Watch: Katy Perry Talks Music, Marriage, and More With Barbara Walters

Published: Wednesday 14th Dec 2011 by Rashad

Katy Perry certainly earned her share of accolades in the past year.  While Adele was rolling over the competition with her now-classic album ’21’, Perry was dominating foes on the singles front.  Notching 6 top 10s (5 of which went to #1) from her number 1 album ‘Teenage Dream’, Mrs. Brand ended her year with a bang by landing multiple Grammy nominations.

While she’s announced to fans that her next album will not be so swiftly forthcoming, it is certain that her other business ventures (movies, fragrances, singles) will keep her afloat well into 2012.  For now, Barbara Walters’ annual ’10 Most Fascinating People’ lists Perry as one of its occupants.  The accompanying interview, which aired tonight on ABC, can be seen below:

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  1. ashgino December 15, 2011

    it’s refreshing to not that not all religious people are overzealous, and scarying everybody by praising God all the time, like so many in the black community do. Maybe everyone can use a little bubbleness / hippyness from katy perry

  2. ashgino December 15, 2011


  3. #1QueenGaga December 15, 2011

    It’s great to see Lady Gaga influence so much of her style these days.

  4. ITSVERYPERRY December 15, 2011

    Katy is the best!!! YES U OTHER MOTHER FUCKERS….keep on commenting o ur fav’s who have NOTHING 2 do with this vid just cause their toooo irrelevant to be one of the most fascinating people this year

  5. ITSVERYPERRY December 15, 2011


  6. dang December 15, 2011

    Annoying, vapid, superficial ho. GTFO

  7. lace-front-liar December 15, 2011

    i hate bwalters

  8. Rory December 15, 2011

    She would have nothing without features, remixes, and discounts. She is absolutely talentless and useless, but this is what works these days. Linda Perry was right about her…

    Thank God for Adele this year!

  9. Girrrl December 15, 2011

    .69 for last Friday night to go #1. And she is now selling the one that got away for. 69 so it can go to #1. No respect from me.

  10. skintightjeans December 15, 2011

    This chile is THE worst. Her songs are boing and she is too gimmicky. She needs to go pump out some kids with Russel Brand and call it a day.

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