Watch: ‘The Voice’ (Season 2 / Episode 1)

Let the second search for ‘The Voice’ commence!

Hosted by Carson Daly, the US talent-search sees judges Christina Aguilera, Adam Levine, Cee-Lo Green, and Blake Shelton conduct “blind auditions” in hope of finding the next big star. The winner of the competition lands major recording contract with Universal Republic.

Check out episode 1 (season premiere) after the jump…

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  1. Rod February 6, 2012

    “Season” premiere not series.

  2. MRDIVABITCH February 6, 2012

    Some of the contestants are so annoying
    The ubber fat boy that cried for everything
    The “rock” chick who sounds like she is vomiting
    The “opera” guy with a “big voice” yet needs the microphone almost shoved inside his mouth (real opera singers if they use microphone AT ALL it is AT LEAST 4 feet away).

  3. MRDIVABITCH February 6, 2012

    Good thing though, Christina comes off as quite friendly and likeable

  4. SHESDUMB ♥ Prince, Janet, & Gaga February 6, 2012


  5. irene46 February 6, 2012

    i loved the commercial for ‘the voice’ on the superbowl.

  6. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) February 6, 2012

    Amazing episode!! Christina stole the damn show! And the contestants were great. Nice to see such good chemistry between the coaches 🙂 Can’t wait for the 2nd show tonight (?) 😀

  7. Imgunnacheckuboo February 6, 2012

    Christina and her titties always steal the show. It’s all anyone on twitter was talking about.

  8. LaLa February 6, 2012

    Great episode!!! & I Love the reunited ending 😀

  9. Man-TAK-eee February 6, 2012

    Xtina needs to take a seat and STFU for a while… srusly, she thinks her strategy of sarcasm and bitter remarks to Adam Levine comes off funny but truth is… no one is f****** laughing. She makes herself look more the b****. Next time, hire a writer. What an embarassment whenever she does that, smh.

  10. LaLa February 6, 2012

    Well i think she has less filter… *that’s why she came off as bitchy & all* but you saw that she apologize to Adam. but well, that’s the way she is. She’s no Paula Abdul.

  11. Louise Parker February 6, 2012

    I really am tired of Christina feeling the need to show off the boobs all of the time. After all these years I would think she’d have enough self confidence in her abilities as a performer to not have to use the TaTas. That said- It is now 5 minutes since the show ended and I can barely remember any of the performances.CeeLo seemed off for some reason. Perhaps he wasn’t really feeling anything special either.
    The Voice Season 2 Blind Auditions Part 2 Full Episode

  12. seo katalogi December 29, 2012

    I’ve said that least 1003946 times. SCK was here

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