a fan !!!
    I stan for Britney sorry !

  89. LTM September 18, 2011

    @Commander Dancefloor
    thanks, I’ll add that to my collection 🙂

  90. Pop Royalty (RUDE BOY) September 18, 2011

    @jamir21 :

    stanning for Britney will make u appreciate xtina’s talent by default !

    Britney herself liked her ! but the media loved Britney more I guess u _ u ……

    I like xtina too and she’s so f****** UNDERRATED and usually OVERLOOKED !

    That’s what I think about her …

  91. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) September 18, 2011

    Oops… @COMMANDEROFTHENAVY (I may have got the name wrong) this is for the other “commander” (COMMANDEROFTHEDANCEFLOOR).Sorry, didn’t know there was 2 of you 😎

    @COMMANDEROTD Britney was never a vocalist, she was an overall (amazing) performer, so if she can’t dance then 60% of her performing power is gone.Isn’t that enough to show that the comparison is unfair.And Britney IS singing live, almost half of her concert where her dancing has also improved.And her voice is solid.She’s no Whitney or Christina, but her voice sounds pretty good and she can carry a tune live.Anyway, as I said before, I’m not attacking you, I just don’t know why you brought up Britney all of a sudden.

  92. SelenaFabulousGomez September 18, 2011

    Its not illegal to stan for both. I do :). I like Xtina alittle more though…

  93. KIMBERLY September 18, 2011

    @ pop royalty , rihanna is entertaining the very young folks. yes! i am not knocking down her hustle. Do you seriously think that she can entertain 30 yrs olds and beyond with that level of performance after 6 years in business? Instead of sticking up for her like that, admit and encourage growth. The music industry is continuously evolving, artist come they go, fans come they go. as many fans she have now do you think that they all will stay with that mess. Weren’t you in the time of Britney? she was slaying lip syncing and now she cannot even push sales in the US where she was loved so much. I don’t know about others, people don’t hate on rihanna because she is talented, you have that wrong because it is clearly not the case. People often speak the truth about her. Likewise Beyonce people just say things out of spit. i know for a fact! When i make comments on rihanna post i always encourage fans to see how rihanna can improve. but they response “she is here to stay”

    @ Legendtina , us both. i hate artist who rely on auto tune, backing tracks and lip singing but I will rather see britney and Cb over rihanna in concert. no shade. Rihanna fans need to admit that she is horrible at performing. even willow smith bring energy to a stage and slaying.

    I cannot wait for Alexis Jordan to come big on the scene.

  94. The Academy Of the Navy, Beehive, Monsters, Spearz, Barbs & Kens aka Jamir21 !! September 18, 2011

    @ Pop Royalty I know that Christina sings better than Britney but I just like Britney more than Christina !

  95. The Academy Of the Navy, Beehive, Monsters, Spearz, Barbs & Kens aka Jamir21 !! September 18, 2011

    I tried to like Christina but I cant !

  96. commanderofthedancefloor September 18, 2011


    i know britney didn’t have the strongest voice but she can still sing. and she still lip sings, she doesn’t have to dance again, because i don’t really care about that part, i wouldn’t say anything if britney just started singing live again. because the performances are boring with her walking and lip singing, and i brought her up to make a point that atleast rihanna sings live, britney would be so much better and would get a lot less hate if she just sang live again.

  97. `iLoveYou` September 18, 2011

    Being CONSISTENT is the key ladies and gentlemen. That was my whole point.


    I’m glad we feel the same way. When I would try to say those things on Twitter, I would get dragged by my own people which is why I deleted it some time ago. But I plan on making another one soon 🙂

  98. LTM September 18, 2011

    I could never really get into Britney not because I love Xtina, but because she just doesnt seem real to me, no shade. I just cant get into her music

  99. commanderofthedancefloor September 18, 2011

    people will always hate on rihanna, and keep bringing up the fact that she won’t have performances like bey, or other artist who can destroy the stage. i will let everyone know this though, rihanna first off is not a dancer, she just moves her hips and does simple movements, i am a riri stan and i admit that, and she is not the best vocally but she can still sing. she entertains me when i see her perform live, alot of people still like her live performances, i love her music, and the navy will keep stanning for her until she decides to retire.

  100. UGh September 18, 2011

    i wonder if she’s afraid to speak out. I mean as soon as one album is done and the tour isn’t even complete she goes and does another album. it seems as though she doesn’t have much of a choice . it’s as though whatever the label says goes.

  101. Pop Royalty (RUDE BOY) September 18, 2011

    @kimperly :

    to be honest ! If someone gave me a FREE ticket to see rihanna live ! I will take a lot of time to make a decision ! Cuz she’s hoot or miss kinda performer so ….

    Britney was in a time in which ppl didn’t care about vocals that much ! Especially when you are performing ! Ppl started to care when xtina and dc3 were doing heavy choreo and still singing live , so I understand what happened in Britney days ….. ! now I think she’s starting to bring back her old Britney image ! BABY STEPS but she’s getting there …

    Her breakdown in 2007 made her bandwagon fans disappear ! That’s why the decline in her sales ! before that disaster ! Being not a Britney fan was a shame and the media really LOVED her ! so her sales were always up by default ! But now after new chicks came to the game after her breakdown ! it was hard for her and her fans to see that happening to sweet Britney …….

    Back to Rihanna ! Her fans like her for her ! HER ! most of them see themselves in her ! I AM NOT ! but that to make u see the picture from a different angle !!!

  102. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) September 18, 2011

    @LTM I see where you’re coming from.However, Britney does have a personality, even though her singles never showcase it.And she makes fun and amazing pop music, so not everyone needs to connect to her.I can kind of connect with Britney because her image has been non existent for the last few years, so I can just construct my own image about her and relate to it.It’s all about expectations.I don’t expect her to do songs like ‘Mercy On Me’, ‘The Right Man’ and ‘Hurt’, but I still find a way to relate to her tbh, even though that sounds embarassing 😛

  103. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) September 18, 2011

    @POP ROYALTY I think Brit’s image was very well thought, so people never had a problem with her and never compared her to DC and Christina.It’s just the fact that she doesn’t promote that has caused a decline in sales.And you’re right about Rihanna.If they give you a FREE ticket, then take it; who cares?But if you have to pay for it, then save your money.I went to her ‘Rated R’ tour because I loved the album and I wanted to see if she can pull it off live.However, she was on stage for barely 1 hour, she was yodelling and failing to hit the notes and when it comes to stage presence…she was like a walking cucumber.So stiff!! 😕 (sorry).She kept touching herself and making weird facial expressions (to convey passion I guess…) and her dancers always carried something for her to sit or lean on.Thank God it was a cheap ticket… (sorry to shade your fave, but I paid for it, so…)

  104. Pop Royalty (RUDE BOY) September 18, 2011

    I really really love honest ppl !

    but you have to agree that there are more talented artists than Rihanna but she’s more stronger than them in 2011 , why that ?!

    Because of her FANS ! she FULFILL their personal musical taste and SATISFY them and keep them entertained using her LOWER-than others TALENT ! she’s using what she have in a PERFECT way ! That’s why she’s popular !

    And ppl already know about BEYONCE , XTINA , GAGA ! but they care about Rihanna ! they see her more entertaining ! You won’t force your opinion on them I guess !

    They know about other MORE – TALENTED women ! BUT THEY like Rihanna MORE than other divas ! U GET IT ?!

  105. LTM September 18, 2011

    I agree. Briteny makes great pop music, and thats what I go to her for. but I cant be a fan who only has good pop music. Katy & Rih dont have any of songs like Oh Mother or Im Ok, but they do have personal songs that I can relate to.

    p.s The Right Man is Xtina’s best song, hands down

  106. LTM September 18, 2011


  107. Beyonce love on top September 18, 2011

    @Pop royalty Suddenly She is Tired Cus she sounds like Crap Well she Sound 98% like this at every concert is she tired all the time? Lol baddest singer ever to walk the earth

  108. LTM September 18, 2011

    songs written from personal experiences I can relate more to than just fun pop songs
    Who Am I Living For & Lost>>>California Gurls & Peacock
    Im Ok & Oh Mother>>Keeps Gettin Better & Dynamite

  109. The Academy Of the Navy, Beehive, Monsters, Spearz, Barbs & Kens aka Jamir21 !! September 18, 2011

    @ Beyonce Love On Top B**** GO FIND A D**** AND GO F*** YOURSELF !

  110. Pop Royalty (RUDE BOY) September 18, 2011

    @ASAP :

    My friends went to her RR concert in DUBAI ” it was in new year eve I guess ” and said the same exact u said ! ” that was scary , you both said the same thing ”

    So I guess it’s not shade ! It’s TRUE ! 😆

    I know she’s usually suck live ! every member of the navy knows that DEEP INSIDE ! I don’t hide it actually !
    And I am with what u said about Brit ! but trust ! Britney don’t need any promo ! if Rihanna is popular ! Britney is mega popular ! DAMN ! she’s ever present here ! EVER ! It’s britney b**** !

  111. Legendtina4life (Queentina Returns to #1) September 18, 2011

    The main reason why I dont like Britney is because of her fans who Ive encountered over the years.

    Dynamite is my least favorite Xtina song, next to Woohoo and I Hate Boys :/

  112. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) September 18, 2011

    @POP ROYALTY Yep, she’s ever present.She has caused a frenzy in the UK before even landing.I’m sure she hadn’t even had a McDonalds meal at the time when people started going crazy for her.Picture that! 😛 And I’m disappointed with Rihanna.I thought she gave the cucumber treatment only here, but she did it in all the other legs of the tour too 😉
    @LTM I will never be able to choose my favortie Christina track 😛 Britney had some good lyrics but mostly on unreleased material that hardly anybody has heard.I’ve found a way to relate to her, though.I don’t know how…I always imagine an artist in a certain way so as to connect with him/her and it always works 😀

  113. Gilberto September 18, 2011

    Was the concert sold out? As you know Rihanna is a Beyoncé’s maid because she’s a Jay-Z’s employee, and we know Queen Bee is prego, therefore she needs money to buy things for the greatest baby ever. Rihanna is releasing album after album only to pay Beyoncé’s stuff.

  114. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) September 18, 2011

    @LEGEDNTINA So glad more Christina fans love WooHoo.I was starting to feel guilty. The “you don’t even need a plate, just your face ha!” lyrics is TOO good!!And some Britney stans go too far indeed….I love ‘Bionic’ in general, but some people are just sheep so they went with the flow and bashed it without having heard it.It’s the “special”/overlooked album for Christina fans, though 😉

  115. Pop Royalty (RUDE BOY) September 18, 2011

    September 18, 2011 at 1:41 pm

    @Pop royalty Suddenly She is Tired Cus she sounds like Crap Well she Sound 98% like this at every concert is she tired all the time? Lol baddest singer ever to walk the earth

    Yes honey she’s tired , she has a :


    if that won’t make you tired ! You are a ROBOT

    ps : IF U CAN’T SHADE , DON’T SHADE ! cuz that was weak 😥

    BINGO !!!

  116. The Academy Of the Navy, Beehive, Monsters, Spearz, Barbs & Kens aka Jamir21 !! September 18, 2011

    @ Pop Royalty Yes Rihanna is a busy woman !
    She has to promote Battleship, she has ads, she has magazine covers to do, interviews she has everything sooooooo yes she is a hard working woman !!!!

  117. richnblack11 September 18, 2011

    @ GILBERTO stop don’t say that you know her fans think we crazy already…..LOL

  118. richnblack11 September 18, 2011


  119. richnblack11 September 18, 2011

    same things…your

  120. Pop Royalty (RUDE BOY) September 18, 2011


    How your maid can get #1’s and the master CAN NOT ?!

    so BEYONCE STANS LIKE YOU BELIEVE that RIHANNA is more successful than BEYONCE , that’s why BEYONCE depend on her to get HER MONEY ?!
    so you are agree that RIHANNA knows how to get money BETTER THAN BEYONCE ?!
    So you are agree that ppl love RIHANNA MORE , that’s why they gave their money , NOT BEYONCE ?! cuz if they like BEYONCE and want to give her their money DIRECTLY they will be buying 4 and buying her LATEST SINGLES !!

    how the maid’s 2010’s album SOLD MORE THAN the master’s masterpiece latest album ?!

    go REQUEST BEYONCE SINGLES on your LOCAL RADIO STATION and be supportive to
    your fav ! CUZ SHE WANT THAT MONEY TOO 😆 ! what you are saying is tired and
    What goes around comes back around , HEY MY BABY 😆

  121. richnblack11 September 18, 2011

    I live for Rihanna she is a bad b****….I just know she can do much better than what she is giving….Rihanna whatever your going thur it is just for the moment it will pass…Now get this s*** right.

  122. Pop Royalty (RUDE BOY) September 18, 2011

    Now I know Rihanna WAS RUSHED to release a new album !

    BEYONCE went to her maid and asked her : can u make a new album , I need that money ! My MASTERPIECE album is not doing well and ppl DON’T SUPPORT ME OR APPRECIATE MY ART ! ppl don’t FEEL my singles and don’t buy my album ! But they do the opposite with your GENERIC albums cuz they LOVE YOU MORE NOW ! Even ADELE AND GAGA are doing better than my CLASSIC ALBUM , which contain MY NEW GENRE , we both dont like that , right ?!
    SO Can you release a new album for me , the baby will love that ! And I will love it too ! LOVE YOU RIRI ! YOU ARE FAMILY TO ME

    RIHANNA : oufffffffff ! ok ! I will do it just for JAY- Z ! 😆

  123. Gilberto September 18, 2011


    How your maid can get #1’s and the master CAN NOT ?!

    Because Beyoncé’s label doesn’t buy her #1 singles! Def Jam had to cut the price off her singles and even call Britney Spears (LAUGH!) to make Loud’s era singles go to #1. And Only Goat (In The Farm), What’s My Name (Chris Brown Hit Me So Hard), S***&Moron spent 3 weeks TOGETHER on the top. While any Beyoncé’s single spent more than that alone.

    Most cumulative weeks at number one
    36 – Beyoncé
    34 – Elton John
    34 – Rihanna

    The Queen Beyoncé spent more time on the top spot than Rihanna. Do you know what this means? Beyoncé’s songs are pop phenomenon not fast food season songs like Rihanna’s (minus Umbrella). Picture the difference?

    Rihanna is Beyoncé’s maid. You have to deal with it.

  124. Legendtina4life (Queentina Returns to #1) September 18, 2011

    The poblem I had with Bionic were the songs below Xtina’s standards. WooHoo was a fun pop song, like Dynamite, but its not what I want from Xtina. The ballads off Bionic slay me in all ways possible. Elastic Love is my Bionic fave because she tried something different then her usual song and it came out great. But songs like WooHoo, Bobble Head, My Girls, and I Hate Boys I could do without.

  125. Legendtina4life (Queentina Returns to #1) September 18, 2011

    Keeps Gettin Better wasnt really up to Xtina’s standard, but its still one of my favorite songs from her.

  126. KIMBERLY September 18, 2011

    @ Gilberto what s*** you talking about

    @pop royalty, how dare you say Rihanna more successful anyway i may blame it on your lack of knowledge however record sales bring no money to an artist touring does and to be able to have the money flow in your career you have to keep up with your talent.

  127. Commander of the RihannaNavy September 18, 2011

    B****, your so thirsty for stan wars its pathetic. Whos album has launched 3 #1s world wide and has passed the 5million mark? Who is going on a sold out tour right now? Lets be real. 4 is a solid album, but it wont sell more than Loud. Rihanna is nobodys maid

  128. Pop Royalty (RUDE BOY) September 18, 2011


    I wasn’t talking to you !

    and I was speaking about 2010 and 2011 ! was BEYONCE even there ?!

    TOUR ?!
    NEW FILM ?!

    Really ?! Did it come to lies now !

    BEYONCE take breaks sweety , that is why she sound good ! Rihanna don’t ! So that’s is good regarding that she didn’t take break since 2009 !

    RIHANNa is strong ! I give it to her even being on that stage standing after that busy schedule , let alone performing ! she’s a machine ! GO RIRI ! GET THAT MONEY C*** !

    that will be the last time I reply to you ! I just decided to give you some time since you were asking for it …

  129. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) September 18, 2011

    @LEGENDTINA I see where you’re coming from and Christina had described the album very differently, so I can see why people were underwhelmed, but it was still a poweful album (so the title is apt 😉 ).The uptempo tracks are absolutely anthemic, strong and hard-hitting.The ballads are just so “demure” if you will, but they still evoke a lot of emotion, so overall this album was great.Even lyrically I loved seeing Christina playing around a bit, because people had forgotten that Christina always was (and always will be) playful.I think ‘Bionic’ did her more good than harm tbh.Back in the ‘Keeps Getting Better’ era people just didn’t care that much but ‘Bionic’ put her back on the map by being a flop.Who else can pull that off??Only Christina 😀 😀

    Anyway, I really can’t wait for album No.5.It will have more ballads than ‘Bionic’, but I still would love some uptempos or mid-tempos or even songs like ‘Soar’ that are more positive.It’s all very exciting, especially seeing the list of collaborators!

    (I’m still gutted that my version of ‘Bionic’ doesn’t include ‘Little Dreamer’ and that hardly anybody has heard of ‘Birds Of Prey’, ‘Stronger Than Ever’ and ‘Bobblehead’ 🙁 )

  130. Commander of the RihannaNavy September 18, 2011

    Singles sales do bring alot of money in. Katy Perry earned 44million from May 2010 to May 2011. She started her tour this year and her album is just now passing 4million. Most of that money came from her singles that slay.

  131. The Academy Of the Navy, Beehive, Monsters, Spearz, Barbs & Kens aka Jamir21 !! September 18, 2011

    Yes I love Rihanna and Beyonce but Rihanna isnt anybody`s maid !!!
    *off topic* Though they’ve pulled in record ratings, a common complaint from old purists has been that sister networks MTV and VH1 have abandoned the vehicle that drove them to prominence: the music video.

    To help quell the outrage and fuel the demand for highly produced pop music promos, VH1 has bowed to the pressure and brought back the music video — with a catch. If you want it so badly, they seem to be saying, you’ll have to deal with the most intrusive gimmick in music television history: the pop-up video!

    The show, which ran from 1996-2002, was at one point highly rated for its info nuggets of pop culture ephemera and behind-the-scenes facts. It’s been an irregular feature on the network since it went all reality, all the time, but the powers that be have decided that there is once again a place for the show, slotted somewhere between psychotic celebs. The network has ordered 60 episodes, and to tease the comeback, has released the revived series’ first video, a modified version of Britney Spears’ “Til The World Ends.”

    The show returns on October 3rd
    *source* The Huff Post Entertainment

  132. KIMBERLY September 18, 2011

    @ richanblack….i agree with you. Beyonce does so many things and more than rihanna, she even have to refuse magazine covers, she have to choose because of time, her business her movies and never fail to give an excellent performance. what is rihanna’s excuse when she is given a paper with songs to sing, produced and engineered by other people. All she have to do is record it!! Beyonce has to have a final say in everything that is doing in her career and still delivers, whereas rihanna have everything laid out for her. There was a time when Bey had a movie, album, business and touring the same damn year, photoshots, movie and album promotions and everything seemed effortless.
    @ pop royalty , Stop making excuses for rihanna, please. It just shows that she is not giving her all and cannot handle it period. Her fans pay their money she suppose to deliver, no matter the circumstance. She needs to spend less time on twitter, partying and smoking and put the energy on the treadmill or in the dance studio

  133. Pop Royalty (RUDE BOY) September 18, 2011

    Hahahahahahaha @GILBERTO

    You need to get out of that TIME MACHINE ! we are in 2011 ! don’t bring PAST GLORY BUDDY !
    Talk about NOW 😆
    Now :
    BEYONCE singles are struggling
    BEYONCE album don’t get so much love from her FANS , let alone other ppl !
    that’s why it’s her LEAST SUCCESSFUL ALBUM ! Commercially and all ! DISSAPOINTING !
    I won’t speak about Rihanna , you know it better than me 😆

    In 2011 :

    The maid goat >>>>>>>>>>> the master !!!!!

    NA NA NA C’mon !!! 😆

  134. The Academy Of the Navy, Beehive, Monsters, Spearz, Barbs & Kens aka Jamir21 !! September 18, 2011

    Well Beyonce is doing fine just like Rihanna in 2011 !!

  135. Gilberto September 18, 2011

    I hope Beyoncé’s maid (aka Rihanna) sells a lot on this new era. She’s making Beyoncé richer every single day. Queen Beyoncé was so angry when Rated Massive Flop flopped that Jay-Z rushed Rihanna into the studio to make a generic made-by-number album. Unfortunately, Rated Flop and Rated Flop Tour flopped so hard that Loud would have to sell at least 10 million to recover some dough spent on that failure era, and Def Jam even had to spent more money to buy some fake #1s for Rihanna. I think this era is the one that Riha… Beyoncé will get the real money. It’s money in the bank.

  136. The Academy Of the Navy, Beehive, Monsters, Spearz, Barbs & Kens aka Jamir21 !! September 18, 2011


  137. Legendtina4life(Queentina Returns to #1) September 18, 2011

    Lmao!!! So true, Bionic DID get people talking about her. All press is good press. And Im not gonna lie, I listen to Prima Donna every time I go out ;).

    I will definately be ordeing the deluxe version of Album #5; I have a feeling shes really going to blow my mind like she did with B2B. Uplifing up-tiempos like Soar would be great(Soar is my favorite off Stripped), but with all thats shes been through I think it will be more heartbreaking ballads like You Lost Me. Chrissy is inspired by sounds around her, so the sound will be intresting to hear.

    I hope she starts dropping names of who shes working with, all Ive heard are the rumors(Dr.Luke, Scott Scortch, Sia, Linda Perry, Tricy, etc). I would like her to include Linda more on the next album. Linda and Chrissy make magic together. Xtina+Sia+Linda would make one POWERFUL ballad

  138. Beyonce love on top September 18, 2011

    Wow that was really bad The thing with rihanna is she is never gonna be a “Singer” If you listen to her studio versions she over do it! She can never Bring her singles live She Is not a good performer! are her songs Good Yes Her reggae tracks What’s my name. Man down. If its lovin that you want etc slays my F***** life Rihanna is as generic as it gets She always does what’s In! She doesn’t bring anything new to the table as she always Goes with what’s in there’s nothing wrong with that But Its not a goodlook if you wanna became a Legend and make a Impact in music kudos To her for trying to sing live though

  139. KIMBERLY September 18, 2011

    @pop royalty Beyonce year of $ was her first long break and vacation in her entire career, If you are not a fan you will not know. Rihanna constantly goes on vacation and have time for parties and friends. Isn’t that free time. B**** get a life. Rihanna only has one movie and albums which she just records songs and she tired. please. then why give fans these lackluster performances.

    Anyway riri milk the cow till it drop hunnah. Her record label know exactly what they doing. they need to make back the money they invested in her when her first 4/5 albums flopped.

  140. richnblack11 September 18, 2011


  141. Pop Royalty (RUDE BOY) September 18, 2011


    And oh !

    can you TAKE @KIMBERLY AND @RICHANDBLACK with you to that TIME MACHINE you are in ?!

    BUT WATCH OUT , don’t visit 2007 and 2011 ! THAT WILL BE PAINFUL TO YOU U know ! U won’t like what you gonna see ! RIHANNA TAKE OVER 😥 ! Ella Ella eh eh under my umbrella was there at #1 for weeks so … ! you have been WARNED !

    You can visit 2008 and 2009 and remember the good ole days

    u can also spend a lot of time living in 2003 and 2008 days If u like ! Since you like HISTORY and don’t know anything about present !!!! 😆

    hahaha 😆

  142. Commander of the RihannaNavy September 18, 2011

    People like you make me want to hate Beyonce. Do you really think Jay Z is getting anything more than 15% of her income? If label owners got paid big cash for what their artist make, the owner of Interscope would be topping the Forbes list every year. They have GaGa and The Black Eyed Peas who both released albums that passed the 10million mark in the pass 3 years.

  143. The Academy Of the Navy, Beehive, Monsters, Spearz, Barbs & Kens aka Jamir21 !! September 18, 2011

    Well this next album will be reggae-inspired OKAY FOR ALL OF YOU F****** MOFOS OUT THERE !!!!

  144. Gilberto September 18, 2011

    Pop Royalty
    Didn’t Rated Flop flop last year? It wasn’t long time ago. Loud still is paying all the money Def Jam invested on that failure era. That’s why Beyoncé is so angry because her maid isn’t making enough money for her.
    Oh, yeah, I forgot. Isn’t a career built in many years? According to you, Madonna is a flop because her last album was a big failure. LOL. I can’t. Madonna > Beyoncé’s maid.

  145. Commander of the RihannaNavy September 18, 2011

    These haters are really trying today lol

    A Girl Like Me sold over 3million
    Good Girl Gone Bad sold over 7million
    How has 4/5 of her albums flopped? You are doing some serious reaching

  146. KIMBERLY September 18, 2011

    BTW to all the rihanna stans I forgot to mention, why is it that rihanna tickets were discounted to 60 brazilian dollars as suppose to it’s regular price 200 Brazilian dollars? and then boast about sold out concerts? I may not know why but i would wish to know from her fans since they know every detail

    In add in general …..Why boast about singles and albums sales when they are constantly discounted? Is it fair to artist who always sell their tickets regular price?

  147. richnblack11 September 18, 2011


  148. The Academy Of the Navy, Beehive, Monsters, Spearz, Barbs & Kens aka Jamir21 !! September 18, 2011

    You haters need to shut up !

  149. Commander of the RihannaNavy September 18, 2011

    Rated R came out in 2009, and has sold more than 4 as of today.

  150. The Academy Of the Navy, Beehive, Monsters, Spearz, Barbs & Kens aka Jamir21 !! September 18, 2011

    @ Commander Of the RihannaNavy
    You sure ?

  151. Pop Royalty (RUDE BOY) September 18, 2011

    to make it clear :

    Rihanna is 23
    BEYONCE is mmmm let’s say 30 ! after giving birth to her baby , I doubt she will have the same ENTHUSIASM to work hard again !
    Who am I fooling ! She lost it already ! Where’s the 4era before she got pregnant ?! Where ?!
    when BEYONCE was in IASF era she was everywhere 24/7 ! right ?!
    But BEYONCE in the 4era ain’t !!! Right ?! Even before getting pregnant !

    she’s bored and that vacation changed her mind a loot !
    A risky album , thinking about making a new family , etc….. !
    WAKE UP BEYHIVE !!!!! that time machine you are in ain’t good for you !

    So u really need to get used to seeing her in front of your faces !

    cuz no one is young forever !! 😉

  152. richnblack11 September 18, 2011


  153. jamir21 September 18, 2011

    Hey guys I changed my name back soooo you like it ?

    Britney, Beyonce,Rihanna,Gaga,Nicki 4 2011 & 2012 !

  154. Commander of the RihannaNavy September 18, 2011

    Jay Z isnt getting that much money from Rih. Calm your ass down. No matter how you look at it, Rihanna is doing better than Beyonce right now, and its got your ass pressed

  155. Commander of the RihannaNavy September 18, 2011

    Rated R has sold 2.3million
    4 has sold 1.6million sofar

  156. Gilberto September 18, 2011

    Pop Royalty
    You’re stupid. Many legends released their biggest albums (in terms of sales and quality) after giving birth. Madonna’s Ray of Light, Nelly Furtado’s Loose, Lauryn Hill’s The Miseducation. Just to name a few.

  157. richnblack11 September 18, 2011


  158. richnblack11 September 18, 2011


  159. jamir21 September 18, 2011

    @ Commander Of The Navy
    Anyway Beyonce and Rihanna are doing good this year but it does seem that Beyonce is not doing that much promo like she did in 2008 !!!
    Beyonce, Britney, Gaga, Nicki, Rihanna 4 2011 and 2012 !!!!

  160. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) September 18, 2011

    @LEGENDTINA I believe in Christina a lot.I don’t think she will do an album with ballads only, because Christina is one of the most multi-dimensional artists we have, so there is going to be some variety.I’ve heard of all the producers you mentioned, but I’ve also heard about DJ Premier and William Orbit.Linda is confirmed, though and I think that at least one Linda/Christina song will make it on the album.She said that the songs they did together are influenced by rock music a lot and I assume that the final versions could actually be full-on rock songs!!Some time in the future, I would love Linda Perry to do 6-7 tracks on a Christina album, because the 2nd disc of B2B was amazing!!

    Anyway, Christina shouldn’t only bring it with the music, I need some cutting edge, memorable, breathtaking visuals too and some REALLY great performances.I think she’s 70% done by now and I really can’t wait to listen to something from the album, an instrumental, a snippet, some lyrics and then a full song!! 😀 😀

  161. `iLoveYou` September 18, 2011

    Why are you all going back and forth about sales? Irrelevant s***! What matters at the end of the day is the performances and the quality of the music.

  162. richnblack11 September 18, 2011


  163. Pop Royalty (RUDE BOY) September 18, 2011

    @commander of the Rihannanavy :

    Baby I’m 50% BEYONCE fan and 50 % Rihanna fan !

    But since I’m in a Rihanna post ! You know what I’m gonna do already

    I really know about the hive AMMO ! They will keep talking about her talent ! We will keep talking about her latest FLOP album 4 !!

    As simple as that 😆 !

    But Rihanna getting paid regardless of anything ! And her latest album didn’t flop Ww ! 4 did !

    the hive love living in the past and bring beyonce’s PAST glory ! They never admitted that 4 is NOT THE BUSINESS !
    they want us to be honest and we admitted that Rihanna is not good live all the time ! But they never admitted that beyonce’s 4 is a flop ! By her standards and others as well ! No #1 from king b ?! No 1# after releasing 3 singles ?!! SAD ?!

  164. `iLoveYou` September 18, 2011

    I don’t know if Loud is out-selling 4 but if it is, so what? Does it mean Loud’s quality is better than 4’s? NO! So cut it out!

  165. KIMBERLY September 18, 2011

    @pop royalty when beyonce was twenty three she was a force to be reckoned with. just saying age means s***. Worry about when rihanna turns 30. as you can see beyonce got pregnant before she dropped her album, it was planned. she cannot be everywhere pregnant idiot. Not to mention one of her pregnant performance is 200 times more than a vibrant young artist people claim to be …………………… A woman who has a passion in what she does and has a life objective never loses it. She already reaches an icon stage now she is building her career to be legendary, doing things different that would benefit her, not an industry dlut people hardly respect. If she was amazing she would be flooding the media and her “amazingness” would be talked about. stop retaliating and enjoy your rihanna.

  166. jamir21 September 18, 2011

    @ Kimberly Stop being jealous b**** and enjoy your C*** !!!!
    Beyonce, Britney, Gaga, Nicki ,Rihanna 4 2011 & 2012 !!!

  167. Gilberto September 18, 2011

    Your post >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  168. richnblack11 September 18, 2011

    @ I LOVE YA …..Thank you thats what really matters, the quality of work and the performances and we know rih rih does not give that#true fact

  169. Pop Royalty (RUDE BOY) September 18, 2011

    To a particular CREATURE :

    You are a fake Rihanna yourself and in a Rihanna post hating on her !

    And the funny thing that you always say : I’m not a hater at the beginning of your stinky comments and u keep bashing Rihanna everytime and compare her to your fav ! LMFAO ! YOU ARE FAKE AS HELL ! and you are pressed too !

    HUSH C*** 😆

  170. KIMBERLY September 18, 2011

    @ I love you you seem to give some great comments. I am hoping you are an adult who see beyond the average. Loud is mediocre at best. There is nothing quality about it. Beyonce 4 has a mixture of music genres and instruments and sounds 70’s and 80’s, not forgetting the complexity of the vocal ranges. that is genius, who does that. the most critical acclaimed r & B album so far. Her work quality is below average. No wonder she didn’t pass it for vma’s nor get any noms for the grammy’s.

  171. richnblack11 September 18, 2011


  172. lax September 18, 2011

    Bad performance or good performance she is still getting Paid, and people or
    so glad to have something to say negative about rihanna. Funny how she keeps yo butts on your toes. Rihanna is forever giving the haters something to slob about, they would find something negative to say about rihanna if she was sitting ,
    looking beautiful in a designer chair. ASK yourself who else from this side of the pond is going to have 4 (four) nights to Perform in Brazil??????? That is one of
    Rihannas many places of all places to perform for the first time. Many of you will always have something Negative to try and build you a case aganist the talented artist, but your case about rihanna is not, rihanna cant, will never stand up in a real court of law. And all of the he said she said will not keep rih from her dreams. She is doubling down on her tour stops and shes making that paper big time.

    I see that others who or not doing so good in the u.s or looking for venture in
    other countries. Hence rihanna was in europe for a minute on vacation a while back, remember me saying that, Rihanna always has an AGENDA, she does not lose any sleep on what the nay-sayers have to say. Rihanna knows that the nay-sayers or always talking out of their behinds anyways. Rihanna is steady winning and keep judging her and keep giving her failing grades and see if you can stop the line of progression with the talented artist. STAY MAD AND WATCH HER TAKE

  173. richnblack11 September 18, 2011


  174. Pop Royalty (RUDE BOY) September 18, 2011

    @kimberly :

    I like what u said ! DOES IT CHANGE ANYTHING IN REALITY ?!

    NO ?!

    So ……

    I’m so sorry 😥 !

  175. jamir21 September 18, 2011

    This Kimberly girl needs to sit down somewhere and hush up !!!!
    Beyonce, Britney, Gaga, Nicki, Rihanna 4 2011 & 2012 !!!

  176. Commander of the RihannaNavy September 18, 2011

    I dont have anything against Bey, but these haters are asking for me to go after their fave. The want to call Rated R a flop when 4 hasnt outsold it yet, and I dont think 4 will sell more than Loud.

    A certain pressed Hive member brought up the sales first, and you cant really debate who has the better album, everyone has different taste in music. Some people would call 4 a masterpiece. Some would call it garbage. It really depends on what you like.

  177. Gilberto September 18, 2011

    @Pop Royalty
    But Rihanna getting paid regardless of anything ! And her latest album didn’t flop Ww ! 4 did !
    LMAO. How hypocritical you are. 4 has already sold over 50% of Rated R did. And 4 was only released 3 months ago (without Christmas and huge promo). 4 will sell more than Rated R without even a top 10 hit and massive promo like Rihanna did. Deal with this. If you say 4 is a flop, then so is Rated Flop. At least, Beyoncé did two legendary performances (Run The World at Billboard Awards and Love On Top at VMA).

  178. KIMBERLY September 18, 2011

    @ JAMIR AT LEAST I HAVE ONE but you are a wasted virgin you need a v***** to release stress.
    @ pop royalty the use of the word “c***” is from your low class unmannerly master, i always say young ladies who follow this girl on twitter is just as bad and worst. No class, no respect,no morals, no dignity and pride. SAD

  179. Commander of the RihannaNavy September 18, 2011

    I never said 4 was a flop, I just said it hasnt sold more than Rih’s last 2 albums yet

  180. richnblack11 September 18, 2011

    Some of you people are funny? This is really really funny lol…they love to make an excuse for her….AS I ALWAYS SAY THEY PACKAGE HER WELL.#TRUEFACT/

  181. Pop Royalty (RUDE BOY) September 18, 2011

    I love how this post have more BEYONCE stans MORE than Rihanna stans !

    can we say PRESSED ?!

    I like it like it C ‘mon ! Lolz ! 😆

    In 2011 :

    Rihanna >>>> BEYONCE

    Don’t be mad !
    GET LOUD b****** ! 😆

  182. lax September 18, 2011

    Looooooook like the nay sayers would catch on , many says that shes always showing her ass, welllllllllll Rihanna took her clothes of for ARMANI,,,now that is the way you do it.. Rihanna had the news outlets and the internet on fiyah when she stripped down for Armani and i know that made many haters mad, now didnt
    it??????? Man Little ms sunshine keeps shining as bright as ever and she keeps
    bagging them tour stops, ads and $$$$$$$$$$ Endorsements. And look at how
    she brings out the haters in droves to try and rain on her parade. Haters get losed because fighting aganist rihanna is a lossing battle, just saying.

    Rihanna is that chick, her and her team is working over-time on keeping her in work and keeping her bank account patt, so she can pay her bills and live the live she has gotten accustomed too. Look like the Bee Hive is getting DOPED UP
    of her NAVY and a FULL ONSLAUGHT would kill the BEE HIVE ALL THE WAY OUT,,,,if they wanted too. Keep popping them lips and we will all see what else is coming exciting and news worth about the talented little ms sunshine.

  183. Gilberto September 18, 2011

    Pop Royalty
    I love how this post have more BEYONCE stans MORE than Beyoncé’s maid stans !
    Maybe it’s because stans of Beyoncé’s maid can’t face the truth, and they are somewhere crying after being dragged out by The Queen’s stans?

  184. richnblack11 September 18, 2011

    AM I BAD B**** I’M C*** I’D KICK THAT H** PUNT!!!!!!!!

  185. Pop Royalty (RUDE BOY) September 18, 2011

    @Gilberto :

    Yes honey !

    in 2009 : BEYONCE WAS better than Rihanna ! Here’s a cookie for you ! You happy ! * clapping hands *

    but in 2011 : now , at the moment , PRESENT

    did BEYONCE latest album outsold rihanna’s 2009 album ?! No ?! So ……

    -______________- !!!

  186. richnblack11 September 18, 2011


  187. lax September 18, 2011

    YEP shes very MARKETABLE and she and her team know this, rihanna isn’t
    going any place but up. Rihanna is getting more and more famous each and every hour. Her several fan clubs or growing at an alarmining rate. Like i said
    if the full force of her NAVY would step up to the plate they would do a full ONSLAUGHT and shut some s*** down if the wanted too.

  188. jamir21 September 18, 2011

    @ Kimberly I dont need v***** !!!
    And c*** who the f*** cares about that word only you do because you think your somebody`s mother !!!
    C***+KIMBERLY`S V***** = HAPPINESS !!!!
    Beyonce, Britney, Gaga, Nicki, Rihanna 4 2011 & 2012 !

  189. richnblack11 September 18, 2011


  190. Pop Royalty (RUDE BOY) September 18, 2011

    September 18, 2011 at 3:45 pm

    AM I BAD B**** I’M C*** I’D KICK THAT H** PUNT!!!!!!!!


    September 18, 2011 at 3:37 pm

    @ pop royalty the use of the word “c***” is from your low class unmannerly master, i always say young ladies who follow this girl on twitter is just as bad and worst. No class, no respect,no morals, no dignity and pride. SAD

    the hive has no class too as u can see ….


  191. Gilberto September 18, 2011

    Hey, Beyoncé’s maid stans, I’m looking on the Hot 200, and I can’t see Loud anywhere. Okay. I know. I don’t have no time to look at the bottom of the chart, but in other hands, Cheers is on the top 10 of Hot 100. Hm… Does it make Rihanna a single artist? Yes, I do think. She’s good selling things for $1 (or even less, Def Jam always drops the price of her singles), but when it comes to albums and concert tickets…

  192. Legendtina4life(Queentina Returns to #1) September 18, 2011

    If you consider Beys VMA performance legendary(the performance, not the baby news) then you have low standards for her.

    Yes, Xtina needs to bring it with the visuals. Everyone is putting out amazing videos, Queentina needs to show them how its done ;). Im excited to see what the artwork and look she will go with this era. B2B was my favorite stye era(All of my Gravatars are from that era). I just want to see her happy and healthy.

    I would be happy with the name of the new album or a song she recorded, I need SOMETHING! She likes to keep us waiting, and its killing me!!

  193. Pop Royalty (RUDE BOY) September 18, 2011

    September 18, 2011 at 3:44 pm

    Pop Royalty
    I love how this post have more BEYONCE stans MORE than Beyoncé’s maid stans !
    Maybe it’s because stans of Beyoncé’s maid can’t face the truth, and they are somewhere crying after being dragged out by The Queen’s stans?

    * I LOVE THE WAY U LIE * 😆 😆

    ^______ ^

  194. richnblack11 September 18, 2011

    once again beyonce 4 album has only been out 3 mos …I thought you knew!!!!!!!!!!!!!lol

  195. `iLoveYou` September 18, 2011

    @Kimberly And that’s why I love 4. Rihanna has already showed she’s capable of quality when she released Rated R. How in the hell do you go from making a quality album to making rubbish like Loud? It’s funny. When Rated R wasn’t selling like it was suppose to, The Navy were saying how sells didn’t matter, and that the quality is what counts. Now that Loud is selling great, they want to pretend like Rated R never happened. B*******. I rather Riri work on her craft and make amazing music, than to have great sells with rubbish music. She shows potential, and turns around and acts like she doesn’t care. It’s like she’s afraid to give her all. That’s what an artist is about. Taking risk, and not caring what others may think or feel. That’s all I want. But of course, other Rihanna stans accuse me of being a fake fan *eye roll*

  196. Commander of the RihannaNavy September 18, 2011

    Rihanna’s album sales are limited to the U.S. Shes not a local b****, shes world wide 😉

  197. Commander of the RihannaNavy September 18, 2011

    5million world wide. Definately a singles artist lol

  198. jamir21 September 18, 2011

    Rihanna doesnt give a f*** about those HATERS ESPECIALLY KIMBERLY !!!!
    Rihanna has:
    10 # 1 singles
    18 Billboard Music Awards
    5 Grammys
    3 American Music Awards
    33 Barbadian Music Awards
    She has an national holiday !!!
    Most US # 1 singles in a Year (Female) in 2010 according by the Guinness World Records
    Ranked # 8 on the Maxium Hot 100 list in 2007
    Has an World Music Award
    2 VMA awards

  199. richnblack11 September 18, 2011


  200. `iLoveYou` September 18, 2011

    Bey’s VMA performance wasn’t legendary. The announcement of the baby will always be remembered, but the She has had WAY better performances than that one.

  201. KIMBERLY September 18, 2011

    @ POP ROYLATY why would rihanna rated r album who has been out for 3 years compared to an album out 3 months? was that an error on your part? You continue to battle with a pregnant artist who has yet to promote her s*** with 2 singles out. An artist who hit a milestone with 3 solo album and one unfinished era. stay focused on her. she has nothing to prove but make it to her legendary status. Rihanna has 5 , 4 failed ones and tours

    @ JAMIR you are just too immature

    @ LAX any explanation why her show in brazil was cut from 200.00 to 60.00. Her fans didn’t want to come out!

  202. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) September 18, 2011

    @LEGENDTINA Well, it’s better than making us wait 3 years, I guess 😉 I think this album will not have a specific theme, let alone be a theme album like B2B or ‘Bionic’ to an extent.It will be just CHRISTINA; all her different sides and experiences.And the girl is a damn poet, so she’s definetely going to convey some great messages and do some amazing story-telling.I am optimistic, though.I won’t judge from the lead single 100% but I’m hoping it’s going to be a smash.I also hope that RCA are not kidding around this time!!It’s almost like a strategy!They made many of their artists utterly underperform in 2010 only to rush them back to the studio for a 2012 release.This time, they’d better be 100% down with Christina’s direction and support her a lot.

    (It feels like a long wait this time around indeed, but we had ‘Burlesque’ and the performances and we had some hot leaks like ‘Nasty’ to sort of keep us waiting without feeling overwhelmed.I have no idea when the announcements will start, though)

  203. Gilberto September 18, 2011

    No!!! No!!! No!!! No!!! No!!!
    I accept to discuss with Rihanna’s stans because she’s Beyoncé’s maid and she’s kinda relevant, but Christina Aguilera’s stans??? PLEEEEEEASE!
    One day I was looking up a word on the dictionary, and I saw “Flop – Something that fails miserably. Synonym: Christina Aguilera’s Bionic.”

    I am not here for this.

  204. richnblack11 September 18, 2011

    @ I LOVE U ….Thank you…. thats what am saying.

  205. Pop Royalty (RUDE BOY) September 18, 2011


    gurl bye !

    In 2011 :

    Beyonce’s album is struggling and it’s not rihanna’s fault !

    deal with it C*** !

    at least Rihanna is still slaying with her 2010’s album in the year of 2011 !

    let’s see if 4 will do just the same ! But judging from what’s happening now ! IT WON’T !

    So HUSH C*** , keep calm and listen to RIHANNA #1 SONGS !
    OR GO HELP YOUR FAV GET A #1 this era ! How she’s a queen and she can’t outsd her maid With her CLASSIC ,MASTERPIECE ALBUM , IS ADELE’s 21 is better than 4 ?! 😆

    I guess it’s not the same anymore …. 😆 ! Get out of that TIME MACHINE AND WAKE UP C*** !

  206. richnblack11 September 18, 2011

    RR was a great album…..I wonder what happen!!!!!!!

  207. jamir21 September 18, 2011

    @ Richnblack11 It was a good album !!!

  208. LTM September 18, 2011

    this post got hella messy

    b****, bye. your ass is getting dragged and your making the Beehive look bad. this is 2011 not 2009

    Only Girl(In the World) won Rihanna a Grammy and bringing up VMAs? really sweetheart?

    quality music is an opinion, and opinions are like assholes, everyone has one. quality still matters and Loud was a quality album, not on the same level as Rated , but still a quality album in my opinion.

    @Legendtina & ASAP
    Xtina’s new album is going to be a personal one, so I dont think she’ll be focusing on visuals. I think she’ll want to keep it simply and raw, kinda like Stripped

  209. richnblack11 September 18, 2011


  210. Pop Royalty (RUDE BOY) September 18, 2011


    BEYONCE got the US ! RIHANNA got the rest of the world ! #FACT !

    this explains their sales 😆 !!! ESPECIALLY LOUD WW SALES ! and she still competing with a 2010 album ! THE POWER OF THE NAVY 😉 !


  211. richnblack11 September 18, 2011


  212. Alisha September 18, 2011

    This post is a mess! But shoutout to @iLoveYou being the sanest Rihanna stan I’ve ever seen blog on TGJ..LMAOOOO

    Anyways, TGJ shade was corny as hell, but the performances were bad. Just saying..

  213. richnblack11 September 18, 2011


  214. `iLoveYou` September 18, 2011


    Exactly. And that was my opinion. RatedR is an amazing album. Loud isn’t.

  215. `iLoveYou` September 18, 2011

    This post is making my head spin. How do some of you do this s*** all the time…lol!

  216. KIMBERLY September 18, 2011

    @ JAMIR since you said especially KIMBERLY I will respond intelligently. This is not impressive for 5 albums is it !! YOU MAY GET TIRED BUT IT’S WORTH IT. EDUCATE YOURSELF.
    check this out WITH THREE, and the milestone before that. and it is incomplete,

  217. richnblack11 September 18, 2011


  218. jamir21 September 18, 2011

    @ Kimberly Hmmm very good I am soooo proud of Queen Bey !!!!

  219. KIMBERLY September 18, 2011

    @ JAMIR

  220. Pop Royalty (RUDE BOY) September 18, 2011


    BDAY WASN’T A BIG SUCCESS TOO ! At least compared to DIL ! So it was a flop too ?!

    2/4 ?!

    Bauh bye ………

    U expect to drag a BEYONCE fan honey ?! Ya think ?!

    P.S : Rihanna did it all by herself ! She didn’t have a band to do EXPIREMENTS with them !

    Rihanna at 23 >>>> BEYONCE at 23 ” if we will consider she was born in 1981 ”

    And Rihanna is SOLO at 23 too 😉 !

    I doubt BEYONCE would have the same success if she was solo from the start !!
    So ….

    Don’t be mad !!

  221. richnblack11 September 18, 2011


  222. Gilberto September 18, 2011



    I know!!! I really liked Rihanna until Loud era. I would have liked Loud if it was released right after Good Girl Gone Bad. But I was really connected to Rated R, she really showed her inner feelings and thoughts. That’s why I don’t like Loud, it’s full of simple made-by-number generic singles.

    Rockstar 101 used to be my phone ringtone. And it’s better than anything on Loud.

  223. jamir21 September 18, 2011

    Well with this new cd she will be going back to her old days !

  224. richnblack11 September 18, 2011


  225. Legendtina4life(Queentina Returns to #1) September 18, 2011

    Darling, your delusions are too funny!! No REAL Beyonce stan would call that VMA performance her best. Shes done better while sitting pretty in a chair. And have you looked at 4 success sofar? Not Myself outperformed Run the World, which is beyond embarassing. Beyonce stans should not be throwing stones, especially towards Xtina.
    4 albums=50million world wide
    4 albums=25million world wide
    Beyonce slays, but lets not forget who owns the thrown 😉

    The 3 to 4 year waits kill me!! RCA made some bad choices with Bionic that made me mad, particularly there choice of singles and the time they chose to release them. I hope they work with Xtina this time, and give the next album proper treatment.

    What Im really looking forward to is the tour portion of the era. Ive only seen her live once back 2007, and she blew my mind.

  226. I’ma have to send her back to her maker September 18, 2011

    @Kimberly you actually think cuz someone mixes 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s music in their songs that is considered quality? I beg to differ. What makes a record quality is the production, how much a music producer and an artist spends time on a record including writing, recording, melody, and composition. Rihanna may not sound good live but you can’t deny her music IS the best and top quality. A record last forever. I’d rather rihanna screw up on a live performance than the actually CD I have to listen to over and over. Obviously quality on a record matters more to rihanna’s team than an actual performance. I’d rather it be both but no one is perfect. I appreciate the fact that she at least TRIES to sound good live rather than be lazy and completely blow it off. She seems exhausted here. She has been touring A LOT these past months. I’m not gonna be too harsh on her.

  227. Pop Royalty (RUDE BOY) September 18, 2011

    Rated r >> loud

    But it was a risk ! Just like 4

    So …

  228. KIMBERLY September 18, 2011

    @ JAMIR , the truth hurts but don’t bring up anything you can’t battle with. Respond to me with manners and show that you go to school. You should be more like “ILOVEYOU” she is not delusional and her opinions are respected.

  229. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) September 18, 2011

    @LTM Yes, but ‘Stripped’ has top notch visuals.It’s not only the uptempo songs that deserve to have an “epic” video 😉

    @LEGENDTINA Well, you’re lucky.I never had the chance to see her live and I don’t think that she’ll come here even if she tours in 2012 or 2013.Anyway, her live performances can slay me enough from my computer screen for now, but if she doesn’t come her until 2015 or so then I’ll just have to go see her at another country I guess… 🙁

  230. LTM September 18, 2011

    Beyonce paved the way for Rihanna? now ive heard it all. please, tell me how Beyonce paved the way for Rihanna when they arent even the same race, age, or genre of music. I am dying to hear your explaination

  231. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) September 18, 2011

    *if she doesn’t come HERE until 2015

  232. jamir21 September 18, 2011

    Listen here you bastards !!!!
    Every year has an artist who does the best !
    1999: Britney
    2000: Christina Aguliera
    2001: Destiny`s Child
    2002: Pink and Alicia Keys
    2003: Beyonce, Britney
    2004: Beyonce, Ciara, Britney
    2005: Mariah Carey, Mary J.
    2006: Beyonce and Rihanna
    2007: Beyonce and Rihanna
    2008: Beyonce, Britney, Rihanna
    2009: Gaga, Britney, Beyonce
    2010: Nicki, Gaga, Rihanna
    2011: Adele
    2012: Britney, Beyonce, Gaga, Nicki, Rihanna

  233. richnblack11 September 18, 2011

    @GILBERTO…. thats cd was just great….I was in miami and rock star came on and the club went crazy, along with rude boy and hard… shade i like to hear s&m in the club kinda make you feel s*** lol

  234. jamir21 September 18, 2011


  235. Pop Royalty (RUDE BOY) September 18, 2011

    jay z is Rihanna manager

    BEYONCE ?!

    rihanna’s assistant maybe ! Since she paved the way for her !

    That S*** is IRRELEVANT to this post and the conversation we are having !

    yes ! BEYONCE paved the way , so what ?! will that change anything ?! Will that make ppl love BEYONCE !?

    Rihanna still has the rest of the world in her pocket and left the US to BEYONCE

  236. jamir21 September 18, 2011

    @ LTM They are the same race !
    Barbadian is African you know ?

  237. richnblack11 September 18, 2011

    little girl plz do you homework…

  238. LTM September 18, 2011

    ive never seen her live before either, but she has concert dvds for the Back to Basic Tour and the Stripped Tour that I brought from her offical website.

  239. jamir21 September 18, 2011

    I want to know why are comparing Rihanna to Beyonce I mean they are both worldwide megastars thats like comparing Michael Jackson to Madonna STUPID !

  240. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) September 18, 2011

    @LEGENDTINA I just found this
    Well, she KIND OF gives some new info
    -she is writing a lot (so she has a lot of creative control)
    -she confirms that the album will be heartfelt and meaningful (which means that the label loved the direction and nothing has changed since April when she first talked about the direction)
    -she is getting movie roles suggestions (which means that she slayed in ‘Burlesque’ and that she’s hot and relevant even in that field)


  241. Gilberto September 18, 2011

    Christina Aguilera sold 50 million “records”. Beyoncé sold more than 20 million ALBUMS. Records include everything albums, dvds, cd-singles, digital singles, etc. Beyoncé has sold over 70 million records on her solo career.

    “Not Myself outperformed Run the World. ”
    Yeah, it outperformed RTW on the Hot Flop 100. Myself Tonight (which I like) was a bigger flop than Run The World. The fact is NMT’s a generic song and wasn’t a real risk like RTW was. Plus Beyoncé’s RTW performance at Billboard Awards was really iconic. And its video has already more views than NTM. RTW was way more successful than NTM. Just saying.

  242. KIMBERLY September 18, 2011

    @ ima you actually think that 4 has poor production? lol. you must be joking. Have you even focused on the complexity of this album? Girl do some reading. Loud is quality?? and she didn’t get more than one nomination at the grammy’s? Darling quality production and vocals are never overlooked at the grammy’s, it’s not about popularity. Loud is basic vocals, basic production. Beats that were bought into pop and R&B the early 2000’s nothing new. Loud tells no story, nothing, just fun music and catchy lyrics. Is that quality? 5 albums out and all mediocre at best. enjoy it cause clearly if you stan for NIKI, you must not know about real hard core rap therefore you don’t know real music and craft. Oh and I forget, your requiremnets and standard fro music is pretty low.

  243. richnblack11 September 18, 2011

    For me this is not about making people like Beyonce. Its either you do or don’t… well as with rih rih ….so you point is

  244. jamir21 September 18, 2011

    @ Kimberly Stop judging people you C*** !

  245. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) September 18, 2011

    @LTM I know, but it won’t be the same.I want to see her LIVE!But I’ve watched most of the clips on YouTube (‘Impossible’ slays me!).I think that it will be difficult for her to visit my country, as it’s a rather small market (we still made ‘Bionic’ the no.1 album of June 7th-June 14th :D), but you never know…

  246. `iLoveYou` September 18, 2011

    Why are my comments being moderated?

  247. LTM September 18, 2011

    Beyonce is not African. she wasnt born in Africa.
    and allow me to edit your list 😉
    1999: Britney
    2000: Christina Aguliera, Britney Spears
    2001: Destiny`s Child, Jessica Simpson, Britney Spears
    2002: Alicia Keys and Christina Aguilera
    2003: Beyonce, Britney
    2004: Beyonce, Ciara, Britney
    2005: Mariah Carey, Mary J.
    2006: Beyonce and Christina Aguilera
    2007: Beyonce and Rihanna
    2008: Beyonce, Britney, Rihanna
    2009: Gaga, Beyonce
    2010: Rihanna, Katy Perry
    2011: Adele, Katy Perry
    2012: Madonna, Christina Aguilera

  248. jamir21 September 18, 2011

    Rated R is like Blackout and 4 for Rihanna I mean she did take a risk !

  249. KIMBERLY September 18, 2011


  250. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) September 18, 2011

    To the person talking about Christina

    1)Not Myself did outperform RTW with no promo and no major awards performances, no shade, just saying
    2)Christina has sold more albums than you think.50 million records does include all that but when Christina started making music, singles sold poorly, so most of the overall record sales are about albums 😎

  251. `iLoveYou` September 18, 2011

    And please, don’t come for Christina. The girl is amazing at re-inventing herself, and making great music. Her craft is never stagnent.

  252. jamir21 September 18, 2011

    @ LTM Your list is trash !
    I mean African-American
    1999: Britney
    2000: Nsync*, Britney, Christina Aguliera
    2001: Destiny`s Child, Britney
    2002: P!nk, Britney, Justin Timberlake
    2003: Beyonce, Christina, Britney
    2004: Beyonce, Britney
    2005: 50 cent, Ciara, Mariah Carey, Mary J Blidge
    2006: Rihanna, Beyonce, Christina
    2007: Amy Winehouse, Rihanna, Beyonce
    2008: Rihanna, Britney, Beyonce
    2009: Britney, Gaga, Beyonce
    2010: Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Gaga, Justin Bieber…………………………………….. Katy Perry
    2011: Adele
    2012: Mariah, Beyonce, Britney, Gaga, Nicki, Rihanna, Madonna and thats it !

  253. `iLoveYou` September 18, 2011

    I think I’m done for the day. People are getting more delusional by the minute. This post is a MESS!

  254. jamir21 September 18, 2011

    @ Kimberly I always like to start s*** C*** !

  255. Gilberto September 18, 2011

    Pop Royalty (RUDE BOY)
    “Rihanna still has the rest of the world in her pocket and left the US to BEYONCE”
    Not quite accurate. I think Rihanna is more popular than Beyoncé in Europe. In Asia, for exemple, Beyoncé/Destiny’s Child are heavily cited as the inspiration of many famous asian acts, and Beyoncé was even cited on many big hits in South Korea (including 2NE1 – Go Away). I see artists talking more about Britney Spears, Beyoncé and Lady Gaga than Rihanna over there. She’s famous, but not that icon. Where I live, in Brazil, Rihanna’s popular but Beyoncé is on the same level as U2, Madonna and Michael Jackson. When she came here for the first time, she was the headline everywhere, even on the biggest tv shows/news. But I really didn’t know that Rihanna was coming to Brazil, I haven’t seen no one saying about it on tv.
    Anyway, both are popular, and they are one of the biggest black stars ever. 😉

  256. James227 September 18, 2011

    Why is Rihanna looking so depressed here lately and it’s showing big time? Don’t have nothing bad to say about her but you can tell there something on her mind. Could it be that Jay-Z told her to stop using drugs and drinking? I hope and pray that she used condoms with all those guys she has been with after her ex CB. Also you don’t see Rihanna in an relationship now do you? Is it because all of the men just hit and move on after they catch her in a drunkin mode. Well whatever it is this is the cards that Rihanna wanted FAME and she did not care how she got it. Her fans are very questionable and can’t see something is wrong with her.

    By the was Rihanna should have lipsync because she sounds horrible.

  257. Pop Royalty (RUDE BOY) September 18, 2011

    The fact that BEYONCE STANS came to a RIHANNA POST to promote BEYONCE name says a lot about BEYONCE stans current DEPRESSION !

    That’s why they don’t talk about 4 at all and bring beyonce’s past glory 😆

    Them being there proves who GOT THE CAKE at the end of the day and who got ONLY the CHERRY 😆

    CRY C**** 😥 ! Keep talking about HISTORY and LIES !
    No one cares !!

    IN 2011 :


    the world opinion :

    LOUD >>> 4
    Keep that ” masterpiece” and ” classic” s*** to yourselves ! Hope that makes your day ! but in reality …

    and who knows what the future holds 😉 !

    I’m gonna take a break from this post for a while ! that wad funny 😆

  258. richnblack11 September 18, 2011

    To all its been nice, bout to have dinner with the fam….stay blessed and have a blessed week to all.

  259. jamir21 September 18, 2011

    Well Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Britney Spears, and Beyonce are big enough megastars sooooo no need to compare them !
    You should only compare them to local acts like Katy perry, khia, keri hilson, ciara !
    hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhaha lol !

  260. Pop Royalty (RUDE BOY) September 18, 2011

    @Gilberto :

    Yes BEYONCE and Rihanna are popular !

    Thanks for your new updates ! I didn’t know know that 😯 !

    I see you are out from that time machine now !

    Plz don’t go there again !

    Both of them slay !

  261. Legendtina4life(Queentina Returns to #1) September 18, 2011

    Their are certain words that TGJ wont allow you to post, i-n-t-e-r-n-e-t is one of them…

    I hope she does more movies, it will just extend her empire. BTW, what country do you live in?

    Stripped had powerful visuals like Beautiful. I think visual are important to give depth to the music, espically in todays world where image is everything.

    NMT was a risk for her, that type of music isnt expected from her, where as RTW was a woman anthem, which Beyonce has done before. Production wise RTW was a risk, but its message and meaning wasnt anything Beyonce hasnt done before.

  262. Legendtina4life(Queentina Returns to #1) September 18, 2011

    And reguardless of record sales, Xtina has sold more albums than Bey

  263. LTM September 18, 2011

    lets not be delsional. Katy Perry and Rihanna dominated the charts in 2010. Ke$ha slayed more in 2010 than Nicki.

  264. LTM September 18, 2011

    and Beyonce was born in America. shes American, not Barbadian.

  265. LTM September 18, 2011

    and nobody has explian to me how Beyonce paved the way for Rihanna

  266. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) September 18, 2011

    @LEGENDTINA I’m from Greece! 😎

  267. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) September 18, 2011

    Christina will have good visuals, but in this era it’s not about satisfying the fans, it’s much more, so she has to make it perfect!I think that she is a very clever artist so she can make an epic video for any song she chooses.At the end of the day, it’s all about the label and the budget, but even with a low budget Christina can slay for me, so I’ll probably be satisfied anyway 😉

  268. Gilberto September 18, 2011

    NMT was a risk for her, that type of music isnt expected from her, where as RTW was a woman anthem, which Beyonce has done before. Production wise RTW was a risk, but its message and meaning wasnt anything Beyonce hasnt done before.
    Do you think people really care about meaning of the songs these days? Most songs charting these days are about hit the club, dance all night and get drunk (with a few exceptions of course).

    Beyoncé was the really first black female pop/dance singer to have success outside US. Janet Jackson never had an impact outside US. 90% of her sales and tour came from there. And speaking the truth most people don’t know one single song of hers and she’s most known as Michael’s sister (at least, outside US). Beyoncé and Rihanna are bigger in the world today than Janet was on her prime. Actually, Janet didn’t even come close to their international success. Janet never had a million album seller in UK, and Beyoncé and Rihanna had already two.

  269. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) September 18, 2011

    @GILBERTO With all due respect, you’re overestimating Beyonce.Well, first of all she’s not pop/dance and while she has some pop orientation, she’s mostly an r’n’b act and there were plenty of r’n’b’ females before her that were huge worldwide.Janet did have a big enough impact worldwide.Also, you seem to forget about En Vogue, TLC and Aaliyah.

  270. theoneandonly September 18, 2011

    I’m like sam, where is this supposed talent her fan base claim she has?

  271. lax September 18, 2011

    @KIMBERLY,,,,Nooooooo I can’t answere that question for you but can you answere this question KIMBERLY Why is your SHOW cut to less than 300 comments on “TGJ BLOG”???????????RIHANNA have got you running yourself
    RAGGEDY trying to get some LICKS in on her, and you or not even putting a dent in what Riuhanna have going on for herself.

    Rihanna is still growing, learning and achieving, and check on her in a few more years. She has already accomplished so much and HellllllllllYesssssssssssss
    the haters r mad they or even on TWITTER LYING THEIR ASSESS OFF, amazzzzing
    the length the haters wil go to try and take riahha out and down. All you or doing haters or making rihanna WORK HARDER ON HER CRAFTS AND ARTISTRY.

    She keeps blowing up before your very eyes and many or to HOOKED ON STUPID TO SEE IT.,,, At least she has a stage and people in the crowr rooting for her. The devil is all over the place because the devil knows that Rihanna keeps making asses out of her HATERS. Shes getting really good at pulling a rabit out of the hat. HEEEEEEY KIMBERLY, With yo hating gutter trash mind set, what have you done exciting and outstanding lately, cause you sure in the hell is not capable or able to compete with Rihanna and nothing on her level, you or mad and upset
    now that you know that your hate is only MOTIVATING RIHANNA TO HIGHER HEIGHTS,,,,,right??????????????? and to haters far and wide you can never ever stop a work in PROGESS, REMEMBER THAT????????????????????????????????

  272. nice_gurl September 18, 2011

    Her performances live are so bad and she should not wear those clothes. She’s not acting right lately.

  273. lax September 18, 2011

    @JAMES STFU,,,,Stop yo lying ass right now, its lonely bytches like you who
    couldnt get it up if you had 6 viagras whos always assuming s***. Your sick mind need more proof of the slime you or trying to sale because people or not dumb to idiots like you. You would rather cook up some b/s that you know nothing about to try and slander rihanna name. Yes jay should be concerned about rihannas welfare thats what in the F*** she pays his ass for, bytch,,,,,go and bump yourself before you get picked up by the laws for showing yo ungly, s*** head up on the grape to spread yo lies, bytch!!!!!!!!!

  274. Pop Royalty (RUDE BOY) September 18, 2011


    and Sam is a KELLY ROWLAND Stan ! Who’s 24/7 OUTTABREATH live !

    So you can hush @SAM ! and others who are like him !

    Rihanna can sing ! and this is THE MUSIC industry ! a lot of legends didn’t have the best vocals , the greatest dance moves ! But they are still legends !

    And who are you to say she’s not talented ?!
    That’s a s***** blogs filled with pressed h*** who hate themselves ! You think your opinion about her matters ?!
    she’s there for 6 years and that ” she’s not talented” LIE didn’t stop her !

    YOU MAD ?! 😉

  275. lax September 18, 2011

    WITH ALL due respect Whitney Houston is the iconic figure who bridged the
    gap between all demographics for the others to spread their wings and fly.
    Rihanna is a Internationa super star and shes going more internationa as it seems that ARMANI is a ITALIAN company and NIVEA is world wide and those or two of the biggest companys that has tagged RIHANNA to REPRESENT their
    MILLION DOLLAR COMPANYS. And NIVEA is putting a BILLION dollars into their
    ads and endorsements that surrounds MS RIHANNA, WHOS MAD?????????????

  276. jamir21 September 18, 2011

    @ Gilberto Janet is no that popular outside the U.S. mmmmm weird ?
    @ LTM I didnt day that beyonce was barbadian SOME OF YOU PEOPLE NEED TO GO BACK TO SCHOOL OR SOMETHING !
    I said that barbadian is african you know !!!! because african slaves were there !
    and also beyonce is african-american and black people descendants came from Africa !

  277. Gilberto September 18, 2011

    Beyoncé and Rihanna’s international career is bigger than Janet’s. 90% of Janet’s sales came from US. And she never had a major world wide tour. Her success and legacy in US is undeniable, but she never really made it outside USA. All her albums sold less around 3 millions in UK, Beyoncé and Rihanna has already sold more than that. She was like Taylor Swift/Katy Perry.

  278. jamir21 September 18, 2011

    @ Gilberto WOW ! These janet stans said that she is known all of the world and stuff she is known in south america, europe, africa etc., !!!
    Mmmm so I guess that Michael is the BIGGER star !
    Katy Perry is soooooo local Im suprised that you even know her !

  279. LTM September 18, 2011

    werent Whitney and Mariah big back in their day

    im not an idiot. I know black people are desendents from Africa. but just because our ancestors came from Africa doesnt mean we are the same race as Rihanna. if Katy Perrys ancestors came from the U.K it wouldnt make Katy the same race as Lily Allen

  280. jamir21 September 18, 2011

    I rather be a worldwide superstar than a national superstar but i thought janet was known all over the world idk but gilberto lives in south america soooo she must be kind of big ?

  281. jamir21 September 18, 2011

    @ LTM But rihanna is still to be considered black !!
    @ Gilberto Hmmmmm and they have the nerve to say that Mariah isnt big outside the U.S. yes the f*** mariah is !

  282. LTM September 18, 2011

    Katy Perry is not that local as people say she is
    Teenage Dream was #1 in the U.S, the U.K, Scotland, New Zealand, Ireland, Canada, Austria, and Australia and top 5 in Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Greece, France, Germany, and Belgium. 3x platinum in Australia, 2x platinum in Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, and the U.K, platinum in the U.S, France, Europe, and Brazil, and Gold in the Middle East, Austria, Germany, Italy, and Mexico. shes not as world wide as Rihanna or GaGa, but shes not as local as Kelly Rowland or Nicki Minaj

  283. LTM September 18, 2011

    in fact, Katy played 2 sold out shows in South America 2 weeks ago

  284. LTM September 18, 2011

    shes been in every continent except Antarctica

  285. richnblack11 September 18, 2011

    no shade janet was big all over the world.

  286. jamir21 September 18, 2011

    @ Richinblack11 I didnt say that Gilberto did i do believe that janet is a big superstar !!!!
    And I take my comments back for what i said !!!

  287. richnblack11 September 18, 2011

    jamir ….look up some info on Janet

  288. richnblack11 September 18, 2011

    i didn’t say you did I was just sayin

  289. jamir21 September 18, 2011

    @ Richnblack11 for what i already know that she is big !

  290. richnblack11 September 18, 2011

    She was my girl first before Beyonce came along……Rhytem Nation 1814 was my very first concert ….wow that was a long time ago.

  291. LTM September 18, 2011

    TD is the 61st best selling album of all time in France

  292. jamir21 September 18, 2011

    @ Richnblack11 I like some of Janet songs but I am just not a big fan of her`s !

  293. richnblack11 September 18, 2011

    ok @jamir

  294. richnblack11 September 18, 2011

    Back in the day Janet was hot , I’m not feeling this new Janet to me she fell off in the 2000″s

  295. LTM September 18, 2011

    78th best selling album of album of all time in Australia

  296. jamir21 September 18, 2011

    @ LTM Ummm you keep on posting random s*** that we dont care about !

  297. richnblack11 September 18, 2011

    see back then the girls had to work hard, and the game was a lot harder.

  298. LTM September 18, 2011

    90th best selling album in New Zealand. thank you wikipedia lol.

    Janet is pretty known world wide, not for just being MJs sister, but for her own music. my favorite song & video from her is If

  299. jamir21 September 18, 2011

    @ Richnblack11 I know because they didnt have all of the technology that we have today !

  300. richnblack11 September 18, 2011

    Back in the day it was Janet, Madonna, Whitney and Mariah

  301. richnblack11 September 18, 2011

    yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssssssssssssssss IF WAS HOT@LTM

  302. jamir21 September 18, 2011

    @ Richnblack11 Hmmmm interesting you forgot about Cyndi Lauper

  303. jamir21 September 18, 2011

    S&M is certified 4x platinum !!!

  304. richnblack11 September 18, 2011

    she is before my time lol@jamir

  305. jamir21 September 18, 2011

    @ Richnblack11 oh well she gotten bigger in the 80s though !

  306. richnblack11 September 18, 2011

    God knows I want the best for Rihanna and I wish her well…She is mos def doing her thing and making that money, but is she really living up to her name(no hate at all)

  307. richnblack11 September 18, 2011

    I think she was big, but not on the level as the other girls.

  308. Gilberto September 18, 2011

    “see back then the girls had to work hard, and the game was a lot harder.”

    True! Today labels are giving record contracts to anyone.

  309. jamir21 September 18, 2011

    @ Richnblack11 what name ?
    Yessssssss I want Rihanna to be a icon just like Gaga, Britney and Beyonce

  310. richnblack11 September 18, 2011

    @jamir the four i name j, m, w,mc

  311. richnblack11 September 18, 2011

    Today it’s mostly about image and what can sell…..

  312. jamir21 September 18, 2011

    @ Richnblack11 Well talent doesnt matter anymore…is about that IT factor !

  313. richnblack11 September 18, 2011

    @jamir …..She will be

  314. richnblack11 September 18, 2011

    Thats the reason a lot of people give Rihanna a hard time I think…..She has the talent but she doesn’t maximize her talent they way she should.

  315. Pop Royalty (RUDE BOY) September 18, 2011

    The f*** is happening when I’m not here !? 😯 ! JANET ?! Katy perry ?! WTF ?!

    plz ! The NAVY ask you to kindly stop bringing IRRELEVANT s*** to Rihanna posts !

    Thx in advance !


  316. jamir21 September 18, 2011

    @ Richnblack11 I know she will….heck even Diana Ross is a legend she couldnt sing nor dance !

  317. richnblack11 September 18, 2011

    No shade baby Mrs Ross can sing….dancing not so much ….she was huge like the Beyonce during her time.

  318. jamir21 September 18, 2011

    @ richnblac11 really

  319. richnblack11 September 18, 2011

    Diana Ross became the first woman in music history to chart 6 #1 records.

  320. richnblack11 September 18, 2011

    yeah really

  321. jamir21 September 18, 2011

    @richnblack11 wow didnt even know that

  322. Teacher September 18, 2011

    @JOOOJOOO…..whats the matter wit a black girl that dosent have an wannabe whitney/jennifer huson/mariah voce and dosent dance at every second on stage ……….shes not bad at all ……… sorry ……….i dont see the issue ………

    Yassss!!! Thank u!!!!….She’s different…..

  323. Teacher September 18, 2011

    @RichNBlack…..I see what u r saying n I agree…..Rih is lazy smtimes and she can do a lot bettr than this…and she probably did but TGJ prolly got her her worst performances of the nite….she’s tired tho..N I still love her

  324. Teacher September 18, 2011

    September 18, 2011 at 7:17 pm
    Thats the reason a lot of people give Rihanna a hard time I think…..She has the talent but she doesn’t maximize her talent they way she should.

    Thank u so much…ppl say that Rih is the worst singr ever n that she’s not talented,but she can sing n dance imo…She doesn’t dance so much now but earlier n her career she did dance..nd I thnk ppl say she can’t sing bcuz she’s black nd doesn’t have the typical “black girl voice”…she’s unique n different that’s y i like her…but this performance was not gud

  325. Auntie Jackie September 18, 2011

    That was pretty bad — not going to stop the next number one record though. No one cares.

  326. lax September 19, 2011

    @RIHANNASNAVY,,,,,,,,I saw a request for some “Hot Ice” about a Millon pounds
    and we will USE IT to FREEZE the BEE HIVE OUT & the Haters. Why not just go on and take them out of there misery. Now i see BEYONE has taken her “Clothing
    Line” Accross the Pond, U See when things don’t go welllllllllll in the US, then you
    head for Higher Grounds. That is a good thing, i said that to say this RIH is doing her thing in EUROPE And everybody and their mammas know that.

    Some of the mean spirited american or taking their HATE out on their typewriters
    but that will not stop RIH. She has been Slandered, Bashed, & Lied on since day one. Shortly after RIHANNA Hit the studio back in 2005 and got her very first song that she came in with “Pon Da Replay” RIHANNAMANIA Hit and it goes on to this day. People loVE rihs Attitude toward, Life, Love, Fun and Work. and even though JAYZ & ROC NATION or her Manger ect, Theres others who has a GREAT INTEREST In the young super stars life. You an rest assured that RIHANNA has got some one to WATCH OVER HER.

    aLL OF THE WHO SHOT JOHN bull s*** NO ONE or trying to deny others talent who came before RIH did therefore the comparing of their numbers or kind of
    silly, i mean its silly to me and i can;t speak for others! Daaaaaaaaaam RIH has
    got it like this. Last time i checked RIHANNA had sold more music in the uk than
    others. I know that she is the only artist who has had a number one for 5 consective years and the last person to do that was ELVIS.

    HUUUUUUUUUUM,,,And RIH is on that list of artists of the “DECADE” she also
    is on that List of “Artist of the Century” Shes in the Guinness World Book Of
    Records And that is something . And according to Billboard shes got her top TEN
    #1 At a younger age than anyone else. And i know it is hard to give credit where credit is due, therefore many of the HATERS RESORT To chilish and IMMATURE
    name calling and CURSING. Less see rihanna has 19 top ten on the list, she has
    10 Nuber 1’s The most since 2000’s LESS see she is tied with MIMI with
    dance/club songs Sooooooooooo tHAT PUTS HER RIGHT UP THERE AT THE TOP WITH THE “Big Girls” Now aint that right?????????????? She will be KILLING &
    Burying MAnnnnnnnnnnnny EARS For years to come because she loves her work and shes going to keep right on expanding her brand.
    RIHANNA = QUEEN OF THE UNIVERSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    KEEP SLooooooooobing At the mouth & lying on RIHANNA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  327. lax September 19, 2011

    Rihann is getting ready to pin her 5-star Generals in her Navy soon!
    The Navy is growing at a steady rate, and even though many say that Net working ,
    twitter and face book don’t count, best believe they do. In considering a ENTERTAINERS popularity and where they or place on the LIST. According to
    FORBES And other there or going to always be some major things that they or going to always consider
    #1 facebook #2 twitter #3 youtube views and thank goodness rih is up in all of those areas. There has been many awards that me, myself and i feels that she
    deserved but didn’t get because of Politicts and i can see that all changing. Yes
    compared to any of the other Black Entertainers in the Industry right now RIH IS ON TOP, CHECK IT OUT????????????????????????????????????????????????

  328. CBDestiny September 19, 2011

    I know people keep saying CB lipsyncs all the time but I went to his concert in DC and he sang 90% of the time. The only time he was lip syncing was during the really aggressive dance moves. It was an awesome concert. His performance was on par with some of the greats. I am thinking of going to the one in Baltimore too, it was just that good.

    As far as RiRi’s performance, it was not her best but she has a very hectic schedule and I sure she was just tired. Performing all the time will put a strain on your voice as well as your body.

    But my favorite performer is Beyonce, she delivers everytime!!!!

  329. lax September 19, 2011

    I like chris new song that he has with ludacris on it
    that is a cool joint and i am digging it , me likey!

  330. sabrina September 20, 2011

    This sucked. Can we be honest for a second?

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