X Factor Final 16 – Did The Judges Pick The Right Acts?

Last night, the identities of the final 16 acts to make it  through to the X Factor 2011 live shows were announced , much to the delight of many of the show’s loyal fans.

However, and as is to be expected, not everyone was so pleased with some of the choices made,

In particular- the decision to take lead the  singer of  the group ‘The Keys‘ and place him in rival group ‘The Risk‘ at the expense of fan favorite Marlon Mckenzie, who was placed in the latter group during the audition stages after failing to make it through as a solo act.

Now we want you to weigh in, do you think the judges made the right decision and if not- who would you have put through?

Find out who made the cut and chime in below…

Gary Barlow’s Boys:

Marcus Collins

Craig Colton,

James Michael

Frankie Cocozza

Kelly Rowland’s Girls:

Janet Devlin

Amelia Lily

Misha Bryan

Sophie Habibis

Tulisa’s Groups:

Nu Vibe

2 Shoes


The Risk

Louis And The Over 25s:

Kitty Brucknell

Johnny Robinson

Jonjo Kerr

Samantha Brookes

Did the judges pick the right acts?

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  1. Katey October 3, 2011

    I’m mad at Kelly so much because of Jade. She was my favourite from the Girls. She is very soulful.
    And I preferred Joe than Frankie from the Boys.

    So I’m a little disappointed about the choices. ű
    And I don’t think so that Amelia is genuine. I think She’s just a very talented young girl with amazing voice, but I feel she hasn’t found herself yet. And I don’t like the frame when I see her.

  2. LDN October 3, 2011

    I think Kelly made the right choice with Jade. She reminds everyone of Adele and thus wouldn’t be that marketable. However the girls are weak only Misha and Janet stand out.

    Louis -Really don;t understand why he didn’t take Terry, i’m still confused as to why in Bootcamp they took Kitty over Honey -_-

    Other 2shoes & Frankie the rest are forgetful 2 me…

  3. antertain October 3, 2011

    Gary made couple errors with his picks.
    John voice too good not to go through but would he have the votes to last long in the comp?. YES over a couple others like James

    Louis is a joke for the original picks (luckily Goldie quit although she made me laugh)

    Kelly made right choice I guess because Jade didnt shine at judges houses over Sophie.
    Her other three girls Janet, Misha & Amelia were obvious choices.

    Tulisa did a interesting thing by disbanding some groups. The Keys couldn’t survive with one singer in the group so glad the lead now has a group that can support him with other leads. Not sure how it’ll work though.
    2Shoes (funny and mad personality but at least they got voices)

  4. TIMMI October 3, 2011

    I was going to say the same thing about Jade Richards. She is talented but she is way too heavily influenced and similar to Adele and Adele is already great at what she does, so there is no market for her. She needs more time to develop herself as a unique and individual artist.

    I’m not really interested in any of the boys. I’m excited about Misha Bryan, I hope the public will understand her. Tulisa has some exciting groups. For once I believe it is possible for a group to win for the first time. As for Louis… well he’s always the one to bring the wackiness to the show.

  5. NikNak October 3, 2011

    i think they all made the right choices but gary shud have put joe instead of that james dude….

  6. gio88 October 3, 2011

    i really don’t like Sophie!i preferred Jade!!!!

  7. Eric October 3, 2011

    Dear Staff, it’s over 25s.
    I was… pleased with the other judges picks.

    But Louis needs to be sacked of the show next year. I see why he was given this category two years in a row, he would have made a mess with the other categories. Like, outing Sami and Terry, of course they do need a lot of work to be more interesting to the public, but I know British people would appreciate their talent. I’m still in shock that insecure-overweighted guy picked the annoying Johnny Robinson and the WFT-she’s-still-there Goldie when he constantly says “we’re looking for someone who will sell millions of records, we’re looking for a superstar”. Speaking for myself, I would just pass by if I see one of those names in an album shelve. I just can’t get that s***.

    At least the other categories are great the way they are. I liked that Tulisa is going after the contestants with more talent and potential. This year has not been stellar for groups during the auditions.

  8. X October 3, 2011

    Kelly should have put through Jade instead of the fodder Sophie.
    Instead of James, Gary should have put John Wilding through! His voice is amazing.
    Tulisa should have chosen The Estrelles instead of Nu Vibes or Rythmix.

  9. Slippery Jim October 3, 2011

    I don’t get the comments comparing Jade to Adele – they certainly don’t sound alike and we have only heard Jade singing covers so it’s difficult to talk of “style”. Of course both are fat, so maybe that trumps everything in some commentators eyes. Jade was my favourite performer of the final 32 and it’s a shame she’s gone, but it is difficult to see how she could be marketed to 13 year girls; covered in piercings and tattoos she isn’t the sort of role-model many parents would approve of; more fool them.

    As for the Overs – they won’t sell records, no matter how good they are. Their purpose on the show is macabre window dressing, the more freaky the better as it draws in the punters. That’s why the Louis picked Johnny – a cross between Charles Hawtry and Kenneth Williams, but with a great voice – and the attention seeking Kitty and Goldie. Talent had nothing to do with these selections; remember how Wagner got the phones ringing and tongues wagging.

  10. joanne mckenna October 8, 2011

    The judges did pretty well with their choices thought gary should have put in john wilder he is a excellent singer but given poor songs to sing at bootcamp i wonder if that was deliberate?? James michael to go.kelly got it spot on i dont know who she gonna send home i wouldnt wanna b in her shoes. Tulisa has made some good groups i love the fresh funky vibe of rythmics they have to stay. 2 shoes to go sorry girls.finally louis luckily for him goldie dropped out bad decision to put her through.He made jonny not look so fredible to win and more of a camp act such a shame.dont like kittys personality but like to watch what she will do next, for me jonjo to go……..

  11. john armstrong October 21, 2011

    they could not pick a winner in a one man horse race. I had high hopes for this show; but now i could care less. If simon can bring one back then the other three should be able to bring one back also!

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