Billboard Urge Rihanna Not To Work With Chris Brown

Much to our horror, this week saw reports of a Chris Brown and Rihanna duet emerge online, three years after their explosive split.

Said to have lent his vocals to Fenty’s ‘Birthday Cake (Remix)‘, their alleged reunion has led many to question the star’s motives for teaming up with the oft ridiculed singer.

Now, our friends over at Billboard have weighed in, warning Rihanna against the collab.

Excerpts from their open letter below…

No matter how many parents you tell to avoid taking their kids to your hyper-sexualized concerts, or how many times you command us to “Suck my cockiness, lick my persuasion” on your albums, you are a role model, Rihanna. Mostly because you’re cool! You’re effortlessly cool.

You are Eddie Winslow, and the rest of us are Steve Urkels. When you’re shocking, it’s not off-putting. When you’re crass, it feels fresh. You’re the cool kid in school, and could top the Hot 100 by singing the phone book. And this whole Chris Brown thing could define your career, in the best and worst way possible. 


I don’t care about the status of your current relationship with Breezy, or the reports about his attendance at your birthday party (happy 24th, by the way!), or how many seconds his voice will appear on the “Birthday Cake” remix.

Those could be facts, or fabrications. What I do know, however, is that, in the three years and nine days since that infamous, brutal, incredibly disturbing Grammy night attack in 2009, there has never been a point where you’ve publicly proclaimed, “Go f*ck yourself, Chris Brown; you will never speak to me again.”

Not in the months after the attack occurred, when everything felt raw to everyone. Not when your fans freaked out when you two following each other on Twitter again last year.

And not when Us Weekly ran a report that you were still harboring a romantic relationship with him – Brown’s camp denied the report, but you and your camp did not.

Because that “f*ck yourself” moment has never occurred, we can only deduce that, whether or not your current relationship with Brown is even slightly romantic, there is something holding you back from cursing this dude out of your life forever. 

If you continue letting Chris Brown slither into your work or personal life, nothing tremendous will happen – bloggers will blog and a backlash will form, but you’ll no doubt continue ruling the Hot 100 and the world will keep spinning.

Yet if you grit your teeth, sacrifice instinct and decide to inspire… even three years removed from that horrific incident, that “fuck yourself” moment, that public banishment of the man who physically attacked you, will still resonate with so many people looking for their own morsel of strength.

You have the opportunity to deliver a message that transcends any lyric you could ever sing, to stand for something that lasts much longer than any three-minute piece of radio fodder. We, like you, all want to let our individuality shine – to know who we are, and just be ourselves – but in this one instance, we need your message to be perfect. 

As much as we like Brown, we cosign Billboard 100%.

For, as much as his team would have us believe he has ‘changed’, the image of Rihanna’s broken face remains etched in our memories, serving to dirty his otherwise outstanding career.

If Rihanna is smart, she will distance herself from her one time attacker and deny these reports with the swiftness. Because if she doesn’t, conveniently timed releases like this will continue to destroy what is left of Mr. ‘Run It’s legacy.

Full letter here.


Rihanna responded to the letter via Twitter with:

Your thoughts?

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  1. Spunkypoop February 17, 2012


  2. Remey February 17, 2012

    I agree. I am a Rihanna stan, but before everyone is like, “Let he live her life,” you have to realize that certain rules apply to celebrities.

    I think she is taking her “I don’t give a f***” image to another level. This can’t just be business because its so closely tied to the personal. I am a bit fearful of what this may do to her career.

    Only time will tell. Hopefully, there is a huge twist to this. If not, I hope for the sake of Rihanna she has seriously thought about the consequences.

    Slowly starting to not be a stan anymore….. (never thought I say this in my lifetime.

  3. Kingphoenix February 17, 2012

    DAMN Rihanna, i just dont think you should work with him…Billboard wants you to complete cut this dude from your life. I don’t even know what to think…but, if Rihanna and Chris Brown were white, would Billboard and the media in general be doing this?

  4. LOL February 17, 2012

    Well dang, she even got Billboard dissing her now LMAO.

  5. richnblack11(just like bey) February 17, 2012

    G o for it Rihanna live your life, at the end of the day you can’t help who you love.

  6. RLM February 17, 2012

    I think she could be making a BIG mistake.

  7. Spunkypoop February 17, 2012

    I don’t know if anyone else notices but I do. I am a Rihanna fan and I have noticed a change in her attitude, weight, and demeanor. It’s like she has this new I don’t give a f*** attitude and it’s starting to effect the way we feel about her. Who get’s away with smoking pot in the streets, being overly sexual in her videos and cursing her very loyal fans out on Twitter just because they have an opinion. Really!? Rihanna.

    As for Chris Brown, I have noticed in the past few months, how he has been given his rights back from the RIAA and Grammy affiliates as of lately. His new video has Illuminati hidden messages and Grammy performance (2 times) in the same night. All of a sudden!? Not to mention rumors he is back with the Illuminati princess.

    People it’s time to wake up and realize that the enemy is alive and well and running rapid in the entertainment industry.

  8. Royalkev February 17, 2012

    I don’t know what to make of this. I’m not in favor of this collaboration , but that for more artistic reasons. I don’t care if these two are still romantically linked, but when you mix business and pleasure the results can be damaging. At the same time, I don’t think it’s fair for Billboard to apply this pressure on Rihanna. Chris & Rihanna have every right to decide what they want to do musically, it’s their own free will. I am a much bigger fan of Chris than I am Rihanna and I would think that if they’ve decided to go forward and do something like this (knowing that there migth be a backlash and some negative consequences) than this decision should be respected. It’s obvious that their passionate about it. I personally think this would mean that their still involved and want everybody get over it!

  9. poor rihanna February 17, 2012

    LMAO. Rihanna will do ANYTHING to remain relevant. If that includes using the person who BEAT HER BLACK AND BLUE to gain attention, then so be it. She’s like a lost soul with no guidance
    This is why celebrities NEED their families around them, and not useless celeb “friends” who can’t help with giving sensible advice.
    She’s surrounded by the likes of Nicki and Katy Perry so if this story is indeed true, I’m not surprised at all.
    I understand she might still have feelings for him but him featuring on her song is a DISASTROUS IDEA

  10. richnblack11(just like bey) February 17, 2012

    not to make an excuse for this because we all know what chris did was just awful, but billboard is out of pocket for this.

  11. PaigeJ February 17, 2012

    I don’t think they should get back together but if they can be friends that would be great but who am I to tell them how to live their lives? This whole Chris/Rihanna thing is becoming a bit much. Like aren’t their bigger things in the world to be worried about?

    Rihanna and Chris are both grown ass people let them be. And Rihanna is on twitter saying ima do whatever so I guess its just that.

    I don’t really think its good for either of them but it is what it is.

  12. Truth February 17, 2012

    You dont get beat by a dude, Milk the incident to Sell Loud, then Re-unite with him to sell Talk That Talk. I was just starting to like Rihanna, now this b**** does this……
    Really? and yall call Gaga desperate for attention……..

    btw. Chris Brown has a girlfriend, he is still with her. and Idk where yall getting this LOVE s*** from.

  13. RLM February 17, 2012

    I think she is making a HUGE mistake!

  14. RATEDX( LEGENDS ARE BORN NOT BOUGHT) February 17, 2012

    first of all billboard needs to shut the f*** up with their fake payola asses….

    second….chris is not an abuser..abuser meaning he was beating rihanna’s ass on the regular…

    third…i dont believe rihanna was innocent in that fight that night…..she end up getting the bad end of the stick..meaning she got her ass kick

    this is coming from a rihanna fan and a chris brown fan and a woman….both rihanna and chris brown has anger issues..

    i dont think its fair to put all the blame on chris, when many people like neyo have came foward and said they witness rihanna hittin chris in the past..

  15. tyra February 17, 2012


  16. oh baby(b****** will deal) February 17, 2012

    WTF! I really do not like this heffa but come-on now,CAN THE B**** LIVE HER LIFE?? geez,if she’s making a mistake,let her,it’s her LIFE! Not any of us will be affected or lose sleep over who she’s befriending,f****** or whatever the case her relationship with Chris is based on. Rihanna and Chris,DO YOU! Don’t let these peeps control u!

  17. Matt February 17, 2012

    ^^^^ how the f*ck can race be bought into this lmao, ignorant fool! Whether white or black, she will have a very major and public backlash if this duet has any truth at all.

  18. BitchIcantevenspellwelfare February 17, 2012

    If I hear Chris Brown’s voice on that remix, I can no longer support Rihanna–regardless of how much I like her music.

    That would be too disturbing.

  19. poor rihanna February 17, 2012

    @spunkypoop YES! Hit the nail on the head. Her attitude has been appalling lately. Was particularly disgusted by the way she replied her fans on twitter. So rude and uncouth….let’s not even get started on all the weed tweets and pictures.
    Now some dumb ass rihannanavy slaves are gonna come at me asking how I know this. IT WAS EVERYWHERE.
    Genuinely hope she is okay

  20. HaYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY February 17, 2012


    Are you serious, yes, they would. What does them being not white have anything to do with it. If you are looking at it from the history of racism and stereotypical standpoints, then it would be worse. People would be more mad at chris for doing what he did and at rihanna for working with him.

  21. cocodior3069 February 17, 2012

    Honey these are peeps in thier “Dumb 20s” We all go through it. She gonna do what she want, be it good or bad. And she loves that man! If it’s all good and no future beat downs ,then we should all stop hating and let them live!

  22. RATEDX( LEGENDS ARE BORN NOT BOUGHT) February 17, 2012

    i’m not condoning chris brown’s actions that night..i cannot sit here and say he should have walked away..i wasnt there that night..

    as a woman, i know for a fact alot of females think its ok to hit on a man, but as soon as the man start beating on ur ass its call domestic violence…

    my point is, both chris and rihanna were wrong that night.. both should have kept their hands to themselves…

    i guarantee you that the majority of the people who are calling chris a monster, has in the past hit on their mates…

  23. oh baby(b****** will deal) February 17, 2012

    i can’t believe i just defended R****! :O but this is a case i know all too well!

  24. hunni2nice February 17, 2012

    chris brown PLEASE stay away from her this will give you more backlash…be the bigger person and stay away from plus the song is s***!

  25. zania February 17, 2012


  26. richnblack11(just like bey) February 17, 2012

    people lets keep it 100 she was beating on Chris as well so lets not put it all on chris brown, THINK PEOPLE WHY DO YOU THINK THEIR BACK TOGETHER….Rihanna fans/stan should write letters to BILLBOARD, they are out of pocket for this. Not to play the Race CARD but i feel they are only doing this because they are BLACK NO SHADE.

  27. oh baby(b****** will deal) February 17, 2012

    OMG,what’s happening to me? I actually agree with @Ratedx today! :O everything you said!

  28. RATEDX( LEGENDS ARE BORN NOT BOUGHT) February 17, 2012

    who gives a damn if they get back together…..its their life……

    so now people are going to stop supporting rihanna because she put her ex boyfriend on a track?

    get the f*** out of here…..her personal life aint got s*** to do with me buying her music or supporting her..

    its one thing if chris was beating on her ass every day, yes i would understand the outrage…dude made 1 mistake and people are acting like he murdered and r*** children..

    again its their life..unless chris kicked ur ass, its none of ur business if they get back together..they forgave each other, thats all that matters..

  29. richnblack11(just like bey) February 17, 2012

    oh baby(b****** will deal

    I know me too….RATEDXXXXX you know you my BABY

  30. Josh February 17, 2012

    it’s for attention… Why else would she do that. She could have picked anyone to be on that track… why Chris? Especially to a song like Birthday Cake… I dont know what the hell shes thinking… but whatever. Its her choice, why cant she see that would be a bad move?

    Its all for attention if you ask me…

  31. klg0845 February 17, 2012

    Wow! This is incredibly inappropriate. Even though I agree with everything Billboard says, they should not have written an open letter to Rihanna. What happened, happened to her. And how she deals with it is for her to decide…alone.

  32. MISHKA February 17, 2012

    As much as I like Chris Brown and as much as I can’t listen to Rihanna for more than 2 minutes, I’m glad the music industry has decided to get into this more than it should.

    I really like Chris Brown, I love this kid and I know he has a good heart. But God knows I’d slap the sh*t out of his freckles if he puts his hands on me or if he talks sh*t to me like he does in his tweets.

    There’s nothing okay about being friends with somebody who humiliated you. There’s nothing to glorify in that ordeal they fell into back in 2009. I defended him because as a professionnal entertainer, he has the right to make his music available for consumers. I wanted both of them to move on, not to gyrate around each other.

    Whitney’s body will be buried tomorrow and I can’t help but find so many similarities between her and Rihanna: Fame came in easily for Rihanna as it did for Whitney. So easily that it’s not fulfilling for her anymore. Clearly, she’s bored. Clearly, she wants him. And it’s sad and pitiful.

    Robyn, don’t do it, reconsider! There’s a life when the show is over and I don’t see you living it. Take a break, get a degree, put a meaning in that life we don’t see! Don’t get fooled by Twitter or TeamBreezy or RihannaNavy. All this will come to an end, one way or another. All those kids will grow up. People love the entertainment as long as they are not part of it.

    Whatever those two decide, I’m not here to witness people killing themselves softly and I won’t be there in 15 years. Or much sooner.

  33. zania February 17, 2012


  34. Those That Cannot Do, Stan February 17, 2012

    Smh, shed be dumb as f*** to do it but Rihanna’s displaying a lot of dumb actions lately.

    I will say this, if it is true I will not support the single or album. I will wash my hands of her.

    If she wants to get smacked around, fine, but I will in no way support or contribute to the foolishness.

    I feel bad for both of them, they’re both f***** in the head. But for those of us who grew up in households where our Daddy didn’t beat our Mom folks will be dismissing Rihanna.

    I honestly hope she loses twitter followers and etc. over it so she can make her stance clear.

  35. Aishaaguilerakeys February 17, 2012

    Hey Sam, if they’re aspiring to be this generation’s Houston/Brown or Taylor/Burton couple, so b it. I just don’t see why Riri would want to go back to a guy who almost strangled her to death and beat her so badly he split her lip.

  36. WHUT February 17, 2012

    Congrats Sam years and years of willing her downfall seems to be taking some affect now. As a chronic hater you must be enjoying this.

    As I said before and I will say again I can defend alot of things but having CB on this track is inexcusable and the single most stupid decision she and her team can possibly ever make. The media will crucify her and tho its sad to say rightly so. This is classic victims mentality and the feeling I get is she somehow feels she must help him by featuring him here. She couldn’t be more wrong.

    Look I have no problems with here forgiving dude or even being friends with him that’s between them. But when you go so far as f****** up your entire brand for a dude then that just crosses the line is pure up and down stupidity.

    She didn’t have it easy in the industry, you can harp on about her being talentless or w.e but the chick worked extremely hard to cement herself in the game. Harder than most and to f*** it all away like this is disheartening to say the least.

    If CB is on Birthday Cake the era is done and that’s not even an exaggeration. She will then have to begin the process of rebuilding her career that’s if she even wants too anymore. At the end of it its #HerLife and I will never attempt to live someones life. I’m a fan till the end but I could never be a sheep. Till now she has been extremely savvy and on point business wise but this whole CB on Birthday Cake mess has been handled extremely poorly. I blame her if she wants him on the track, I blame the management if they ever thought it was a good idea, I blame the producers for drumming up all this hype. Meh I’m really annoyed tbh.

  37. Bobby brown the king of R&B February 17, 2012

    Someone brought up if they were a white couple would all this still happen.. I say yes just because they are popstars. Picture of this had happened to brittney and justin ? Bieber and his girl friend. I actually think it would be worse just because they are popstars with millions of YOUNG fans

  38. zania February 17, 2012

    As a huge Chris Brown fan and fan of some of Rihanna music, is my own concern. Rihanna was at her birthday party with her FATHER AND MOTHER THE OTHER DAY, DO YOU REALLY THINK THAT THEY WOULD SIT BACK AND LET THEIR DAUGHTER GET WITH A GUY WHO WILL HARM HER AGAIN. I THINK SO. RIHANNA PARENTS NO CB PERSONALLY THEY KNOW THE SITUATION PERSONALLY, WE KNOW ONLY WHAT IS POSTING ON THE BLOGS. WE REALLY DOESN’T KNOW THESE TWO CELEBRITIES PERSONALLY. We are here to support their music nothing else., like millions kept supporting Madonna alll those years she was with Sean Penn.

  39. ChristinasCOMING February 17, 2012

    Whatever makes them happy but because Rihanna is a self proclaimed role model is this really the positive message she wants to send to her supporters?

    Honestly I believe that Rihanna started hitting Chris first and he retaliated in self defense. Idk why guys are automatically at fault when it comes to altercations with females.

  40. RATEDX( LEGENDS ARE BORN NOT BOUGHT) February 17, 2012

    s*** i’m going to keep it 100%

    i have in the past got into physical fights with my ex…gess who started those fights I did..

    guess who hit on him first, I did..and my ex was 6’4 295, AND I’M 5’6 150

    at that time i weight 135… people acting like females are so innocent and fragile is b*******…..

    people acting like men are stronger than females are full of s***.. again i dont believe rihanna was innocent that night…..

    but like i said, its none of anybodys business whether or not they get back together..its their life…i still will support rihanna and chris..

  41. zania February 17, 2012

    TTYPOS,all these stories and arguments are getting ridiculous. I meant do you really think that her parents would let her get back with a man that will harm her. I don’t think so.

  42. WHUT February 17, 2012

    @Those that cannot stan I go hard for chick and I wont ever wash my hands off her but I just cant defend her recent tweets at all. Its just stupid. If she cant see that the optics are beyond f***** up then that’s a problem.

    #CAKE is a raunchy s** anthem and you’re gonna allow CB on this track of all tracks? Where is her PR team? Where is her management. This whole thing has been a mess and I wont sugarcoat s***. This nonsense right here could end her if the rumors are true and he’s on there. Dead serious.

  43. Robert February 17, 2012


    So You can destroy your career like you destroyed that talented man’s career. Maybe that way we can get rid of your non singing goat sounding ass. #TEAMBREEZY

    Chris Brown >>> RiYAWNa aka RiGOATna

  44. JP February 17, 2012

    Billboard isn’t really that credible so why do we even care? Billboard is anything in these streetz. Rihanna would be a fool to take the counsel of such a shady pretentious establishment of BS.

    If Rihanna wants to work with Chris that’s her business. She is a grown woman. Business, get some.

  45. WHUT February 17, 2012

    @Rated I agree that she obviously wasn’t innocent that night but it still doesn’t excuse what he did tbh. Look at the full police report that leaked if you get a chance. He lost his s*** straight up and she is lucky she didn’t die that night.

    I will say again I have NO problems with her forgiving him or even being straight up pals with dude. But boo dont f*** ur career up with a feature like this. If anything let the next hot thing take you out of the game NEVER do it yourself. I think you would know I will never stop being a fan but I cant get down with just pure outright stupidity in this case. Half of the s*** Sam tries to demonize her for is weak sauce but this whole saga has been far from that. This is the first time she and her team are truly f****** up.

  46. RATEDX( LEGENDS ARE BORN NOT BOUGHT) February 17, 2012

    what message is she sending her fans if she gets back together with chris?

    again chris made one mistake, he should have never allowed his anger to take over that night, but i cant say, he should have walk away either..i wasnt there..

    but in the police report rihanna did admit she hit chris first…the real police report….

    i can understand if chris had an history of beating on rihanna or any of his exes…sean penn, diddy, jay z, so on have beated on a woman before and yet they get a pass

    but chris f**** up one time, and we suppose to boycott rihanna because she forgave him? get the f*** out of here..

    rihanna, do you boo…its ur life..if chris makes u happy, than do u..just make sure yall keep yall hands to yallself this time,,,

  47. MissImpartial February 17, 2012

    Excuse me I am not a Chris Brown fan but do Billboard know whether Chris as hit Rihanna through out her relationship? It looks to me that it was only once. I have not heard other girls going to the media and saying that he hit them. I don’t see the media condemning the Oscars for giving Sean Penn an Oscar even though he was violent to Madonna. Or the media condemning any Film Studio for hiring Charlie Sheen even though he held a knife to his wife’s throat. Even the paedophile Roman Polanski was publicly supported by major film stars and stars still work with him. I don’t usually use the race card but it seems this young black man gets treated unfairly and I hope Rihanna gives them the finger and works with Chris.

  48. Noel February 17, 2012

    @ Rated X are you fuc*ing for real?! I can’t with your comments. It doesn’t matter if it happened once or on several occasions. Abuse is abuse…and it wasn’t just a hit like you’re saying…he beat her to a pulp, bit her, and then some. This is such a sad world we live in that people can downplay domestic violence. Even if Rihanna was instigating or whatever…it doesn’t give any person the right to do what he did.

  49. RATEDX( LEGENDS ARE BORN NOT BOUGHT) February 17, 2012


    the real police report did say rihanna hit on him first….go on tmz and type rihanna real police report..youll see what she stated to the police…

    i’m not condonning chris brown’s action….i’m not going to sit here and say its rihanna’s fault she got her ass kicked..nope

    but rihanna is not innocent in all this….they both have an history of hitting on each other….but that night chris took it too far….

    if we’re going to say its stupid for rihanna to get back with him, we also have to say its stupid for chris to get back with her…

    even in the 20/20 interview rihanna admitted that both were toxic for each other….

  50. Cockiness February 17, 2012

    Let me just say something as much as i love Rihanna….i will never stan for her AGAIN if she works with brown….She needs to think about this one cuz this right her is pure career suicide.

    SN: why is it when it comes to this issue it’s mustly GIRLS who support chris and blame Rihanna, this is some that disturbs me to the fullest.

  51. zania February 17, 2012

    Why would someone stop being a fan of someone music because of who they are dating. Rihanna fans are crazy obsessed with her personal life. Rihanna cannot live her life for her fans and her manager. You cannot dictate who she dates. She is a celebrity but a human being, she not an object that everyone can dictate who she should be with and her happiness. Like they were matching her up with Drake, but Rihanna wasn’t compatible with Drake and just saw him as a friend. Its not that much money in the world for me to be forced to date guys I really don’t want to be with, just to make everyone else happy. All I have to say is to Rihanna live your life, not your fans and record company life. Life is too short if being friends with CB is what make you happy, than just do it. Forget the media.

  52. Nichole February 17, 2012

    Lol at Rihanna’s response. I cannot believe BB had that much time on their hands to write this woman a letter advising her to stay away from Chris. Get a f***in life.

    Rihanna is doing what she pleases, and apparently doesn’t give a damn.

    I didn’t think it was a good idea for Chris, and RiRi to ever have contact again but f7ck BB, the Navy and the media. I hope Rihanna continues to see Chris. I am fed up with all of this unnessary hatred for a man that maf one bad mistake and is still paying for it.

  53. WHUT February 17, 2012

    @Impartial she can work with him alright…at her own peril. Did he make a huge mistake that night? Yes. But even up to now he has been a right ol d***** every time people so much as question him on it. I have no problem with him only to the extent that he acts like he couldn’t give a f*** near all the time. Up to the other day he was acting a “victimized” clown b**** on twitter. He can do him and his career have a blast, but when it intertwines with my fave’s career? Im just not here for it at all.

    DefJam and Rocnation can f*** right off if they allow him on this track and effectively end an era.Also the fact that they aren’t even squashing rumors just to generate hype is even worse for me.

    I will not use the song or buy it because the whole thing reeks of pure stupidity. One of the things that irks me to the core is self inflicted f*** ups. This would be a major one.

  54. RATEDX( LEGENDS ARE BORN NOT BOUGHT) February 17, 2012

    people that are saying that rihanna was asking to get her ass kick that night, and its rihannas fault that she got her ass kick, thats pretty harsh..

    i dont think its her fault..i honestly think they were arguing like they usually do, and rihanna hit him, and he snapped…

    both f***** up..chris took it too far, he kicked her ass like he was kicking a dude ass..hence why i said he took it too far..

    both have anger issues..

  55. WHUT February 17, 2012

    @Rated you and I agree. I don’t think she was innocent at all. Still the fact that he nearly killed her and let her on the streets is beyond f*** up. Dude continually punched the s*** out of her and even bit her that night. Beyond f***** up.

    I think its stupid for BOTH of their careers but the move is far more stupid for her imo. This is as close to bodying your career as you can get. The media will eat her alive if he’s on there. I just hope she’s ready for the backlash cause it will be crazy as hell.

  56. MissImpartial February 17, 2012

    He apologised did his anger management and everything that the court told him. He is frustrated to be judged because of a mistake all the time. How can a person be better and move on if their mistake is always used against them? I would understand this point of view if he was a regular woman beater but I have never read anything to point to that. And I don’t think Rihanna would be so stupid to take him back if he was one.

  57. Lax February 17, 2012

    When this first happen i was as mad as hell, and was even madder
    because they wasn’t going to be performing at the Grammy’s. And yes i was as bitter as hell at chris because he’s the bigger person and the man in this. But after years and things has moved passed that dreadful night i am good. What Rihanna decides to do from hence forward in her personal life is her and chris’s business. I like them both as entertainers but i support Rihanna not chris.
    Billboard have got to be done losed their dam minds, and besides that they are not that dam concerned about Rihanna’s lively hood b/s. And even though if i had my wish it would be that she featured anybody other than chris brown, anybody. But if she did feature chris that really do make me question this whole thing from three years ago to persent. People should be happy that they are friends i know i am but collabrating on a song together is over the top for me. She could have picked anybody and if she want to play around like that then the out come and what happens is in her court and she will be the one who has to pay the pipper if things fall apart for her career.

    Many people have waited for a while for Rihanna’s ass to screw up so her ass will end up off the world stage and out of the fukkkkkin spot light and many will be happy when chris help her to put screws in her career coffin and i can see her sales and each and everthing else about her career getting flushed down the toliet. Chris and his girlfriend can’t wait to see her decline from her high horse and they are waiting for her fans to drop her like a hot potato, for sure. We will all see what the impact of chris on her remix is going to do to her career and her image , now want we. I am not going to jump ship but this trip i am on the side looking on to make for sure this cruseliner do not run upon land and cap size over the SINGLE MOST DUMB ASS MOVE SHE HAVE MADE IN THE LAST 3.5 YEARS, FOR CERTAIN!I WILL WAIT THIS ONE OUT. CHRIS & RIHANNA SEEMED GREAT TOGETHER, BUT THEY ARE TOXIC FOR EACH OTHER. AND IT’S NONE OF BILLBOARD’S DAM BUSINESS.

  58. zania February 17, 2012

    And I don’t want to hear about she is sending the wrong message to young girls. What message was she sending when she is smoking and cussing and the clothing she wears, do we pick what makes a good role model. I am not shading Rihanna because I like her and some of her music and I support her working with CB. I am just saying , Rihanna has said over and over again for the past 3 years, I don’t want to be a role model, she wants to be able to do what she wants. Madonna did all kinds of controversy stuff over her career, involving s** and other things. So if Rihanna doesn’t want you to put her in a box and she wants to be herself, people shouldn’t try to make her into something she isn’t.

  59. WHUT February 17, 2012

    @Zania no one has a problem with them being friends. Or shouldn’t I should say. You want to be dudes friend do you I gives not a single f*** what has me really and truly pissed is a possible collab on #CAKE of all songs. I mean REALLY?! This s*** is f****** up my week LOL!

  60. Kerry Johnson February 17, 2012

    That is all 🙂

  61. Kerry Johnson February 17, 2012

    Kiss me 🙂

  62. RATEDX( LEGENDS ARE BORN NOT BOUGHT) February 17, 2012

    people needs to look up the word abuse, before they open their mouth…

    for the record, ive stated i think both are responsible for that night..i never took chris brown side..never did i say rihanna deserved to get her ass beat

    or said its all rihannas fault..ive stated, rihanna is NOT innocent in all this..and chris brown did take it too far…

    i find it more disgusting at people saying so what if she hit him first..are u f****** serious? about both of them keep their hands to themselves..

    what female is taking chris brown side? by saying rihanna is not innocent in all this that means i’m taking chris’s side? what part of BOTH F***** UP AND CHRIS TOOK IT TO FAR, is taking chris brown side…

  63. WHUT February 17, 2012

    @Impartial unfortunately he is always gonna be judged on what happened that night. It will never leave him for the rest of his life due the the extent fo the beating he put down. What he fails to recognize is every time he reacts like the stereotypical “angry black man” his plight for the public to calm down about the whole thing will never be gone. He acts a fool EVERY TIME. ON Gma he acted a fool and twitter he acts damn fool. Its consistent those who want to persecute him will forever have the ammo. Who’s talking about Rihanna taking him back too? What happened to Karpachio or w.e his girlfriends name is?

  64. aynon February 17, 2012

    Whitney Houston – Round 2 (minus the talent) don’t do it riri

  65. Robert February 17, 2012

    Until Rihanna do twice the good Beyonce has done as a solo artist…. and find a better voice than sounding like a goat. Beyonce >>> RiWho?na


  66. Lax February 17, 2012

    And why he only abused her that once, he has done more dumb ass stuff to himseld then he has anyone. And remember that throwing that chair at “GMA” was stated to have been over them asking him about her. No one made him act a fool at “gma”
    but with that behind him and it’s his life. he won a grammy and what are they talking about the most? Yep they are talking about him going off on twitter why is that with him?This is these artists lives and just because they had this happen to them they
    should still be given a chance life their lives to the fulliset. They judge chris hard and he has made a come back and if he learn how to stop letting people and their running their mouths about you get under your skin. They are going to try and get next to him every chance the get.
    I feel that many of Rihanna’s fans was just hurt and upset when this happen to her
    and now we are just hoping that nothing happen to chris or her with this latest
    going on with the two of them.

  67. MissImpartial February 17, 2012

    Well how can they move on if Rihanna basically stalking him and now she even has the same hair colour as his girlfriend. Rihanna clearly still loves him that is why she can’t find someone new.

  68. Kerry Johnson February 17, 2012


    LOL Rihanna>>>>>>>>Beyonce
    you will deal


  69. RHI RHI IS QUEEN February 17, 2012


  70. Lax February 17, 2012

    They should be given the chance to live their lives
    to the fulliness as long as they are not hurting each other.

  71. RATEDX( LEGENDS ARE BORN NOT BOUGHT) February 17, 2012


    in the 20/20 interview rihanna admitted that alot of things the media claimed about that night wasnt when they said he beated her to a pulp, nearly killed her, or left her unconcious…

    she herself said that………she also said they both were toxic for each other..she told on herself when she said that…

    again, chris took it too far that night..he f***** up, she f***** up..they forgave each other, thats all that should matter…

    i dont think we shouldnt support rihanna or chris because they decide to get back together..its their life…..he took all the blame for the inccident, never did u see he pointed fingers at rihanna….so i give him alot of props….

    he also paid his dues…if rihanna wants him back..its her business..not ours..

  72. Kerry Johnson February 17, 2012

    Birthday Cake remix would sound so sweet if Ludacris, Ice cube, or Snoop Dogg was on it!!!!!! 🙂

  73. zania February 17, 2012

    @WHUT, How old are you, do you really believe that CB and Rihanna isn’t F*cking. How CB being on this track talking about s** messing up your whole week. You really believe that she hasn’t had any sexual contact with CB at least over the past year? Then you are delusional.

  74. Lax February 17, 2012

    I think that what ever she is doing to his ass he must be loving it.
    Otherwise why did he show up at a function that she invited him to?
    He could have refused to be on her remix that is if he’s on it. Rihanna
    could have did this song by herself and it would have been fine. I hope she nkow that many hate the two o=f them together. Many young chicks hated her for hacing his nose wide open when they e=was dating and things was good, and they hate her now becausze of chris. He need to keep socking it to his girlfriend KATTKNIPPS
    and call it a day.

  75. WHUT February 17, 2012

    Stop LOL she’s not stalking him. If she still loves him? I really don’t know. That’s her personal business and if she still does aint nothing I or any of her fans can do or should even wish to do. Its her life. The past has shown they are toxic for each other tho and even now with just the mere speculation of a collab both of them are acting outright dumb on twitter accounts.

  76. zania February 17, 2012

    @kerry Johnson, you are a fool, Birthday cake is about s** and you imagined married Ice Cube and Snoop Dogg to put their name on it lol.crazy.

  77. Kerry Johnson February 17, 2012


    Kiss me 🙂

  78. RATEDX( LEGENDS ARE BORN NOT BOUGHT) February 17, 2012


    u know ur my baby daddy…so…lol

  79. WHUT February 17, 2012

    @Zania post the videos or stop spreading rumors. You and I don’t know s***. What we do know is this collab is all kinds of wrong for both of their careers. Well maybe his less cause his fans will validate his full out victim status due to it thats the s*** that would be delusional.

  80. Kristen February 17, 2012

    This is stupid. Women have been beaten, and continue to be beaten, EVERYDAY. People are being killed SENSELESSLY everyday. Innocent children are being abused and killed. Instead of ppl focusing their time and attention on putting a stop to these situations, ppl continue to bash ONE person who NEVER had any prior offenses and haven’t had any since. Chris Brown winning a Grammy has nothing to do with his behavior or past actions: it’s about his MUSIC. No one knows what provoked the argument or exactly what happened in that car because the police report obviously does not list everything that happened or was said. There was no reason for him to ever do what he did to the extent that he did it, but he has apologized, Rihanna has forgiven him, they have made amends, and he has not been in any trouble since. It’s time for you and everyone else to focus on your own lives, and stop being so negatively wrapped up in the lives of celebrities. I’m not a big fan of either artist, but I wish them both the best because if the public/media doesn’t let Chris Brown move on, Rihanna won’t be able to move on either because they keep bringing the incident up.

  81. Kerry Johnson February 17, 2012

    I’m F****** HORNY AGAIN!!!!!

  82. MissImpartial February 17, 2012

    Kerry you are probably still a virgin. How old are you? And this site is not s** chat site. Just saying.

  83. WHUT February 17, 2012

    @Rated you can support it, anyone can but I’m saying I for one will not support such a stupid move that is devoid of all common sense. I didnt say I will stop supporting her that will never happen. The song tho? I most definitely wont support that s*** and I can say that straight up solely because it makes no sense. Tell me what she has to gain from the collab?

  84. Stans Make Me LOL February 17, 2012

    I don’t think Ri and Breezy are doing a collab. It’s called publicity. He has an album dropping soon; Rihanna’s album isn’t doing so well at the moment.
    This whole story has been fabricated to gain public interest in the artist ‘s and I don’t know if anyone else notices that since 2009 whenever Rihanna needs a sales boost, Breezy name is always mentioned.

    Rihanna needs to stay away from Chris not only because he beat her, not only because of her career, but also because he has a girl friend. Adding a home wreaker to Rihanna’s already tarnished persona will do her or the navy no favours.
    And Chris……. the less said about him the better.
    Both need to focus on their music and stop being so open with every aspect of their personal life.

    Billboard spoke a lot of truth in that open letter, but they were wrong to make it public.

  85. Kerry Johnson February 17, 2012


    LOL why dont you come find out and see if i’m still a virgin 🙂

  86. RATEDX( LEGENDS ARE BORN NOT BOUGHT) February 17, 2012

    can we not start with the name calling today?..

    calling rihanna a h**, b****, s***…i mean..


    can we have an intelligent debate without all the name calling…

  87. Kerry Johnson February 17, 2012

    I”M DRUNK ON S** 🙁

  88. MissImpartial February 17, 2012

    Lol. I thought you like boys. At least that’s how you came across.

  89. YOOSONDALOOSE February 17, 2012

    Hmmmm… this is a hard one.
    She shouldn’t do it with Chris I think, it would be bad, he beat her at the end of the day and this wouldn’t be moving on. This would be forgiving where there hasn’t really been a reason to forgive, yes Chris should have his success and all but they should not work together, it would be wrong IMO.

    Let’s see anyways.

  90. LaLa February 17, 2012

    GOSH! NOOO RIHANNA!!! If this is true… I lost my respect towards her. Create a Shocking tactics is okay BUT NOT wit your eXBoyfriend who beat you up like shittt!!!!!!! & not to mentioned the ‘teaser’ on her twitter… SMH!!! Bad Controversy IMHO*

  91. RATEDX( LEGENDS ARE BORN NOT BOUGHT) February 17, 2012


    boo, i wasnt talking about u when i said, just because rihanna gets back with chris its dumb to stop supporting her…

    alot of comments before u have stated, i will stop supporting rihanna, if she gets back with chris..

    I know where you’re coming from…trust i get ur side, i know ur a tru fan..and as u can see, i keep it 100%…

    all i’m saying is its up to rihanna, its her life… her fans we should stay out of her personal life..

  92. Kerry Johnson February 17, 2012


    When did I say i liked boys???? lol

  93. I&I(yardie) February 17, 2012

    My granny always say “who can’t hear will feel”. I am not wishing bad on anyone but this will not end well I can feel it. I really wish CB will keep seeing KT and keep away from this chick. I can’t understand why they would want to be with each other anyway when all they do is bring out the worse in each other. Young and dumb. What sweet nanny goat a go run his/her belly one day just watch!!! This makes me so sad 🙁

  94. Stans Make Me LOL February 17, 2012

    Even though I have expressed my opinion, THIS RIGHT HERE IS THE TRUTH –



  95. JP February 17, 2012

    Zania and Rated X are really the only two posting that make any real life sense.

    Some this stuff I’m reading is just borderline koo koo as all hell.

    Why are Rihanna’s most rabid fan’s trying to run her career and life? Do you think purchasing her music earns you that luxury? You purchase her music because you appreciate the music…not to give executive decisions about her personal decisions that affect her.

  96. Kerry Johnson February 17, 2012


  97. Wonder February 17, 2012

    When is this song going to drop!

  98. Kerry Johnson February 17, 2012

    KISS MY SOFT S*** LIPS!!!!!

  99. Bey Fan February 17, 2012

    Billboard really needs to mind they’re business….

    I dont know if its a smart career move, but hey, who am I.

    I dont condone everything entertainers do, but at some point we have to let them be human.

  100. MissImpartial February 17, 2012

    Lol. Sorry but you offer your kisses to almost everyone on this site.

  101. WHUT February 17, 2012


    Fair enough and yep its her life, live it to the fullest, I could care less cause I have mine to live and will never try to live thru a celeb. Don’t however f*** up your entire brand in one swoop. Too many fans enjoy the brand for it to vanish at her own hands that s*** would really irk the hell out of me.

    I see some saying oh this is all for publicity. Trust and believe this isn’t the type of publicity she needs. The song hasn’t even come out yet and her brand is already being ripped to shreds. If I were on her team and I know that he isn’t on the song now would be the time to speak the hell up cause I can assure you people and especially her true fanbase don’t find this s*** cute at all.

  102. Kerry Johnson February 17, 2012


    Thats because my kisses are pure, it makes you feel better 🙂

  103. zania February 17, 2012

    @Whut, I am a huge CB fan and I don’t blame Rihanna for what happen to CB. I blame the media for taking the 2009 incident and making it one of the most talked about famous incident in history. Other than MJ molestation, can some name another celebrity incident that had this much publicity for years, nonstop and having the world relive it all over again?

  104. WHUT February 17, 2012


    So in otherwords the fans are to be sheep. Nope it just doesn’t work that way. When it comes to her personal life you will never see me say s***. I run no ones life but my own, she can do her. However as a fan when I see my fave on the verge of a major f*** up I have the right to express an opinion on it. She would be nothing without the fans remember lets not forget that.

  105. MissImpartial February 17, 2012

    Lol you’re a joker!!!

  106. I&I(yardie) February 17, 2012

    I also feel that if Rihanna does not get to have her way, it is not going to end well either. Where is her granny and her mum?

  107. WHUT February 17, 2012

    @Zania the incident will haunt him forever. Do I think the media makes more of its cause of race? Yes but at the end of it he f***** up majorly. He also could help himself by not acting out all the time as well. If he gives them nothing to work with i.e angry outburst, they have no stories to run. I am his age and I could never see myself acting as immature. Right now Rihanna is acting immature as well tbh.

  108. BitchIcantevenspellwelfare February 17, 2012

    @RATEDX, if Rihanna wants to date Chris, put him on her track, invite him to all of her upcoming B-Day parties, etc….that is her prerogative.

    Just like it’s my prerogative to no longer support her if she decides to put him on the remix of that song. Artists lose and gain fans everyday. It’s quite simple.

    This is not about dictating how Rihanna lives her life; no one can dictate her life but her. However, this does not mean that her fans should AUTOMATICALLY continue to support her regardless of what she does.

  109. Kerry Johnson February 17, 2012


    Thanx Babe 🙂

  110. Lax February 17, 2012

    @Robert,,, And until Rihanna sounds better to your dam ass, you can always go and jump, skip and hop on your favorite band wagon and leave rihanna to her true fans get you ass some place quick and find you some one who sounds better.
    To the comment about whitney only whitney had talent


  111. Sterling Infinity February 17, 2012

    At the end its non of our business. We are all free moral agents and we make our own decisions whatever the consequence maybe the choice is up to us. All I care about at the end of the day is the artist body of work.
    Just my two cents.

  112. Kerry Johnson February 17, 2012

    Who wants a Spankin!!!!

  113. I&I(yardie) February 17, 2012

    and i can’t believe some of her fans are more concerned about her sales than her well being and state of mind. As much as I do not like her personality, I hope she gets some help. Some of her fans are sickos I tell ya!

  114. Kingphoenix February 17, 2012

    I am just unsure if race is not an issue because there have been many white couples in the industry with abuse situations but, i just don’t think a source such as Billboard would go out of there way to make commentary like “Tell him too f*** off so you can empower people” or “Don’t work with him because we will take back everything we gave you” I know they would be opposed to it, but this seems really weird for freaking BILLBOAD to have an article as such…Rihanna would be out of her damn mind to do a feature with him now because s*** done hit the fan and i can already see this being a disaster for both of their Pop careers.

  115. Kerry Johnson February 17, 2012

    Rihanna has 6 grammies YAY!!!!

  116. Lax February 17, 2012

    If chris was smart and he’s not he would ignore Rihanna
    all together and get his career back on track by himself.
    Rihanna has to be one hot number to get him to run to her
    every becon call, dam SHE HAVE GOT A POWERFUL WIP

  117. Lax February 17, 2012

    Chris would have been on his way and in a good way if he had not
    thrown that chair at ‘Gma”,,, They say that he got mad because they
    asked him about Rihanna now he have to learn how to hear people
    saying her name and not let himself get that upset because it make
    him seem LIKE A ANGRY BLACK MAN.

  118. ChristinasCOMING February 17, 2012

    Don’t y’all get what’s happening here?

    This is what both Rihanna and Chris want! PUBLICITY & ATTENTION!!!!!

    Considering that Rihanna’s last 2 singles have FLOPPED on the charts and Chris is readying his next album, it only makes sense that they’re both desperate to get back on top by means of DRAMA and GOSSIP!

    It’s a shame that when all your crazy antics are washed up this is what you resort to!

    And it’s even more sad that Rihanna is viewed as a role model!

    Chris is not 100% at fault for what happened that night. We all know deep inside that Rihanna is just as much as fault as the next b**** who gets that a** whupped. Quite the double standard you’ve got that it’s ok for a female to beat the s*** out of a man but it’s against the law for a man to beat the hell out of a female.

  119. RATEDX( LEGENDS ARE BORN NOT BOUGHT) February 17, 2012


    if u have read my comments in the past you will say i always say, i dont always support my favs b*******…if my fav f**** up, i will not support that f*** up…

    but in the case with rihanna and chris brown, i dont see why people are putting all the blame on chris…by saying im not going to support rihanna if she gets back together with chris, thats saying, chris is to blame in all this..

    which is not the case..both of them put their hands on each other that night, the police report revealed that rihanna hit him first… and he kick her ass

    both of them f***** up..thats why i said im not going to stop supporting both rihanna and chris, because both of them have an history of hitting on each other..

    that night, rihanna lost..chris took it too far..rihanna even admitted that the media took s*** too far by saying he beated her to a pulp, or she was unconcious…

  120. Kerry Johnson February 17, 2012

    Rihanna is waaaaayyyyyyy to good for chris

  121. Steve February 17, 2012


    I agree with all your comments 100%

    It was an isolated moment of complete and utter madness which will never again be repeated. Only they know the intricate details of their past relationship so who the hell are we to judge without truely knowing the full story.

    Forgiveness is wonderful thing and i have nothing but respect for Rihanna for demonstrating that.

  122. Kerry Johnson February 17, 2012


    Sit the F*** down, Rihanna stays on your mind LOL
    6 Grammies b**** you will deal HAHA

  123. nicoyuki February 17, 2012

    Love her responses. If they we’re not famous they would still be together. The need closure with their relationship, the way they we’re ripped apart was not right

  124. JP February 17, 2012

    @ WHUT,

    This chick’s music glorifies s**, drugs, alcohol and in some instances violence…lol…I’m just shocked you all are being so “higher than thou” about this. THIS?! Like really? You guys are as bad as the catholic church.

    Like seriously? lol Hard, Rude Boi, Watch and Learn, We Found Love video, What’s My Name…rumors of excessive drug abuse, provocative apparel…but THIS is the thing that’s going to make you turn your nose up at Rihanna and stop supporting her?

    I guess none of you have really been deeply involved in a highly emotional relationship…that is also mixed with the demons of fame, fortune and invasive public opinion…

    Sorry…it sounds a little pretentious to me. If anything, you all should be trying to empathize and provide Rihanna with constructive guidance instead of this insensitive totally out of touch nonsense. Seems like some of Rihanna’s fanbase is very similar to some Beyonce’s fan base. Her worse enemy.

    Sorry but people that pass judgement so quickly without warrant get under my skin.

  125. RATEDX( LEGENDS ARE BORN NOT BOUGHT) February 17, 2012


    again its one thing if chris had an history of beating his exes..than i would be outrage if rihanna got back with him

    but both have an history of beating on each other..both have anger issues….

    chris made one mistake, he took that fight to far..he snapped…he paid his dues..

    and rihanna has forgave him….if rihanna forgave him for that night, why are some of her fans still outrage?…its none of our business what rihanna choose to do in her in personal life..

    unless rihanna went and got with a drug dealer, r*****, murderer, than i dont see the purpose of the outrage..

  126. grammy dammy sammy February 17, 2012

    something has gotta give. obviously needed of them has found closure in this situation yet, it’s something that’s still brought up in interviews or worse a shadow cast over their accomplishments. the latter moreso, the situation with Chris Brown. I may not be Rihanna’s biggest fan but if Chris makes her happy and vice versa, then by all means. For someone who’s career is fluorishing as well as hers, she just seems lost on a personal level. i dont blame her fans for speaking against the move either, i mean if Jay did that to Beyonce, im not just gonna say oh it’s her life if she decides to go back to him. i’d hate JayZ for life and my love for Bey would be thawed. As fans, we are not just consumers of their music, we care about our favs that’s why there’s such an outpour of emotions when people like MJ and Whitney died.

    oh and please that excuse that rih had always hit Chris in the past is damn weak, he’s a man (or supposed to be ), if Rihanna’s “juggernaut” punches agitated him that much then break off the relationship and how does anyone know it’s only once Chris laid his hands on her? obviously prior incidents wouldnt have been as severe. the worst part is that he feels like the owes him a pass. Make music for your fans by all means but u battered a celebrity on the eve of the grammys, you cant just dance it away. i’m all for 2nd chances but he just comes volatile, childish unremorseful but apparently thats how Riri likes em so i hope they reunite so we can have one less plotless popstar on our hands

  127. WHUT February 17, 2012

    @Christina’s come and gone I don’t even have the energy to read you to pluto and back today. Ch…W.E gal, Lemme open up this box of pizza right quick, most of the comments have been good reads so far.

  128. grammy dammy sammy February 17, 2012

    *obviously needed

    shoulda been , obviously neither ……

    excuse the typo

  129. Lax February 17, 2012

    Billboard write Letter to Chris Brown
    And Tells HIM TO ACT HIS AGE, SOooo
    Billboard is into the raising Rihanna & Chris
    Business now, Just Amazing.

  130. Kerry Johnson February 17, 2012

    I want BLISS!!!!!!!!!

  131. nicoyuki February 17, 2012

    I ship rihanna / Chris getting back together. There have been worst relationships Ianthe public eye. Its not like they weren’t happy together. They were in love one night and now poeple act like he’s a monster. Nothing bad going to happen let them live

  132. Lax February 17, 2012

    I Sure can’t wait to see what Pappa Jay
    and Mamma Beyonce have got to say
    about one of their very own!

  133. Kerry Johnson February 17, 2012


    Give me some pure deluctable love !!!!!!!

  134. grammy dammy sammy February 17, 2012

    @kerry johnson

    kiii, what’s yo sign boy? 😀

  135. jugs February 17, 2012


    Let them be mad!!!! We make music. Don’t like it, don’t listen! Turn up the music remix is coming soon too! Guess who’s on it?

    WOW… seems like the rumours might be true afterall.
    f*** all you haters.. rihanna and CB remix is going to be ALL KINDS OF EPIC.

  136. Lax February 17, 2012

    if Rihanna & Chris have forgiven each Other
    Than we should all do the same and stop judging
    things and wait and see what happens.
    I feel that their Labels are going to get together and
    S*** Cna what ever might have been remixed because
    neither side want the Fall Out from this, maybe later but
    not right now. I Want Both of them to do good in their careers
    and keep up the good work they both do. They have got a lot
    to offer to the industry and they both can work to make their
    career goals bigger and better, they have got youth on their side.
    And pappa jay will have to realize that none of us are Squeaky clean , in the blame department about things that has gone on in our lives and we are saved by grace and the raw determination to do better than we ever did before in out lives.

  137. SLAYFANISTANN. February 17, 2012

    I saw this on ATRL….

    Really,I don’t want her to collaborate with Chris Brown because it would basically mean career suicide.I mean,I don’t think she should stop seeing him altogether or completely shun him but she’s in the public eye,and the GP is FICKLE as hell(They will tear you down in a heartbeat).The consequences will be DISASTROUS on both ends (Rihanna’s more than Chris’s).My Advice is a warning.If Rihanna plans to pursue this collaboration,she WILL have to brave their stones….

    ALSO,BB Published a letter to Chris as well…….

  138. Kerry Johnson February 17, 2012


    ARIES 🙂

  139. grammy dammy sammy February 17, 2012


    that may be true but on the flip side im actually starting to suspect all of this may just be for publicity well i guess we’ll find out soon enough. im not an avid supporter of either but their moral compass must be really missing a chip if they made ridicule of something both their fanbases are sensitive about

  140. Lifee February 17, 2012

    @RatedX your usually a smart poster and I usually agree with everything you say but I have to DISAGREE with you on this. Did you NOT just read the police report that was leaked that stated FACTS on what happened that night? Did you NOT see Chris Brown face that was leaked of that night? He only had ONE little bump above his ip while RIhanna was BATTERED and BUMPS and black and blue and busted lip. That’s not a “fight.” That was more of a spazzing out attack. He even said he was going to “kill” her when they got home. How can any of you support him after that? It’s just mind-boggling. It really is smh.

    Rihanna was just starting to grow on me but if she does get back with him I will no longer respect nor support her. You can forgive him all you want but something like this you can NEVER forget. It’s not about Chris beating Rihanna, it’s about him beating a women JUST three years ago. Just because he got a little certificate he’s a changed me? PLEASE! After all those displays of anger twitter rants, smashing the chair at the window at GMA, and not even finishing his Community Service after he basically got off FREE shows he isn’t changed. LAWD yall need help and get past his semi-cute face……….

  141. WHUT February 17, 2012


    You @ me so I assume you’re referring to me so please do me a favor and show me where I said my support for her would cease.

    Pfft at holier than tho. Stop it. Read my post again, my focal point in all of them has been the sheer disaster from a career standpoint of having him involved with her ESPECIALLY on a song like this. Heck not even a ballad like We all want love but Birthday Cake?! This would be ALL KINDS of stupid and as a fan I have to right to express that thought. It would be a big f*** up and that’s not being judgmental that’s being honest.

    Pft at pretentious as well. I’m a fan not a therapist, so I don’t wish to dwelve into the woman’s personal life. Most of it is blown out of proportion as it is. Like how you’re even assuming that she is firmly back in a relationship with dude based off of what exactly? Last time I checked dude has a GF and even has the chick tattooed on himself. Again read my post fore you spout off, I understand that their relationship was complex as hell was both good and bad but I’m merely here for my fave’s in a musical sense. If anyone wants to live her life have a blast but when I see her about to f*** her a career with such a boneheaded move devoid of all logic I as a fan have a right to speak my views on it.

  142. RATEDX( LEGENDS ARE BORN NOT BOUGHT) February 17, 2012

    let me get this straight……i dont know rihanna personally, never met the chick,

    and she gets into a relationship with somebody who kicks her ass ONCE, …i’m suppose to hate that person who kicked her ass for the rest of my life, because im a fan of rihanna?

    people needs to stop investing their life into people they dont know personally..

    how can i hate chris, if i dont know rihanna personally? her personal life aint got s*** to do with me..

    i’m a fan of her music, not who she’s f******..

    now, i get it…

  143. Lax February 17, 2012

    What ever is cominmg less hear it and let the
    party began.

  144. grammy dammy sammy February 17, 2012


    that’s mine too lol. are u on fb now? on another note, i really need Bey to come back now im sick of paying attention to ur fav’s shenanigans. i dunno how yall do it , she’s like a problem child lol,

  145. nicoyuki February 17, 2012

    They are making music for their real fans. Now I really wanna hear birthday cake AND turn up the music remix. Their young if it doesn’t work out they can use this to grow and learn. Damn people get off their nuts.

  146. Lax February 17, 2012

    I am also waiting to see what she & drake cooked up too.

  147. Girrrl February 17, 2012

    I like Rihanna and am indifferent to CB.

    I’ve never been in a dv relationship but have experienced a volatile relationship and would never want to be around that person in anyway. If this is true I don’t understand how. Rihanna can be comfortable with cb in anyway.

  148. X,Y,”and Z” February 17, 2012

    This is some of the most racist, dumbest, nonsensical s*** I’ve ever read!!

    I mean, for ALL intents and purposes, “We Found Love”, with that CBreezy look-a-like, WAS (though a facsimile) “working WITH Chris”. Listen, Rihanna/Def Jam saw just how successful ‘WFL’ was ALL because it was/is based in THEIR reality.

    And just WHO is this “Jason Lipshutz”? ..So because HE decided “there hasn’t been enough contrition/not enough time has passed” we should all now kowtow to his all-seeing wisdom? F*** HIM!!! F*** THAT A***-SPREADING B******!

    What about OUR feelings on the matter? Don’t WE, the consumer buying public, matter, or figure into the equation? Why do we allow homosexuals dictate all that is moral and right to us, when they so flagrantly sin and BASH the Old Testament? HE’S A WALKING PATHOLOGICAL INFESTATION – F*** HIM..!!

    “WE” – the people- are A-L-L that matter. “WE” have now ruled: time to move on – and we’ve now voiced our verdict in no uncertain language:

    1.) “Takers” – Now grossing upwards of $100-Million, with CBreezy the Executive Producer AND Actor with THE longest screen-fact time of that film.
    2.) Platinum selling music.
    3.) “Record Setting audience draw”: DWTS: 19-Million; NBC Summer Series: 19,000 strong audience – a record; BET Award/Tribute: 7.7 Million; SNL appearance: season record audience. etc..etc..etc..

    “WE”, who reach into our pockets and then spend our now hard-earned recession-era consumer-discretionary dollars have now spoken! Who is this homosexual to now countermand “THE PEOPLE’S VERDICT”?

    “How is it racist,” you now ask?

    ..Well, where was Mr. Lipshutz’ outrage when Charile Sheen was made TV’s highest paid sit-com actor AFTER he’d then held a knife to the throat of his wife – WITH HIS CHILDREN IN VIEW! Where was, then heard, his outrage when Mel Gibson’s GOOD FRIENDS, Robert Downy and Jody Foster, are now seeking to expedite HIS “return”. And if anyone needs reminding: Mel Gibson punched his child’s mother in her mouth, then knocking out BOTH her front teeth – WHILE SHE HELD SAID CHILD IN HER ARMS. He then took a gun and held it to HER HEAD!! RACISM!! Sheer, Boldfaced, Utter racism.


    X,Y,”and Z”

  149. HEYHEYHEY February 17, 2012

    We have to wait and see that all i have to say

  150. Lax February 17, 2012

    Hearts was broken when this went down and we
    are trying wanting both of them to live and let live
    and don’t let what happen before happen again
    it would be career killing for both of them.

  151. Alex Thomas February 17, 2012

    IT’S DONE FOR GOODNESS SAKE! I love Chris and Rihanna! What harm could a duet do? You can’t hold a grudge for the rest of your life. What happened between Rihanna and Chris happens to people all over the world; only theirs was more publicized.

    By the way, I’m a#Rowldawg. Kelly Rowland 🙂

  152. Kerry Johnson February 17, 2012


    I was on FB not too long ago, but now im just cooking some food 🙂
    And miss beyonce can take another break, it wont hurt her 🙂

  153. zania February 17, 2012

    @LIFE, How do you know CB hasn’t change, I would be idiot to really comment on someone personally life that I really don’t know. You think you know CB based on his twitter comments or blogs who report negative stuff on him. Say if you met someone and everyone told you a bunch negative stuff about that person, would you take it at face value, or would actually get to know that person and judge yourself. How do you know if CB has change and what he’s like behind doors. You really don’t know, you only know what you read from gossip blogs. You bring up the GMAs incident have it occurred to you or anyone if CB was such a monster, why would a major show have him perform the next week. I think they could’ve got more coverage if they would’ve arrested him, don’t you think. The media is here to entertain you fools, don’t believe everything that is on these blogs.

  154. RATEDX( LEGENDS ARE BORN NOT BOUGHT) February 17, 2012


    i read the real police report that tmz paid for, not leaked…that stated rihanna hit him first..
    hence why i said people needs to keep their hands to themselves..both of them f***** up..rihanna got the worst of the fight,

    because he f***** once, im suppose to call him a monster?

    the only person that needs to forgive chris, is rihanna, nobody else..

    chris doesnt owe anybody else s***….

    if u want to sit here and hate chris for the rest of ur life for something that aint got s*** to do with u personally, thats on u

  155. kody3x February 17, 2012

    if this is true i wish chris would just stay away from this crazy b**** she is trouble

  156. Those That Cannot Do, Stan February 17, 2012

    Lol, Chris better start stretching his fingers because he’ll be on Twitter all day and night defending his ass from the second that song is released.

    As for RiRi…like someone else said she set herself up for brand failure. You think companies will want an abused woman who gets her abuser on a song like “Suck my cockiness”?

    She, and he, are so clearly messed up in the head. Immature, damaged and only able to think 2 steps in the future.

    Good luck with that mess, hmmm one of the few times you can count down a career catastrophe.

  157. Kerry Johnson February 17, 2012


    Watch your mouth young man!!!!!!
    Rihanna >>>>>>>>>>>>>>Chris anyday and you will deal 🙂

  158. JP February 17, 2012

    @ WHUT,

    1) You addressed me first. It’s nothing personal.
    2) I’m talking about Rihanna fans in general. If what I communicate doesn’t reflect your actions, it’s not for you.
    3) Nothing I communicated explicitly or implicitly stated the two are together at the moment. But the two were involved…that much is obvious.
    4) Put everything about your life open to the public and see how you like people stating their opinion about you.
    5) I’m just saying…her fans can turn their eye to everything else destructive about her music…but now they want to take a stand against something? lol Get out of here. She has been trying to maintain this bad girl image ever since Good Girl Gone Bad…so why are you all surprised if she makes decisions you all consider morally grey?

    Again, it’s nothing personal…but it’s kind of silly for certain people to protest this considering Rihanna’s music is what it is. I mean are we talking about the same Rihanna? lol She presents herself as being an anything type chick. Like…completely anything.

  159. grammy dammy sammy February 17, 2012


    im barely on these days, undergrad flow and all lol. oh pls she played us, she took 2010 off, just when we started to enjoy the year of 4, she had to get knocked ugh at least the baby is beautiful hehe

  160. kody3x February 17, 2012

    @kerry johnson shut your ass up i dont want chris around her psychotic ass you will deal

  161. Bey Fan… February 17, 2012

    I saw Rihanna response and Chris tweet…. now I know some of ya consider Beyonce fake or a robot, but what I respect most is that she doesn’t feel the need to respond. And if she does respond, it’s not a sly, smart ass remark….

    At this point Riri saying she’s chiefin with this IDGAF attitude , and chris tweets….just seem a little immature at this point.

    If they did in fact do the remix, and its a great track, just let the music come out. ppl will either support it or it will flop.

    They (Riri and Chris) dont have to explain everything they do. And they def dont have to respond to the critics.

    Twitter is really gonna be the death of these celebs……

  162. nicoyuki February 17, 2012

    @those that cannot do, stan she or he are not sick they love each other. It was a one time thing that I’m sure wont happen again. People need to let them be happy and in love

  163. Shocked February 17, 2012

    From when a country singer expresses her opinion by stating “Keep him in his place”. That s*** told me that these people are asking a 24yr old young woman to live her life as the poster child for battered woman the world over. This is not your life to run and the events of this past weekend should show us what can happen when someone carries the weight of expectation, judgement and the burden of being who and living how the world expects you to live.

    If Chris finally stops seeing the reactions of the public as victimisation and simply the judgemental reactions of his initial act of unjustifiable violence that will be the day I say let them live. They were destine to be with one another so as long as the events of the past three years taught them how important it is to love, honour, respect and cherish each other.

  164. WHUT February 17, 2012

    @Jugs just saw that Meh I’m out, this pizza is far too damn good for me to care about peeps who could give shits about their own careers. Nice Work Rihanna/ Def Jam / RocNation/ Da Internz. way to f*** an era right on up.

    Poor Where has the Lord they God Been I really was hoping for you to shine. Tis not to be.

  165. grammy dammy sammy February 17, 2012

    @those that cannot …..

    u’re right about that, he’ll be tweeting about it much more than she will and u just know it’s gonna be a pile of crap coming from him. if Rihanna’s fans have any valid reason to be worried about a repeat occurence, it’s his sheer immaturity. No wonder she be slapping him, he seems like the kinda guy that talks a whole lotta bull

  166. lax February 17, 2012


  167. JP February 17, 2012

    @ BEY FAN,

    Exactly. I agree with you.

    This is actually making me appreciate Rihanna more as an artist and individual. Rihanna is doing her…not what the media, society and her “fans” pressure her to do.

    I hope everyone who is so against this is as analytical and concerned about the problems in their own life as they are about Rihanna’s perceived problems.

  168. X,Y,”and Z” February 17, 2012

    Y’all want to see what “women beating” REALLY looks like?

    ..Here’s links to pictures of Charlie Sheen’s X-GF’s. Now these pictures are going back DECADES – like back to the 1990s Here, have a look:!5774374/charlie-sheens-history-of-violence-toward-women Here’s what one of the many battered women look like. Now, mind you, this happened now, well-over a decade ago: cache.gawker(dotcom)/assets/images/jezebel/2011/03/brittany3211.jpg

    And why do I make reference to Charlie Sheen? Well, Charlie Sheen was only recently – and up to his most-recent arrest for holding a knife to his wife’s throat, threatening her, with their children in full view – TV’s highest paid Sit-Com actor. And this comes AFTER Golden Globe award after Golden Globe award, after prestigious, highly coveted film/movie industry awards!

    And Mel Gibson? Well, Mel Gibson is the producer, director of “Passion Of The Christ”. He’s a VERY religious man. He’s also a well-documented racist, antisemitic, and as the following link will reveal, very much a woman beater: radaronline(dotcom)/exclusives/2010/07/world-exclusive-photo-oksana-after-she-says-mel-gibson-punched-her-mouth <–These pictures were taken the morning AFTER "Mel 'Mad Max' Gibson" punched his baby mama in the mouth, knocking-out both of her front teeth. He'd then held a gun to her head – WHILE SHE HELD THEIR INFANT CHILD IN HER ARMS!

    Where THEN was the collective cries of outrage?? Where THEN was the media frenzy and endless media-cycle coverage that was poured upon 'Feb 8th, 2009 Chrianna'?? There wasn't, know why? It's the very same reason that O.J. Simpson was given the coverage that Casey Anthony wasn't: RACISM.

    But "WE", the public, with/by the use of our monies have ALREADY spoken: MOVE THE F*** ON ALREADY..!!

    X,Y,"and Z"

  169. Kerry Johnson February 17, 2012


    Chris brown dont want you fool, as you can see he’s not into guys.
    You can’t have his d*** sorry ( it’s just the way it is.
    And personally I dont Want Rihanna with Chris either she’s better off with me 🙂


    Lol I can see that!!!! oh well atleast you got Rihanna right!!! 🙂

  170. Those That Cannot Do, Stan February 17, 2012


    Loving someone who would hurt or devalue you is sick. People can miss me with defending this, it’s classic battered woman syndrome but now it’s going to be served out in the public for us all to shake our heads. Love doesn’t hurt and someone who loves you doesn’t savagely beat you or threaten to kill toy.

    I’m guessin you were one of the girl fans of Chris who were saying they’d be happy for him to beat them.

  171. HUSHBITCH February 17, 2012

    I will type this once & once only. Rihanna can do whatever the hell she wants as far her personal life goes (i.e dating WHOEVER) it’s HER life! I know. However her career, not personal life but CAREER! is fueled by the fans/public who buy her singles, albums etc.
    NOW if she wants to do a collab with a man that nearly beat her to death she obviously can, but in what corner of her & her management’s minds would give them the slightest idea that this Is indeed what her fans/public want. TBH if anything all it’ll cause is backlash & a BIG down grade to her artistic persona & brand she so successfully built from day. I mean her fans supported her when all the drama happened back in 09′ & she now thinks it’s cool to be like whatever ima put him on my song & you will all DEAL & buy it. NO ma’am. Career suicide is what this is. So if this is in fact what Rihanna wants go ahead girl. Just know it WON’T be cute. (And as far me supporting her singles, albums, etc. goes, I’ll pass)

    S.N; I know this isn’t confirmed,

  172. Mild February 17, 2012

    i dont think that rihanna is a role model. what exactly does she do that makes her a f****** role model? chris and rihanna has such a fanbase, and they loved them together. ill admit once the incident happened it shook us all, but now its been 3 years, she’s obviously still in love. and now that they have such a fanbase from 3 years ago it will only get better. fans will love them together and the song.

  173. kody3x February 17, 2012

    @kerry johnson shut your fagget ass up go eat a d***

  174. Robert February 17, 2012

    I’m so glad I’m a Beyonce fan and Chris brown fan….

    Beyonce got the “TRUE VOICE”
    She actually has talent compared to Rihanna. She can dance, sing, perform LIVE, etc… She broke records, she has 16 grammys, she’s mentioned by legends in positive light.

    Chris Brown has the voice, movies, and talent.

    Rihanna… She sucks d*** for bags, hit records, red & blonde hair dye, etc… Rihanna will not be remembered within the next 10 years. If so…. only because of the number of hit singles she has. Nothing more.

    FACT…. No ignorance over here. It’s truth in a mean nasty way.

  175. Kerry Johnson February 17, 2012

    @X’Y'”AND Z
    Will you shut up already DAMN….. Nobody cares what you think
    Your NOT GOD!!!!!!!!!
    So STFU 🙂

  176. @CBDani February 17, 2012

    rihanna go be on the remix of Turn Up The Music!!! chris just tweeted that him self …

  177. BitchIcantevenspellwelfare February 17, 2012

    @Those That Cannot Do, Stan

    “it’s classic battered woman syndrome but now it’s going to be served out in the public for us all to shake our heads.”—!!!!

    @HUSHBITCH, I agree with your post 100%.

  178. Those That Cannot Do, Stan February 17, 2012


    Definitely. Even if they wanted to do this neither one has the self control to handle this properly. Rihanna been getting slick in the mouth on Twitter for a minute and dismissing BB like that? Then you’ve got Chris who will undoubtedly get real ugly and embarass himself…

    Whistling. These poor fools, folks who hate Rihanna or Chris should get the popcorn for this one because they’re going to torpedo what little progress he made/her brand.

  179. Kerry Johnson February 17, 2012


    Truth hurts, Gay ass 🙂


    Rihanna>>>>>>>>>Your first child 🙂

  180. Robert February 17, 2012

    @Kerry Johnson The F**

    Beyonce >>>> Rihanna’s beat face >>>>>>>>>>> your LIFE.

  181. @CBDani February 17, 2012

    Let them be mad!!!! We make music. Don’t like it, don’t listen! Turn up the music remix is coming soon too! Guess who’s on it?

  182. Jayla February 17, 2012


  183. Kerry Johnson February 17, 2012

    @ROBERT The C** Eater!!

    LOL I must have struck a nerver eh 🙂
    Rihanna>>>>>>>>Beyonce and all your baby daddies!!!!!

  184. grammy dammy sammy February 17, 2012


    no babe, u got Rihanna, i got nothing lol, well i do have a few others im enjoying musically but on the celebrity juice front, im really lacking, i just dont care enough for these other folks

    @those that cannot ….

    exactly, you know i was considered that if he wasn’t equipped with the civilisation of the stone age men, maybe just maybe this whole thing would’ve died down abit further but no he’s still on his tweet-then-delete bs. what stable man does that? so much for the anger management. if Beyonce fed into every negative thing said about her, the woman would be in a mental institution now but pretty kid somehow how think he’s entitled to a discarded history

  185. Robert February 17, 2012

    @Kerry Johnson; The F** who eats S***

    Oh never that…

    Beyonce & Blue Ivy > Rihanna the Goat

    That Moment rihanna got her ass beat > Her whole career, goat singing talent and your mama you c***.

  186. NATALIE February 17, 2012

    Billboard and TGJ congrats for once you have made an excellent analysis of this .If this collab with Chris happens I am not stanning for Rihanna anymore. She would be a disgrace to every woman who suffered domestic abuse. She is a role model and she can she isn’t but she is.

  187. kody3x February 17, 2012

    @kerry johnson the only gay ass on this site is you you spend all your time on here saying stupid things trying to pick up women when everybody knows you are a fagget

  188. Lax February 17, 2012

    Noooooow you all know thst you
    can not leave Rihanna and Twitter along
    for two long because they have got a great
    relationship and they have fun together!!!!!!!!

  189. NATALIE February 17, 2012


    What a horrible thing to say. Being beaten should be a trait to insult someone with.

  190. CBE February 17, 2012

    F*** THIS! Chris so disappointed in you if you gonna get involved with this chick again after what you went through,she milked the whole situation and let you take the beatings from the media and fans.It pisses me off to think TEAMBREEZY can support this being that they are the driving force behind his comback.

    Rihanna fans acting like she important the b**** is fading and is trying to get the indemand Chris brown,I feel like vomitting reading these comments like he needs her LET THE B**** FADE CHRIS!


  191. NATALIE February 17, 2012


    What a horrible thing to say. Being beaten shouldn’t be a trait to insult someone with.

  192. P**** POP (THE B**** OF THAT GRAPE JUICE) February 17, 2012

    well i really agree wit rated x, i just think that dat punk made his mistake and he paid for it, he almost lost his carrer that time.. its their personal life and pepole cant judge dem about how they feel’ he f***** up and now she forgave him why da f***** ass hell are pepole so psychotic about this issue?!
    on the other hand pepole may not like dat she is teaming up wit him on the bcake remix and it may hurt her carrer… i really hope that it will have a big twist and everythang will workout..

  193. Kerry Johnson February 17, 2012


    And this is coming from a dude that stay on chris brown’s d*** HAHAHA
    Go back to sucking, I see you!!!!!!!

    @Robert The take it in the ass boy

    Rihanna in the the same catalog as whitney, Madonna, and Mariah when your fav does it the nyou can talk, in the mean time keep preaching about beyonce’s 16 grammies that she bought HAHAHAHA

  194. kody3x February 17, 2012

    @kerry johnson im not the one who uses this website to pick up women with your strawberry short cake ass

  195. Kerry Johnson February 17, 2012


    Strawberry short cake ass?????? LOL
    You just prove my point you ignorant hoodrat
    Glad my ass stays on your mind aswell 🙂

  196. MichaelAngelo February 17, 2012

    if this happens, Rihanna will gain more fans than lose fans. i think they are under the impression that RiRi gained fans and chris lost fans after the mess 3 years ago. They are at a point where they need to heal. What better way to heal than to do a song together. Good role models are able to forgive and press on. After all. THEY know the truth that nobody else knows. Let those kids make their music. I bet you the song hits #!.

  197. TheMan4u February 17, 2012

    Just like the article said like it or not she is a role model and she has a responsibility to her YOUNG female fans. She said in her own words what kind of message would she send to them if she took him back. im all for moving forward but Chris has still not owned up to what he has done, he did community service because he had to and has walked around with a chip on his shoulder as if he was the one done wrong. he should have been on his hands and knees groveling to earn back respect from the public but most of you were ready to forgive the next day and blamed her for getting beat. had they both handled the situation better and made this a learning example for any young female thats going through it, i would be the first one to praise there reunion but chris continued his spoil destructive ways and was never really punished for what he did.

  198. kody3x February 17, 2012

    @kerry johnson nothing is hood rat about me and even if i was that still would not make your gay ass better than me

  199. JP February 17, 2012

    lol @ people thinking Rihanna has ever been a role model.

    if you want your daughter to engage in the behavior promoted by Rihanna’s music…you probably shouldn’t invest much time into becoming a parent.

  200. Rick February 17, 2012


  201. Ciara is a superstar February 17, 2012

    Im not a big CB fan and I think he needs to mature and stop being so self absorbed but …………


    Why are they only upset when she works with Chris??? Why does the caucasian media have a double standard. This double standard needs to be addressed by the black media in America.

    Billboard needs to get out of this woman’s personal business

  202. JP February 17, 2012


    Thank you. And society is allowing this to happen and adding fuel to the fire.

  203. LAX February 17, 2012

    I totally agree with RATEDX( LEGENDS ARE BORN NOT BOUGHT)

    She right!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  204. JohnVidal February 17, 2012

    Since when does Chis Brown have an outstanding career??? Maybe I´m too used to follow true great acts.
    Anyway, that type of violence… no mam. That´s why I hate Bobby Brown, Ike Turner or Eminem
    Yes he is very talented specially for dancing, but they should keep the distance forever. I could believe the guy is good or has changed and all that… but if they reunite… well not that neither of them will be legends at any point, but I think that would definitely be the end of their careers

  205. KeriB February 17, 2012

    Looks like somebody is afraid that the real truth is going to come out about that night. lol And Billbaord is making alot of money of Rihanna’s music. Well people I think the turth is finally coming out.

  206. X,Y,”and Z” February 17, 2012

    GAT DAMN.. Kerry Johnson must’ve said something to me, my AntiVirus AND Firewall just went CRAZY..!!

    ..And why did God invent A***? BECAUSE GOD HATES GAYS..!!

    X,Y,”and Z”

  207. HeavyHeavy February 17, 2012

    @ ciara is a superstar

    your bang with that but thats how racist the media is, Eminem didn’t go through all the b******* Chris has, plus my A list celebrities like Nicholas Cage has done the same thing and they are still making blockbuster movies without being questioned and hated on every minute…Chris has it hard and it must be hard to handle all this HATE so gracefully and just because Chris expresses some anger on annoyance don’t automatically prove he has anger issues..he just direct and no b*******!!!!

    can’t wait for these remixes am fully supporting!! All about the music

  208. So Opinionated February 17, 2012

    Im all for 2nd chances, hell there are many of us that shouldve left someone in our past, but went back for a few..some happy endings, others not so happy. BUT my concern would be more for her endorsement deals. Big time companies care what people think and hate to be looked at in a negative light, so they is a possibility that they will drop her due pressure. As for Chris, I he will actually probably get benefit from people knowing she has officially forgiven him.

  209. JohnVidal February 17, 2012

    @ HeavyHeavy
    To be honest Nicholas Cage has not had a succesful film in at leat a decade. Bobby Brown… hmm he´s basically hated by the world, and yeah I can´t understand Eminem´s case. I suppose it is cos he is a raper? And public who follow rap is… different? I´m glad rap music is the only one I don´t like. That way it is like Eminem doedn´t exit to me

  210. KeriB February 17, 2012

    Listen people how do you know how Rihanna feels when she on line or watching TV and even from her fans something horrible being said about Chris, and you yourself (Rihanna ) know that those things that was said in 2009 were all lies.

    Billboad is getting payola this is why they are so concern about her& Chris. Rihanna as you can all see is doing what she wants.

  211. larry February 17, 2012

    did it ever occur to you people that Rihanna is getting tired of all a this. She knows it she does anything with Chris what would happen. Looks like she don’t care anymore.

  212. perhaps February 17, 2012

    I really want to say f#%K off! to billboard but they do have a point. However you cannot live for other people you have to live for yourself…so Rihanna is going to do what she wants to do period its really not any of our business anyway. SN I do agree that this with further hurt Chris Brown’s career.

  213. Jennifer February 17, 2012

    Billboard has NO say in the matter. They are just making this more scandalous than it is.

  214. mobwife February 17, 2012

    ARE THESE PPL F*CKING KIDDING ME? Who the f*ck is Billboard to tell an artist who they can and cannot work with? Can they now dictate who will write a song for an artist? How about who can or cannot produce a song? WTF IS REALLY GOING ON HERE? So if she or he doesn’t comply to their demands then what? They will not be “placed on the charts”? I cannot believe that in a alleged FREE NATION 2 black artists can’t work together as they had in the past. This is complete b*******.

    OKAY THEY ARE ABOUT TO TURN INTO: a #TeamBreezy & #RihannaNavy stan

  215. commanderofthedancefloor February 17, 2012

    how is rihanna fading? first you are spending time on a post about he so obviously she is still relevant!

    second NO ONE knows if this is even true or not so stop acting like it is a fact

    third this wont do anything to her career honestly all the females who said they wouldnt buy any of her music if she worked with him, well you just werent a real fan!!! because a fan of kusic in general will not decide whether they buy an album or not based off of an artists personal life! if i like the music i buy it if i dont then i wont buy it plain and simple! and most of you on here probably illegally download it anyways!!!

  216. xedos February 17, 2012

    are they f****** or they just working together? because i see nothing wrong with them working together .

  217. winning February 17, 2012

    Yup I love Rihannas music but Im beginning to truly dislike her as a person…she has to understand that as a celebrity her actions carry meaning whether she wanst them to or not… Getting back so close PUBLICLY with her abuser who has shown NO humility or true remorse, so quickly after being beat like that sends the message to women out there that ‘LOVE’ is more important than your self esteem and sometimes your life.

    BAD decision Rihanna… Bad decision…I wont be listening anymore

  218. Onyx February 17, 2012

    I love Eminem he is my favorite Rapper, OMG! i just love him.

  219. Anne February 17, 2012

    Confused! Who is Jah and what is chiefin? SOMEONE PLEASE TRANSLATE.

  220. Truth February 17, 2012

    The REAL Police Report

    Brown was driving a vehicle with Robyn F. as the front passenger on an unknown street in Los Angeles. Robyn F. picked up Brown’s cellular phone and observed a three-page text message from a woman who Brown had a previous sexual relationship with.

    “A verbal argument ensued and Brown pulled the vehicle over on an unknown street, reached over Robyn F. with his right hand, opened the car door and attempted to force her out. Brown was unable to force Robyn F. out of the vehicle because she was wearing a seat belt. When he could not force her to exit, he took his right hand and shoved her head against he passenger window of the vehicle, causing an approximate one-inch raised circular contusion.

    “Robyn F. turned to face Brown and he punched her in the left eye with his right hand. He then drove away in the vehicle and continued to punch her in the face with his right hand while steering the vehicle with his left hand. The assault caused Robyn F.’s mouth to fill with blood and blood to splatter all over her clothing and the interior of the vehicle.

    “Brown looked at Robyn F. and stated, ‘I’m going to beat the sh– out of you when we get home! You wait and see!’

    ” The detective said “Robyn F.” then used her cell phone to call her personal assistant Jennifer Rosales, who did not answer.

    “Robyn F. pretended to talk to her and stated, ‘I’m on my way home. Make sure the police are there when I get there.’ After Robyn F. faked the call, Brown looked at her and stated, ‘You just did the stupidest thing ever! Now I’m really going to kill you!’

    “Brown resumed punching Robyn F. and she interlocked her fingers behind her head and brought her elbows forward to protect her face. She then bent over at the waist, placing her elbows and face near her lap in [an] attempt to protect her face and head from the barrage of punches being levied upon her by Brown.

    “Brown continued to punch Robyn F. on her left arm and hand, causing her to suffer a contusion on her left triceps (sic) that was approximately two inches in diameter and numerous contusions on her left hand.

    “Robyn F. then attempted to send a text message to her other personal assistant, Melissa Ford. Brown snatched the cellular telephone out of her hand and threw it out of the window onto an unknown street.

    “Brown continued driving and Robyn F. observed his cellular telephone sitting in his lap. She picked up the cellular telephone with her left hand and before she could make a call he placed her in a head lock with his right hand and continued to drive the vehicle with his left hand.

    “Brown pulled Robyn F. close to him and bit her on her left ear. She was able to feel the vehicle swerving from right to left as Brown sped away. He stopped the vehicle in front of 333 North June Street and Robyn F. turned off the car, removed the key from the ignition and sat on it.

    “Brown did not know what she did with the key and began punching her in the face and arms. He then placed her in a head lock positioning the front of her throat between his bicep and forearm. Brown began applying pressure to Robyn F.’s left and right carotid arteries, causing her to be unable to breathe and she began to lose consciousness.

    “She reached up with her left hand and began attempting to gouge his eyes in an attempt to free herself. Brown bit her left ring and middle fingers and then released her. While Brown continued to punch her, she turned around and placed her back against the passenger door. She brought her knees to her chest, placed her feet against Brown’s body and began pushing him away. Brown continued to punch her on the legs and feet, causing several contusions.

    “Robyn F. began screaming for help and Brown exited the vehicle and walked away. A resident in the neighborhood heard Robyn F.’s plea for help and called 911, causing a police response. An investigation was conducted and Robyn F. was issued a Domestic Violence Emergency Protective Order.”

  221. Truth February 17, 2012

    3 years ago or not. Rihanna just being given the right to perform and use youth to sell her albums to children and teens everywhere make her somewhat responsible for her output. it was not a mistake, he meant to hurt her, and she’s just running back just to sell a single from TTT. thats beyond sad.

  222. Borilove February 17, 2012

    All im gonna say its that a BACKLASH ITS COMING FOR RIHANNA. NOT FOR HIM, FOR HER!!

  223. trisha24 February 17, 2012

    This site print whatever they fell will bring them hits. I went over to billboard and this open letter was written by someone in the Navy. Go check it for yourself. Funny how a RihannaNavy took the time to write this open letter and gave it to The Billboard. Go check Billabord

  224. mobwife February 17, 2012

    THIS IS COMPLETE B*******! I am amzed that pplwsould actually agree with BILLBOARD giving advice to Rihanna and Chris. You didn’t print that b******* they wrote to him. When did thay give advice to EMINEM about Kim or to country western w**** Miranda Lambert about not screwing married men and making racist htreaten statments toward Chris Brown?

    I think i’m gonna have ot stay off line for a long while. This is too much and to think their are ppl who are dumb enough to agree with a music chart mag dictating orders to 2 artsist about thier person lives. WTF are these ppl to bully and force Ri or CB to do anything? WHERE ARE THE LEADERS IN THE BLK COMMMUNITY – MUSIC, FILM, RADIO/TV ETC. It’s time that the media is stopped.

  225. LOLOLOL February 17, 2012

    It’s this simple…. don’t like the idea…—>don’t support it… if you do…—>listen to it…their personal business is their personal business…. that’s it…

  226. mobwife February 17, 2012


    B**** Rihanna and Chris were in a 3 year relationship as TEENAGERS (16-19/17-20)! Rihanna is not an American citizen and as such, had she been convicted she would have been deported never to return. What you think you know based on what was said and scripted doesn’t give you a CLUE ABOUT WHAT ACTUALLY F****** HAPPENED THAT NIGHT! Stop being a media TOOL! Chris took all responsibility for a reason and they both know why!!


  227. Lax February 17, 2012

    @ROBERT,,,HEY THERE YOU little d*** mofo
    All that you named that BEYONCE HAS IT’S
    Also better than all of the other artist in the industry
    and she sure do have more GRAMMYS Then RIHANNA

  228. RATEDX( LEGENDS ARE BORN NOT BOUGHT) February 17, 2012

    so let me get this straight, rihanna read a couple of text from a different woman chris used to f***, and they got into an argument, and chris brown out of nowhere tried to pushed rihanna out of a moving car?

    does that s*** even make any sense?

    so rihanna whos on twitter calling people c**** and b****** and telling people to kiss her ass, allowed for chris to give her a beat down, without defending herself?

    get the f*** out of here… me i know chicks like rihanna, chicks like rihanna is not just going to argue if they catch their man cheating, she hit him first..i used to be like rihanna, we have crazy in us…

    like i said befire i became a fan of rihanna, shes not a victim of domestic violence..she fought with her boyfriend and got ther ass kick…

    this is a joke to me, people calling chris a monster, meanwhile there are many men and woman out there getting their asses kick on the regular..

  229. RATEDX( LEGENDS ARE BORN NOT BOUGHT) February 17, 2012

    and how did chris end up bitting on her fingers, if her hand wasnt near his face?

    what rihanna went throught was not domestic violence, she got her ass kick…

    her people used this domestic violence b*******, to sell records, and make rihanna seem like a victim..

    and trust rihanna didnt want to break with chris, the media made her break up with him…she even went back to him….i feel bad for both of them….mainly for chris, because the rest of his life hes going to be known as a monster…which is not fair..

    he made 1 mistake and u people on here acting like she beat ur mama, sister, aunt cousin..acting like none of you never made a mistake

    again none of this s*** is any of our business, …….if rihannna forgave chris, as a fan u should able to move the f*** on too..and let the chick be happy…

    and mind yall business..

  230. trisha24 February 17, 2012


    Why don’t you send that police report to Rihanna’s twitter better yet send it to her Facebook . I’m willing to bet she will block you. Lmfao

  231. lifee February 18, 2012

    @RatedX You CAN’T be serious….. wow…….
    And there was no other police report. What you read before was what witnesses said happened. The REAL police report is the one that just got leaked. Chris Brown didn’t just hit her once. HE REPEATEDLY hit her which is no longer a “mistake” but a CRIME. Even if Rihanna would get back with him the fact remains CHRIS BROWN BATTERED A WOMEN only three years ago. Ever since, he has been playing victim all over twitter rallying up “TeamBreezy” getting these kids hyped so they can support his so-called music. smh. From smashing the window with the chair and twitter rants I can tell he haven’t learned s***.

  232. J.L.O February 18, 2012

    the only exes who should collaborate are Britney and Justin!
    This is a horrible idea, as much as i like both it just makes me frown when i read that.

  233. Arie February 18, 2012

    I must admit I am pretty excited about this collaboration I honestly believe this is a positive message for the youth that If you make a mistake learn from it and don’t let it define you. In the case of Rihanna it is positive becoz she is showing the world that she has truly forgiven Chris and that she believes in second chances.

  234. minajesty February 18, 2012

    its funny how people say ‘ its her business’, if she wanted to keep it personal then why release a single with him for the world to hear? this is just a publicity stunt. you people are so naive and dumb when it comes to celebs.

  235. DJANGOV February 18, 2012


  236. BitchIcantevenspellwelfare February 18, 2012

    @RATEDX, will you please stop calling what Chris Brown did a mistake? A mistake is something that you do not intend to do. That night, he INTENDED to physically assault Rihanna. He INTENDED to destroy her face.

    Now, if Rihanna wants to invite her batterer to do a duet with her–cool. However, I will never co-sign it–never.

  237. DJANGOV February 18, 2012


  238. VA STAND UP!! February 18, 2012

    February 17, 2012 at 10:02 pm
    and how did chris end up bitting on her fingers, if her hand wasnt near his face?

    what rihanna went throught was not domestic violence, she got her ass kick…

    her people used this domestic violence b*******, to sell records, and make rihanna seem like a victim..

    and trust rihanna didnt want to break with chris, the media made her break up with him…she even went back to him….i feel bad for both of them….mainly for chris, because the rest of his life hes going to be known as a monster…which is not fair..

    he made 1 mistake and u people on here acting like she beat ur mama, sister, aunt cousin..acting like none of you never made a mistake

    again none of this s*** is any of our business, …….if rihannna forgave chris, as a fan u should able to move the f*** on too..and let the chick be happy…

    and mind yall business..


    PREEEEEAAAAACCCH! All of your comments are giving me life!!

  239. VA STAND UP!! February 18, 2012

    February 17, 2012 at 2:14 pm
    Excuse me I am not a Chris Brown fan but do Billboard know whether Chris as hit Rihanna through out her relationship? It looks to me that it was only once. I have not heard other girls going to the media and saying that he hit them. I don’t see the media condemning the Oscars for giving Sean Penn an Oscar even though he was violent to Madonna. Or the media condemning any Film Studio for hiring Charlie Sheen even though he held a knife to his wife’s throat. Even the paedophile Roman Polanski was publicly supported by major film stars and stars still work with him. I don’t usually use the race card but it seems this young black man gets treated unfairly and I hope Rihanna gives them the finger and works with Chris.


    All of this!!!

  240. VA STAND UP!! February 18, 2012

    February 18, 2012 at 7:59 am
    @RATEDX, will you please stop calling what Chris Brown did a mistake? A mistake is something that you do not intend to do. That night, he INTENDED to physically assault Rihanna. He INTENDED to destroy her face.

    Now, if Rihanna wants to invite her batterer to do a duet with her–cool. However, I will never co-sign it–never.


    Girl give a rest already! You are just PRESSED because you FINALLY see than Yes your deliticate lil princess Rih Rih is working with the big bad Chris Brown, the person she lost a fight too!! Deal with it!!

    If you are honestly gonna abandon her because she is working with him then you were NEVER a fan to begin with!! As a fan the only thing an artist owes you is MUSIC! Nothing more! You can’t dictate the decisions they make in their personal life! Get over yourself!! So go ahead and turn in your Navy Card you fake ass fan!!

    STAY MAD B****!!!

  241. VA STAND UP!! February 18, 2012

    February 17, 2012 at 3:43 pm

    I agree with all your comments 100%

    It was an isolated moment of complete and utter madness which will never again be repeated. Only they know the intricate details of their past relationship so who the hell are we to judge without truely knowing the full story.

    Forgiveness is wonderful thing and i have nothing but respect for Rihanna for demonstrating that.



  242. Truth February 18, 2012

    Thats the real police report, take it or leave it. dont care if you believe it or not, its what was document on both parties that night.

  243. Truth February 18, 2012

    LMAO at yall f*** who keep saying it was a Mistake.
    A mistake is hitting someone one time. HE DID IT SEVERAL F****** TIMES. IT WAS NOT A MISTAKE. THAT WAS A CRIME.

  244. BitchIcantevenspellwelfare February 18, 2012

    @VA STAND UP!!, two things I’m not are “pressed” and “mad.”

    As I stated earlier, artists lose and gain fans everyday. Of course I can’t “dictate” what an artist does in his or her personal life nor am I interested in that. That’s actually a really silly thing of you to say.

    What I AM saying is that I will not co-sign everything that she does.

    One thing you are right about is this: “As a fan the only thing an artist owes you is MUSIC!” Absolutely. & if she releases the BC remix with him on it, I will NOT co-sign it nor ever listen to it–EVER.

    & to echo the sentiments of @Truth, “A mistake is hitting someone one time. HE DID IT SEVERAL F****** TIMES. IT WAS NOT A MISTAKE. THAT WAS A CRIME.”

    Read it and weep!

  245. Yellow Gorillah February 18, 2012




    The producers of Birthday cake have already stated that “THAT FELON IN NOT INVOLVED IN THIS PROJECT” End of story

    I know rihanna has this whole I dont give a f*** attitude but SHE KNOWS not to ever associate herslef with that man….if she did me an dyou all know her CARRER Will be DAMGED!!

    She is a role model if she likes it or NOT

    If Chris Brown is on the Birthday Cake Remix I will HAND IN MY STAN CARD I dont give a s***. I would never SUPPORT her again after that because that some B******* after how much her fans have STRUGGLED and seeing your FAVS Face BRUSED AND BLOODY by SOME THUG and NOOOOOOOOW you want to make a song and sing happy family B**** NO!……By doing that she is showing to eveyrone she is a WEAK women.! If somebody LOVES YOU they would NEVER EVER do anything to HURT you let alone KILL YOU! She just needs to keep it cute and STOP smoking weed LOOOOOOOOL

    I hope she knows what she is doing because the media and MOST of her fan base will DROP her like a rock. Thank god Jay-z and her TEAM know the true tea and would NEVER let her do this.

  246. riri February 19, 2012

    February 17, 2012 at 4:15 pm
    @RatedX your usually a smart poster and I usually agree with everything you say but I have to DISAGREE with you on this. Did you NOT just read the police report that was leaked that stated FACTS on what happened that night? Did you NOT see Chris Brown face that was leaked of that night? He only had ONE little bump above his ip while RIhanna was BATTERED and BUMPS and black and blue and busted lip. That’s not a “fight.” That was more of a spazzing out attack. He even said he was going to “kill” her when they got home. How can any of you support him after that? It’s just mind-boggling. It really is smh.

    Rihanna was just starting to grow on me but if she does get back with him I will no longer respect nor support her. You can forgive him all you want but something like this you can NEVER forget. It’s not about Chris beating Rihanna, it’s about him beating a women JUST three years ago. Just because he got a little certificate he’s a changed me? PLEASE! After all those displays of anger twitter rants, smashing the chair at the window at GMA, and not even finishing his Community Service after he basically got off FREE shows he isn’t changed. LAWD yall need help and get past his semi-cute face……….


    F*** Chris brown! He almost KILLLED HER and the b****** act like it was slap across her face? LMAO….

    I dont stan for Rihanna, but I rather support her then a C*** called Chris Brown who has shown NO remorse!

  247. WHUT February 19, 2012

    Meh @ this thread still going.

    @Rated nope he’s known as a monster because his so called “mistake” was attempted murder pretty much. He didn’t hit her once or twice if that were the case you’d be semi-right, but the facts are in his moment of madness he intended to kill her said he was going to and acted out on that end. Then after all of it basically left her on the streets like a dog.

    This is not to say she was a pure saint in the relationship cause we all know that isn’t true but in NO WAY is he a victim and in NO WAY is this an awwwww poor Chris Brown situation. You cant also expect everyone to let the situation go when it hasn’t even been that long tbh. I personally let it go, he is living his life and I was pretty much indifferent to it all until these rumors of her basically f****** her whole career for dude started up.

    @Yellow what team?! Frankly they are a bunch of fools to even let this s*** persist. I’m at the point now that even if he isn’t on it the song is ruined for me. I don’t even care about it anymore tbh.

  248. Pucci February 20, 2012

    I think Billboard & others need to realize something, no matter how much of a role model you all want Rihanna to be, she is still human & can’t make a decison about her own life & career solely because someone tells her to. Secondly, if she has forgiven Chris Brown & can move on, why can’t the rest of us.

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